There is no chance of the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wing,” says Swami Vivekananda.

So, now before we start off, allow me to ask you a fairly simple query — How much safe do you think you are as a woman of India? So, you are thrown off balance, right? Well, not your fault! Being a woman of India, I can say that no Indian women can ever answer this pretty “simple” question! That's pretty obvious! Henceforward, WOMEN SAFETY has turned out to be one of the most profound, sensitive and arguable subjects to talk about in India at the moment.

Every person needs safety! Doesn’t it? We all desire for security at home, at work, on road or with friends. As a lady, staying safe and secure is of extreme importance. It is imperative to stay safe wherever on the globe you are. The reality is misfortunes, mishaps and criminals may assault you at any time. Moreover, attackers and victims can be either male or female. You must be attentive and take preventive measures wherever you go. There are more than a few ways in which you can stay or feel safe and secure on the roads. How? Let us see!

As is evident, women empowerment is one of the most significant essentials of the nation. As a result, a number of women safety apps are hurling in India at the present time. These apps are a brilliant initiative! In fact, you’ll be amazed to know that we can all be around 95% safer from crooks, offenders, and delinquents just by grasping about these top 5 women's personal safety apps. In what manner? Well, do you know that 90% of your prevention is inherent in alertness or awareness? Therefore, if you are acquainted with the following five best safety apps, you can stay at worst 5% safer! If not more! So, to all fellow sisters out there, pin your ears back!

► Himmat by Delhi Police Safety Apps for Indian women

Delhi Police, to propose women safety in the city, has launched a mobile application – HIMMAT — for SOS alerts. Developed by the IT Centre Police Headquarters, the app was launched by Raj Nath Singh, the Union Home Minister. This safety app would allow you to send out signals to the Police Control Room if you feel endangered in some way. Besieged towards dealing with offenses against women, this is a great initiative by Delhi Police.

Some alternatives that the app takes account of are:-

  • Shake to Alert
  • Power button alert
  • Soft button alert
  • Video recording
  • SMS alerts
  • Facebook alerts

If you are a first time user, then you will have to register yourself on the Delhi Police website. Then, you’ll have to share some of your information including your name, contact number in addition to phone numbers of your two associates. Together with sending an SMS alert, a concurrent alert would also be sent to the police. Thenceforth, control room would take the mandatory action and notify Police Patrol team in your purlieu.

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However, the police have asked folks to not misuse that application as 3 untrue alerts can result into expiry of service on the registered phone number. An awful thing that I have figured out in this app is that it enquires you if you actually desire to send an emergency SMS… I feel that in case a girl is stuck in some disaster situation, she would not have time for all this stuff! Furthermore, Himmat app does not have any quick-launch feature. Likewise, the power expended by it would be so much from the battery that it is difficult to use it for any realistic situation.

Himmat by Delhi Police Android Safety Apps for Women

Verdict: Even though there are a slight number of restrictions, the ’Himmat’ app turns out to be a great way for every single Delhi women to walk alone without any distress. I respect Delhi Police for such a pronounced ingenuity. Nevertheless, I would like to put one thing forward to its developers. That is, they must make the app more accessible and easy to use. As demonstrated, the app is intended to saving somebody’s life; it must use the up-to-date technology and easy user interface. Download!!

► My Safetipin: Personal Safety App in India

‘My Safetipin’ is a fantastic option when it is about women safety. Besides pinning the safe areas as well as their safety marks, the app pins unsafe zones to relief people. The app is accessible in a number of languages. They are:-

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Bahasa
  • Spanish

On top of that, “My Safetipin” integrates all the indispensable features that include:-

  • GPS tracking
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Directions to safe locations

The app analyses the safety score of a place on the grounds of 9 parameters. These parameters include:-

  • Lighting and illumination
  • Visibility
  • Diversity
  • Crowd
  • Public Transport
  • Walking Path
  • Security
  • Openness
  • Safety Feeling

The app uses your GPS locator to offer you any safety info about your position. Then, it utilizes GPS tracking system to link you with associates. “My Safetipin” can correspondingly aid you as a family locator. However, you must have an internet connectivity to avail the app.

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Another interesting fact is that the app arrives together with an additional companion app that offers quite a few options. These consist of:-

  • ‘Stay with me’: This would let your associates track you.
  • ‘Call back’: This would make your mobile phone ring in hardly any time to let you come out of any dangerous site.
  • ‘Call me’: This feature would ask your family to call you.
  • ‘Scream’: With this feature, your phone would play a brash sound to alarm off the people who try to stalk or bother you.
  • ‘Where are you’: With the help of this feature, you can check out the positions of your associates.
  • ‘SOS’: This feature activates a flashy alarm on your friend’s or family’s phones.

My Safetipin Personal Safety Android Apps for Women

Verdict: “My SafetiPin” would turn out to be your personal safety friend. You will receive alerts as soon as you enter an unsafe position. You can check out substitute routes to reach a place so that you can pick the safest track. The app would hand over the control to Google maps so that you can reach your last stop safe and sound. Download!!

► Women Safety: Android App in India

The next safety app that gets a place in on our charts is the ‘Women Safety Android app. This application would notify and update your loved ones in case you are trapped in an insecure setting. It would send all the particulars regarding your whereabouts with just a tap on your smartphone. ‘Women Safety’ app would send an SMS to a preregistered phone number in conjunction with your position as well as a link of Google Maps.

This would furthermore click two snaps with the primary and front camera. At that point, the photograph uploads to the server right away. More than that, a link to the photograph, audio or video is mailed to a preregistered email ID as well.

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The app encompasses three colored buttons that indicate the gravity of your condition. Therefore, you can hit the one that matches your situation. These three options take account of:

  • Green button: If you just desire to update your status, you can tap this button.
  • Orange button: If you desire to stay watchful and alert, tap this button.
  • Red button: If you wish to report that you are in threat, tap the red button.

Women Safety Android Apps for Indian Women

Verdict: ‘Women Safety’ app is a great option if you desire to inform or update your friends or family whenever you strike a dangerous place. As a matter of fact, this safety app is the rapid and coolest way to inform them with your details. Download!!

► Chilla: Anti-Rape women app

“Chilla” is another very influential personal safety and security Android app for Indian women. You’ll love to know that this is the principal app that can perceive woman scream. Besides being activated by a strident yell, it entirely eliminates the bother of unlocking your smartphone or opening the app.

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As is evident if somebody keeps an eye on you or stalks you or eve-tease you, you would definitely not call out to your relatives or police force. And more, if they assault you, at that point, other safety apps may perhaps be of no use. In such circumstances, shrieking out loud is a natural response. In order to distinguish between a screech and normal sounds all over you, “Chilla” emphasizes on the frequency of your cry as conflicting to its volume. Thus and so, this app is the finest possible way to seek help.

The app triggers in the following ways:-

  • If you scream out loud
  • If you press power button five times

On triggering, it performs the following actions: –

  • On detecting the scream, the app automatically unlocks the smartphone
  • Sending SMS with your position
  • Sending Email together with Audio Recording
  • Spontaneously placing a call to the guardian

Above and beyond, you can use the app in case of emergencies or tragedies as well. For instance, in the course of a heart attack, the app can record or send the casualty’s position instantly without unlocking the smartphone. Another specimen of the crisis is that if you encounter a thug, all you need to do is soundlessly put your hand in your pocket and hit the power button to send the signals out.

Chilla Anti-Rape Women app for Indian Women

Verdict: The best thing about this safety app is that it serves the one and only purpose of assisting the women to lead a free and safe life. This is truly a revolution in the arena of women security. Install this ultimate app today and lead a life that’s stress-free and safe. “Chilla” practically acts as your personal caretaker whenever you are in pain. Therefore, it goes a long way in safeguarding you. You cannot just use it for the sake of women safety, but also customize it to cater quite a lot of safety standards. Download!!

► Shake2Safety – Personal Safety Android App

Now, this app is the coolest to use. All you need to do with this app is that just shake your mobile phone or hit the power button four times. At that juncture, the app would send an SOS text or place a call to the registered contact numbers. The app would even work when your screen is locked or if you don’t have an internet connection. You can use it in all events of mishaps, provocation, burglary, harassment, eve-teasing or any natural tragedies.

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As soon as the app downloads on your phone, a sign displays on your status bar. On top of that, you can see a notification in your smartphone’s notification drawer. These signs are enough to notify you that ‘Shake2Safety’ is on the go. Just shake your phone and you will obtain a vibration and a countdown for three seconds before the app dispatches a message to your chosen associate requesting for help.

To boot, on enabling the GPS, your whereabouts also get shared in the message. The app would send your last identified position. Moreover, as it utilizes integral SMS and phone call feature, you don’t require an internet connection. It follows that the app would operate everywhere you receive mobile signal.

With Shake2Safety, you can regulate the sensitivity of shakes. This would allow you to avert any unintentional help messages being directed from the app. This setting is basically a slider that ranges from 1 to 100.

  • 1 tends to be the most sensitive setting that needs the slightest shake to trigger.
  • 100 is the least sensitive setting
  • Maximum mobiles tend to be most operational between 1 and 25 setting.
  • The app sets to 8th setting by default

You can check this out with your colleague, friend, or family member so that the app works as you want it to.

Shake2Safety Personal Safety app for Indian Women

Verdict: “Shake2Safety“ is a flawless solution for locations where you may perhaps not be capable of placing a call or message somebody to ask for help. You can activate the app the minute you are alone. For case in point, while you are walking back home late at night or while using public conveyance. The app has a lot of features that will make you feel 100% safe while you are alone. Download!!

A word of Caution!

In our day, a lot of women fail to understand that how much power they truly possess within themselves. We don’t want anyone of you to ever be in any such life or death situation. As a matter of fact, we want you to learn about self-defense while you still can. Modern women can access so many significant resources and assets at the moment. They are really more empowered at present than were ever before. Learn about these resources and teach your daughters, mothers, and sisters about personal safety and the best safety apps. After all, your personal safety is the last thing that you’d want to be at stake. Right?

When all is said and done, I’d like to roundabout with a sanctioning statement specified by Carrie P. Meek.

“Let’s stop pretending we can arrest our way to safety and security. Despite all the fine work that policemen and women do, we have got to find other solutions to deter crime.”