There was a time when fingerprint scanners were science fiction. As a child, we saw these hi-tech devices only in movies. Time has changed now. Technology to manufacture fingerprint readers has improved and become cheaper in the last few years. As a result, many offices are using biometric attendance machines that scan employees' fingerprints.

If you have not installed a biometric attendance machine in your workplace, I strongly suggest you do so. This machine will not only make employees more conscious of timings but also help them manage their attendance records efficiently. Below is a list of the best affordable attendance machines we have compiled after two weeks of research.

☼ ZKTeco Facial Attendance Device

The ZKTeco attendance Device is a top-notch system that utilizes Wi-Fi to streamline attendance tracking. With its advanced facial recognition technology, it's capable of keeping track of up to 800 faces easily. Its extra wide-angle recognition and motion detection camera ensure face capture and identification quickly and accurately.

ZKTeco Facial Recognition Biometric Attendance Device with WiFi

This attendance device is designed for easy use, with a user-friendly interface that allows for fast set-up and training of new employees. With Wi-Fi, administrators can easily manage schedules, and leave applications and data from anywhere, and at any time.

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The ZKTeco Facial Biometric Attendance Device is an efficient and effective solution to traditional attendance tracking methods. It reduces time theft and leaves no room for fraudulent activity. This biometric system is a valuable asset to any organization that wants to streamline its attendance process.

The biometric attendance device is also cost-effective and easy to set up, making it the ideal choice for businesses of any size. It is also user-friendly and can be used with minimal training. It allows managers to oversee their employees' attendance and ensure they comply with their organization's policies.

Price ₹6999 → Amazon
Features Touchless Verification | Inbuilt Light Source | Adjustable Brightness | 2.8-Inch Screen | Face Capacity: 800 | Transactions: 1,50,000 | Long & Extra Wide Angle Recognition | OS: Windows/Linux/Mac | ADMS | T9 Input | DST | Camera | 9-digit User ID | Work Code | Self-service Query | Schedule Bell | Automatic Status Switch | 2MP WDR Low Light Camera

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