An automatic billing machine ensures the smooth running of a retail shop while simplifying the billing process and making the customer's shopping experience more enjoyable. Invoices, receipts, and sales transactions can be generated quickly and accurately with an automatic billing machine. Additionally, having a billing machine on the job reduces errors resulting from manual calculations of prices, taxes, or discounts.

Billing machines usually have a display to show the items included in the bill. On the display screen, you can see transaction details, such as item descriptions, prices, and totals. In this way, customers are able to verify their purchases before paying.

Some billing machines have inventory management features that monitor stock levels. These features alert owners when items run low in stock, and assist them to restock items when needed. Due to this, businesses are able to reduce their overhead costs by purchasing only what they need. Aside from reducing waste, it also improves efficiency.

When it comes to routine work, a machine is more efficient than a human. In order to make your business more profitable, you should invest in a billing machine. Billing machines allow for fast and easy checkouts, reducing the time customers spend waiting in line. In addition, it creates user-friendly billing procedures that enhance customer satisfaction at the retail store.

☼ NGX NBP100 Billing Machine

The NGX NBP100 is a cutting-edge billing machine, a cost-effective solution for billing needs, designed to meet today's businesses' demands. It is an efficient and user-friendly device that makes billing easier for small businesses.

This machine can store up to 2000 items in its memory which makes managing inventory easier. It is also GST-ready, which means that it's compatible with the newly implemented taxation system.

Bills are printed on 2-inch paper, making them easy to read and organize. The 2-inch paper provides enough space for printing and includes all the necessary information, saving you money on billing paper.

With this machine, you can now print bills for up to 250 items on a single bill. This helps businesses save time on billing.

Further, the device's 10-hour battery life ensures it works all day without charging. You won't run out of power in a transaction.

  डीप फ्रायर: ₹1000 – ₹5000

Overall, the NGX NBP100 Billing Machine is an easy-to-use and durable solution for all kinds of businesses to streamline their billing process. Whether you run a retail store or a restaurant, this device can help you manage your transactions easily and accurately.

Price ₹10000 → Amazon
Features Memory to Save up to 2000 Items | Print 250 Items on a Single bill | Header-Footer → Max 10 Lines Each | Generate 25 Types of Report | GST Ready | Printing-Speed: 55-mm/second | 10 Hours Battery Life | Rupee Symbol | Calculator Mode | Easy to Bill Items – Alphabetically or Through Item Code | Apply Discount | Warranty: 7 Days Replacement


☼ Wep BP20 Billing Machine

Wep India brand claims that the machine is in use at 80,000+ locations as of today. That’s an incredible number for a billing machine. The BP20 billing machine can store up to 2000 products with their details, applicable tax, and any discount offered.

Wep BP-20 GST Enabled Billing Machine

This billing machine is for printing receipt bills in a 2-Inch width. It is a GST-enabled billing machine. You can set the GST rate for products with current discounts on them. Moreover, it generates 11 types of reports. That includes reports for daily to yearly sales, tax, and reports for accounting.

Generating bills on this Wep billing machine is super easy and fast. Its control panel has 30 keys wherein 26 hotkeys are for best-selling products. One machine could be used round the clock and every day, since multiple cashier accounts with security are supported, withal.

Wep India is a highly trusted brand for billing machines in the Indian market. Therefore, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying the BP20 standalone billing machine for 9600 Rupees is the best GST-enabled billing machine under 10000 Rupees.

Price ₹9600 → Amazon
Ideal for Bakeries | Ice-cream parlors | Vending machines | Takeaway/self-service restaurants | Kirana Shops | Hotels | Restaurants | Fast Food Chains | Juice and Ice Cream Parlors | Coffee Shops
Features Store up to 2000 Product Records with GST Rate and Discount offer | Print: 2-Inch Wide Bill | Up to 15 Cashier Accounts | Search Products by name or code | Control: 30 Keys (26 Hot Keys for best-selling products) | Print Speed: up to 10 Bills in one minute
Reports 11 Types of Reports | Sales Reports | Tax Reports | Reports for Accounting
Sales Box Billing Machine | Power adapter | Software CD | Data Cable and 1 Paper Roll

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