What is a Barcode Scanner? Do you really need it? If yes, then why? Barcode Scanner is one of the hottest inventions in creating POS or point of sale scans in addition to promptly attaining admittance to detailed records in a databank. This device comes fortified with a light sensor, light source, and a lens that is accountable for inferring the photosensitive impulses to electrical impulses. So, what are the options? There are different kinds of barcode scanners to ponder. Along with surplus models to pick from, it becomes cool to get lost with the gigantic choice of scanners presently accessible.

  • The laser barcode scanner is perhaps the most prevalent kind of barcode scanner and its dependable performance and reckless response time make it a decent point, to begin with.
  • While probing for handheld barcode scanners, there are a number of significant performance stipulations you must consider before buying.

So what is obtainable in the footings of features when talking about high-performance barcode scanners? Well, among the most prevalent brands in the market, we have reviewed two comprehensive products, considering their features. To close, If you are looking for the finest quality and most sturdy barcode scanners presently ruling the market with the best performance riders and with the lowest bills, then just check them out.

☼ Shreyans 1D 2D USB Barcode Scanner

There are two types of barcode scanners: 1D and 2D. 1D scanners can't scan 2D codes such as QR codes. A 2D laser scanner, however, can read 1D code as well. 2D codes are usually square in shape and small in size. Moreover, a hand-held apparatus can read 2D by being pointed from any direction. 2D barcodes are more in demand. Therefore, you should spend on a 2D laser scanner because the price disparity between these types of scanners is around 500 Rupees.

Currently, the most inexpensive 1D 2D scanner comes from an Indian brand Shreyans. You will pay only 1800 Rupees to get the advanced barcode scanner. That device supports Windows and Linux operating systems. To use the hand-held device, insert its USB plug into a USB port of a computer system. Next, it will enter the captured date from a 1D or 2D barcode at the cursor point on the application.

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Please watch our video presentation to learn more about this Shreyans USB barcode scanner. There we cover all the essential facts and features of this device for business use.

Price ₹1800 → Amazon
Features Plug & Use | Scan 1D Code & 2D Code | Supported OS: Windows 7 to the Latest | Warranty 1-Year


☼ Honeywell Eclipse Barcode Scanner

Automation is an aspect that can boost the performance of business almost instantaneously. India has slowly changed into a fast economy nation. Without a doubt, any business that won’t keep up with this fast pace is as good as doomed. Automation in any business starts with the most crucial areas.

Honeywell Eclipse Barcode Scanner in 3000 Rupees

For instance, in a shop set up, you should automate key areas such as the store department, the checkout area, and the stock keeping unit. Notably, in order to automate these three areas, you need several things. First, you need a computer, some handheld barcode scanning devices and a roll of labels.

In our review today, we look into one of the most recommended barcode readers in the market, the Honeywell Eclipse Barcode Scanner. Honeywell is among the best handheld barcode scanner manufacturers in the world. We happened to get hands-on experience with this device, and we think that it’s a worthy buy.  Here is why you should settle for the Honeywell Eclipse 5145 barcode scanner:

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Lightweight and Unique Design: Being an entry-level device, this Honeywell barcode scanner has a simple and lightweight design.

To start with, the device weighs only 100 grams, meaning that it won’t tire your hand. Additionally, its handle has an ergonomic structure. Also, the horizontal scan angle of this device is just 50°. Actually, this is the recommended angling for such handheld devices.

Fast scanning technology: Honeywell built their barcode scanner to run on CodeGate technology. In actual fact, this patented technology is only exclusive to Honeywell barcode scanners. With CodeGate, users are able to narrow down their searches to the desired codes with just a click of a button.

Essentially, this feature makes the device a good handheld barcode scanner for inventory management. In addition, the scanning speed on this device is a remarkable 72 scan lines per second. With such a speed, data transmission happens within a blink of an eye.

Compatible with related devices: The manufacturer also built this device to be compatible with as many related gadgets as possible. First, this scanner uses universal Powerlink cables. So if by any chance they get damaged, you can always switch them for Voyager or Orbit scanner cables. Moreover, this device is compatible with all Windows Server Versions 2000 Operating Systems. Compatibility makes this device ideal for menu scanning and inventory management.  You can also use it as a point-of-sale scanner.

The manufacturer supported the Eclipse scanner with free firmware updates, meaning that this device will always run on the company’s latest technology. Furthermore, since this device uses state-of-the-art scanning technology, it can run for long hours without overheating.

Price ₹2990 → Amazon
Ideal for Menu scanning | Point-of-sale | Document processing | Inventory control
Scan Pattern:  Single Scan line | Speed: 72 scan lines per second | Angle: Horizontal 50 degree | Symbol Contrast: 35% minimum reflectance difference | Pitch, Skew: 68°, 52° | Decode Capability: Reads standard 1D and GS1 DataBar symbologies
Build Dimensions (LxWxH): 169 mm x 63 mm x 51 mm (6.7 in x 2.5 in 2.0 in) | Weight: 100 grams | Input Voltage: 5 VDC + 0.25 V | Host System Interfaces: USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, IBM 468xx (RS485)| Drop: Designed to withstand 1.5 m (5 ft) drops | Sealed to resist airborne particulate contaminants | Light Levels: 4842 Lux
Warranty 3 Years | Honeywell Customer Care 1800-934-3163
Features CodeGate Equipped | CodeSense | Powerlink Cables | OPOS and JPOS Compatible | Lifetime up-to-date software


☼ Pegasus 1D Laser Barcode Scanner

With a remarkable decoding accuracy with Pegasus PS1010 1D Laser Barcode Scanner, you can under no circumstances slip on any article or get the rate wrong. You won’t need any intricate maneuvers. Just goal and shoot at the bar code, and you are done. Give your trade the benefit of a Pegasus PS1010 1D code scanner and let it progress in leaps and bounds. Let us go through all its features.

Laser-based technology: The Pegasus PS1010 1D is a top class laser-based barcode scanner. The product is skilled to scan or read from a sufficient feet distance. This is the wired USB model that can convey the data to a great distance. This makes the device capable of being used in huge superstores, shops, aerodromes, and stores. Above and beyond, though this is a wired model, it is pretty convenient, then again quite decent for warehousing jobs. Its laser based feature would let you take full advantage of barcode scanning.

Pegasus PS1010 1D Laser Barcode Scanner

Good scan speed: With the fast scan speed of 200/sec, the Pegasus PS1010 1D creates more efforts per second to decipher a barcode. This scan speed lets you attain advanced degrees of data capture. The device can radically decrease the quantity of time you would devote entering and altering facts. You won’t need to spend a large amount of time in tracing secure possessions or expendable inventory once the record has been entered.

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If you are using the product in the manufacturing setting, such as a construction site, you will require a barcode scanner that is very resistant. Now and then, you need a barcode scanner that is shock and dust resilient. In an atmosphere where you have a lot of dirt and filth, this scanner would be great as this will not let any dirt to get into the hardware.

Additional features: This Laser Barcode Scanner is fast, safe, and reasonable. It offers various advantages including prompt updates to the record, very slight chance to misplace data, and of course, it ensures a springy work.

Buy 1200 Rupees

Verdict: Although the barcode scanner on one occasion ratified a great price tag, Pegasus PS1010 1D Laser Barcode Scanner is a low-cost equipment. Thus it becomes an inexpensive choice for almost any business that comes at a price of 1800 Rupees. Even if you have a slight business, you can acquire it. However, if you have a big organization, this laser barcode scanner can be meaningfully economical to arrange than any other inventory control devices.

☼ TVS BSC 101 Bar Code Scanner

This is yet another barcode scanner that can make your life much cooler and stress-free with laid-back and perfect billing method. Let us take a look at its features:

Performance: This Barcode Scanner devises a 45 degrees scan angle along with a scan rate of 330 scans per second. This stands out to be the maximum among its players. It comes sanctioned with Ultra scan decoding equipment. With this equipment, you can decode 1D barcodes and GS1 Data Bar. It backs with an auto scan mode and a non-compulsory stand. All-in-all, it can work as a hand’s free scanner. In like manner, a striking 32-bit microprocessor promises an invincible scan rate and decoding precision.

TVS BSC 101 Bar Code Scanner

Connectivity: You get extraordinary connectivity features with this bar code scanner. It is comprehensive to work with diverse choices of System Interfaces including Keyboard, RS-232C, HID USB, USB virtual COM port and Wand types. The device owns a corded Power Source 300 mm depth of field, so, you can decode from a greater length.

The device comes together with an Aim and Shoot Trigger. This lets you gain a working ease and diminishes weariness, particularly during top working hours. The scanner is sturdy and heavy-duty. It can endure numerous drops from an altitude of 5 feet, more or less. A high resolution of 2500 pixels, on top of lower PCS pixels, decodes faded barcodes as well. The product is appropriate for an extensive array of applications. Fluctuating from retail checkout or inventory organization to billing in workplaces, you can get all your work done.

Buy 2600 Rupees

Verdict: Fabricated with Ultra-Scan technology, the product offers you an extraordinary speed scanning for the articles in your stock. It carries unusual speed of 330 scans per second. This is definitely going to gratify your shoppers by saving a lot of time. This improved technology will not merely prep up your professional trade but will likewise get you more clienteles. Constructed with a durable and robust material, don’t worry if you or your staff unintentionally dribs it. Install it easily with plug and play technology. You can attain this product at a price of 2600 INR. So, what are you waiting for? Just get the TVS BSC 101 Bar Code Scanner and give your business the shot in the arm it has always been waiting for.