Are tower speakers better than soundbars? Tower speakers offer a superior audio experience than soundbars due to their size. With their larger size and multiple drivers, tower speakers deliver a wider dynamic range and a deeper depth of audio reproduction. This results in a more detailed and lifelike soundstage.

In tower speakers, separate components allow for better separation and positioning of sound, resulting in a more accurate stereo image. Additionally, tower speakers often come with additional features such as bass and treble control.

Tower speakers deliver a more superb and engaging sound experience than soundbars for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. Tower speakers are also larger in size, allowing louder and more accurate sound.

☼ 150W Polk Audio T50 Tower Speaker

Powerful and versatile, the Polk Audio tower speaker delivers booming sound. Having a maximum power handling of 150W, this speaker can fill any room with high-quality sound. Judging it on the basis of speaker quality, it is excellent.

As a Made in USA speaker, you will not receive any service warranty from the brand in Bharat. On the other hand, if you buy it online, Amazon offers a return policy of up to seven days.

Humans are able to hear audio frequencies between 20Hz and 20kHz. Tweeters are speaker drivers that produce higher frequencies. Similarly, a speaker that generates low frequency range is called a bass driver or a woofer driver.   The T50 offers exceptional performance across all frequencies thanks to its four speaker drivers. This speaker has speaker driver for all three frequencies.

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Designed for audio or home theater setups, this tower speaker is elegant and sleek. With its compact size, it can be easily integrated into any room.

Polk Audio's T50 Tower Speaker impresses even discerning listeners with its rich and dynamic audio experience, whether it's for music, movies, or gaming.

Learn more about it by watching our review video. Amplifiers are not included with this Polk audio. You should not buy it unless you watch our below video first.

Price ₹14990 ► Amazon
Features Max Audio: 150W | Drivers: 4 | 1-Inch Tweeter | 6.5 Inch Mid-Range Driver | 2 × 6.5-Inch Bass Radiator | Amazon Warranty: 7 Days Return


☼ 160W F&D T70X Bluetooth Tower Speakers

F&D and Sony are two of my favorite speaker brands. There is no brand better than Sony for premium speaker systems. The same goes for F&D, which is the best brand in the Indian market for budget speaker systems. This Indian brand surprises with its every new speaker system and sets a new benchmark for upcoming multi-channel speaker systems. Recently it introduced the successor of its best-selling tower speakers T60X. Indeed, the T70X tower speaker system is better than its predecessor in every manner.

The F&D T70X Bluetooth Tower Speakers will surprise you with its sound quality and the deep-rounded bass its audio has. It generates incredibly crystal-clear super-loud sound with heart-thumping bass. Each speaker unit of this F&D tower speaker system has a 5.25-inch full-range speaker drive along with a 1-inch tweeter and 8-inch woofer.

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Other features of the F&D T70X tower speaker system are Karaoke and FM Radio. F&D brand ships a remote control to operate this tower speaker and also a mic to make most of the user’s singing talent if they have any. So, go for it if your budget permits as it is undoubtedly the best tower speaker under 15000 Rupees presently.

Price ₹14990 | Amazon
Features Loud & Clear Sound with Deep Bass | Remote-Controller | Karaoke | Karaoke-MIC | FM Radio | Wireless Music-Streaming | Plug&Play USB-Reader | Warranty: 1-Year
Sound Max Audio: 2×80W | Speakers: 2 | Each-Channel: {5.25-Inch Woofer + 1-Inch Tweeter + 8-Inch Woofer} | FR-Range: 20Hz to 20KHz | Sensitivity: 70-dB | Separation: ≥45dB
Connectivity USB 2.0 | Bluetooth 4.2 with 15-meter Range | HDMI-ARC | Optical Audio-Out | AUX | Card-Reader | 2×MIC Port
Build Wooden-Chassis | Dimensions (WDH): 170×319×938 mm | Weight: 23.4-Kg | Power: AC Adaptor
Sales Box 2×Tower Speaker | RCA vs. 3.5-mm Stereo-Cable | RCA to RCA Coaxial-Cable | Documents

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