A generally believed perception is that a person needs to have deep pockets to purchase a good water purifier. Well, to be honest, big brands have spread numerous myths to misguide customers. This is the reason that I always recommend customers do in-depth research before purchasing anything.

Which is the best water purifier under 3000 Rupees in India Market? In this presentation, we cover the best-selling RO water purifiers from the 1000 to 3000 Rupees price range. The suggested water purifiers are branded and top-rated products.

☼ 27L Tata Swach Desire+ Water Purifier

The Tata Swach Desire Plus is a fabulous water purifier below 3000 Rupees for water with a TDS level below 300 PPM. This product comes with the trust of Tata, a beautiful design, and reliable performance. You cannot just buy it for your household, but you can use it in your workplace, shop, store, private clinic, or wherever you need it. The model comes in a gorgeous blue color and has a capacity of 27 liters. Made of enduring and heavy-duty materials, the product is truly trustworthy.

27 Liter Tata Swach Desire Plus Water Purifier

The Tata Swach Gravity-Based Water Purifier is surely a must-have appliance in your kitchen utilizations. This product will keep your well-being protected against all the germs and diseases that might be present in contaminated water.

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Further, the Swach Desire Plus from TATA is a non-electrical filter that cleanses your water without engaging any injurious substances. The company claims that the body is made up of scratch-proof and indestructible material, offering reasonable sturdiness. On top of that, it consists of innovative filter cartridge technology to disinfect the water. A good-looking Black-blue hue looks quite sophisticated, no matter where you place it.

Price ₹3000 → Amazon
Features Purification-Cost: 10 Paisa per Liter | Work at a wide range of pH (5.5 – 9.0) and TDS (up to 1500 ppm) | Up to 1.5 years of cartridge life | High flow rate of 4 to 5 Liter per hour | Cartridge cost (MRP Rs. 600) of each | Warranty: 6 Months


☼ 15L Tata Swach Smart+ Water Purifier

Using Silver Nano-technology, the Tata purifier successfully kills all germs and viruses without using power or running water. This gravity-based water purifier arrives along with a robust, lustrous body that enhances your kitchen’s look with a forward-looking design. Besides being easy to bring together, the product is effortless to clean. On top of the durable design, you can access auto shut-off technology.  By way of this technology, you can prevent any kind of water wastage.

Performance: Boasting to take out 100 Crore bacteria as well as 1 Crore viruses from 1-Litre water, the Swach Smart Plus become a globally applauded product. Owing to its remarkable performance, you’ll not need running water or electricity for the cleaning process. All the same, the process doesn’t use any chlorine, bromine, or iodine.

Amazing body and cutting-edge technology: The water purifier consists of a changeable bulb that can cleanse about 3000 liters of water. After that, you’ll need to change it. In addition to its solid body that proposes long and better usage, the product promises that its purification process won’t need any electricity. Using leading-edge TSRF technology, the purifier entirely puts an end to dangerous germs that are generally present in water.

TATA Swach Smart Gravity Water Purifier

The Tata Swach Smart Plus is an award-winning filter that sanitizes water effectively. Thus, you’ll have crystal clear and bacteria-free water! The filter is certified by a lot of establishments and is demonstrated to be very effective in all situations. This compact and reasonably priced purifier uses Nano Technology that can filter about 15 liters of water at a particular time.

  हैडफ़ोन: ₹2000 - ₹3000

The Tata Swach Smart Plus is an easy-to-fit water purifier for homes. It is one of the best water purifiers in India.  Using Silver Nano-Technology, the product helps in killing 100 Crore unsafe bacteria as well as 1 Crore viruses from 1-Litre of water. Coming along with a top micro mesh system, the product eliminates microscopic contaminations and delivers clean drinking water.

Price ₹1650 → Amazon
Features Capacity: 7.5-Liter | Removes up to 100-Crore bacteria + 1-Crore viruses from 1-litre water | Filter-Life: 3000-Liters | Auto On/Off Purification Process | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 16L Rama Stainless Steel Water Purifier

There aren’t many options if you are looking for a stainless-steel water purifier. Among all the options available currently, the best in them is the Rama steel non-electric water purifier. Feedback from the users and online ratings of this steel water purifier suggests that It is one of the best stainless-steel water purification systems in the Indian market under 3000 Rupees. Its gross storage capacity is 16-liter. 8-liter storage for unpure water and the remaining 8-liter for pure water.

RAMA Gravity ECO Water Filter and Purifier

To purify water at a faster speed, this stainless-steel water purifier has two candles. According to the brand, the candles are Made in India products but their design is from the United Kingdom. The Rama Spirit Candle from inside is Silver impregnated ceramic whereas from inside it has an activated carbon core.

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The water purified in this Rama stainless steel water will be almost free from harmful chemicals, bad tastes, and odors. Moreover, the unique design of the candles with active carbon core removes 99.99% bacteria and 100% solid particles (greater than 0.9 microns) from the water. So, drinking purified water from this steel purifier means you and your family will be protected from water-borne diseases, such as cholera, Typhoid, Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, Dysentery, E. coli infections, and many others.

Price ₹2790 → Amazon
Features 8-Liter Tank for Unpure Water | 8-Liter for Pure Water | Filter Life: Up to 10000 Liters | 10-Years Warranty for Metal Parts
Purification Removes 99% of Bacteria and Viruses | Removes E.coli, Salmonella, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Cholera, and more bacteria | Removes Solid Particles greater than 0.9-micron | Removes 95% of Chlorine, Chloramines, and Lead | Removes bad smell | Improves water taste | Purification Speed: 4-Liter Per Hour
Build Food-Grade Grade-304 Stainless Steel Body with Mirror Finish | Ceramic Candle with Active Carbon Core | Plastic Tap
Sales Box Stainless Steel Upper Chamber, Lower Chamber, Lid | 2 x Rama Spirit water filter candles | PP Tap | Rubber Base Ring | Bakelite Knob | 2 or 4 x Silicone Blockers to plug extra holes


☼ 18L Tata Swach Cristella Plus Water Purifier

In a developing nation like India where a large chunk of the population lives below the poverty line, costly water purifiers are not the total solution for society. We need cheaper options, too.

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There are several great products available in the market that a budget customer can easily choose from. One such product is the Tata Swach Non-Electric Cristella Plus water purifier. It is available for an amount of 1699 rupees only.

Tata Swach Cristella Plus Non Electric Water Purifier

The outer shell of this purifier looks pretty. Even the quality of the product is quite appreciable considering the price point. It is made of tough quality materials that do not catch scratches easily.

The storage tank of this Tata water purifier is transparent, which is indeed a great relief to the end users. Also, it is made up of materials that are not toxic. This means that the water stored inside will not be contaminated for longer periods.

The one thing that separates this TATA purifier from all the other alternatives is it does not use chemicals like chlorine to filter the water. Although Chlorine is not harmful, it is not suitable for everyone or in every condition.

Further, this low-cost purifier machine comes with a bulb that releases silver ions to kill all the bacteria and viruses present in water. In addition, a sediment filter filters out all the suspended particles like dust and other impurities.

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This amazing purifier will not put any extra pressure on your pocket. It uses the earth’s gravity to push the water downwards. You do not have to supply electricity to it.

Price ₹1690 → Amazon
Features Water Level Indicator | Easy to Assemble | Easy to Clean | Auto Shut-Off Purification Process When Bottom Tank is Full | 6-Months Warranty | Electricity Not Required
Purification Can Remove 100 Crore Bacteria and 1 Crore Viruses from 1-Liter Water | Fast Action Filter | No chlorine, No bromine, No iodine used | 4 to 5 Liter Pure Water every Hour |
Build Scratch Resistant Body | Filter Life: 3000 Liter | Total Tank Capacity: 18-Liter {9-Liter + 9-Liter}


☼ 15L P-ZONE Aquagem UF Water Purifier

P-Zone is a new brand on the market for affordable, portable water purifier machines. The Aquagem 15-liter UF water purifier is the first water purifier model of this brand on sale. This non-electric water purifier model is a good demand presently. Those who have bought it and currently using it — rated it with 5 stars for satisfactory performance. Yes, P-Zone Aquagem is the best-selling non-electric water purifier in the 1000 Rupees range.

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The entire body of the P-ZONE Aquagem UF water purifier is made of plastic. It seems durable, though. It will last many years if used with care. The build quality of this portable water purifier is impressive, considering its current market price.

P-Zone Aquagem UF Water Purifier Machine

As you can see in the image above, there are two sections: one for raw water, and another for filtered water. The raw water in this non-electric water purifier passes through two-stage purification. The first stage is the dust filter, and the second stage is the UF filter. As suggested by the brand, the P-ZONE Aquagem water purifier can process up to 15 liters of raw water every hour. Since it is not an RO water purifier, so there will be no water wastage.

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The P-ZONE water purifier is an excellent option for water with low TDS. If the water at your place has a color and smell, then you need an RO water purifier machine, which requires electricity to operate.

Price ₹1190 → Amazon
Features Storage: max 15-Liter | Non-Electric & Chemical-Free Purification | Ideal for Low TDS Water | Ideal for → Water without color and Smell | Filter Life: Up to 4000 Liters | 6-Months Warranty
Purification 2-Stage Purification: {Dust Filter → UF Filter} | Purification Speed: 0.25-Liter in 1-Minute
Safety Clean UF Membrane and Dust Filter → Once in 2-Weeks


☼ 6L Whirlpool Destroyer EAT Water Purifier

The Whirlpool water Purifier is an excellent water purifier. It was launched at 5990 Rupees market price. Now, however, its current market price is just 2990 Rupees. This purifier comes with impressive purification technology and works without electricity. It is capable of removing chemicals, particles, as well as bacteria from the water.

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Whirlpool Destroyer EAT is a fully automatic water purifier. No need to touch or press any control button to start the purification operation; it does everything automatically. This purifier machine is highly efficient and retains all the necessary minerals. In that process, it does not waste even a single drop of water. Moreover, it works without electricity as it uses the earth’s gravity to move the water. Therefore, you will save a good amount of money on the electricity bill.

Whirlpool Destroyer EAT Water Purifier

5-Stage Purification System: Most non-electric water purifiers in the market use UF (Ultra Filtration) technology to purify water. There are many benefits of using this technology as it does not require electricity to work and can remove all suspended particles from water. The only problem with the UF technology is that it is not capable of purifying hard water.

To overcome this problem, Whirlpool had to devise its purification system. The Destroyer EAT Water Purifier uses a unique 5-stage purification system. Before entering the purifier itself, the water first passes through a Pre-Filter that removes all visible particles like dust, dirt, sand, and silt. This preliminary procedure takes away extra pressure from the main filtration unit and enhances the membrane’s life.

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In the second stage, the water goes to an EAT mesh, which removes small suspended particles that are not visible to normal eyes.

Next is the stage of electro-adhesion. In it, the water passes through a membrane of positively charged particles where all the negatively charged impurities like cysts, germs, and bacteria are stuck.

Now the water moves to the activated carbon chamber. Here, ionic action at the atomic level makes the water clean of heavy metals like lead and arsenic. The final stage is electro-absorption, which filters out dissolved chemicals from the water.

Although the Whirlpool Destroyer is a budget segment product, the features it comes with are generally present only on purifiers of the premium segment.

Not for High TDS Water: Soft water purifiers like this Whirlpool water purifier fail considerably while cleaning high TDS water. Companies manufacture these filters for purifying corporation water, which is processed before coming to your house. If the TDS level in the water at your place is above 500PPM, then Whirlpool Destroyer EAT will not work. Then you need an RO water purifier machine that can treat well with high TDS water.

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Maintenance and Filter Life: According to the manufacturer, customers will not have to spend a lot of money on the upkeep of this purifier. The estimated life of the EAT filter is about 7-8 months. Surprisingly, you do not need to call anyone from the support department of Whirlpool to change the filter. It is much easier to remove the old membrane and install a new one. A new EAT filter will cost you around 1200 rupees.

Price ₹2990 → Amazon
Features Electricity Not Required | Ideal for the Water with TDS Level below 500 PPM | Fully Automatic Operation | Auto Shut-Off When Tank is Full | Only Wall-Mount Installation
Purification Post Purification Water Recovery: 100% | 5-Stage Purification System {Pre-filter + 4-in-one EAT filter} | Minerals Retention | 1-Liter Pure Water Every Minute
Build 6-Liter Tank Made of Food-Grade Materials | EAT Filter Replacement in 7 to 9 Months | EAT Filter Cost 1200 Rupees