A sewing machine is an essential requirement for any home. Through an electric sewing machine, you can save time and money spent on repairing clothes at the local tailor shop. Women, in general, love to do creative things. Therefore, a sewing machine could also render opportunities for homemakers in productively utilizing free time by doing cloth designing and sewing projects.

For home use sewing machines, there are basically two types. One that requires foot paddle to move the needle up and done. Such sewing machines also called straight stitch sewing machines. They lack smart features, stitch patterns, and also sewing atomization features. Singer and Usha are the two best brands for such sewing machines in India market.

Another type is electric sewing machines. This type of sewing machines is the best choice even if you are going to use a sewing machine for the first time. In this piece, we cover the best electric sewing machines, which are currently the best choice in 5000 to 7000 Rupees price range.

Which is the best sewing machine under 12500 Rupees in India Market? This review article covers the best-selling sewing machines from the price range of 10000 to 12500 Rupees. The suggested sewing machines are currently top favorites of buyers because of their high-quality build, easy-to-use features, and reasonable price. Moreover, they are products of renowned brands like Singer, Brother, and others.

☼ 23-Pattern Singer M3305 Sewing Machine

The sewing machine model M3305 comes from Singer's Fashion Maker series. Sewing machines in this series are designed for professional work and business sewing. The model M3305 is the latest in the series in the Indian market. Besides 23 stitch patterns, it comes with several features for professional sewing. This sewing machine model can sew fancy patterns. In summary, the Singer M3305 sewing machine makes an excellent choice for tailoring and shop sewing.

The Singer M3305 model has a solid metal body and an attractive design. And, it is not heavy and is compact. You could sew on this machine accurately in low light conditions with the help of its needle LED light.

There is a rotating knob on the front to select stitch patterns. Two rotating wheels are on top for setting stitch length and width. Front-load bobbin and needle threader functions make this Singer sewing machine ideal even for beginners.

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Before buying the M3305 model, you should examine the Singer Simple 3223 sewing machine, which also comes with 23 stitch patterns. This old model has some unique features as well.

Price ₹11990 → Amazon
Features Built-in Stitches: 23 | Sewing Speed: 850 SPM | Metal Build | Warranty: 2-Year


☼ 23-Pattern Singer 3223 Sewing Machine

Today, electronic sewing machines are quite a common thing in Indian households. A few years ago, domestic stitching limited itself to traditional sewing machines, and even those were too expensive for most Indian homes. However, in the present day, we have limitless solutions for home sewing. These include hi-tech handheld sewing machines as well as minimalistic automatic sewing machines.

Over time, the cost of sewing machines in India has significantly dropped. Therefore, more people can afford them. The entry of new brands in this profitable market has heightened the competition thus causing a price drop. The Singer is a longstanding sewing machine brand in India. A while ago, the company released a convenient sewing machine for home use called the Singer Simple 3223. In this piece, we disclose to you the upsides and downsides of owning this machine.

Convenient and durable design: The Singer Simple 3223 boasts a robust metal frame that keeps the mechanisms intact and free from vibrations. This metal frame supports the machine’s free-arm design rigidly.  Of course, you are aware of all the perks that come with this type of design. The free-arm structure allows you to rotate fabric freely when fitting cuffs and collars.

In our view, this is the best cheap sewing machine for home use. Apart from having a strong metallic build, this machine is also very portable. The manufacturer fitted it with a carrying handle. Moreover, the designers added an onboard compartment within its casing for storing accessories. The bobbin case is metallic too.

Quite easy to use Sewing machine: Being a basic sewing machine, the Simple 3223 is relatively easy to use. For the sake of this review, I was lucky to find one that was already assembled for me in the showroom. To start with, this machine has an automatic bobbin winder for easy thread loading. The automatic bobbin winder is further complemented with an automatic thread cutter.

Singer built this machine to utilize an extra-high presser foot lifter. You can use this lifter to adjust the foot clearance when stitching heavy fabric or several layers of fabric. Additionally, changing the presser feet on this gadget is quite easy since it uses Snap-On presser feet. Unlike in old Singer sewing machines, you don’t need a screwdriver to change the presser feet here.

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23 Stitch Patterns: The Singer 3223 is relatively a versatile machine as it allows the user to make up to 23 different stitching patterns. Besides, this Singer automatic sewing machine supports buttonhole sewing through its 4-step buttonhole functionality. You also get a darning plate to help you handle complicated stitching jobs safely. Such complex stitching tasks include monograms and stipple quilting.

Price ₹9990 | Amazon
Features Basic Sewing | Decorative Sewing | Front Loading Bobbin | Machine cover in the sales box | Darning Plate to use during stipple quilting, monograms, button sewing | 4-step buttonhole | Automatic Bobbin Winding
Stitch 750 SPM | 23 Stitch Patterns | Easy Stitch Selection Dial | Reverse Sewing Lever | Adjustable Stitch Length | Adjust Zigzag stitch width | Adjustable Thread tension
Needle Easy Threading | Multiple needle positions
Build Free Arm | Heavy Duty Metal Frame | 4 Snap-on presser feet | Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter | Four Segment Feed Dog system
Warranty 24 Months | Singer India Customer Care 1800-103-3474

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