A sizeable dishwasher is a far much wiser purchase than a small entry-level washer in the case of a medium family. Considering the many dishes that are likely to be prepared in a typical meal for a standard Indian family, a dishwasher becomes a valuable part of the home. Right utensils washing machines in India ought to have adequate space for washing loads of utensils. Not that a smaller washer can’t handle the job, but a bigger one means saving on power costs. This is because a big washer can complete a whole set of dirty dishes in one wash. Unlike the case of a small dishwasher, a bigger machine requires fewer washing cycles to complete the same load.

In this piece, we look at some of the best dishwashers in India for medium and large families. Particularly, we looked for machines suitable for families with between four and ten people. Family dishwashers have to possess at least racks that can accommodate particular types of utensils. By unique I mean items such as cutlery, long neck vessels, and delicate containers.

A good family dishwasher also has to be well-equipped for handling large utensil loads without breaking down.  The products discussed in this article are suitable for domestic use only. So if you are looking for a commercial dishwashing solution for your hotel or small café, stay in touch for our next review. Now let’s have a look at some of the best dishwashers for Indian homes.

Which is the best dishwasher brand in India? Bosch and IFB are the two most favorite dishwasher brands in the Indian market. Other favorite brands are LG and Whirlpool.

Which is the best dishwasher under 50000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling dishwashers from 30000 to 40000 Rupees price range in the Indian market from top brands LG, IFB, Bosch, Whirlpool, and others.

☼ 13-Place Bosch SMS6ITI01I Dishwasher

If you're looking for a dishwasher that offers top-of-the-line features, the Bosch SMS6ITI01I dishwasher could be the most ideal option for you. This dishwasher is highly energy-efficient and will help you save on bills. It also offers a range of other features designed to make your life easier. From its spacious interior to its adjustable racks and customizable wash options, this dishwasher is truly built to meet your needs. Whether you're cooking for an extended family or simply want to keep your kitchen clean and organized, the Bosch SMS6ITI01I dishwasher is an appliance you won't want to miss.

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With 13 settings and 6 programs, this dishwasher offers a wide range of cleaning options for all types of dishes. Glass protection technology helps protect delicate glasses and other items from damage during the wash cycle. Additionally, the dishwasher is IOT enabled, allowing you to monitor and control it from your smartphone or other devices. For added peace of mind, this dishwasher comes with a warranty of up to 10 years.

Overall, the Bosch SMS6ITI01I Dishwasher is a great choice for any household. With its user-friendly design and advanced drying technology, the Bosch SMS6ITI01I Dishwasher is an ideal appliance for households looking for effortless and superior cleanliness. That is why currently it is one of the best dishwashers under 50000 Rupees in the Indian market.

Price ₹49990 → Amazon
Features 13 Settings | Programs: 6 | IOT Enabled | Wash & Dry in 60 mins | Glass Protection Technology | Power Consumption per Cycle: 0.05 to 1.5 Unit | Water Consumption per Cycle: 10L to 16.5L | Extra Dry | Half Load | Time Remaining Indicator | Additional Top Shower | Water Softener


☼ 8-Place Voltas Beko DT8S Dishwasher

Which is the best dishwasher under 20000 Rupees? The Voltas dishwasher model DT8S is currently the top favorite among all the available dishwasher models below 20000 Rupees. It has 8-Place settings. And, in one go it can wash up to 96 dishes. Not just washing, utensils are dried up in this Voltas Beko dishwasher. Moreover, it can wash all types of pots and plates.

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The Voltas Beko DT8S dishwasher has 6 wash modes: Intensive, Normal, Eco, Glassware, Clean & Shine, and Mini 30 Program. Since it has an Energy Efficiency Rating of A+, its power consumption is very less. The max power consumption of each wash program will be in the range of 1 unit. And the water consumption in each wash program will be in the range of 10 liters. Less water consumption and less power consumption is the reason why you should buy this Voltas Dishwasher.

Price ₹19990 | Amazon
Features 8-Place Settings | Wash Programs: 6 | Hot Water Wash | Washing & Drying | 1400W Heater | Wash up to 96 Dishes in One Go | Warranty: Up to 5-Year.


► 12-Place Bosch SMS66G Dishwasher

Which is the best Bosch dishwasher in India? Currently, the best-selling Bosch dishwasher is model number SMS66G. This model is available in two color variants: Inox and Silver. My favorite is the Inox color variant since it is a less shiny color, which requires less cleaning than another one.

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The Bosch dishwasher is a fully-automatic dishwasher with six preset wash programs. That pretty much sums up what it can do.

The Intensive Kadhai wash program is for washing uniquely designed Indian utensils like Kadhai, cookers, Glassware, and others. Express Sparkle wash program makes utensils almost as shiny as it was on day one. The auto program of this Bosch dishwasher detects the load, and accordingly sets the water level, water temperature, and rinse time. Quick-Wash, Pre-Rinse, and Eco-Wash wash programs work as their name suggests.

Price ₹34490 | Amazon
Features Washing | Drying | 12-Place Settings | 2-Year On-Site Warranty
Pro Auto Program → Auto-Set Water-Temperature, Water-Usage, and Rinse-Time | Time-Delay | Half-Load Option
Washing Wash-Programs → 6 | Efficient-Wash → Water usages as per Load | AquaSensor → Optimum utilization of water as per soiling level and turbulence of water | Kadhai Program → to wash → Pressure cooker, Stainless-Steel Utensils, Teapots, Glassware, and Other similar unique Indian utensils | Hot-Water Wash | Water-Wastage in One-Cycle: 10-Liter Average
Programs Intensive Kadhai | Express-Sparkle | Auto | Quick-Wash | Eco | Pre-Rinse
Rack Number of Racks: 2 | Removeable Rack → Easily Load Tall Vessels in the 2nd rack | Height-Adjustable Rack
Build Control-Panel: Buttons | LED-Notification Display | Child-Lock | Door-Lock | Tub-material: Polinox | Dimensions (WHD): 60×85×60 mm


► 14-Place Whirlpool Dishwasher

Although Bosch and Frigidaire kind of dominate the dishwasher market, Whirlpool provides a much more affordable and reliable product in this price category. The 14-place settings Whirlpool dishwasher is among the most reliable dishwashing machines you can find in the Indian market. The device goes for a price between 30000 and 33000 Rupees. Well, it might not provide you with the complicated techy feel that you would get in a 12-place setting Bosch dishwasher, but it sure is a better choice for a big family.

Whirlpool Powerclean 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

You see the price of dishwashers in India is pretty much determined by the brand of the dishwasher rather than the actual performance of the machine. For instance, a standard 12-place settings Bosch dishwasher goes for close to 36,000 rupees. On the other hand, our Whirlpool 14-Place Settings Dishwasher will set you back just about 32500 rupees.

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However, after having a good look under the hoods of these two washers, you can see that they are somewhat the same. The only significant difference between the two is that one is bigger than the other and coincidentally cheaper. Here is why you should settle for this Whirlpool washer.

Large Capacity: Being a 14-place setting machine, this dishwasher for Indian utensils can fit plenty of utensils in its wash chambers. The manufacturer fitted it with a modular basket. You can adjust or remove it — in case you are washing large utensils. Loading your utensils into this machine is fairly easy with its flexible foldable and removable racks.  In total, this machine has twelve foldable racks, 8 on the lower deck and 4 on the upper deck.

8-wash Programs with 6th Sense technology: If you are planning to buy a dishwasher online in India, I would strongly suggest that you buy one with 6th sense technology. Though it's not exactly a new technology, it is not obvious that all dishwashers in this price range have this mechanism. 6th sense optimizes the machine to save on both time and water. The maximum water capacity for this device is just 9.5 liters. With the machine's wash programs, you can get a full load of utensils washed and rinsed in just minutes.

A++ Energy Rating: This smart dishwasher machine uses a combination of hi-tech inverter motors. The motors allow you to cut power consumption both when washing and drying utensils.

Price ₹32500 | Amazon
Features 6th Sense Technology | Static Drying System | A++ Energy Efficiency | Antibacterial-System | Rinse Aid Light Indicator | Salt Light Indicator | Up to 24 Hours Start Delay Option | Water Softener | Tablet-Option
Build 7-Segment Display Panel | Digital Countdown Indicator |  Stainless Steel Tub | Dimensions: 91×65×67.5 cm
Wash Water consumption → 10-Liter | Wash Temperatures → 3 | Wash Programs: {Daily-50 | Daily-55 | Eco | Eco-55 | Glass | Intensive-65 | Drain | Pre-wash} | Altering Washing System
Rack Third Rack | Cutlery Rack | Lower Rack – Folding Plates & Flaps | Upper Rack – Folding Plates & Flaps
Warranty 24 Months


► 12-Place IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher

This IFB automatic dishwasher requires minimal human interference in thoroughly cleaning utensils. All you need to do is just to set the desired settings and it will then work uniformly at all times.

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The machine has a function, in which, it softens the water automatically and therefore gives a level up to the effect of the detergent. The utensils are then finally handled with the care they deserve and are unable to get it with manual hand washing.

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

The upper basket in the dishwasher is pretty easygoing because it can be adjusted truly as per your convenience. With the help of this feature, you are no more kept in certain bounds, like putting only some dishes or not including bigger utensils altogether. It gives you the advantage of putting in more utensils than you usually can in a standard dishwasher.

Price ₹32500 | Amazon
Features Steam Drying | Delay-Start: Up to 24-Hours | Water Softening System (Max 800 PPM)
Wash Prewash | Wash Programs: 8 | Water-Consumption: 9-Liter | LED Indicator for Rinse Aid | LED Indicator for Salt Refill | 3 Options for Half Load | Eco Wash | Quick Wash | Super 50-Minute Wash | Auto Delicate | Auto Intensive | Auto Normal
Safety Child Lock | LED Indication for Error-Operation | Overflow & Leakage Protection | Heater Protection
Build 2 Water Spray Arms | Modular Lower Cutlery Basket | Adjustable Mug shelf in upper rack | 4 Shelves in upper rack | Adjustable upper basket when loaded | Foldable wires in lower rack | Dimensions (WDH): 596 x 598 x 845 mm
Power 0.9 kWh
Warranty 24 Months | Free Installation

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