One of the best stress relievers you could buy this summer is a foot massager. Recently I had an opportunity to try a Lifelong foot massager at my friend’s home. I had a great experience. The electric foot massager was as effective as its name, and the description was advertising it.

Thousands of concept gadgets are available in the electronics market. Not all are perfect to their claim they make while being introduced to interested buyers. In fact, open any Indian TV channel in the early morning, many concept gadgets are advertised at very affordable prices, which can do incredible work. Most often, they turn out to be a bogus product. Therefore, beware of concept gadgets, which promise to do unthinkable.

Which is the best foot massager under 10000 Rupees? In this article, we cover the best-selling electric foot massagers under 10000 Rupees. The suggested foot massagers are a product of top foot massager brands in India market Lifelong, SToK, JSB, GHK, Agaro, and others.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your elderly parent and grandparents, order an electric foot massager. Also, a foot massager could be an excellent gift for your life partner on your next wedding anniversary or on her/his birthday.

► Agaro Joy Pillow Massager for Neck & Waist

Agaro is the brand if you need a high-quality body massager at a very affordable price. This lifestyle brand has so far offered some innovate body massagers in India market. One of its top favorite body massagers is the JOY Pillow Massager.

As the name suggests, the Agaro Pillow Massager is for massaging of neck, waist, and shoulder area. However, its design is such that it could also be used for leg massage, thigh massage, arm massage, and hand massage. It works wonder when you use it on your back around the waist area and behind neck little towards shoulder area. You will feel very relax after 10 to 15 minutes of massage by this Agaro electric massager.

Agaro Joy Pillow Massager for Neck and Waist

Pain in the waist area is something cannot be explained in words. Those who suffer from it will understand it better. Ayurveda and Modern Medical Science advise massaging with warm water or oil or sand to get relief from waist pain. The purpose of this type of massage is to ensure heat flow exactly on the place where the pain is most. Agaro Joy Pillow Massage with Heat Therapy will do the same. Moreover, you do not need assistance to massage little forcefully, which you must need when massaging with warm water, oil or sand.

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Agaro Joy Pillow Massager is one of the best-selling electric pillow massagers under 1500 Rupees. Check its unboxing if you are still not sure where to buy it or not.

Price 1290 Rupees
Features 3D-Massager | Super-Silent | 1-Year Warranty
Massaging Motor → 20W | 8 Kneading-Heads | Massage with Heat | Ideal for → {Neck, Waist, Arm, Thigh, Back} | Rollers can move → Clockwise & Anti-Clockwise
Build Portable | One-Button Operation | Adjustable-Straps → To secure pillow massager on Chair, Sofa or Car-seat


► Lifelong Electric Foot Massager with Remote {LLM81}

Lifelong is one of the best electric foot massager brands in India market. The Lifelong LLM81 foot massager price is only 6000 Rupees. It is available online, but not sure of its availability in physical stores in the non-metro cities. It is safe to buy this best-rated massager online. In case of a manufacturing defect, the brand Lifelong promise to doorstep pick, replacement, and delivery of the new unit.

Lifelong LLM81 Electric Foot Massager with Remote

Whether one’s foot size is small or big, the electric massager would give an effective massage. It is semi-automatic and comes with a remote to control its operation. You can manage lots of its activity with tactical buttons, placed on the front side of the unit or using its remote.

Build and design: The electric foot massage is impressive. It looks futuristic. You can very well keep it in your bedroom. I mention that since it is a foot massager. Therefore, some might think that it is an ugly thing hence should not be spoiling bedroom decoration.

Use it every day in heat mode for 10 minutes and then go to bed. Trust me, you would get deep sleep. Next day you would wake up in a good mood, fresh and energetic. If you repeat, the same every day, that means you are going to be one stress-free man, ready to take on all challenges in life happily, without much stress.

The design of Lifelong LLM81 foot massager is elegant and user-friendly. Its built-in technology is impressive, ancient, and practical, too.

Moreover, within the provided one-year warranty, the brand promises for replacement instead of repairing. It is also an energy efficient massager, requires 40-watt energy to operate.

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Easy to Use Control: Using this Lifelong electric massager is very easy. If you want to present it to your elderly parents, not to worry, they would love to use it. You have to show them once how to use it. Under 6000 Rupees, therefore, the massager is the best foot massager to heal pain and general relief.

Massage-Relief Technology: Lifelong markets this electric foot massager for its three unique technology for the perfect massage.

First is, this foot massager targets all acupuncture points on the user’s foot. It uses a unique therapy to stimulate nerves on the user’s feet. Actually, our body construction is such that different nerve points on foot connected to different organ and body parts. Thus, the effect of the massage is felt on the whole body. That is similar to – as advised walking on grass in the morning is good for health. Here an electric device does the same.

The second and third technology of this foot massager is to massage with heat and use of magnetic charge science to desterilize single cell harmful entities. Thus, the Lifelong foot massager LLM81 not only relaxes but also kills bacteria and germs — and thereby ensures total well-being.

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Note: You must read the user-guide, which comes in the sales box. That contains essential information – how to make the best use of this useful foot massager with heat. For instance, if you press Program P2, the massager would gently press the nerve points on the bottom of user’ foot that connects to head, shoulder, neck, and other parts of the body. Therefore, it is essential that you must go through the user guide. That contains valuable information on how to best use it.

Price 5990 Rupees
Ideal for Calf Massage | Feet Massage | Ankles Massage | Fatigue Relieve | Blood Circulation Improvement in Foot Area | Weight Loss | Beautiful Skin | Muscle Tension relief | Make whole body stress free
Feature Silent Operation | Massage with Heat | User-Friendly Control | Body and Foot Pain relief by Pressing Acupressure Points
Build 40W Motor with Copping Wiring | Remote Controller | ABS Body | Removeable, Washable Fabrics | LED Notification Display | 4 Kneading Disks | Flexible rubber kneading Pads


► JSB HF68 Electric Foot Massager

Besides Lifelong, JSB is another best-rated electric massager brand in India market. JSB HF68 massager is currently the best-selling electric foot massager under 5000 Rupees. JSB brand markets it as an ideal foot massager for elderly people.

Looks and design of this JSB foot massager machine are impressive. But its overall finish is not as good as that of the Lifelong LLM81 foot massager.

JSB HF68 Foot Massager Machine for Calf Pain Relief

The control options of JSB HF68 foot massager are easy to manage. Even senior citizen would find them easy to use for changing mode, roller speed, and massage points. JSB brand also provides remote control with this electric foot massager model. Whatever is doable by the tactile buttons in the control panel, the remote can initiate the same.

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The JSB HF68 Massager is an excellent alternative Lifelong LLM81 foot massager. However, the Lifelong foot massager is more effective as it usages the advanced concept of body science to give relief from foot pain.

Price 4990 Rupees
Ideal for Foot | Leg | Calf | Thighs | Arms | Reduce Fatigue | Easier Metabolism | Removes Numbness | Increases Blood Circulation
Features Kneading Massage to ease muscle ache | Fit to any foot size | 10-Days Replacement Warranty | 12-Months Service Warranty
Massage Method: {Kneading, Foot Roller, Heat} | Mode: {2 Auto, 1 Manual} | 15-Minutes Auto-Off
Build 40W Motor | 40-Inch Power Cord | Outer cover is cleanable with wet cloth | Foot Rest Area Clothes are detachable and washable


► GHK H8 Portable Foot Massager with Remote

Maybe you do not know, GHK healthcare is one of the best brands in India market for electric massagers. The Indian company operates from Delhi, and its product catalog features a wide range of massager gadgets. This health gadgets company, not only designs and sales foot massager, but also markets electric massager for different parts of the body, such as eye massager, dolphin massager, head massager, body massager, etc.

GHK H8 Portable Electric Massager with Remote

The foot massager from the GHK healthcare brand is another best-selling electric massager under 5000 Rupees. It is a multipurpose compact electric massager. It is quite handy in use though it does not come with any fancy features.

The build and design of this electric massager are quite impressive. Its control options are easy to operate, too. A 35W motor powers its operation.

You can choose from its three massage modes: Auto, individual, and manual. The individual mode and manual mode allow the user to set this electric foot massager for their comfort and massager requirement. Massage your foot with this GHK portable foot massager every day 5 to 10 minute before going to sleep. You will get deep sleep, and the next day morning, you will wake up totally stress-free.

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Maintaining this electric foot massager is easy, too. Its footrest is detachable. You can clean it with a clean cloth or water.

Thus, you have an electric foot massage, which is easy to use, compact, and easy to clean. Even for bachelors, it is the best foot massager to buy under 5000 Rupees.

Price 5000 Rupees
Features Effectively Presses Foot and Ankle Muscles | Ideal for {Foot, Leg, Calf, Thighs, Arms} | 3 Massage Modes: {Auto, Individual, Manual} | 35W Motor | 12-Months Warranty
Benefit Increases Blood Circulation | Releases Stress
Included Kneading Pads For a Close Massage Experience


► Agaro Relaxing Foot Massager

Massage by this Agaro foot massager is beneficial in improving blood circulation and relaxing muscles. The seven massage programs of this powerful foot massager is a combination of 4 automatic and 3 custom massage programs.

Features of this foot massager closely resemble with the characteristics of Lifelong LLM81 foot massager. It also works on the concept of pressing vital nerves on foot to provide mental and body relaxation. It lacks massage with heat feature, however.

Agaro Relaxing Foot Massager

You could use this Agaro Relaxing foot massager anywhere as per your convenience. Also, there is no restriction on foot shape and size. Everyone could use it for releasing their foot pain.

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A 40-Watt powerful motor powers its operation. The build and design of this foot massager are excellent, too. Agaro brand provides 12-months of doorstep warranty in case the machine behaves abnormally or became motionless despite power supply is ON.

Agaro is a reputed name for this kind of gadgets and smart electronics. Most of its products on the market is rated with either 4-star or 5-star. This Agaro massager is also one of the best-selling foot massagers under 5000 Rupees. So, you could consider it and buy it with confidence. But remember, it does not have Massage with Heat feature.

Price 4500 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Superior Build | Powerful Motor | 12-Months Warranty
Benefits Relief from foot Pain | Muscle Relaxation | Cure of Varicose Veins | Increase Blood Circulation
Massage Kneading Massage | Rolling Massage | Programs: {4 Automatic + 3 Custom} | Manual Massage Options to Target → {Tip-Toes, Arches of the foot, Soles of the foot} | Fit for All Foot shape & size | 14-Minute Auto Shut-off
Build ABS Plastic Body | 40W Motor | Washable Cover | User-Friendly Control Panel


► JSB HF37 Spa Massager with Hot Water and Auto-Rollers

The JSB foot massager is no less than a boon for women, especially. Because this spa massager makes possible pedicure at home anytime. Men can use it, too. Essentially, this foot massager is for whole family. Consider it as a practical solution for relaxing your body and mind before going to bed.

This JSB foot massager works on the principle of the two most authentic method to relax our foot and thereby whole body. The first is keeping feet in lukewarm water, and the second is gently rubbing at vital acupoints on foot sole. You could also mix salt in the warm water for better relaxation while using this JSB massager.

JSB HF37 Foot Spa Massager with Heat and Auto-Rollers

The looks and design of this spa foot massager are impressive. From outside it looks like a half size bucket. In its inside, however, is a two-side roller that rotates and gently rubs foot sole. There is a water heating arrangement built-in, too.

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JSB is a reputed name for health-related smart gadgets. Products of this Indian brand perform as expected and last longer thanks to durable build quality. So, your investment for this JSB foot massager will not go in vain. If used with care, this JSB spa massager may last many years without service.

Price 3800 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Ideal for Whole Family, All Age Group | Pedicure Anytime | 1-Year Warranty
Massage Warm Water Massage | Vibration Massage | Infrared Massage | Bubble Soothing Spa | Gently Rubbing at Acupressure points on Foot sole | Salon Class Foot Care at Home
Build Temperature Control | LCD Notification Display | Auto Reflexology Rollers

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