Which is the best multimedia speaker system under 4000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover branded multimedia music systems, which are on sale in the price range from 3000 to 4000 Rupees. Here you read an in-depth review of the best recommended audio system of top brands such as Samsung, Philips, F&D, and House of Marley. The suggested speaker systems come with smart connectivity options, powerful sound, and punchy Bass.

☼ 8W Creative Pebble Plus Desktop Speakers

The Creative Pebble Plus Multimedia Speakers are an excellent choice for any audio enthusiast. With 8W of audio power, a 2.1 channel system, and a down-firing subwoofer, you'll get dynamic highs and thumping bass. The two-inch driver ensures that your music is delivered with crystal-clear clarity. Using the High Gain Mode will provide you with stronger bass performance and room-filling audio with no loss of quality.

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Further, the Creative 2.1-channel multimedia speakers are easy to set up and use, plus they come with an AUX cable for connection to any device. The built-in volume control allows you to adjust the volume to your desired level with ease.

The sleek design of the Pebble Plus speaker model also adds a modern touch to any room. Not only do they look great, but they also provide excellent sound quality.

This powerful multimedia speaker system delivers a powerful audio output and deep bass, so your music will sound great. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, the Creative Pebble Plus Multimedia Speakers will provide you with immersive audio.

Price ₹3399 → Amazon
Features 2.1-Channel | 8W (Max 16W) | 2-Inch Full Range Driver | Down-Firing Subwoofer | USB Powered | High Gain Button


☼ 30W Panasonic HT150GW Multimedia Speakers

Panasonic isn’t as big as Philips, JBL, boAt, and Sony in the speaker market. However, this Japanese brand makes top-class speakers that generate crystal clear sound with punchy bass. Recently it introduced a Bluetooth Home Audio System for 3999 Rupees in a 2.1-Channel configuration with Bluetooth connectivity and FM Radio.

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The Panasonic HT150GW is an excellent Bluetooth home theater under 4000 Rupees. Its exceptional audio quality beats the alternatives from the same price range. Plus, wirelessly it can be operated by the 13-key remote and your smartphone.

Price ₹3990 | Amazon
Features Max-Audio: 30W | Connectivity: [USB 2.0, Bluetooth 5.0, Aux-In, FM-In] | Warranty: 1-Year


► 48W Edifier XM6PF Multimedia Speakers

The Edifier multimedia speaker system doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity as it is a very old model. Yet we recommended it because its five speaker drivers produce loud and clear sound with extra deep bass. Yes, it has a bass booster for extra bass in the audio. Another reason why its audio is so clear and natural is the wooden chassis of this speaker system. When comes to sound quality and clarity, wood is the best material for the body of a speaker.

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Price ₹3890 | Amazon
Features Max-Audio: 48W | Bass Booster Control | FM Radio | Wooden Chassis | with Remote Controller


► 40W Samsung K20 Multimedia Speakers

The Samsung K20 Speaker system happens to be one of the best multimedia speakers systems in India. The product was launched to counter the popular cheaper brands like JBL and F&D which currently dominate this market. Being an original Samsung product, this product challenges most similar products under the 4000 rs price point. At the Gadget Shiksha, we recently purchased this gadget for our office, and in line with our company culture, we reviewed it just like we do with all our office appliances. Here is what we liked about this system:

Value for Money: The HW K20 is arguably the best purchase you can ever make on a tight budget if you are a genuine music lover. Instead of buying the best multimedia speakers under 3000, I would personally recommend that you add up the 1000 rs balance and purchase this high-quality, reliable Samsung system. Compared to its competitors, its bass output, as well as its elegant design, is matchless.  This device is also sturdy and looks durable.

Punchy Bass: The total Subwoofer power on this device is 20 Watts. On the other hand, the two satellite speakers, have an audio wattage of 10 Watts each, thus totaling the system’s sound output to 40 Watts. In addition, the 2.1 Speaker Surround channels keep the sound immersive and clear. For connectivity, this device has a USB slot and an analog input port. You can use this Analog port with your television or smartphone.

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Elegant Design: The treble and bass knobs are fixed to one of the satellite speakers instead of the subwoofer. Most similar systems have their dash on the subwoofer, however, this is not the case with the HW K20. This exceptional design is probably what compelled most of the guys in the office to vote for the speaker against all other speaker systems on the ballot.

The second runners-up in the poll was an MMS-4545B, 2.1 channel Philips multimedia speaker system. Although reasonably cheaper than this Samsung system and equally good-looking, most guys still went for the Samsung speaker. This probably has to do with brand loyalty issues. However, for overall performance, cost, and looks, I would vote for the Philips MMS-4545B any day.

Price ₹3990 | Amazon
Features Decoding Format: AAC, MP3, WMA | Control Knob for Treble, Bass and Volume | Perfect Deep Bass | Great Sound
Sound 40 Watts (10W + 20W + 10W) | 2.1 Channel
Speaker Closed Enclosure Speaker Type | Passive Sub-Woofer | Bass Reflex Sub-woofer Enclosure Type | 5.25-Inch Sub-woofer Driver Size
Build Weight: 5.3 KG | 11-Watt Power Consumption | 0.45-Watt Standby Power Consumption | Gross Dimensions: 362.0 x 348.0 x 344.0 mm
Connectivity USB | Aux (2 Audio Inputs)
Sales Box Two Main Speaker | Sub-woofer | Audio Cable | Power Cord and Unit


► 28W F&D W330X Bluetooth Speakers

The next product that we are going to discuss will certainly blow your mind away. Some website readers recommended it to me during the research of the best Bluetooth speakers. At first, I was skeptical about the F&D W330X Bluetooth Speaker because it comes with a relatively affordable price tag of 3500 rupees. No other product in the market offers so many good features at this price. However, the first few hours with this speaker changed my mind and now I am totally convinced that it is a perfect solution for those looking for a cheap yet quality solution for their entertainment needs.

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2.1 Audio Channel: Perhaps, the very first thing to mention here would be the 2.1 channel setup of this speaker system. You will get 14 watts of RMS output from each satellite driver while the output of the sub-woofer is 28 Watts. The total RMS output of 56W (14W×2+28W×1) will give you an idea of how powerful this whole setup is. In my opinion, it is a near-perfect speaker system for a medium size (hall) room.

The audio quality is as immersive as it can be. Imaging is great and the users will be able to locate the position of different instruments. The high-power subwoofer creates extra deep bass levels. The frequency response range of 200-20000 Hz (drivers) and 30-100 Hz (subwoofer) is clear proof of the audio quality of this device. On the back, you can even find bass and treble controls.FD W330X Bluetooth Speaker

Moreover, the setup requires a potential difference of 220-240 Volts to work. Flexibility in operation voltage makes this sound system suitable for every Indian home.

Premium Design: F&D has designed this product in a noble way. The golden rims on the speaker units offer a premium feel. The pitch-black finish helps the whole setup blend in with the environment of your room.

The subwoofer features a volume control dial on the front, which glows in dark situations and gives a nice appeal to the eyes. However, there are some major flaws in the design of this speaker system. Firstly, the control buttons and all connectivity ports are located on the back of the main control unit. Therefore, if the user has placed the speaker system along a wall, it will be much harder for him to reach the control panel.

The cord that connects the satellite units measures only 1.5 meters in length, which stops the user from expanding the setup.

Connectivity Options: At the back of the sub-woofer, you can find an RCA In and RCA out panel which means this F&D speaker will support audio from most of the set-top boxes and DVD players. There is also a 3.5 mm Aux-in port using which one can physically connect a smartphone, a tablet, or even a laptop.

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You will not have to worry about wire mess on its back since the speaker offers Bluetooth connectivity in a range of 30 feet. Pairing a device is easy, but I would advise you to go through the manual before doing anything. One big surprising feature is the presence of a UBS port and microSD card slot, which makes this audio system one fine complete product in the market.


  • Offers 2.1 audio channel
  • Full-range driver units
  • Total RMS output of 56 Watts
  • The subwoofer produces deep bass levels
  • LED indicator
  • Premium design and sturdy outer shell
  • Super-easy setup
  • Bass and treble controls
  • Bluetooth connectivity, microSD card slot, and full-size USB port

Verdict: You will be able to complete the product setup including connection with your home and personal gadgets easily. However, day-to-day usage is a bit inconvenient since the control panel is placed at the back of this product. I agree with the placement of connectivity ports, but the control dialers should be at the front. If you keep it too close to a wall, then volume tuning and bass adjustments become difficult.

Now let us talk about the performance. If you can ignore the user interface issue everything else about this device is simply amazing. F&D is a big brand in the market with the best-selling audio systems at every price point.

On this sound system, you will enjoy all kinds of audio in natural quality. The gadget is a perfect example that budget limitation is not very important if a brand has the technology and intention.

Price ₹3399 → Amazon
Features 2.1-Channel | 28W | Aux-in | Bluetooth | microSD Card Slot | USB port