Are home theater systems good for music? Capacity, size, and build quality of a speaker determines how loud and accurate sound it can produce. Among all the speaker system types, the speakers used in home theater systems are bigger, better, and more accurate. Therefore, a home theater system will produce better sound than any other type of speaker system, designed purposely for home use and personal use.

What is 5.1 Channel? The 5.1 channel speaker system has a total of six speakers to produce mid, high, and low audio frequencies in utmost clarity. 5.1 Channel is standard layout for home theater system. For the best audio experience from a 5.1 Channel speakers system, it should be arranged in this order: two at the front, three and back, and woofer at the center.

Which is better home theater system or soundbar? Soundbar with woofer and home theater system are two different types of speaker system. Therefore, there is no comparison between them. In terms of audio quality home theater is best among all the speaker system types available. To use with a LED TV, however, soundbar with woofer is more a preferred solution because of its slim profile.

Which is best home theater system to buy in 50000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover best home theater systems from 10000 to 50000 Rupees price range. Here you read about home theater systems of top speaker brands, which are currently a top favorite of buyers.

☼ 525W GOVO GOSURROUND 970 Home Theater

GOVO का नया होम थिएटर सिस्टम मॉडल GOSURROUND 970 ऑडियो प्रदर्शन का एक पावरहाउस है। इस होम थिएटर सिस्टम के साथ बेहतरीन सिनेमाई अनुभव प्राप्त करें। डॉल्बी साउंड टेक्नोलॉजी वाला यह स्पीकर सिस्टम 5.1 चैनलों में 525W का पीक ऑडियो ऑउटपुट देता है। यह सिस्टम आपकी पसंदीदा फिल्मों और संगीत को जीवंत बना देगा।

अपनी अत्याधुनिक 3डी सराउंड साउंड तकनीक के साथ, यह सिस्टम आपके लिविंग रूम में आराम से एक वास्तविक सिनेमाई अनुभव प्रदान करता है।  बास और ट्रेबल नियंत्रण के साथ, आप अपनी प्राथमिकताओं के अनुरूप, सुविधा अनुकूलन योग्य ध्वनि सेटिंग्स कर सकते हैं।

यह होम थिएटर सिस्टम ब्लूटूथ और एचडीएमआई ईएआरसी कनेक्टिविटी से सुसज्जित है। आप आसानी से अपने डिवाइस से संगीत स्ट्रीम कर सकते हैं या वास्तव में निर्बाध मनोरंजन अनुभव के लिए अपने टीवी को कनेक्ट कर सकते हैं। ब्लूटूथ और एचडीएमआई ईएआरसी कनेक्टिविटी विकल्प आपके पसंदीदा उपकरणों से संगीत और फिल्मों को स्ट्रीम करना आसान बनाते हैं। इस प्रकार यह स्पीकर सिस्टम वायर के साथ और बिना वायर का भी कण्ट्रोल हो सकते है।

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आगे, GOVO GOSURROUND 970 को जो चीज अलग करती है, वह है इसका मेड इन भारत लेबल, जो गुणवत्तापूर्ण शिल्प कौशल और विश्वसनीय प्रदर्शन सुनिश्चित करता है।

चाहे आप मूवी नाइट की मेजबानी कर रहे हों, एक ब्लॉकबस्टर फिल्म देख रहे हों, या अपने पसंदीदा संगीत का आनंद ले रहे हों, GOVO GOSURROUND 970 होम थिएटर सिस्टम  क्रिस्टल स्पष्ट ऑडियो प्रदान करता है जो आपके मनोरंजन अनुभव को नई ऊंचाइयों तक ले जाएगा। आपके ऑडियो अनुभव को अगले स्तर पर ले जाएगा।

Price ₹10999 ► Amazon
Features 525W | 5.1 Channels | Dolby Sound | 3D Sound Technology | 5 Sound Modes | Remote Controller | Bass Controller | Treble Controller | Warranty: 1 Year


☼ 360W Blaupunkt SBW600 Soundbar Home Theater

Soundbar home theater Blaupunkt SBW600 delivers premium HD sound quality thanks to Dolby surround-sound technology. Its maximum sound power is 360W. If your budget for a new home theater is below 20000 Rupees, this Blaupunkt home theater is the best choice. Go for it without a second thought. Because the sound is well balanced, and the sound quality is outstanding. Those who prefer heavy bass in the sound will love this soundbar home theater system, too. The remote controller of this soundbar home theater system has a button for bass booster, treble booster, and to adjust EQ.

The build quality of the soundbar home theater is impressive. Its woofer speaker is wired, though. The speaker set includes four units: a soundbar, two satellite speakers, and a woofer. The sound bar has six speaker drivers, each with a diameter of 2.25 inches. Similarly, the satellite speakers have two speaker drivers each with a diameter of 2.25 inches. Plus, the woofer speaker has a woofer driver with a diameter of 8 inches. Together these 11 speaker drivers form a 5.1 channel sound system with the Dolby sound technology. The right placement of the speakers will give a 360° cinematic sound.

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This Blaupunkt soundbar home theater system has all the latest connectivity options. It has USB 2.0, HDMI ARC, AUX, Bluetooth 5.0, and an Optical Audio port.

Everything essential about the Blaupunkt SBW600 soundbar home theater is discussed in our review video. Do watch it before you buy it.

Price ₹18490 → Amazon
Features 5.1-Channel | 360W | 11 Speaker Drivers | Woofer Driver Size: 8-Inch | Other Speaker Drivers Size: 2.25-Inch | Warranty: 1-Year | Bluetooth 5.0 | HDMI-ARC | USB 2.0 | AUX | Optical | Bass Booster | Treble Booster


☼ 510W Samsung A670 Soundbar Home Theater

This Samsung soundbar home theater system is best among all the available home theaters in India market. Don't miss it! Grab it before it becomes sold out. It is a newest model in the segment. Speakers of this Samsung home theater connect them-self wirelessly.

The Samsung A670 soundbar home theater has several incredible features for accurate audio output and better sound experience. One such feature is the Adaptive Sound Lite, which resets the sound equalizer according to the content type. Wireless music streaming, Active Bass Boost, USB Music Playback, One Remote Control are other notable features of this Samsung speaker system.

The sound technology of this Samsung home theater system is the Dolby Digital 5.1, whereas given the DTS technology is for enhanced surround sound experience. You will hear 3D sound similar to a cinema hall. A dedicated speaker for Bass Booster and a speaker with center channel for clear dialogues are the uniqueness that separates it from the other available home theaters.

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So, should you buy the Samsung A670 Wireless Soundbar Home Theater System? Absolutely! Learn everything about it in our exclusive presentation, which is linked below.

Price ₹29990 → Amazon
Features 5.1-Channel (Drivers: 9) | Speaker for Bass Boost | Speaker for Clear Dialogue | Dolby 3D Sound | DTS 3D Surround Sound | One Remote Control | Adaptive Sound Technology | HDMI | USB | Bluetooth | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 1200W Sony N7200W Home Theater

Sony should be the first and last preferred brand for a home use speaker system which produces heavy audio as we hear in cinema halls. The N7200W home theater system is a 5.1-Channel speaker system with Dolby digital sound technology and Dolby real surround sound.

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Sony teases this speaker system with “High-Resolution Audio” that converts low bit-rates sound frequencies into high bit-rates ones. Its satellite speakers are equipped with something called Magnetic Fluid Technology, which helps in reducing the background noise and increases the accuracy of produced audio.

Sony N7200W Home Theatre System with Blu-Ray Player

Inbuilt Blu-ray Player comes with features like 4K up-scaling, DVD up-scaling as well as 3D playback. It is also capable of streaming media from and over the internet. You can even open websites via the inbuilt browser, withal.

Price ₹47000 → Amazon
Features 2-Way speaker system | FM Tuner | Sleep Mode | Screen Mirroring | Auto Power Off | Auto Standby | RDS | Less wire mess because of a wireless connection between satellite speakers and the master unit.
Player Auto Scan Tuning | 4K Upscaler | AV Sync | Blu-Ray 3D | Full HD 3D Player | TRILUMINOS color | Blu-Ray Disc | CD-DVD Reader | USB File Reader | Read External Storage | Music Playback | Photo Playback | Video playback
Sound 1200W | S-master Digital Amplifier | Wireless Rear Speakers | Dolby Digital | Dolby Digital Plus | DTS | DTS-HD | Dolby True HD |Surround Sound Setting
Connectivity NFC | USB | Bluetooth | Bravia Sync | Wi-Fi | Ethernet | USB Keyboard Support | Auto Calibration Mic Input | HDMI In & Out
Sales Box Speakers | Media Player | Instruction Manual | Wireless Amplifier | FM Antenna (Pigtail/T type) | Batteries | Warranty Card | Quick Setup Guide | Auto Calibration Mic
Warranty 12 Months


☼ 1000W Sony S500RF Soundbar Home Theater

The Sony HT-S500RF is a fusion of a home theater system and soundbar with woofer. It is basically a 3.1-Channel soundbar with woofer. Sony added two additional satellite speakers to make it 5.1-Channel soundbar home theater system. That means it is a convertible speakers system, 2-in-1, soundbar system as well as a home theater system. Thus, use it whichever way you wish to.

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This Sony speakers system is a perfect choice if you are looking for a home theater system under 30000 Rupees, which you can connect with a big screen LED TV. Although you can even connect a regular home theater system with your smart TV, that wouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing. Install this Sony soundbar home theater system with Dolby digital surround sound along with your big screen LED TV to watch movies and TV programs in multiplex quality at home.

The audio quality of this Sony home theater system is outstanding. There is no audio distortion whether you listen to any types of audio in low or high volume. Its connectivity options are not the latest, however.

Price ₹27500 → Amazon
Features 5.1-Channel Real Surround Sound | DTS Format Supported | Wireless Music Streaming | Sony I Music App Supported | 12-Months Warranty
Sound 1000W | Dolby Audio | Amplifier: Digital Amplifier, S-Master | Audio Output: {Soundbar Channel: 3×152W | Satellite Speaker: 2×152W | Woofer: 1×240W}
Connectivity 3.5-mm Audio-In | USB | Bluetooth V1.3 | HDMI ARC | Optical Input | Woofer Connection Wired | Sony Bravia Sync Supported
Build Dimensions (WHD): 900 x 64 x 90 mm | Power Consumption: {Active: 140W | Standby: 0.5W}
Sales Box Speakers | Remote Commander | HDMI-Cable | Wall Hanging Template | Batteries | Documents


☼ 1000W Sony S700RF Soundbar Home Theater

LED TV is nowadays the primary source of home entertainment. And, most of the LED TV models come with a mediocre speaker system. Therefore, there is always a need for an external sound system to make the TV sound louder and clearer. As you are going to invest close to 40000 Rupees for a speaker system, do consider this aspect.

Sony S700RF is a soundbar home theater system. Thus, it is a 5.1-Channel soundbar with subwoofer as well as a real 5.1-Channel home theater system. It will blend well with the big screen LED TV in your home. Besides, with wireless and wired connectivity support, it will be the central speaker system for every audio producing device in your home.

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Based on Dolby digital sound technology, the Sony soundbar home theater system comes with a setup of six speakers. Together the speakers can produce maximum 1000W audio. For powerful extra bass, the subwoofer unit features 20CM bigger driver. If you install this soundbar home theater system as suggested by the brand, you will get the cinematic sound experience at home.

In terms of audio quality and build quality, there is not much difference between Sony S500RF and Sony S700RF. Therefore, you could also consider Sony S500RF, which is close to 10000 Rupees cheaper than Sony S700RF.

Price ₹37990 → Amazon
Features 5.1-Channel Sound | DTS Format Supported | Wireless Music Streaming | Sony Music App Supported | Tall-boy speakers for True Surround-Sound | Bass-Adjustment Through Remote | 12-Months Warranty
Sound 1000W | Audio Formats: {Dolby Digital, Dolby Dual Mono, DTS, LPCM} | Amplifier: Digital Amplifier, S-Master | Audio Output: {Soundbar Channel: 3×152W | Satellite Speaker: 2×152W | Woofer: 1×240W} | Sound Profile: {Auto Sound, Cinema, Music, Standard} | Sound Effect: {Night Mode, Voice Mode}
Connectivity AUX-In | USB | Bluetooth V1.3 | HDMI {ARC, CEC} | Optical Input | Woofer-Connection: Wired | Sony Bravia Sync Supported
Build Dimensions (WHD): 900x64x90 mm | Power Consumption: {Active: 140W | Standby: 0.5W}
Sales Box Speakers | Remote-Commander | HDMI Cable | Wall-Hanging Template | Batteries | Documents