Are you seeking for the quickest solution to boil water and prepare other beverages such as tea? Well, an electric Kettle is one of the essential small kitchen appliances you can ever find in today’s high-end technology. Any kettle is useful for boiling water, but you have to remember that not every kettle is the same. You should choose the right kettle keeping your needs in mind.

So, you have decided to buy an electric kettle? Which one? Have you spent thousands of hours testing best-selling electric kettles from numerous brands to discover the ones worthy of the Best Buy award? However, how do you narrow down the top performers to find your ideal kettle? To help you decide, our short and precise review sets out what to look for when choosing a new kettle.

In this piece, we cover the most efficient electric kettle with many convenience features in the price range of 2000 to 2500 Rupees. Here you read about the best electric kettles of top brands Philips, Havells, Wonderchef, and others.

☼ 1.8L Prestige PGKL 1500W Glass Kettle

There is no doubt that the Prestige Glass Kettle is one of the best choices available for boiling water quickly and conveniently. It features a large capacity, a powerful heating element, and a sleek modern design. The large capacity allows you to quickly boil multiple cups of water at once, while the powerful heating element ensures that the water boils quickly and evenly. The modern design also adds a touch of style to any kitchen.

Prestige Glass Kettle PGKL 1500W Borosilicate Glass

This 1.8-litre kettle features a powerful 1500W heating system that can heat water in no time. Built-in automatic shut-off feature turns off the kettle when the water is fully warmed. Moreover, the single-touch lid lock and blue LED illumination make it easy to use and add a touch of style to your kitchen. In addition to being highly heat resistant, the Borosilicate glass jar is durable and provides a safe and reliable source to heat your water with minimal fuss, as well.

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The Prestige 1500-Watt kettle is easy to use, efficient, and stylish, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a stylish and dependable kettle that has flexibility and reliability. Its simple yet attractive design and 1.8-litre jar capacity add to its functionality and makes it the perfect choice for any kitchen.

Price ₹2300 → Amazon
Features 1.8-Liter Borosilicate Glass Jar | 1500W | Blue LED Illumination | Single Touch Lid-Lock | | Concealed Element | Auto-Off when water is boiled | 360° Swivel Base | Made in India | Warranty: 1-Year


► 1.6L Wonderchef Prato 600W Kettle and Steamer

This Wonderchef Kettle is a cordless electric kettle. You can separate its Jar from the base, which is connected to a power cord.

Wonderchef brand gave this cordless electric kettle the required safety features. That makes it safe in use and convenient to use. It comes with an automatic thermostat that turns off instantly, whenever the water has reached its boiling point. Moreover, it will automatically shut itself off in the event it is accidentally left on and with auto, the water cannot boil out dry. So, no problem with it boiling dry!

Wonderchef Prato Multi-cook Kettle with Steamer

This electric kettle can boil water in as little as 5 minutes. It is a multipurpose electric kettle. Therefore, it is a perfect choice to make tea, coffee, noodles, and Maggi while you are watching an exciting TV program on your big-screen LED TV.

Time is money! A huge benefit of switching to this electric kettle cordless unit is the time-saving component. A stove-top tea kettle will take approximately ten minutes to boil water for tea while when using this Wonderchef Electric Kettle, your morning brew is ready in less than five minutes. There are countless other stints when we catch ourselves in haste where this aspect would come in handy.

Wonderchef Prato electric kettle for 2500 Rupees is a pricey option. Its alternative and affordable option of 1000 Rupees comes from Koryo by Big Bazaar.

Price 2500 Rupees
Protection Dry Heating | Over-Heating
Do Boil: {Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and More} | Make: {Noodle | Soup} | Steam: {Veggies, Momos, Modaks, and other healthy snacks}
Capacity 600W Power | 1.6L Jar
Build Rust-Proof Stainless-Steel Jar | Concealed heating element | 360° swivel base
Warranty 24-Months
Sales Box Kettle | Plastic Bowl | Steel Rack | Steel Steamer


► 1.7L Philips HD4649 2400W Electric Kettle

Starting a day with a cup of tea or coffee is always a great idea. The debate over coffee vs. tea is quite old, and we do not want to get into it. Both of these beverages contain caffeine and push laziness out of the body. However, cooking them on a gas stove is not only messy but also energy inefficient. That is the reason why many people are now shifting towards using electric kettles.

The Philips HD4649 2400-Watt Kettle is an affordable product that offers excellent value for your money. Unlike most 1.7-litre electric kettles, which go for a price between 2700 to 4000 rs, this Philips cordless kettle costs just 2499 rs. What is even more, you can use this kettle for boiling other edibles, apart from making tea and coffee.

Philips HD4649 Electric Kettle in 2500 Rupees

High Capacity: For a typical Indian home, this kettle fits just perfectly. It can hold 1.7 litres of water. The jug is fitted with an indicator to help you boil just the water you need. Moreover, the calibrator is placed on both sides of the jug so that it’s easy to read water levels on both sides.

Excellent Build Quality: Hinged lid makes it much easier for the users to fill and clean the kettle. Of course, for a Philips Kettle at 2500 rs price, you expect that the manufacturer thought about efficiency even in the design. Instead of making the kettle tank wide to compensate for the high storage capacity, the manufacturer made it tall. This design style helps the Philips HD4649 in boiling the contents faster and also saves a lot of table space.

This Kitchen gadget also comes with a 360-degree pirouette base for smooth rotation and fitting. The flat heating element at the base ensures faster boiling and cleaning. The manufacturer also fitted LED indicators on this device to indicate when it’s switched on.

Offers Some Interesting Features: The Philips HD4649 kettle comes with a unique feature called the Anti-calc filter. This filter guarantees that you get a clean cup of water. Overheat protection keeps the Kettle and food inside safe by stopping the heating operation once it has reached the temperature set by the user. This feature makes it the best electric kettle with an automatic switch-off in the budget category. You can also start the boiling operation again if the food is not cooked in the first session by pressing the re-boil button.


  • Space-friendly design
  • The outer shell looks appealing
  • Good build quality
  • Comes with a lock mechanism
  • Hinged Lid
  • High storage capacity
  • Rotating the base enhances the user experience

Verdict: You cannot go wrong with this cordless Kettle under 2500 rs. Considering the price point, the features that the device offers are highly appreciable. Moreover, the closed environment of the tank helps in saving energy, which is not possible on a gas stove.

Price 2490 Rupees
Capacity 1.7 Liter | 2400-Watt
Cord Winder Yes
Element Type Concealed
Safety Four-way safety system
Indicators Yes LED indicators with One cup indicator
Lid-type Hinged
Body Measurement: 19 x 23 x 27.5 cm | Weight: 1.29 Kg


► 1.5L Philips HD9306 1800W Electric Kettle

In an attempt to meet customers’ preferences, Phillips has come up with a variety of electric kettles over the years. The difference between the various electric kettle brands is in most cases very trifling. The average shopper may not tell the difference. The Philips HD9306 electric kettle, however, is among the very distinct ones. First, it features a rare kind of design, which looks elegant and ergonomic. Plus it is also quite useful in its job. We can say that- it manages to remain functional and attractive at the same time. Philips is the best electric kettle brand in the Indian market if you need a stylish kettle with an enduring build.

I should inform you upfront that if you are looking for an electric kettle for boiling milk, the Philips HD9306 kettle is not the right solution. You need to pick a suitable kettle from here. You can boil eggs in it, however. Cooking noodles in this electric kettle is also something I would advise not to attempt, withal.

Philips HD9306 Electric Kettle in 2100 Rupees

Build and design: The Philips Electric Kettle under 2500 is like most modern electric kettles and is stylish, of course, to attract the shopper’s eye. To be exceptionally noticeable, the designers — built this Electric Kettle using food-grade stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a favourable material for making any appliance that is going to be in direct contact with water. As such, one needs not worry about rusting as well as safety while boiling water using the kettle. The 1.5-litre kettle has a bold upright structure, unlike many kettles, which take a short-round shape.

The upright posture not only makes it look more stylish but also helps prevent spillage of the contents when emptying the jar. The whole appliance measures 25 by 15.4 by 23.3 centimetres and has a 360 degrees cordless circular base. I found this round base advantageous since it enables more comfortable handling plus a much more stable rest on the surface on which the device is placed. The kettle has a wide opening, which makes pouring contents into it as well as cleaning it easy. The build, and design of this Philips kettle are such that it is unarguably one of the best electric kettles on sale.

Easy to Maintain: How to clean Philips electric kettle: The kettle’s filter is detachable and is made from stainless steel. By being detachable, you can effortlessly clean it. Meaning you will always have the edge over other typical kettles, which do not have this feature. And, this is especially when it comes to unclogging the filter blockages. The kettle’s lid has a spring, and as such, it opens with a single touch. If you are the kind of person who likes rainbow colours on all your electronics, then this is not your lucky day. This kettle only comes in metallic silver, and therefore I would advise you to consider other colourful kettle models.

Performance: This 2500 rs Kettle like most Philips electronics tries to be power efficient, although that is not entirely achievable especially when it is a kettle with a heater. This particular kettle requires a power input of 220/250 Volts and has a reasonable power consumption of 1800 Watts. Due to the all-new PTC technology incorporated during its manufacturing, this kettle manages to keep water warm at 80 to 85 degrees. Of course, that would help you save on electricity since you do not need to re-boil the water.

Safety features: Another feature I liked in the kettle is its keep-warm switch; one has a choice of having the kettle keep the water warm or not. The availability of an overheating prevention feature, as well as dry boiling protection utility makes the kettle more effective. These features also ensure the safety of the users, needless to say, the kettle has an automatic shut-off, further making it safer. I often forget to switch off my electronics, like the TV and iron box; and knowing that this kettle will not burn the house if I forget to switch it off, is a real stress reliever.

At times, you even find yourself multitasking and forgetting that you were boiling something in your kettle. With the Philips HD9306 Electric kettle, you do not have to go into one of those devastating panics.

How to use Philips electric kettle: Philips made sure that the power cable of this Electric Kettle is adjustable and adequate. That makes storage more manageable since you can always adjust the cable and fold it to fit into a small cabinet. Additionally, the long cable means that you can have the kettle far from the power socket, thus making this product more convenient to use. The heating element in this kettle is masked within the kettle's interior shell meaning it will not rust even if you stay for long without using the kettle. The cord winder included in the package will help you in wrapping the cord without giving it some strenuous twists that could break it.

Price 2100 Rupees
Capacity 1.5-Liter | 1800-Watt
Heating Element Stainless Steel
Body Weight: 900 Grams | 21.6×16.2×22.1  cm
Cord length 0.75-meter
Feature Cord Winder | Steam sensor | Dry boiling | Overheating prevention
Warranty 24-Months