Lamination machines are like unsung heroes in the world of office utility tools. Still, not many gadget experts review laminators. A person who does not know anything about these machines would face difficulty while making a purchase decision. Therefore, we decided to cover the best lamination machines in various price segments on this website.

Selecting a perfect lamination machine is far more challenging than any other gadget. There is no established brand for lamination machines. Therefore, which product should we recommend is always challenging. Actually, the brand reputation is a huge factor in deciding the expected durability of a product. By going through demo and performance testing, no way we can know how a product would operate after 6 months of use. Obliviously people come to this website to buy a product that would last longer, not just 6 months.

For the selection of a perfect lamination machine, therefore, we have set a distinct procedure. We solely rely on the feedback of shopkeepers, using a lamination machine. When we get good feedback for a particular lamination machine, we recommend it on this website.

Which is the best lamination machine under 3000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best laminator of top lamination machine manufacturers in the Indian market. Whether you need an A3 lamination machine, pouch lamination machine, card lamination machine, photo lamination machine, or say a multipurpose lamination machine, you will get to know here the best option on sale currently in 2000 to 3000 Rupees price range.

► A3 Gobbler Professional Lamination Machine

Gobbler is a new brand on the market for lamination machines, note-counting machines, paper shredders, paper cutters, and similar kinds of office and business-use products. The first lamination machine of this Indian brand is an A3 laminator. It is a metal body lamination machine with four rollers for bubble-free lamination. On this lamination machine, you can laminate all types of ID-Card, certificates, photos, licenses, and other documents of width up to 330-mm.

Gobbler A3 Lamination Machine

This Gobbler lamination machine is perfect for heavy usage. Also, it is a fast lamination machine. With its ability to laminate at 550 mm per minute, it will fully laminate a college certificate in less than 60 seconds.

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Convenience features of this Gobbler A3 Lamination Machine are Anti-Jam reverse switch and temperature control knob. The right temperature for lamination according to the document and film thickness can be set to make accurate lamination.

Thus, the Gobbler A3 Lamination Machine looks like a perfect laminator with all the required features and functions. So, it is currently one of the best lamination machines under 3000 Rupees in the Indian market, currently.

Price ₹2600 → Amazon
Features Hot Shoe Technology | Hot & Cold Lamination | 1-Year Warranty
Lamination Max Document Width: 330-mm | Max Film Thickness: 250-MM {2×125-MM} | Lamination Speed: 550-mm/minute
Build 4 Rollers | Metal Body | | Indicator Light | Temperature Control


► A3 VMS Professional Deluxe Lamination Machine

Are you looking for a photo lamination machine? The VMS Professional Deluxe is one of the best lamination machines in the 3000 Rupees range. It can laminate photos, ID cards, and documents up to 32cm wide.  Those who have bought it and using it currently say that it is a value-for-money lamination machine. You can use it at any location by connecting it to a regular power socket.

VMS Professional Deluxe Lamination Machine

How to use this lamination machine? You need to wait for 2 to 3 minutes until the machine thoroughly heats up for lamination. The light on its control panel will be ON while the machine is warming up. When the machine reaches the set temperature, the green light will be ON, then OFF, and after one minute, turn ON again. This indicates that the machine is now ready for lamination. Next, you need to insert the closed end of the pouch films into the slit of the laminator machine.

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The body of this A3 lamination machine is shock-proof — is what the VMS brand claims. It may still give a shock if not connected with the ground line properly.

Price 3200 Rupees
Features Bubble-Free Lamination | Metal-Body | Jam-Free Control | Use Any Place | Heat-Proof Body | Notification-Light | Reverse-Switch | Weight: 5Kg | Company Contact: 022-26820517/18
Laminate AADHAAR Card | Letter | ID Card | Pehchan Patra | Photo | A4 & A3 Sheet | Other Documents
Lamination IR Lamp Heating System | 4 Rollers | Max Lamination Width: 320mm | Lamination Speed: 475-mm/minute | Temperature-Range: 90°C to 180°C | Item Thickness: Max 1.2-mm | Film → Temp: {75-micron Film at 110°C | 125-micron at 140°C | 250-micron at 180°C}
Power 400W Power System | Shock-Proof Body | AC Geared Motor | Connect to a Regular Plug


► A4 BME ProLam Automatic Lamination Machine

The BME laminator is currently one of the best lamination machines under 3000 Rupees. It can laminate documents up to A3 size. It can also laminate photos, ID cards, AADHAAR cards, and other sizes and types of documents. Its operation is fully automatic. You can use it for both types of lamination, hot and cold, withal.

BME ProLam Fully Automatic Lamination Machine

The build and design of this machine are usual and compact. The control options on this BME automatic lamination machine is on the front right side, making it more comfortable in daily use.

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3000 Rupees is a huge budget for a lamination machine. Therefore, the obvious question is, does this electric lamination machine have the required features to justify its price?

A3 paper size is only 11.70-Inch. The BME machine, however, can laminate paper’s width up to 12.6 inches. Its pre-heating time is less, roughly 3 minutes. You can control the machine's temperature as well. To protect documents, there is a heat shield. To free the document in case the machine jams, it has a reverse button and manual knob, also.

Should you buy this BME lamination machine? In spite of a high price tag, the BME A3 lamination machine has been in huge demand. Those who have bought it suggest that it is a perfect lamination machine for 3000 Rupees. It can perform heavy-duty tasks such as laminating even 300-gsm paper. The BME TrueJam heavy-duty laminator would be a more suitable option for 300-gsm paper, is what experts suggest, however.

  Laminators: ₹3000 - ₹5000

Availing service warranty during the 12-month service commitment period is tricky. As per the brand, the buyer has to ship the machine to the manufacturer’s address. After repairing the machine, the manufacturer will courier it back to the buyer’s address. How practical is this for you, that you need to decide?

Price 3000 Rupees
Feature Can work on Inverter (not recommended) | Hot & Cold Lamination | Lamination Type: {Thermal Pouch | Photo-Safe} | Temperature-Control | Bubble-Free Lamination | Knob for manual mounting | Max Document Width: 12.6-Inch
Speed A4 paper would take 12 to 15 seconds post heating | Max Lamination Speed: 24-Inch/minute
Thickness 50 to 200 microns | Can laminate cards up to 1.5-mm thick
Heating Heat range: 70 to 180 degrees | consumes 600-Watt power during heating | Heat Shield
Jam-Free Reverse Button | Manual Knob
Warranty 12 months


► A3 Texet Laminator

Quality laminators are hard to come by. Only a small number of brands are good at making lamination machines and Texet falls in that group. I have selected the Texet A3 Laminator because it offers great build quality. It is highly functional but affordable, and can be purchased for just 1,699 rupees.

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High-Quality Build: Texet has made the A3 Lamination Machine with super high-quality materials. Its build is more impressive than what I had expected.

Easy To Use: You do not need any expertise to use the Texet laminator. All you need to do is press the power button and wait for the “Ready” indicator light to start glowing.

Thick insulation stops heat from reaching the user’s skin and causing harm. Still, one needs to be careful while operating it. Do not put fingers inside rollers while the machine is on.

Texet LMA3 V Laminator

Laminator for home and office Use: According to the manufacturer, this lamination machine is capable of sufficing personal and small office needs. Its 330-mm wide throat will allow you to laminate small A6 items as well as big A3 documents.

The machine is also compatible with 250-micron thick pouches. It supports both hot and cold lamination.

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Users will not need to wait for a lot of time to use the Texet laminator as it heats up within a few minutes.


  • Fast heating
  • Gorgeous design
  • Hot and cold lamination
  • Size range: A6 to A3

Cons:- Lacks reverse lamination function

Verdict: At such a low price point, we cannot expect more features. This machine does come with a couple of drawbacks, but it also offers many amazing features.

Price 2000 Rupees
Lamination Speed: 250mm/minute | Max Thickness: 2.5mm | Max Document Width: A3


► A3 Excelam Lamination Machine

If the budget is low and you still want an office grade laminator, then the Excelam 13-inch Lamination Machine will prove to be the best solution. You can purchase this product for an amount of 3190 rupees.

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Premium Features: The features this device offers are generally not available on budget laminators. With it, you can easily laminate documents that are 13-inches wide and 5-mm thick.

Inbuilt Auto Thickness Detection eliminates the need of manually adjusting everything. Thick documents do not laminate properly in a single roll. You can use the reverse rolling functionality to heat the pouch second time for a perfect finish.

Some materials are sensitive to high temperatures and only cold lamination process suits them. Fortunately, this Excelam machine supports that.

Excelam Laminator XL12 13 inch Lamination Machine

High-speed laminator: Rollers of this machine are quite powerful. They can laminate 24 inches of sheet every minute. The whole setup consumes 600 Watts of electricity. Further, its heating element is highly efficient and heats up in just one minute.

Smart Design: Vents on the back dissipate heat really fast. This helps in preventing internal damages; as a result, life of this machine increases.

  लेमिनेशन मशीन: ₹1000 - ₹2000

A long platform allows the users to align documents properly. Control panel of this machine is also easily accessible. Further, Excelam has featured a manual knob on this laminator for clearing jams and removing documents in case of a power outage.


  • Supports thick and wide documents
  • Heats up within no time
  • Impressive lamination speed
  • Temperature control
  • Reverse functionality
  • Overheat protection

Verdict: Fast rollers, efficient heating element, and better controls make this machine suitable for offices and shops. I do not how the manufacturer has managed to reduce its cost, but it is really good for people with limited money.

Price 3000 Rupees
Lamination Max Thickness: 5mm | Max Document Width: 13-Inch
Features Heat Control | Reverse-Rolling | 600W Power System

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