Music can change the mood of a person but only if the earphone he or she is using is good in quality. Smartphone manufacturers do not ship always good-quality earphones with their products (because it saves them money). Bad-sounding earphones not only degrade the mood but can also cause ear pain. Thus, it is important for people who love music to find good headphones.

Which are the best earphones under 2000 Rupees? In this article, we have listed some affordable headsets and earphones, which have got some excellent customer reviews and are available under 2000 rupees.

☼ 1MORE Earphone with MIC & Volume Rockers

Usually, headphones and earphones have speakers with one driver. The brand 1More is famous for putting together multiple speaker drivers under one housing. That works incredibly in sound production. That is why in just a few years this brand can sell its products in more than 25 countries across the globe. Therefore, you can trust 1More earphones. Those who care for high-quality premium HD sound are ready to spend a fortune for them. The current market price of the 1More Quad-Driver earphone is more than ₹10,000.

1MORE Single Driver Wired Earphone With Mic

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Around the budget of 2000 Rupees, the brand 1More has a single driver earphone. You will have to spend only ₹1990 to get it. What do you get in return? An earphone set, which produces detailed sound with enhanced Highs and Mids. The supported frequency range by this 1More earphone model is 20Hz to 40KHz. Those who are having the earphone model have praised it for its sound quality & clarity and also the build quality of their unit.

Price ₹1990 | Amazon
Features Weight: 15-Grams | Length: 1.25-Meter | Plug: 3.5-MM | Impedance: 32Ω | Sensitivity: 98 dB/mW | Rated Power: 5mW | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ Sony XB55AP Extra-Bass Earphone with Mic

The ability to produce loud & clear sound with extra bass makes this Sony earphone one of the best bass earphones under 2000 Rupees. This earphone set comes with an inline MIC. So, it could be a perfect replacement for your torn smartphone headset. You could still consider it to listen to the well-balanced bassy sound if buying a headset is not an immediate priority.

Because of a 12-mm speaker driver and neodymium magnet, this Sony earphone is capable of producing crystal clear natural sound. The audio feels smooth, deep, and natural whether you listen at the highest volume or at a low volume.

Sony MDR-XB55AP Extra-Bass Earphone With Mic

Not just sound quality, even the build, and design of Sony XB55AP headset are outstanding. Sony still maintains the reputation of a premium brand. But how answers this well-designed earphone with MIC. Both sides of earplug have metallic housing and on top high-quality silicon earbuds.

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The Sony earphone is lightweight, weighs less than 10 grams. And, its 1.2-meter cable is tangle-free. Sony brand also provides a carry pouch, withal.

Price 1900 Rupees
Features Closed, Dynamic Earphone | Loud & Clear Sound | Deep, Extra Bass
Speaker 12-mm Driver | 110-dB Sensitivity | Neodymium Speaker Magnet | Impedance: 16-ohm | FR Range: 4 to 24000 Hz
Build L-Shaped Gold Plated 4-Pole Mini Plug | 1.2-Meter Tangle-Free Cable | Metallic Housing | Weight: 8-Grams
Sales Box Earphone | In-Line Mic with In-Line Control | 3 Pairs of Earbuds | Carrying Pouch | Documents


☼ QCY QY8 Wireless Earphone with MIC

This Bluetooth in-ear headphone is favorite in India as well as in the western nations, including China. At Ali Express, it has been one best-selling product.

The QCY QY8 is earbud type headphones, so they offer great portability to the users. Its build quality is impressive, and I can say for sure that the device will last for years. Moreover, the manufacturer has designed it according to the needs of people. All the controls have been placed on the right earpiece, which helps in keeping the cables in balance. Also, you will find some new buds of different sizes in the box.

QCY QY8 Wireless Earphone with MIC

QCY has equipped the earpieces with canal buds in order to secure them in place. The looped hooks further fix the buds in place by creating tension. These earphones will never pop out of the users’ ears no matter what kind of exercise they are performing.

The QCY QY8 has improved a lot when compared to its predecessor. It generates immersive bass and strong vocals. Even the treble levels give a soothing experience to the users.

You might have heard about the CVC Noise Cancellation technology that this device features. However, do not get too excited because this technology does not actively cancel the noise. Instead, it blocks the outside noise through isolation.

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This earphone connects with audio source via Bluetooth 4.1 technology. It is power efficient and offers about 7 hours of backup on a single charge. The intensity of the signals that this device generates is also quite impressive. You will not suffer from disconnection problem even if the smartphone is stored in the alternate pocket.

It generates good quality audio, offers a comfortable experience, and is available at an attractive price. What else would a budget customer need?

Price 1990 Rupees
Features 3D Stereo Sound | Fully Sweat-Proof | Onboard Control for Song selection, sound, and calls | Bluetooth 4.1 with 10-Meter Range:  Can connect to two BT Enabled Audio systems at the same time | 6 Months Warranty | Weight: 18-Grams Only
Sales Box QCY QY8 Earphone | Micro USB Cable | 3 Pairs of Ear Hook | 3 Pairs of Ear Caps | Documents


☼ Soundmagic E10C Earphone with MIC

Soundmagic is a well know Earphone brand in India. Basically, the company is known for manufacturing high performance and heavy-duty earphones. Their E10C earphones happen to be one of the company’s bestselling products. People have come to love the Soundmagic E10C earphones out of their sheer simplicity and powerful bass.

Previous versions of the Soundmagic E10-series have been winning awards in the past. The E10C earphones, in particular, won the best budget earphones in 2016 What Hi-Fi Awards. Arguably, you could say that these are the best earphones with mic under 1500 in India. To understand why these earphones are superior to other models in this price range, have a look at their features:

Powerful Bass: The 10-mm Neodymium drivers with a frequency range of 15Hz~22 KHz power the Soundmagic E10C earphones. This configuration helps to keep the bass balanced and also ensure brilliant sound detailing. Our experience was that the manufacturer improved immensely in terms of sound clarity when making the E10C.

Earlier on, the company was known for the E10S line. This was before the E10C came into the market. At the time, the E10S were the best earphones for bass and sound quality in India. However, the E10C now outperforms any other earphone model in the E-series.

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Superb Design: One positive aspect of the Soundmagic E10C is that it has a striking finish. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a set of four color combinations. These are Black Gold, Black Blue, Gun Metal, and Black red. The body is metallic and finished with sleek bezels. For extra comfort, the E10C earphones have ergonomically designed ear tips. This helps in making sure that the earphones rest comfortably on the ear canal for efficient sound isolation.

Sturdy and durable build: The E10C earphones provide excellent value for money. For one, the strong metallic body combined with a tangle-free cable guarantees that these earphones would last. You can also use these earphones when carrying out rigorous activities. If you like listening to music while in the gym or when washing, get Soundmagic E10C earphones

Compatible with all types of Smart devices: The designer added a 3-button remote to enhance compatibility with other devices. A microchip incorporated within the E10C’s cable enables the user to switch between devices. You can comfortably interchange the earphones between Android and Apple smartphones. Whenever you want to control volume or answer a call, just press the appropriate button.

Verdict: If you are looking for cheap and best earphones in India, then you have found a product that does not disappoint you. The E10C earphones are sturdy, powerful and convenient for everyday use.

Price 1800 Rupees
MIC YES | Inline Control : Volume, Play, Pause | Impedance: 46 ohms
Connection 3.5-mm Audio Jack | Gold Plated
Compatible Android, iOS, Windows | Smartphone | Mobile Phone | Laptop | Audio Player
Speaker Driver: 10-mm Neodymium | Frequency Range : 15 – 22K Hz | Max Power Input : 100-Watt | Deep Bass | Impedance: 16 ohms
Build Color Options: Black Gold, Black Blue, Gun Metal, Black red | Metallic
Weight 15 grams
Warranty 12-Months
In Sales Box Headset | Carry Hard Case | 6 Earbud sets | Computer Adapter | Mobile Adapter | Cable Clip


☼ Ant Audio H56 Bluetooth Earphone with MIC

Ant audio is famous for producing some of the best earphones in India. I happened to get a one on one experience with some of their latest Bluetooth in-ear earphones and one of their products kind of won my heart. This product is none other than the Ant Audio H56 Bluetooth Earphones. There are so many things that impressed me in the H56, though I will just mention the exceptional ones.

Ant Audio H56 Bluetooth Metal in-Ear Stereo Bass Headphone

Good Bass and Noise Cancellation: To start with, these earphones use noise-canceling technology so as to provide the listener with a clean, isolated listening experience. Ant audio incorporated CVC technology within these earphones to minimize external interference. An exclusive X-Bass feature complements the bass system for deeper bass outputs.

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Durable design: When design comes into question, these are among the top earphones in India. These earpieces are suitable for athletes. For anyone who loves listening to music when working out, this is what you need. Generally, these earphones are lightweight, and they fit within the ear comfortably. In addition, they are sweat-proof.

Long-lasting battery: Unlike most Bluetooth earphones in this price range, the Ant Audio H56 earphones have a battery that can last for at least 6 hours (continuous listening). So they are ideal for traveling even for long distances. Alternatively, you can connect these earphones to your smartphone using a jack, in case the battery runs low on you. Basically, they support both wired and wireless connection.

Price 1899 Rupees
Features In-Ear Design | Sweet-Proof | Deep BASS | Water Resistant | Compatible With Audio Player, Laptop, Mobile | Noise Cancellation | Pair with Two Devices simultaneously
Speaker HD Audio | X- BASS
Build 1.2-meter tangle-free flat wire | Long-lasting Battery |10-meter BT Range | BT Version 4.1 | Battery Lasting time 6 to 8 hours | Battery Charging Time 2 Hours
Sales Box 1 x USB charging cable | 3 x Ear tip | 1 x sticker | 1 x pouch | 1 x cable clip
Warranty 12 Months


☼ JBL T205BT Pure Bass Wireless Metal Earbud with Mic

Having owned a JBL car woofer at one time in my life, I can never be more confident with a brand. Though I only had a brief chance to review the JBL T205BT bass earphones, I can attest that these are some of the best earphones in India under 2000 Rupees. One particular thing I liked about these earphones is their glossy metallic finishing. The curvaceous design on this pair of earphones makes the product look expensive and overly sensational. For a pair of earphones in this price category, the JBL T205BT competes quite favorably. Here is what I liked about these earphones:

Punchy Bass: If you are looking for good earphones under 2000 Rupees in terms of bass performance, then these earphones come highly recommended. To start with, just like all JBL sound products, the engineers optimized these earphones for bass performance. Besides, the manufacturer integrated their own Pure Bass technology into this product.

JBL T205BT Wireless Metal Earphone with Mic

Sound Design for work and travel: To be honest, these earphones are appropriate for people who love listening to music when working, driving or traveling. For such tasks, wireless earphones such as the JBL T205BT, are very helpful. However, it's disappointing that these earphones are not sweat proof. Therefore, you can’t use them for the gym.

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Reasonable battery life: On average, these earphones can run for 6 hours in full operation. Actually, I did about 6 hours and 13 minutes of continuous music listening with my new pair.

Price 1990 Rupees
Battery 6 Hours Use time | 2 Hours Charging Time
Feature In-the-ear Design | Deep Bass | Supports Android and iOS Devices | JBL Pure Bass Sound | Bluetooth Connectivity
Build Inline Remote | with MIC | Tangle-free Flat Cable | 16.5 Grams Weight
Sound 12.5-mm Speaker Driver | Frequency Response Range: 20 to 20K Hz | Sensitivity 100dB SPL/1mw | Impedance 32Ω
Sales Box Earphone | 3 Pair of Ear Tips | Documents
Warranty Carry In | 12 Months | Physical Damage Not Covered | JBL Customer Care 18001020525


☼ Jabees Beating Wireless Earphones

This Jabees earphone set is a perfect choice for listening to your favorite songs collection while running and walking for good health. One of its main attractions is the ability to resist sweat. Therefore, even professional athletes could consider it.

The Earphone set has a decent build quality. You can purchase it in your favorite color as it is available in multiple color options in the market.

Jabees Beating Wireless Earphones

A flat cable, which supposed to hang behind user’s neck connects both earpieces. The earbuds fit inside user’s ears tightly and provide decent isolation from ambient noise. Soft cushioning of the speaker drivers eliminates the pain during a long music listening session. It is light in weight, withal.

This Jabees earphone set works flawlessly even if the source device is located 10-meters away. The power button on the left earpiece and other control buttons on the right one.

Pros: –

  • Wireless Enabled with Bluetooth
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • IPX4 certification
  • Good build quality
  • Great audio production

The Jabees Beating earphone set is a recommended option at its current price. The reasons are its decent build quality, crystal clear sound, and accurate wireless connection.

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I would not recommend it for hands-free calling, however. The built-in microphone is noisy, picks up too much ambient noise.

Price 1750 Rupees
Features Android & Apple Devices Supported
Sound Loud & Clear sound
Battery 70-mAh Battery | 4 Hours Battery Life
Build 113 Grams Weight | IPX4 Rating | Water & Sweat Proof
Sales Box Jabees Beating | Pouch | Charging Cable | Multiple Pairs of Silicon earbuds | Documents
Warranty 12 Months

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