A domestic water booster pump is an essential tool to increase water pressure in homes. It works by drawing water from a tank or well and pressurizing it before sending it through pipes to the house.

The pump utilizes an impeller, which rotates at high speeds, generating a suction force that pulls water into the device. A motor provides the energy to rotate the impeller. When water enters the pump, it flows through the impeller and discharges at a higher pressure than when it came in.

The pressure booster pump can supply up to 45 PSI of pressure to ensure that water flows through pipes even when there is low pressure available from a well or municipal source. An added benefit of using a booster pump is that it cuts down on water waste and prolongs the lifespan of appliances such as washing machines. These appliances require adequate water pressure to function properly.

Which is the best water booster pump? This review article covers the best-selling pressure booster pumps from 1000 to 5000 rupees pumps from top water pump brands in the Indian market.

☼ 375W MIHSP Automatic Pressure Booster Pump

This water pressure pump can simultaneously provide high-flow water to up to 4 bathrooms. That means it is sufficient for delivering fast water to all the water output points in a big house or flat. The water pressure by this water pressure booster pump will be in the range of 3 to 4 bar.

  1. Automatic ON/OFF
  2. Dry Run Protection
  3. 100% Copper Motor with F-Class Insulation (155°C)

Because of those three features, the MIHSP automatic pressure pump is one of the best water booster pumps under 5000 Rupees currently. Why isn’t it the best option? Check our video presentation to know why!!

Automatic ON/OFF: Turn on the shower or any water output point to start the pressure booster pump. Similarly, close open taps to stop the pump. The whole process is fully automatic. No manual intervention is required!

Dry Run Protection: The water pressure pump will not start when the tank is empty. When the water tank becomes empty midway, the pump will stop automatically.

Price ₹4700 | Amazon
Features 0.5-HP (375W) Motor | 100% Copper Coil (F-Class Insulation – 155°C) | Aluminium Motor Body | Water Delivery: 3000 Liter Per Hour | Automatic ON/OFF | Dry Run Protection | Warranty: 1-Year


► 120W Crompton CIL120 Pressure Pump

The Crompton water pressure pump is fully automatic. Tap open → Low Water Pressure Detected → Pump ON automatically. Water Tap closed → Pressure Not Required → Pump OFF automatically. Yes, this is how it works. It is designed to work with a single water line. If high water pressure has to be maintained in more than one bathroom or flat then a more powerful (0.5HP) water booster pump is required. It won’t suffice the need.

A 0.16HP motor, whose insulation class is F, powers this Crompton water pressure pump. F-Class insulation means the motor coil, which is made of copper, will not burn until the temperature of the motor body crosses 135°C. That happens once in a blue moon.

  Voltage Stabilizers under ₹5000

The pipe size of this Crompton booster pump is 13 mm and its head range is 3.5 meters to 8 meters. When ON it will discharge up to 22 liters of water every minute. The water temperature, however, shouldn’t be more than 40°C.

Price ₹3800 | Amazon
Features 0.16HP Copper Motor (F-Class) | Body: Aluminum | Max Water-Pressure: 10 Bar | High Water Pressure for Up to 4 Water Exit Points | Hot & Cold Water Circulation | Warranty: 1-Year