India has the biggest unorganized retail sector in the world. Less than five percent of small businesses are currently issuing genuine bills to customers for their purchases. Consumer protection initiatives by the Central and state governments have been on for a decade now. As a result, the situation on the ground has progressed from no bill to a handwritten bill. However, post-GST that is not enough. You need a smart billing machine, which calculates GST automatically and saves time in billing.

In today’s time, a billing machine is not a luxury. It is a requirement. A colorful board and a billing machine on the counter are enough to boost your sales. We have tested this with many shops and noticed a visible success.

In this piece, we cover the best billing machine from 20000 to 25000 Rupees price range in the Indian market. Here you read about billing machines, which may not be branded product but is capable of printing hundreds of bills in a day.

► AISWORLD Billing Machine + Electronic Cash Register

The AISWORLD cash register with billing machine is one of the best billing machines under 25000 Rupees in the market. It comes with lots of useful features. It is programmable, and one machine can work round the clock as it has the feature of multiple cashier accounts.

In border areas fake currency is a huge problem. The built-in UV lamp on the machine detects fake currency thereby saving the shopkeeper from double loss (balance return in real currency + product).

Besides, the currency check feature, low inventory detection, and 72 hotkeys for 72 best-selling products of the shop are my favorite feature. Not having a product, which must be in your shop is an irritating experience for customers. It is not only a loss of business, but a loss of faith in your shop. Next time the customer will think twice before coming to your shop.

Price 21900 Rupees
Features Add up to 7000 Products | UV Lamp for Currency Detector | Connect Barcode Reader | Connect Scanner | Connect to Computer CPU | 128×64 LCD + 8-Digit LED | Customize Shop Logo on the Bill | Low Inventory Detection | 10 Programmable Cashier with Password + 1 Temporary Cashier
Billing Machine 20 Department | Total 81 Keys (72 Hot Keys) | Reprint Last Bill | Speed: 90mm/second | Paper: 57×50mm thermal paper | Hang Mode for a new bill for another customer | Sales Price and Sales Method Programable | Random Input Discount Rate
Report Hour Sales | Daily Sales | Monthly Sales | Inventory Report | Cashier Report | Manage Database | Import/Export MS Excel File
Connectivity USB for Barcode Reader/Computer CPU | PS/2 for Scanner
Warranty 12 Months | Support & Service: 7007647824 | Website:


► Wep BP-5000 Billing Machine

The WEP billing machine is suitable for large as well as personal business centers. It is GST ready billing machine. Since it can store records of up to 25000 products, it is an ideal billing machine for big restaurants, garment shops, footwear stores, supermarkets, modern format stores, and multi-band showrooms.

WeP BP5000 GST enabled Billing Machine

This heavy-duty billing machine can manage your shop’s credit account and ledger account of up to 1000 customers. Further, it can store 25000 product details with their barcode and stock count. This machine can also do tax calculations and generate the required sales reports for accounting. It generates 19 types of reports for sales, tax, stored records, and bills.

The Wep BP5000 billing machine is an advanced variant of the Wep BP2000 billing machine. In comparison to the BP2000, the BP5000 billing machine is fast and can store 4000 more product records. It can print big-size bills, withal.

The BP5000 billing machine is a GST-enabled billing machine from a reliable brand. Wep India is one of the best billing machine manufacturers in the Indian market. Therefore, there is no reason why the BP5000 shouldn’t be in your shop if it has all the required features and functions.

Price 24500 Rupees
Features Supports Barcode scanner | Store and Generate 1000 Customers ledger | Export Data in Excel Format | A4 Report
Suited For Retail & Wholesale stores | Kirana Stores | Bar & Restaurants | Garment stores | Footwear Stores | Departmental Stores | Super Market Stores
Features Store up to 25000 Product records with a barcode, available stock, and other details | 19 Types of reports | 15 Measurement units
Print Bill Size: {3-Inch | 4-Inch | 6-Inch} | Report size: {8-Inch | A4}
Warranty 12 months

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