Wood has to be peeled properly to make furniture. The electric machine that comes for shredding wood is called a wood planer. Know about the best wood planer machine under 5000 rupees in this tool review article. All the wood planer machines suggested here are being well-liked in the market due to their fine design and strong performance.

☼ 750W Janvitha Wood Planer

Can a wood planer be used to remove paint? A wood planner can’t remove paint only. Wood planners would remove paint by removing a thin layer of the wood surface.

Janvitha is one of the best brands in the Indian market for affordable hand-operated machines. As far as I know currently this brand sells the most affordable wood planers in the Indian market. Janvitha wood planers with a 750W motor are available in the 3000 Rupees range.

The Janvitha 750W wood planer has an 82-mm width and 3-mm cutting depth. It comes with a depth control knob for cutting depth adjustment. Janvitha brand provides many tools and attachments for the safe and accurate cutting of wood by this wood planer machine.

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Should you buy it? Is it worth it? Will it last longer? We answer these questions in our video presentation that covers an unboxing of the Janvitha 750W wood planer.

Price ₹2500 | Amazon
Features Motor: 750W (16000 RPM) | Base: 82-mm Wide | Max Cutting Depth: 3-mm | Power-On Indicator | Warranty: 1-Year


► 500W Makita Wood Planer

Makita is a huge name in the world of power tools. This Japanese company sells its tools and machines in almost all countries. Because Makita power tools are cheap, and yet they are very strong and accurate in function.

The Makita brand wood planer model is currently available for less than Rs 5000. It has a powerful 500W motor with a copper coil.

This Makita planer can peel up to a maximum thickness of 1 mm in one go. You could set this planer the thickness of the peeling between 0-mm to 1-mm, by the control knob provided in front of the machine. The weight of this 500W electric planer is about 3 kg and the company gives 6 month's warranty.

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Is it worth it? Should you buy it or not? Will it last longer? How useful this Makita wood planer is? These questions are answered in our video presentation. Do check it out.

Price ₹4790 | Amazon
Features 500W Motor | Width: 82-mm | Max Depth-Cutting: 1-mm | Depth-Cutting Control Knob | Rebate-Cutting: 9-mm | Power-Cord: 2-mm | Weight: 2.7-Kg


► 650W Black-Decker KW712 Wood Planer

Currently, the most liked wood planer machine under 5000 rupees is the one that comes from the famous American tools brand Black & Decker. Featuring a 650-watt powerful motor, the Black Decker KW712 wood planer machine has a sleek build.

Black-Decker is one of the three most trusted brands for tools in India. That's why don't even think twice. Go for it! Do not worry about the longevity of this Black Decker planer. You could buy it with the confidence that it will last for years. All you have to do is to see whether this machine has the capability you are looking for or not. So let's know what is special in this wonderful 650W wood planer from the Black Decker brand.

The 650-Watt motor of this Black Decker Wood Planer is very powerful. Equally strong is its blade system. The blade system width is 82-mm. So in one go, this wood planer can peel wood as wide as 82-mm. And it can peel up to a maximum depth of 2-mm.

The knob on the front of the machine is for adjusting depth cutting. Twisting it once will raise the front of the machine by 0.2-mm. Apart from this, this fine wood planer machine from the Black Decker brand has been provided with a system to collect the flying dust during the wood chipping. Therefore it can be used without filling the dust particles in your lungs.

  Weighing Scale: ₹1000 - ₹3000

This 650-watt motorized wood planer machine from the Black Decker brand is great in every way. You should buy this planer machine because it is a Black Decker brand product. That means it will last for many years.

Price ₹3500 | Amazon
For Smoothing wooden surfaces | Shaping edges | Removing surface-coating | Cutting rebates in timber
Motor 650W | Max RPM: 17000 | Speed-Lock Button
Cutting Width: 82-mm | Cut-Depth: 0 to 2.0-mm | Depth-Variation: 0.2-mm | Variation-Levels: 9 | Rebating-Depth: Max 8-mm | Reversible-Blades
Build 3-meter Cable | Dust-Bag | Comfortable Handle-Grip | Comes with Vacuum-Adaptor | Carbide-tipped blades | Warranty: 6-Months