Sewing machines are an integral part of the textile industry. Sewing is so different from what it used to be, and so are the machines on the market today. With so many different sewing machines, shopping for one can be daunting. Continuous enhancements of the earlier machines and advancements in technology have led to the emergence of some of today's most sought-after tools in the textile industry,

From budget basic to modern marvels, the hunt for the most indispensable of sewing tools is implausible. There is a long list of machines that are worth a test drive, dividing them by the sewing skill level, the kind of sewing they are suited to, and the pros and cons of each category. In this review, we will let you achieve a starting point for your search. Read it to know which machine is the one for you.

☼ RIDER Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

The RIDER is an established brand for inexpensive straight-stitch sewing machines and overlock machines. Sewing machines of this brand are available for 5000 rupees. Despite being economically viable, the machines come with features for novice sewers and professionals alike, because they are easy to use and maintain. RIDER brand sewing machines are also highly regarded for their durability and quality of stitches, making them an even more compelling choice for sewers.

RIDER Tailor Sewing Machine For Home Use

The Rider sewing machine is one of the best sewing machines under 5000 rupees on the market. Its current market price is 3900 rupees. It comes with an ISI mark attesting to its quality and durability. The machine is configured with an auto-tripping bobbin winder that makes winding easier and faster.

This sewing machine is slender and portable, making it convenient for small spaces and easy to move around. Its straight stitch functionality ensures precision and accuracy in your sewing projects.

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The Rider sewing machine is also easy to use, even for beginners, with its effortless threading system and user-friendly features. It is a well-built machine that will last you for years, making it a worthwhile investment for your sewing needs.

Price ₹3900 → Amazon
Features Straight-Stitch | Auto Tripping Bobbin | ISI Mark | Warranty: 2-Year


► Singer Straight-stitch Sewing machines

Any cost below 6000 Rupees is too less for a quality electric sewing machine. That is why even the cheapest electric sewing machine of a well-known brand costs not less than 6500 Rupees. For sewing machines below 5000 Rupees, the two best brands are Usha and Singer. One is an Indian brand, and another is a US brand.

singer straight stitch sewing machine

Both brands have a long list of best-selling sewing machines in the 3000 to 5000 price range. However, they are not electric sewing and lacked sewing functions as well. They cannot sew zigzag patterns. They are straight-stitch sewing machines, powered by either foot, hand, or a motor.

Usha Bandhan is currently the most favorite sewing machine under 5000 Rs. We have covered it below in this piece. Its best alternatives come from Singer, my favorite brand for an easy-to-use sewing machine.

In recent months Singer brand has launched many new variants of its straight-stitch sewing machine. They are priced below 5000 Rupees. The cheapest sewing machine variant in them costs just 3300 Rupees.

Singer brand sells them through its shopping platform in the online market. They are not on sale on Amazon and Flipkart. You need to buy them either from an authorized dealer or showroom in your city or from Singer brand’s shopping website.

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The reason behind recommending Singer brand’s straight stitch sewing machines are their eye-catching design, solid build, and certainly the reputation of the company. For home use, I would not recommend a straight-stitch sewing machine. Increase your budget by only 2000 Rupees more, wait for a discount offer, and order a Singer Electric sewing machine.

Price ₹3000 to ₹5000
Features Straight stitch | Easy to Use | Elegant Design


► Usha Bandhan Sewing Machine

In the last decade and a half, Usha International has been a dominant player in India’s sewing market. The brand offers innovative and durable products at every price point for all types of uses. Whether the need is for a home, a tailoring shop, a dress designer's studio, or a ready-made dress factory, Usha has some sewing solutions in machine form for greater user satisfaction.

Usha has written a success story in the last decade by doing a number of things and that should be a case study for new startups. Not only it has been introducing new products regularly- in modern design as well as in the old prominent design of sewing machines, it also has been spending a fortune on sewing machine education, training, and other related social activity among marginalized sections of society.

The Usha Bandhan in a traditional design is a low-budget sewing machine with some limited features. At the outset, I would like to clear it is nothing but a decent choice for doing some patch-up work. You would not appreciate it as a choice for sewing a dress completely. Even if one dares to do that – it might take at least a month or more to complete a dress.

In my opinion, the sewing machine is a good choice for some basic work. Other than repair & patch-up works, Usha Bandhan may also attract the older generation to be not comfortable with an electronic sewing machine.

Since there is a visible difference between the old and new designs of sewing machines in terms of speed and working, I would never recommend Usha Bandhan for training purposes.

As is in the image, the professional design of sewing machines has always been like this until today’s automatic machine arrived. The old design of the sewing machine requires a table with a paddle, which is connected to a big wheel that is further connected to the sewing machine wheel through a belt for delivering speed to needles for up & down movement.

Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Sewing Machine Review Specifications Price Online

However, Usha’s design engineers have correctly realized, such a space-consuming arrangement is not going to be appreciated; therefore, they have given a flip into the design. Now, the machine could be given the necessary speed by a hand-managed handle as well. Those comfortable with a motor-based sewing machine may also opt for the option of attaching a motor to it. It looks, however, a wired notion: first, buy a 3500 rupees machine, second, buy a 1000 rupees motor, and finally look for a service engineer to assemble them.

If you really want a motor-based machine that is basically an electronic sewing machine, then why not spend just 2000 rupees more to buy Bother LS-2000? The Brother sewing machine comes with an attractive design and more sewing patterns. Another excellent option is Usha Prima.

Let us discuss the design of Usha Bandhan. It looks amazing. There is nice silver chroming at the front followed by deep black painting all the way around, which is finished off with some nice yellow flora design on the sewing platform. This Usha sewing machine has an antique design with a modern finish.

Expect no modern facilities like automatic needle threading, four-step buttonhole, multiple design patterns, or an option to select stitch patterns according to the fabric. The Usha Bandhan is a pretty basic sewing machine with an even slower sewing speed, and as I said earlier, it is a better choice for a senior citizen than a young designer.

The machine is in an old design with a few enhancements to suit today’s convenience. Therefore, I find not much to explain since the image included here itself sufficient in telling – what are control options, this more or less antique sewing machine has.

Usha Bandhan is pretty straightforward in terms of the variety of sewing. It, however, can sew straight and reverse as well. A control lever has also been given at the user’s side for regulating stitch order and length.

To get started: one first have to do the bobbin winding, which is here made easy with auto tripping bobbin winder, followed by the selection of thread according to the fabric color, now pass the thread through the needle hole, sliding the piece of cloth under presser feet, lower the presser foot, and move the wheel handle to begin stitching.

The machine can be given speed in three ways: use a foot paddle, attach an electric motor, or continue with the default hand-held speed wheel. Why one should not consider fixing a motor with it- I have explained in preview paragraphs. Setting up a tailored table is also wasting precious space in the home. It is better that use Usha Bandhan without any addition or additional support to it.


  • Stylish Design and lightweight
  • Simple working process

If the requirement is just to dress repair and patch-up works, which, in fact, is a daily task in any family and costs good money, too, then the Usha Bandhan could be an excellent choice. My verdict is based on two market realities: one, basic electronic sewing machines cost a minimum of 5500 rupees, and second, there is no good quality sewing machine below the price of 3000 rupees at present. Therefore, a reliable sewing machine one could buy assuming that it would last at least 10 to 15 years is the Usha Bandhan or any similar model from the brand.

Features ISI Mark | Auto-tripping bobbin winder
Sewing Speed 70 sew per minute
Stitch Length Adjuster Straight lever type
Stitch Patterns One
Shuttle Race  Closed Type
The motion of the thread take-up lever Cam motion
Pressure Adjustment  Screw Type
Needle Bar Thread Guide Curved type
Presser Foot  Medium Shank
Needle Plate and Slide Plate  Slide Type
Buy 3500 Rupees

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