Which is the best gas stove under 2000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling gas stove from the 1000 to 2000 Rupees price range. The suggested gas cooktops are a favorite of buyers because of their superior build quality and high-flame burners.

► 3-Burner Macizo Gas Stove

For high-quality but affordable gas stoves, the brand Macizo is one of the best brands in the Indian market.  This brand sells durable and long-lasting gas stoves. All the gas stove variants of this Indian brand have a metal body with a rust-proof coating. So, they will easily last seven to twelve years. I am making such a big claim because their build seems so. Also, their body includes these characteristics: glass top, anti-skid rubber legs, heat-resistant nylon-covered control knobs, stainless-steel spill-proof tray, and high-quality metal trivet.

MACIZO 3 Burner ISI-Certified Glass Gas Stove

  Bread Maker: ₹1000 - ₹10000

Not just we Bharatiy but the whole world knows that Made in India products are much better than Made in China products in terms of overall quality and durability. Macizo gas stoves are Made in India. They are manufactured in Himachal Pradesh.

Price 1-Burner (₹949) | 2-Burner (₹1490) | 3-Burner (₹1949) | 4-Burner (₹2649)
Feature Ignition: Manual | Made in Bharat | ISI-Certification for Quality | Water-Resistant | Rust-Proof | Warranty: 1-Year (Paid Modification-Service Available)
Build Metal Body with Rust-Proof Paint and Glass Top | Brass Burner with Cast-Iron Base | Non-Slip Rubber Shoes | Nylon-Covered Control Knobs | Stainless-Steel Spill-proof Tray | Metal-Trivet | 360° Rotating Inlet-Nozzle


► 3-Burner Khaitan BP-JIO Gas Stove

Have you heard about the brand Khaitan? Yes, it is the same famous fan brand. Now, this Indian fan brand is also active in the gas cooktop market. Recently it introduced many new affordable but high-quality gas stove models. Interestingly, buyers’ response to those models has been overwhelming. That indicates huge potential this famous fan brand has even in the gas stove market.

There is no branded gas cooktop under 2000 Rupees other than the 3-burner gas stove from the Khaitan brand. Three burner means cooking up to three items together. These are high-flame burners for faster cooking. Also, the build quality of this Khaitan gas stove is outstanding. ISI-mark confirms it.

Khaitan 3 Burner BP-JIO Gas Stove

The rust-resistant body of this Khaitan 3-Burner gas stove is an assurance of its long life. Whereas, a 6-mm thick glass coating on the top surface makes it easier to clean post every use.

  Mixer Grinder Juicers: ₹4000 - ₹5000

Thus, everything is top-notch about this Khaitan BP-JIO gas stove model. Go for it. Those who bought it have recommended it. Yes, it is the best 3-burner gas stove under 2000 Rupees. No doubt about it!

Price ₹1990 | Amazon
Features 3 Burners | Manual Ignition | 360° Revolving Nozzle | ISI-Mark Certification for High Build-Quality | 12-Months Warranty
Build Tri-Pin Brass Burner with Cast Iron Base | 6-mm Thick Glass Coating | Rust-Free Body | Leak-Free Nozzle on the back | Spill-Tray

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