Is your air conditioner running at an unstable voltage? Learn how a voltage stabilizer regulates AC voltage levels and protects your equipment. In this review article, we discuss the basics of voltage stabilizers. We also discuss how, when correctly installed, they can protect your air conditioner from voltage fluctuations and reduce nuisance trips. We also cover the various types of voltage stabilizers available, installation requirements, and safety tips.

Which is the best voltage stabilizer for AC under 5000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling voltage stabilizers for smart TV from the 1000 to 5000 Rupees range.

☼ V-Guard VWR 400 Voltage Stabilizer {130V – 300V}

क्या आपके एरिया में वोल्टेज काफी उतार चढाव होता है? विगार्ड ब्रांड के वोल्टेज स्टेबलाइजर पर भरोसा कीजिये।

यदि आप अपने 1.5 टन AC के लिए एक विश्वसनीय और कुशल वोल्टेज स्टेबलाइजर की तलाश कर रहे हैं, तो V-Guard VWR 400 से बेहतर कोई विकल्प नहीं है 5000 रुपए से कम कीमत में। 130V-300V की विस्तृत वोल्टेज रेंज के साथ, यह स्टेबलाइजर अलग-अलग वोल्टेज उतार-चढ़ाव को संभाल सकता है और आपके AC की सुरक्षा सुनिश्चित करता है। इसकी रेटेड लोड क्षमता 12 एम्पियर है।

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यह 3 साल की वारंटी के साथ आता है, जो आपको आने वाले वर्षों के लिए मन की शांति देता है। साथ ही लम्बा वारंटी सुनिश्चित करता है कि आप अपने एयर कंडीशनर के वर्किंग के लिए चिंतामुक्त रहें।

चाहे आपके पास इन्वर्टर, फिक्स्ड स्पीड या विंडो AC हो, यह स्टेबलाइजर सभी प्रकार के साथ संगत है। अस्थिर वोल्टेज के साथ अपने AC को नुकसान पहुंचाने का जोखिम न लें, चिंता मुक्त रहने के लिए V-Guard VWR 400 में निवेश करें।

Price ₹4990 ► Amazon
Features For AC Load up to 1.5-Ton | Inverter/Non-Inverter AC | Rated Capacity: 12-Amp | Input: 130V to 300V | Pure Copper Coil | Brand Warranty: 3 Years


☼ Maxine Triple Booster AC Stabilizer {130V – 270V}

The Maxine voltage stabilizer is an appliance designed to regulate power input and output to air conditioners with capacities of up to 2 tons. This voltage stabilizer has triple booster technology that stabilizes and boosts the output voltage to ensure no damage to the AC unit. Its working voltage range is 130V to 270V and provides output in the 200V to 240V range. Let me simplify it for you! Even when the input voltage is 130V, this voltage stabilizer gives 200V output.

The digital display feature shows voltage changes in real time. The stabilizer also features a copper transformer that ensures optimal power regulation with minimal energy loss. Furthermore, the transformer is designed to withstand high temperatures and heavy use.

The Maxine Triple Booster AC Stabilizer is an excellent choice to mitigate extreme voltage fluctuations or power spikes. It provides a fluctuation-free current with stable voltage. Moreover, it is easy to install. These qualities make it an essential appliance for anyone who uses an AC unit.

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Buy the Maxine Triple Booster AC Stabilizer to protect your AC unit from power fluctuations, power spikes, and power cuts. With its built-in protection features and easy-to-use design, the Maxine Triple Booster AC Stabilizer delivers reliable power regulation and peace of mind.

Price ₹4999 → Amazon
Features 130V to 270V (Input) → 200V to 240V (Output) | Capacity: 5kVA | Load: up to 2-Ton AC | Copper Transformer | Made in India | Warranty: Up to 3 Years


☼ Candes 4100ms Voltage Stabilizer {100V – 280V}

The Candes 4100ms is a top-quality and affordable voltage stabilizer for AC, designed for efficient power protection. With its wide input voltage range of 100V to 280V, this stabilizer regulates voltage fluctuations and prevents AC from being damaged by low or high voltages.

Its advanced low/high voltage cut-off feature ensures complete protection of your appliances, while the time delay function offers additional safety by preventing immediate restarts. With a built-in spike and surge protector, this voltage stabilizer will ensure your air conditioner is safe from power surges and voltage spikes, as well.

Further, the VS-4100ms also features high-low voltage shut-off and overload protection, so you never have to worry about overloading your outlets. It is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware to get you up and running in no time.

This Candes voltage stabilizer is suitable for all types of air conditioners with a cooling capacity of up to 1.5 tons. It works with all air conditioner types: windows and split air conditioners (both types of split ACs: normal and inverter).

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Candes brand provides on the VS-4100ms model up to 3-year warranty to give you peace of mind and guarantee long-lasting performance. Invest in the dependable Candes VS-4100ms voltage stabilizer today and enjoy uninterrupted power supply and protection for your precious appliances.

Price ₹3600 → Amazon
Features Ideal for up to 1.5-Ton AC | Ideal for Windows and Split AC (Normal & Inverter) | Voltage Range: 100V – 280V | Low and High Voltage Cut Off | Overload Protection | Time Delay | Wall Mountable | Warranty: 3 years


☼ V-Guard iD4 Ace 5540 Stabilizer {130V – 280V}

The smart voltage stabilizer from the house of V-Guard is perfect for safeguarding up to 1.5-ton air conditioners from sudden voltage drops, alarming voltage fluctuations, power spikes, and power surges. This V-Guard voltage stabilizer for AC supports a wide input voltage range of 130V to 280V. if the input voltage falls below 130V or crosses above 280V, the output from this voltage stabilizer will stop. And, when the input voltage becomes normal and comes in the range of this voltage stabilizer, its operation will resume automatically.

V-Guard iD4 Ace 5540 Voltage Stabilizer gives a consistent output in the range of 195V to 240V irrespective of the fluctuating input voltage. This is what air conditioners require.

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This V-Guard voltage stabilizer is designed to work with air conditioners. Yes, it can be used with other appliances, but it is better not to do so.

Price ₹4490 | Amazon
Features Max Load-Capacity: 2300W | Ideal for Up to 1.5-Ton AC {Inverter & Non-Inverter AC} | Auto-Restart in 3 Minutes | Warranty: 3-Years
Voltage Input Range: 130V – 280V | Consistent Output: 195V – 240V
Protection Over-Load Protection | Surge-Protection | Low-Voltage Protection | High-Voltage Protection
Technical Maximum Spike-Current: 100A | Minimum Input-Power: 130V | Maximum Input-Power: 280V | Nominal Input-Power: 140V | Minimum Output-Power: 195V | Maximum Output-Power: 240V | Accuracy: 2.5 % | Power-Rating: 2800VA | Frequency: 47.5Hz to 52.5Hz
Build Body-Material: Shock-Proof ABS | 3-Digit Digital Notification Display | Digital-Display with Smart Color-Changing Ring | Wall-Mountable | Weight: 7.5-Kg


☼ Microtek EM4130+ Stabilizer {130V – 300V}

Which is the best voltage stabilizer for a 1.5-Ton air conditioner? Microtek is one of the best brands for reliable and long-lasting automatic voltage stabilizers for air conditioners. The EM4130+ voltage stabilizer model of this brand is currently a top favorite on the market for air conditioners with a cooling capacity of up to 1.5 tons. Those who have been using it, confirm its excellent performance in giving smooth power supply during sudden power fluctuation, high voltage, and low voltage. We have tested it, too. Hence you could consider it without any worry.

Be careful when you order it because the Microtek EM4140+ automatic voltage stabilizer, which supports a voltage range of 140V to 300V, is also available on the market. Microtek EM4130+ Automatic Voltage Stabilizer supports a voltage range of 130V to 300V. The price difference between both variants is just 100 Rupees at present.

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You need to order Microtek EM5130+ if you have a 2-Ton air conditioner. There is any other difference between Microtek EM4130+ and EM5130+ automatic voltage stabilizers except their ability to take a load of 1.5-Ton air conditioners and 2.0-Ton air conditioners, respectively.

Price ₹2900 | Amazon
Feature For Air Conditioner up to 1.5-Ton | Single-Booster Voltage Stabilizer | On-Site Warranty → 3 Years
Input Low Power Cut Off → When Voltage is below 130W | High Power Cut Off → When Voltage is Above 300V | Auto Start in 10-Seconds | Supported Voltage Range → 130V to 300V
Output 180V {Even when input is 130V} | Max 220V {Even when input is 300V}
Protection Under-Voltage Protection | Over-Voltage Protection
Build 100% High-Grade Aluminium Winding | Digital-Display | Wall-Mountable | Weight: 8.3-Kg | Shock-Proof Metal Body