Whether you need a soundbar for your smart TV ultimately depends on your personal audio preferences and the quality of your TV's built-in speakers. While many modern televisions come equipped with decent audio capabilities, a soundbar can greatly enhance your viewing experience.

Soundbars are known for producing crisp, clear, and immersive sound. They fill the room with audio lacking from thin, built-in speakers. They can provide better dialogue clarity, more dynamic range, and improved bass response than standard TV audio. Additionally, soundbars often offer various sound modes and settings to customize the audio output to match your specific preferences. Furthermore, some soundbars even come with additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or other devices.

Overall, investing in a soundbar can significantly enhance your home theater setup and elevate your enjoyment of movies, music, and TV shows.

☼ 400W Sony S20R Dolby Bluetooth Soundbar

How many branded real 5.1-Channel speaker systems are available in India market below 15000 Rupees? None until last year, but this year Sony has launched one. The Sony S20R is a genuine 5.1-Channel speaker system. Its max audio output is 400W. And its current price is only 14990 Rupees. Consider it if you are looking for a soundbar woofer below 15000 Rupees that gives cinematic surround sound experience.

What is the surround sound effect? In layman’s terms when multiple speakers throw audio towards listens from multiple directions — is what creates surround sound effect. Thus, a speaker system with more individual speakers will provide a better surround sound experience than the one with fewer. This is one of the reasons why there is a huge price difference between one 5.1-Channel speaker system to another 5.1-Channel speaker system.

Sony S20R soundbar woofer system has four individual speakers for 6-channel audio: soundbar with three drivers, two satellite speakers, each with one driver, and the subwoofer with one bass driver. So, its surround sound experience will not be as realistic as that of Sony’s premium 5.1-Channel home theaters which are priced above 30000 Rupees. However, this does not mean its surround sound effect is not impressive. The way you set up this Sony Bluetooth speaker system, will determine exactly how effectively it produces Dolby sound with cinematic surround sound effects.

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Further, the audio quality of this Sony 5.1-Channel speaker system is mind-blowing, absolutely crystal-clear sound with deep bass. Every time you listen to your favorite audio files, its awesome balanced sound will rejuvenate you.

Price ₹14990 | Amazon
Features Wireless Music Streaming | Real Surround-Sound | 1-Year Warranty
Sound Max-Audio: 400W | 5.1-Channel Channel {3-Channel Soundbar + 2 Channel Satellite Speakers + 1-Channel Subwoofer} | Sony S-Master Digital Amplifier | Sound-Technology: {Dolby Digital, Dolby Dual Mono, LPCM 2CH} | Sound-Mode: {Auto, Cinema, Music, Standard} | Sound-Effect: {Night, Voice, Voice-Level}
Connectivity Bluetooth: 5.0 | USB 2.0 | HDMI ARC {One-Cable Connection} | Optical Input | Analog Input | HDMI CEC
Build Wired Woofer | Wall-Mountable Satellite Speakers | Power-Consumption: 40W |

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