Unsightly, boorish, dark or long skin hairs are not beautiful on anyone but can be principally detrimental to a woman's image and self-confidence. Women go to enormous extents to get free of the useless hair and get a silky smooth skin to put on their beloved short skirt, sleeveless top, or a bikini. But shaving with an everyday shaver can be messy and awful at times that you might as well choose to hop wearing what you want. Though there are numerous ways to do it, using ladies electric trimmer undoubtedly remains the darling way. Today's slick, stylish and inexpensive electric hair trimmers let women get rid of the unwanted hair in a secure, cautious and painless manner.

Which is the best epilator under 5000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling epilators of top brands Philips, Havells, Braun, and others from 1000 to 5000 Rupees price range. The recommended epilators are currently top favorite of buyers because of their superior build and performance.

☼ Philips BRE285 Epilator

The Philips epilator is an all-in-one solution hair remover solution for women. You could use it on the underarm, legs, and in the bikini area.  It comes with two-speed levels for thin and thicker hairs. Not having a rechargeable battery inside is the only disadvantage with this Philips epilator. It runs on direct power.

In terms of looks and design, the Philips BRE285 epilator is an impressive device. It is compact and lightweight. The gross weight of it would be around 400 grams. That makes it a perfect device for those women who often travel.

Price ₹3800 | Amazon
Features Speed-Levels: 2 | Corded | Guarantee: 2-Year | All-in-One Hair Remover | Functions: [Epilator, Trimmer, Shaver]


► Philips BRE245 Epilator

The latest Philips Epilator under 3000 Rupees is a must-have personal care gadget for every woman. As per its current market price, you need to spend only 2900 Rupees to order it online. Those who have bought it and regularly using it, recommend this Philips epilator to others. Yes, it is better than waxing your skin.

Philips BRE245 Satinelle Essential Corded Epilator

Philips BRE245 epilator has a compact build. Its high-quality epilator head gives less pain while making skin totally hair-free. Post epilation your skin will smooth without red rashes.

This corded device features a washable epilation head. So, post-use, you can wash its head under running water. Philips brand also provides a shaver head for shaving, and a comb to trim the hair on different parts of the body.

BRE245 epilator is for hand and leg area use. It should not be used underarm, on the face, and in the bikini area.

Looking at its build and design and the opinion of those who have been using it regularly, I would not be wrong to say that Philips BRE245 is the best epilator under 3000 Rupees for leg and arm currently. Yes, it is a perfect personal care gadget for you.

Price 2900 Rupees
Features Remove as small as 0.5-mm long hair from root | Only for Leg & Arm use | 2-Years Guarantee | Washable Head | Not to use in Bikini area, underarm, and on face
Build 2 Speed Levels for thinner and thicker hairs | 15W Power Consumption | Gentle tweezing discs | Stainless Steel Blade System | Weight: 180-Grams | 1.8-Meter Power Cord
Sales Box Epilator | Shaver Head | Cleaning Brush | Document


► Braun SE-3270 Epilator

The German brand Braun is the most appreciated epilator brand in the world. So far, it has been trusted by more than 18 million ladies. Its SE3270 Epilator For women is one of the most affordable solutions for epilation need. Currently, the gadget for ladies is available online for a payment of 2999 rupees only. Performance by this small gadget will surely blow your mind.

Design: This epilator comes in a compact body, quite easy to operate by one hand. Its outer shell feels much comfortable made of superb quality materials. However, it does not look as great as other premium epilators launched by the brand. It is not a cordless device, but the attached cable is enough long, you will not face any problem in daily operation.

Braun SE3270 Epilator For Women Review and Specifications

Capabilities: With this epilator, removing even the smallest hair becomes easy as its head sports 20 small tweezers. You also get to choose from two-speed settings according to your convenience. There is a small, but high-intensity light on it that helps in guiding the epilation path.

To remove hair from sensitive areas like bikini line and underarms, users can use the sensitive area cap. However, if you are not comfortable with epilation, then the attachments like shaver head and trimmer head will give alternate options.

Epilating for the first time always results in pain, but the massaging rollers on the head of this epilator do help in making the whole operation less painful. The epilation head also comes with Soft-lift Tips to pluck out even the flat lying hairs.

Do not use the gadget many times on the same skin area in one session. This will increase pain as well as redness of the skin. In order to project Skin shell, users should pay attention to restrictions.

A special brush that comes along can be used to clean the head if it gets blocked by hair. This epilator can be used with any power source as it supports a wide voltage input of 100-240 Volts.


  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Can remove even the smallest hair
  • Comes with attachments like Trimmer Head and Shaving Head
  • Massage rollers do help in reducing the pain
  • Two-speed settings

Attachments Shaver Head, Trimmer Cap and Sensitive Area Cap
Other Accessories Cleaning Brush
Power Source Corded, 100-240 Volts
Extra Features 20 tweezers, Smart-light, and Two Speed Modes
Warranty 2 Years
Buy Rs. 3000


► Braun Silk Epil-1170 Epilator

The Silk Epilator 1170 is an entry-level epilation device from Braun that can be purchased for a price of 1999 rupees. In fact, it is just a basic budget epiletor for those want quality product under their budget. However, this affordable gadget does not come with any special feature.

Design: Although the device seems to be made of cheap materials, but its looks is solid premium. Its outer shell is durable and also feels comfortable in the hand. Offering the best-in-class design might not have been possible at this price for Braun. It is a corded device, which means you cannot use it in wet conditions.

Braun Silk Epil 1 1170 Legs Epilator Review and Specifications

Capabilities: There are not too many things to say in favor of this gadget. The only good thing that will impress the most is its epilation head that comes with 20 small tweezers, which are capable of removing even the 0.5 mm hair. The gadget does not feature multiple speed modes that can be a problem for girls who are new to epilation. However, it does come with a precision cap for removing hair from sensitive areas. You also get a cleaning brush along with the epilator unit.

As far as the price is concerned, it is a really great product. You can get smooth skin within minutes, but your experience will be full of pain as there are no massaging rollers on the epilator head. The Epilator is very easy to use, all you have to do is press the control button and you are all set to go. However, absence of smart-light will prove to be the biggest disappointment for the people who have already used other Braun epilators.

It is certainly not a perfect solution for your hair removal needs. As the name itself suggests, this gadget is best suited for legs. For other body parts, you might have to rely on alternative methods.

This small device from Braun works on just 12V and supports a voltage range of 100-240 Volts. Also, you are getting two years of all India warranty on it.


  • 20 tweezer system
  • Compatible with most power sources
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes along with a precision cap
Attachments Sensitive Area Cap
Other Accessories Cleaning Brush
Power Source Corded, 100-240 Volts
Extra Features 20 tweezers
Warranty 2 Years
Buy Rs. 2000


► Philips BRE200 Legs & Arms Epilator

I always say Philips is the best brand while choosing durability, features, usability and quality at a reasonable price. The device that we are now going to review is the Philips BRE200 Epilator, which is available at an attractive price of 2049 rupees. The gadget was launched recently and now it has become one of the most popular budget epilating devices in India.

Design: It is certainly not the best-looking hair removal gadget in the market, but its design is really user-friendly. When holding this Epilator in the hand thumb automatically rests on the control button. Creaking and flexing are very hard to come around with its sturdy and durable body. Its small size and curved design help in effective removal of hair from body parts.

Capabilities: Philips loves to use tweezing disc technology, which is why it has equipped this little gadget with 21 discs that can remove hair as small as 0.5 mm. These discs do not pull skin while removing hair because of which experience gets a lot better than waxing.

Removing hair from delicate areas like armpits and bikini deep is always a concern, but with the sensitive area cap that Philips ships with this gadget, you can throw all your worries out of your mind.

Philips BRE200 Review and Specifications

It is a corded device, but the manufacturer has made its parts water-tight so you can clean all the mess directly under running water without any problem. You can also detach the epilation head and remove stuck hair with the help of cleaning brush. Epilation scares most ladies, but I am sure they will love doing it if trying with this wonder once. It gives you clean and smooth skin for up to one month.

One of the worst drawbacks of this gadget is user will not be able to control its discs speed. Moreover, this Epilator is not suitable for removing hair from hands and face area.


  • Comfortable and user-friendly design
  • 21 tweezing discs to remove hair of even 0.5 mm height
  • Attachments are washable under running water
  • Sensitive area cap for a pleasant experience
  • Detachable epilation head
  • Cleaning brush
Attachments Sensitive Area Cap
Other Accessories Cleaning Brush
Power Source Corded, 13 Volts
Extra Features 21 Tweezing Discs
Warranty 2 Years
Buy Rs. 2000


► Philips BRE-201 Epilator

Since we have started the epilator series, I have received many requests to review the Philips BRE201 Epilator. Indian beautiful ladies are curious about this gadget is mainly because of the brand name and the current price of just 2999 rupees. However, in the GS research, we found this Epilator is not as great as its popularity suggests online.

Design: Most of the budget epilators from Philips come in the same design and this epilator is no different. In fact, you will not find any difference in this gadget and the epilator model BRE200. Sometimes it happens that the same design across all product lineups bores customer. But I must say this epilator is really easy and much convenient to use.

Capabilities: Waxing is a great solution to get smooth skin, but it is painful and also does not remove small hair. 21 tweezing discs of this epilator pull out even the smallest hair with 0.5 mm height. While removing hair from sensitive body parts, you can put on the sensitive area cap that eases the operation and also gives precise results.

This gadget is an all-in-one solution for those girls who like to epilate and shave at the same time as it also comes with a shaving attachment.

Philips BRE201 Review and Specifications

The performance of this epilator is no different from the BRE 200 epilator. It looks like Philips is charging 1000 rupees extra for just the shaving head. A nice option would be to go for the Braun SE3270 epilator, which is available at the same price, but also features a high-intensity torch and two-speed settings.

The one thing that can be said in favor of this machine is that its epilation head can be detached and washed under running water without the worry of getting it damaged. Moreover, this corded device consumes much less power and only needs a potential difference of 13 Volts to work.


  • Comfortable and convenient design
  • Portable
  • Shaver head
  • Attachments are washable
  • Cleaning brush
Attachments Shaver Head and Sensitive Area Cap
Other Accessories Cleaning Brush
Power Source Corded, 13 Volts
Extra Features 21 Tweezing Discs
Warranty 2 Years
Buy 3000 Rupees


☼ Braun 5280 Silk Epil 5 Epilator

German based Braun is a famously premium brand in epilators market. Therefore, the first product we are reviewing is the 5280 Silk Epil 5 Epilator. It is a great device for those who want the best hair removal experience in their limited budget.

Design: You will be impressed by the build quality of this epilator. Even at this price, Braun has tried to make this device comfortable for the end user. It is a waterproof device, which means you can clean it under running water without any worry. However, you might not be able to use this epilator in your bathroom as it does not feature built-in battery.

Capabilities: This epilator comes with accessories like shaver head, trimmer cap and efficiency cap. The shaving cap comes with massage rollers, which give you little comfort during the use. You can also use the cooling glove that comes in the box to control the burning sensation after its use. However, do not expect your hair removal experience with this device to be totally pain free. The 40 tweezers on the epilator head are capable of plucking hair as small as 0.5 mm. The pivoting head of this epilator changes its angle according to the shape your body, thereby making the whole operation a lot safer.

Performance: Users get the option to choose from any of the two speed settings according to their convenience. Because of the smart light, the whole operation becomes more efficient as you can see all your body hair. Also, because of the Close Grip Technology you will not have to push this epilator forcefully against your skin in order to remove all the hair. Moreover, you get a small brush that helps a lot in cleaning this gadget after the use.

Epilation is a lot more effective than shaving as hair take time in regrow when you epilate. However, you will not get perfectly smooth skin unless you use this gadget for a couple of times at an interval of two weeks.

Price 3700 Rupees
Attachments Shaver Head, Trimmer Cap and Efficiency Cap
Other Accessories Cooling Glove, Cleaning Brush and Pouch
Power Source Corded, 100-240 Volts
Extra Features 40 tweezers, Fully Washable, Smartlight, Pivoting Head and Two Speed Modes
Warranty 2 Years
Buy 3500 Rupees


☼ Philips HP6522 Epilator

The brand Phillips does not require introduction to Indian girls because it is so famous that you might be already using one of its gadgets at home. The Philips HP6522 Epilator is a perfect device for those females wants great result without much pain. You can grab this device for as low as 4649 rupees.

Design: The design of this device will make you fall in love with it on the first sight. Its body comes painted in an attractive combination of two colors. The textured handle of this epilator feels much comfortable in the hand.

Capabilities: There are 21 discs on the epilation head of this gadget, which are capable of pulling hair as small as 0.5 mm. The first time user should apply the vibrating massage bar that helps in reducing pain by simulating your skin. This epilator offers two speed modes, but users will get confused with the controls as there is only a single button with no labels on it.

With a sensitive area cap, you can epilate your underarms and bikini line without much worry. The exfoliating brush that Philips ships in the box can be used to remove dead cells from your skin, which helps in uncovering the real beauty of your body.

Moreover, this gadget is compatible with both dry and wet operation. Users can also detach the epilation head and wash it under running water.

Performance: Epilating with this gadget is a lot less painful as its tweezing discs pull hair out of your skin gently. If you are still hesitant, then the foil shaver head will prove to be a lot helpful as it follows your body contour and gives close shave. The small cleaning brush is really useful as it allows one to effectively clean the shaving head after the use. It is a highly portable device and you also get a pouch to carry all the accessories that come along.


  • Compact and sturdy
  • Two speed modes
  • Massaging bar
  • Comes with an exfoliating brush
  • 1 hour charging time
  • Foil shaver head
  • Dry and wet operation
Attachments Shaver Head, Sensitive Area Cap and Massage Attachment
Other Accessories Exfoliating Brush, Cleaning Brush and Storage Pouch
Power Source Cordless, Power Backup of 30 minutes
Extra Features 21 Tweezing Discs, Fully Washable and Two Speed Modes
Buy 4500 Rupees


☼ Philips BRE210 Epilator

Philips is highly famous for its innovative products. Every year this brand surprises people by launching amazing new gadgets. The Philips BRE210 Epilator is one such product that was lunched recently and comes with attractive features. It is currently available in the market for a price of 4949 rupees.

Design: This epilator looks much similar to the HP6522, which is from the Philips essential series. Its outer shell is really sturdy and feels much comfortable in the hand. On it, you can find only a single control button, which is used for both turning on this device and changing its speed

Capabilities: The special skin stretcher accessory that comes along with this gadget tightens the skin and reduces the pain. The epilating head, which is equipped with 21 tweezers scan, capture even the smallest hair on your body. During the operation, you can either set the epilation speed to low mode for a painless experience or at high mode for a faster operation. The body of this epilator is water tight, which means you will be able to epilate even in a bath tub or under the shower. Cleaning brush makes it much easier to remove the hairs that get stuck in the machine during the use. Moreover, this gadget can also be washed under running water.

This epilator does not come with a guiding light, which makes locating thin and small hair on your skin little difficult.

Performance: To get perfectly smooth skin, you will have to use this gadget in phases for about a month. It is best suited for legs, arms and underarms. However, one can also use it for removing hair from bikini line with the help of sensitive area cap.

Philips understands that there are people who love to do shaving on specific areas, which is why it has equipped this epilator with a shaving head. It is a cordless device and its inbuilt battery gets fully charged in 60 minutes. However, you will be able to use the epilator for only 30 minutes on a single charge.


  • Skin stretcher
  • Dry and wet epilation
  • Foil shaver attachment
  • Sensitive area cap
  • Follows your body curves
  • 60 minutes recharge time
  • Dual speed modes
Attachments Shaver Head and Sensitive Area Cap
Other Accessories Skin Stretcher, Cleaning Brush and Storage Pouch
Power Source Cordless, Power Backup of 30 minutes
Extra Features 21 Tweezing Discs, Fully Washable and Two Speed Modes
Buy 5000 Rupees


☼ Braun Face 820 Epilator

Do you hesitate to use an epilator on your face? Well, you are not the only women in the world who is facing this problem. Normal epilators lack precision and are difficult to use on tricky parts. However, as a leading name in the market – Braun has come up with a unique product. The Braun Face 820 Epilator is an ideal gadget that can help you in removing facial hair within short time. It is currently available in the market with a price tag of 4450 rupees.

Design: Braun has carefully designed this epilator to make it easy for you to epilate even the highly curved areas of your face. Unique size and shape result in stable handling of the epilator during the use. Its handle is long so that your hand never comes in between you and the mirror. The epilator head can also be covered with a cap, which makes travelling with this device a lot comfortable.

Capabilities: The epilator head features 10 micro openings because of which you can even remove the smallest of hair. Top part of this gadget can be replaced with the exfoliating brush accessory that oscillates at a high- speed. With this exfoliating brush, users get the ability to remove dead cells from their face. It supports both dry and wet epilation as all its parts are water tight. Users can also set the direction of rotation with the help of the control button.

Performance: This gadget rotates at 200 plucking motions per second. You would only need to epilate your face once in a month as facial hairs are removed from the root. This gadget is effective well in its first use so you do not need to go for second round for smooth and hair-free face skins.

However, maintenance of this device will certainly put a pressure on your pocket. It runs on non-rechargeable batteries, which drain much faster.


  • Can reach tricky areas.
  • Removes even the smallest hair.
  • Direction of rotation can be changed.
  • Exfoliating brush features 10,000 bristles.
  • Comes with a cap.
  • Makes the skin smooth and perfect.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be washed with water.

Verdict: This epilator is one of the few quality gadgets to clean up facial hairs. However, you should consider the maintenance cost before making a decision to buy it.

Attachments Exfoliating Brush
Other Accessories Extra Brush
Power Source AA Battery
Extra Features Fully Washable and Two Way Rotation
Buy 4500 Rupees


► Liberex Hair Remover – Cheap Cordless Epilator for Face, Arms, Legs, Underarms, Bikini line

Liberex is a well-known brand for cosmetics and electric appliances for women. Search on YouTube, many experts, who are known for giving best beatification and personal care tips, recommend Liberex products.

Coming to the Liberex hair remover, it could be a fantastic hair remover for working women. The Liberex epilator is portable, stylish, durable, and it is master hair removal device. Having this cheap cordless epilator with single head in your care box means, you can ready yourself every day in few minutes. The Liberex epilator removes hair from Bikini line and face area as well.

It is a perfect cordless wet dry epilator around 2000 Rupees. The build and design of the epilator are fabulous. A single AA battery powers it. It comes a switch to set it ON, OFF, and OPEN. It lacks a control button to manage the speed of the blades, although.

A common problem with cheap cordless epilator is that instead of paring hair they somehow extract them persuasively. That is a painful experience, not skin friendly as well. However, you would feel no pain during the use of this Liberex hair remover. Uniquely designed the double ring blade system on this cheap cordless epilator eliminates hair even from the tricky area quickly.

The cordless epilator shaver also has a LED light, guiding the user to sail through the hairy area and use the epilator properly.

See, the Liberex portable epilator is for everyday use. It would not be effective if used once in a week. It has a tinny head that covers a small area. Hence, it would take longer to finish epilation if used after weeks. Just before bath, use it for three to four minutes every day. That would the right way to take advantage of its efficiency.

I recommend this Liberex epilator, which looks tinny but is quite useful. It is portable, easy to carry in your hand purse as well. Therefore, keep it with you all the time and use it anywhere. The brand Liberex safeguards your purchase with an exclusive offer: 30-Days return and 12-months warranty.

Price 2000 Rupees
Warranty 12 Months
Return Up to 30 Days
Battery Single 2A


► Enem 5-in-1 Epilator Kit for Women

Next is an impressive cordless epilator with built-in rechargeable battery and a fast adapter to power it up quickly. The brand Enem markets the cheap cordless epilator as 5-in-1 beautification tools for women. If you have sensitive skin, then consider this epilator. It is an ideal multipurpose device for removing hair from Bikini area, upper lip, arms, chin, knees, underarms, legs or any approachable part of your body. It also comes with massage head to give relief to your delicate skin. An exclusively designed head is for removing foot calluses as well.

The nine pairs of tweezers can remove hairs as short as 0.5-mm. The advance blade system, which is apparently quite efficient — makes it perfect epilator, a caring friend to Indian women. In low price, the Enem epilator is an excellent cheap epilator & shaver to keep a woman neat & clean.

The ladies cordless epilator consists of a motor unit and five heads. These heads function as an epilator, shaver, brush, Massage head, and Callus Remover.

Charging the epilator some eight to ten hours gives 40 minutes of use time. It is a cordless wet dry epilator. Hence after use nicely wash it under running water. However, do not keep it attached to a power socket while using it under a bath shower.

Washing the heads under running water is essential to maintain proper hygiene. Every time, you use it, clean the head — keep it in open air for a few hours then securely store. That would give a long life to your epilator kit. The cheap cordless epilator is an all-in-one solution and an ideal option to carry on a tour as well.

Price 2000 Rupees
Head 5
Type Wet & Dry
Key Feature Epilator, Shaver, Callus Remover
Warranty 6 Months


► Keda 191B 3-in-1 Epilator

Keda is a famous brand for affordable personal care appliances. Keda Epilator KD-191B is a 3–in-1 beautification kit consists of a shaver and a Callus Remover as well. The cordless epilator and shaver set is ideal for removing hair from face, arms, legs, and bikini area.

The epilator shaver with advanced blade system is efficient in removing hair as small as 0.5-mm. Post epilation your smooth skin would keep it delicacy up to six weeks. The blade system on the epilator and shaver head features rotating stainless steel blades, dexterously removes hair even from the sensitive area. While most of the cheap cordless epilators lack speed control option, it has. Having two-speed option helps the user to maneuver over the epilator (or shaver) for a better result.

Further, the Keda Epilator & shaver — is only for dry use. You cannot use them under running water. However, the given three heads are washable. First, you need to unlock and extract the head and then nicely clean it under running water. Charging the epilator close to eight hours provides around 35 minutes of use time, withal.

You can trust the low-cost epilator set. Besides, the regular 10 Days replacement warranty by the e-commerce website, Keda provides 12-months of exclusive warranty for it. The Keda cordless epilator set is perfect for Indian ladies. In 1500 Rupees, it a complete solution and it is accurately priced as well.

Price 1500 Rupees
Head 3; Epilator, Shaver, Callus Remover
Ideal to use face, arms, legs, and bikini area
Type Dry | Washable Head
Warranty 12 Months
Charging 8 Hours for 35 Minutes of Use time


☼ Havells FD5050 Epilator

Priced at 1950 Rupees, the Havells Epilator is an excellent, reliable option in the market. The pro factors on this Indian brand epilator include its 20 Tweezers System and Anti-Pinch Technology, which delicately pluck even the finest hair from roots. Further, it has two-speed option to control its use and get a better result. To use the epilator in bikini area, Havells also ships a sensitive cap. That works as protection cap while using the epilator over sensitive skin.

With this Havells epilator, you need not wait for charging to get over. Just plug it into a power point and start using it. In fact, that makes it, even more, a relatable epilator. It also thoroughly fit to use anywhere in the world. Looking for an epilator to be in your care box during your international tour, here it is. The brand Havells provides two years of home warranty, withal. Thus, The Havells epilator is a recommended cheap cordless epilator at the current price. Buy: 1950 Rupees

☼ Braun 1170 Epilator

The Braun Silk epilator is one of the best-rated epilators under 2000 Rupees in the Indian market. It bears the advanced blade system, which makes epilation painless. On this epilator, the brand Braun provides two years of warranty.

If you are not willing to buy the Havells Epilator, but liked the technical specs, here is a Braun epilator, which has parallel features. Adding to that is the Braun’s soft-lift technology– built-in on the epilator. That effectively lifts flat-lying hairs and places them before blades. It also comes with the 20-tweezer system, a recommended feature for every epilator for removing hairs from the root quickly and delicately. Buy: 1900 Rupees

☼ Panasonic ES2291D503 Cordless Epilator

Under 2000 Rupees, the Panasonic Epilator is one of the best cordless epilators in India. The lady shaver is ideal for gently eliminating hairs from legs, arms, and face. If you are looking for a cordless facial epilator, here it is. Panasonic provides 24 months of warranty on this fast epilator. It is a cheap cordless epilator ideal for dry, wet use.

The blade system on this epilator is a rotating disk. That is effective in delicately removing hair to make skin soft for many weeks. The Panasonic cordless epilator only lacks function to shave sensitive area like bikini line, although. It is undoubtedly a fitting cordless epilator for those emphasizes the quality of the gadget over the number of accessories. Buy: 2000 Rupees

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