Electric screwdrivers are definitely worth it for anyone who routinely engages in DIY home improvement projects or works in a related field. With their fast and efficient operation, these hand-held machines can considerably shorten the time and effort needed to drive screws into wood, drywall, or other materials. As opposed to traditional screwdrivers that depend on hand-operated turning motions, electric screwdrivers spin screws rapidly and uniformly. This ensures they are driven accurately and securely to the desired depth.

Some electric screwdrivers even offer adjustable torque settings to prevent stripping or overtightening screws. While electric screwdrivers tend to be more expensive than manual ones, their convenience, speed, and precision make them a worthwhile investment for anyone who values their time and wants to complete their projects with professional-quality results.

Which is the best electric screwdriver under 2000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling electric or battery-powered screwdriver from the 300 to 2000 Rupees price range. The reviewed electric screwdrivers are from trusted brands and are currently a top favorite of buyers because of their superior build, easy-to-use control options, and excellent performance.

☼ 280W iBell SD12-75 Electric Screwdriver

An excellent tool that provides high performance and efficiency is the iBell SD12 Electric Screwdriver. With a 10-mm chuck and 23 different settings, this electric screwdriver is versatile enough to handle a wide range of tasks. It is also a casual drill machine. It features a drill mode to drill through tough materials easily.

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The powerful 280W motor of the iBell SD12-75 electric screwdriver delivers a maximum speed of 750RPM. So, it is ideal for applications that require drilling and driving screws. Protection Class II rating of the motor meaning it offers double insulation for added safety.

280 Watts iBell SD12-75 Electric Screwdriver

The iBell Electric Screwdriver weighs just 1.25 kg. Having less weight makes it easier to handle and operate. Also, it will not take up more space on your working desk. Furthermore, the device is designed to produce less vibration, reducing the strain on the user's hand and wrist, making it comfortable to use for extended periods.

If you're looking for an efficient electric screwdriver, the iBell SD12 is an excellent choice. Buy it because it is lightweight, compact, and comfortable to use.

Price ₹1300 → Amazon
Features 250W (750 RPM) (Protection Class II)| Chuck: 10-mm | Settings: 23 | Screwdriving Mode | Drill Mode | Weight: 1.25-Kg | Warranty: 6 Months


☼ 350W Foster FSD-010 Electric Screwdriver

The Foster Electric Screwdriver is a powerful tool for any job that requires precision and strength. With a 350W motor, this screwdriver can reach 750 RPM. That makes even the toughest screwing and drilling tasks a breeze. It features a durable copper armature that ensures longevity, making it an ideal choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

The chucks' 10 mm size makes them versatile enough to tackle a wide range of projects, including those both drill and screwdriver modes.

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It has two modes: Screwdriver mode 19 and Drill mode 1, so users can easily switch between screw-driving and drilling operations. Screwdriver mode 19 allows precise control while driving screws, while drill mode 1 lets you easily bore holes.

This electric screwdriver also boasts an LED light that illuminates your work area and ensures visibility in low-light conditions. Even in low-light conditions, it ensures you won't miss anything.

Overall, the Foster FSD-010 Electric Screwdriver is a reliable tool that provides superior performance, durability, and functionality. It is a reliable and efficient tool that exceeds expectations for any project.

Price ₹1500 → Amazon
Features 350W (750 RPM) | 100% Copper Coil | Chuck-Capacity: 10-mm | Torque: 19 settings (+1 Drill Mode) | Chuck-Capacity: 10-mm | LED Light: Yes | Made in India | Warranty: 1-Year


► Black-Decker A7073 Battery-Powered Screwdriver

Any budget below 1000 Rupees is too less for a good quality electric screwdriver with some useful features. However, American brand Black & Decker makes this impossible, possible with its latest battery-powered screwdriver.

Black & Decker A7073 screwdriver model is currently the best-selling electric screwdriver under 1000 Rupees. This electric screwdriver requires 4 units of 1.5V AA-Size battery for power. The required batteries are included in the sales box. You need to buy a new set of regular or rechargeable batteries once they have totally dried up.

The battery-powered screwdriver is for a quick fix, and light-duty assembly works. It can also be used as a regular hand-driven screwdriver by activating its Spindle-Lock feature. Forward and Reverse rotation make it a handy screwdriver for tightening and loosening screws. With narrow nose pieces, it can reach deep inside in tight places, withal.

This Black & Decker screwdriver has a superior build quality and required control functions. Not to forget, it is a product of Black & Decker, one of the most trusted brands for high-quality tools in the global market. And yet you have to pay only 850 Rupees to order it online.

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Not having magnetic bits is the only disappointment, in fact, a big disappointment with this electric screwdriver. Still, it totally worth it at its current sale price. Hence, go for it!!!

Price ₹850 → Amazon
Features Cordless Screwdriver | Dual-Mode Operation | Ideal for Tightening & Loosening | 6-Months Warranty | Cons: Bits are not magnetic
Functions Reverse & Forward Rotation | Automatic/Manual Transmission
Build Max Motor-Speed: 220 RPM | Narrow nose piece for extended reach | Integrated LED light | Strong Grip for tight hand control.
Sales Box Screwdriver | 4 Alkaline 1.5V AA-Size Batteries | 14 Bits { Pz1/2/3, Ph1/2/3, T10/20, SL6/8/10, SQ1/2/3}