Electric lawnmowers are worth it for environmentally conscious people looking for practical and efficient alternatives to gasoline-powered lawnmowers. Electric mowers have increased in popularity due to their quiet operation and low maintenance costs, as well as their zero emissions level. They are also lighter and easier to maneuver, especially in tight spaces. Additionally, there are no gasoline and oil refills, so it's more convenient and cheaper in the long run. Homeowners can also choose between corded and cordless models. These models offer different benefits depending on the size of the yard and the power needed. Although electric mowers may be more expensive upfront, their long-term operational and maintenance costs are lower than traditional gasoline-powered mowers. Overall, investing in an electric lawn mower is a wise choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing quality and performance.

☼ 1400W Makita ELM3720 Electric Lawn Mower

On the market for electric grass cutters, Makita is one of the most prominent brands. You can purchase a Makita lawnmower ELM3720 for less than 15000 rupees if your budget is under that amount. A lot of people who own this product recommend it to others. There is no doubt that you'll be impressed by its build quality, performance, and effectiveness when cutting grass. It's easy to keep your lawn neat and tidy with this Makita electric grass cutter.

The Makita electric lawn mower comes with a powerful 1400W motor. Built-in cooling vents on the motor side keep the motor cool while in use.

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This Makita grass cutter machine comes with a D-shaped cutter of 37 CM. With this machine, you can keep the grass at a minimum of 2 CM and a maximum of 5.5 CM high. Within the grass height range, you can choose three heights.

The grass box of this Makita lawnmower is a 40-liter capacity. A built-in indicator shows when the box is full.

Not everything is excellent with the Makita ELM3720 grass cutter machine. Its power cord is short. And, the brand does not provide an extension cable. You will have to make it!

In conclusion, the Makita ELM3720 electric grass cutter is a great value for money. It has a powerful 1400W motor with cooling vents, a D-shaped cutter of 37 CM, and a large 40-liter capacity grass box. The only downside is its short power cord, but you can easily make an extension cable. Overall, it is a great machine for keeping your lawn neat.

Price ₹12999 → Amazon
Features 1400W | Coverage Area: 500 sq-meter | D-Shape Cutting System: 37 CM | Minimum Grass Height: 2.00 CM | Max Grass Height: 5.50 CM | Grass Height Levels: 3 | Grass Box: 40 liter | Box Full Indicator | Power Cord: 1 Meter | Warranty: 6 Months

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