It is barely possible to catch somebody who doesn't use high-tech electronic gadgets every day. Talking about some special types of technological devices like smartphones and iPods. It’s worth stating that they generally come along with earphones and other gadgets. There are heaps of reasons for using in-ear headphones in addition to hanging on to music and chatting on the mobile using the hands-free equipment. A large number of folks use these earphones at work to achieve day-to-day chores.

For myself, I refuse to step outdoors without one! The motive is that these earphones are comfy, functional, cool, and convenient to carry with. Are you on a lookout for the best set of earphones? If you go to buy one, you will need to perform a bit of research. Coziness, fit, value, brand, and what not!! Thus and so, for a comfy and low-priced range, you may perhaps have to do specific research to purchase the finest earphones out on the market. Definitely, the most fabulous earphones under 1500 INR should be good. With these assessments below, I swear, you will not have grievances and negotiations on sound and quality.

☼ 13-mm Boult Audio K40 Ear Buds

बौल्ट ब्रांड का K40 ईयर बड्स एक शीर्ष ऑडियो एक्सेसरी है जो अपने 13 मिमी ड्राइवरों की बदौलत एक शक्तिशाली ध्वनि आउटपुट का दावा करता है। इन ईयरबड्स को वास्तव में शानदार सुनने के अनुभव के लिए क्रिस्प हाई, रिच मिड्स और डीप बास देने के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है।

चिकना और एर्गोनोमिक डिज़ाइन लंबे समय तक पहनने के लिए आरामदायक फिट सुनिश्चित करता है, जो उन्हें चलते-फिरते उपयोग या लंबे समय तक सुनने के सत्र के लिए आदर्श बनाता है।

उन्नत शोर अलगाव क्षमताओं के साथ, बोल्ट K40 ईयर बड्स एक व्याकुलता-मुक्त वातावरण प्रदान करते हैं, जिससे आप बिना किसी बाहरी रुकावट के अपने संगीत या पॉडकास्ट पर ध्यान केंद्रित कर सकते हैं।

  मिक्सर ग्राइंडर जूसर: ₹500 - ₹1500

इसके अतिरिक्त, इन ईयरबड्स का टिकाऊ निर्माण यह सुनिश्चित करता है कि वे दैनिक टूट-फूट का सामना कर सकते हैं, जिससे वे रोजमर्रा के उपयोग के लिए एक विश्वसनीय विकल्प बन जाते हैं।

कनेक्टिविटी के लिए इसमें दिया है ब्लूटूथ का नवीनतम वर्शन। ब्लूटूथ V5.3 के कारण यह वायरलेस ईरफ़ोन तेजी कनेक्ट होता है।

बौल्ट K40 ईयर बड्स के साथ अपने ऑडियो अनुभव को अपग्रेड करें और आप जहां भी जाएं बेहतर ध्वनि गुणवत्ता का आनंद लें।

Price ₹1290 ► Amazon
Features Bluetooth v5.3 | Bass Driver: 13-mm | FR Range: 20Hz to 20KHz | Quad MIC {4 Mics} | Powerful ENC Chip | Crystal-Clear Call Quality | Type-C Charging | 100% Charge in 45 Mins | AI Voice Assistant | Amazon Return: 7 Days


☼ Sony XB55 Extra-Bass Earphone

On sale at 1400 Rupees, the Sony earphone with a superior build is an excellent earphone under 1500 Rupees. Its ability to produce loud & clear sound with extra bass makes it one of the best bass earphones under 2000 Rupees.

Sony XB55 earphone comes without MIC. So, it is not a replacement for your lacerated smartphone headset. However, you could consider it if you love to listen to the balanced but bassy sound. Because of 12-mm speaker driver and neodymium magnet, this Sony earphone is capable of producing crystal clear sound with a natural feel whether you listen to the audio at the highest volume or at a low volume.

Sony MDR-XB55 Extra-Bass Earphone With Mic

Not just sound quality, even the build, and design of Sony XB55 earphone are top-notch. Both sides of earplug have metallic housing and high-quality silicon earbuds on top. The physical setup can reach deep inside users’ ear canal and thereby successfully cuts ambient noise and ensures that the user listens to high-quality sound from earphone speakers only.

Sony MDR-XB55AP is the earphone you need to buy if you want to an earphone for hands-free calling. Both the earphone variants have a similar build and design. The only difference between them is having and not having a MIC.

Price 1400 Rupees
Features Closed, Dynamic Earphone | Loud & Clear Sound | Deep, Extra Bass
Speaker 12-mm Driver | 110-dB Sensitivity | Neodymium Speaker Magnet | Impedance: 16-ohm | FR Range: 4 to 24000 Hz
Build L-Shaped Gold Plated 4-Pole Mini Plug | 1.2-Meter Tangle-Free Cable | Metallic Housing | Weight: 8-Grams
Sales Box Earphone | 3 Pairs of Earbuds | Carrying Pouch | Documents


☼ JBL T210 Earphone with MIC

JBL is a recognized term in India when speaking of audio, professional experience sound systems, plus home-based audio systems. It has effectively leveraged this position to form its forename in multimedia and individual audio systems. JBL T210 in-ear headphones present an influential big-stage bass. They are lightweight, comfy, and compact.

In the specifications section, the JBL T210 is typical. Active drivers that are intended for enhancing the bass drive it. You can feel the 20-20,000Hz frequency response and the 32-Ohms impedance rating. The standard 3.5-mm plug offers the connectivity.

JBL T210 Earphone with MIC

The JBL T210 is the in-ear headphone set. They are compact, lightweight, and comfy. Beneath the metallic-finished housing, 8.7mm drivers blow out some grave bass. This tends to produce the influential JBL Pure Bass sound that you must have experienced in concerts or studios. Moreover, the single-button remote regulate the music replay. You can likewise attend calls by way of an integral microphone. Thus and so, it turns out to be your daily buddy at home, for work, and on the road.

While the JBL T210 is a nicely made headphone set, cheers to its value and brand!! It is far less tempting when we speak of sound quality. We don’t have anything too good to say about the sound.  You can definitely purchase other headphones that sound well. However, the product can be valuable to seldom view YouTube videos. I would recommend you to hop this model if you are on a lookout for that perfect sound quality.

Price 1000 Rupees
Features JBL Pure Bass Sound | Loud & Clear Sound
Speaker 8.7-mm Driver | 96-dB Sensitivity | Impedance: 16-ohm | FR Range: 20 to 20 KHz
Build MIC with In-Line Control | 3.5-mm Connector | 1.2-Meter Flat Cable | Aluminum Metallic Housing | Weight: 80-Grams
Sales Box Earphone | 3 Pairs of Earbuds | Carrying Pouch | Documents


☼ Sennheiser CX213 Earphone without MIC

The Sennheiser earphone delivers great inert attenuation of ambient noise. You can pick this option for an uninterrupted snooping experience. These handy earphones create a dominant and crisp bass-driven stereo sound.

Furthermore, you can relish the delightful treble response. These in-ears are augmented particularly for CD, MP3 players, and handy gaming systems. In addition, the symmetrical wire is tangle-free.

Sennheiser CX213 Earphone

The Sennheiser CX213 has an extensive frequency response — 25-20,000 Hz. The active transducer, sound reproduction is influential and clean. Bass-driven stereo is exclusively noticeable. The earphones do not have dynamic noise cancellation. What is more? An exceptional level of passive attenuation of outside noise lets you revel in snooping to the music and nothing else.

Switch to Sennheiser CX213 and adore your beloved music with an experience like never before. The earphone intends to convey distortion-free sound quality. On top of, you can embrace the colossal clarity. Along with, the stylish earphones are well-matched by way of any smart device that includes 3.5-mm jack. In like manner, CX213 earphones are well tried and tested for their excellence. They promise lively music and calling experience. You can effortlessly fine-tune for all-out coziness.

Verdict: Trendy and dominant, the Sennheiser CX213 earphone can be your perfect workout or travel buddy. With this, you can snoop to grander and excellent quality music. The set delivers a loud and clear audio experience. With its impelling and powerful bass sound, you can carry your music snooping exposure to an ultimate level.

Price 1100 Rupees
Features 2-Years Warranty | Sweat-Proof | Loud & Clear Stereo Sound | Deep Bass
Speaker 115-dB Sensitivity | Impedance: 16-ohm | FR Range: 25 to 20000 Hz
Build 3.5-mm Connector | 1.2-Meter Cable
Sales Box Earphone | 3 Pairs of Earbuds | Documents

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