Thermometers can detect a fever inside, which often indicates an underlying illness or infection. Internal fever occurs when the core body temperature exceeds the normal range of 36.5°C to 37.5°C. The most common thermometer used to measure body temperature is a digital thermometer. It measures the temperature in the mouth, under the armpit, or in the rectum.

Digital thermometers provide reliable internal temperature readings and allow individuals to monitor temperature changes. However, it should be noted that thermometers can only detect fever and cannot diagnose the cause. Medical attention may be needed if the high fever persists or is accompanied by other symptoms such as cough, fatigue, or body aches.

☼ HealthSense LFR30B Thermometer

The brand HealthSense is well known for its health-related equipment. I recommend the HealthSense LFR30B model if you need a high-accuracy thermometer. Its current market price is 1799 rupees. There were many recommendations from those who had bought it.

  Non-Contact Thermometer under ₹5000

Take a look at why the HealthSense Thermometer is making waves. With the HealthSense LFR30B thermometer, you can detect the temperature without contact.

The thermometer detects humans' and objects' temperatures accurately. It has two modes: Forehead and Object. In the Object mode, it detects the temperature of liquid and room with 99.99% accuracy.

Further, the HealthSense thermometer uses imported German sensors whose accuracy is unquestionable. In just one second, the provided pure copper probe detects even the slightest temperature change and delivers instant readings.

While the thermometer model LFR30B has German sensors for accuracy, it is a Made in India product. This is what the brand claims.

Overall, the HealthSense LFR30B Thermometer model is an excellent choice if you are looking for a reliable thermometer with accurate temperature detection. With its imported German sensors and Made in India promise, it is a product worth its cost.

Price ₹1799 → Amazon
Features Design: Handheld | Detection: Non-Contact | Modes: Human & Object | Accurate result in 1 Second | Memory Function | German Sensor | Copper Probe | Measure Fever, Liquid Temp, Room Temperature | Warranty: 1 Year

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