Lamination machines use a heated roller system to apply a thin layer of adhesive to the material, which is then passed through two rollers to evenly coat the surface. In this article, we will discuss the buyers' lamination machines in the Indian market. We will also provide some tips for selecting the right laminator for your business.

Which is the best lamination machine under 5000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling laminators from the 3000 to 5000 Rupees price range. The suggested lamination machines are a favorite of buyers because of their superior build, easy-to-use control options, and ability to deliver bubble-free lamination every time.

☼ Amazon Basics A3 Laminating Machine

The Amazon Basics brand is a line of electric products available from Amazon. This brand also manufactures laminating machines.

Amazon Basics has launched its latest lamination machine to laminate up to A3 size. I am very impressed with the build quality of this laminator. It has a metal body and its performance is mind-blowing.

The Amazon lamination machine has a four-roller system that produces bubble-free lamination. You can laminate documents up to 12.80 inches wide with it. And, a total thickness of 125 microns can be laminated. Moreover, laminations can be done both ways, Hot and Cold.

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You can learn more about the Amazon Basics A3 lamination machine by watching our review video. At the moment, it is the cheapest metal body laminator, which is capable of laminating up to A3 size. Do not miss it! It is an excellent product.

Price ₹3199 ► Amazon
Features Max Document Width: 12.80 Inch | Max Thickness: 125 microns | Bubble-Free Lamination | Hot and Cold Lamination | 4 Rollers System | Metal Body | Warranty: 1 Year


☼ Dotpot A3 Lamination Machine

The Dotpot Laminator is the best lamination machine available for less than 5000 Rupees. It is capable of both hot and cold lamination and is designed to be easy to use with adjustable temperature settings.

Dotpot Lamination Machine

The laminator is capable of laminating documents up to A3 size and can be used with a variety of lamination films, including glossy, matte, and even thermal films. The machine is also equipped with a reverse function, allowing users to easily remove jammed documents without damaging the laminator.

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The Dotpot Laminator is reliable, efficient, and a great value for those looking for an affordable laminator that can handle all their lamination needs.

Price 4500 → Amazon
Features Lesser Warm-Up Time | Ready-To-Use Signal | Uniform & Bubble-Free Lamination | Hot& Cold Lamination | Reverse Function | Temperature Control | Shock-Proof Metal Body | Jam-Free Lever | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ Genlam GS093 A3 Lamination Machine

Genlam is a new brand in the lamination machine market. This Indian brand has so far launched some primary to heavy-duty lamination machines. Going by the opinion of those who bought a Genlam lamination machine and is currently using it, suggest that Genlam makes high-quality lamination machines.

At present, the model GS093 is the most advanced lamination machine of the Genlam brand. This laminator has a metal body. It warms up fast. And it can laminate all types of documents of up to A3-Size. So, with this lamination machine, you can laminate ID cards, small and large photos, certificates, licenses, land papers, legal papers, and other essential documents. Equipped with four 25-mm silicon rollers, it does bubble-free, hard lamination in every run.

Usually, standard lamination machines require 3 to 5 minutes to become ready for lamination. However, the Genlam GS093 Lamination Machine requires around 2-minutes only. Then it laminates at the speed of 660-mm per minute. So, this Genlam laminator will take less than 15-seconds to laminate an A4-Size document. Yes, that fast this heavy-duty lamination machine is.

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In the selection of a perfect lamination machine, the opinion of actual users matter the most. Because only real users of a lamination machine can confirm how reliable and durable it is. The good news is that Genlam GS093 lamination machine has passed this test. Those who bought it and currently using it have recommended it.

Price ₹4190 | Amazon
Features Laminate up to A3 Size (297-mm) | Hot & Cold Lamination | Machine-Ready Indicator | Forward-Backward Control
Lamination Warm-Up Time: Less than 2-Minutes | Lamination-Speed: 660-mm per minute | Supported Pouch Thickness: 40-micron (2×20-micro) to 350-micron (2×175-micron)
Build Digital Display for the accurate Temperature | 4 × 25-mm Silicon Roller | Machine Mouth: 330-mm Wide | Power Consumption: 660W | Jam-Free Lever


☼ JD9 Professional A3 Lamination Machine

The lamination machine of the JD9 brand is one of the best-selling lamination machines in India market in 3000 Rupees range. Since it is an A3 lamination machine, it can laminate almost all official and legal documents. Besides, this A3 laminate can Laminate photos, all types of I-Card, PVC card, AADHAAR card, and degree certificate.

The JD9 lamination machine has four silicon rollers for hard, bubble-free lamination. Also, it has a jam-free knob for freeing documents if power is cut during an ongoing lamination. The temperature control knob is for setting lamination temperature. Whereas, forward and reverse switch is for moving documents forward or backward during a lamination cycle.

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Especially in the selection of a heavy-duty lamination machine, we give more emphasis to the opinion of those who are using the product. Those who are using this JD9 lamination machine have expressed their satisfaction for its performance, build quality, and for the price, it is available on the market. Therefore, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that it is one of the best lamination machines under 5000 Rupees. Go for it!!

Price ₹3190 | Amazon
Features Fast Laminator | Hard & Bubble-Free Lamination | Laminate up to A3 Size (12-Inch) | Lamination: {PVC Card, ID Cards, Legal Papers, Photo, Official Documents, Degree Certificate} | 12-months Warranty
Lamination Supported Film Thickness (Micron): {75, 125, 175, 250, 350} | Heating Time (Temp → 120°C}: 5 to 10 Minutes | Ideal for 200 Lamination Daily
Build Power-Capacity: 400W | 4 Silicon Rollers | Forward-Reverse Switch | Jam-Free Knob | Temperature Control

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