Which are the best multimedia speakers under 15000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling multimedia speakers from 10000 to 15000 Rupees price range. Here you read about top-rated speakers of the most rated speaker brands in the global market.

☼ 120W Philips MMS2220B Convertible Speakers

The Philips speakers provide 120W of audio output with a 2.1 channel sound system. It is suitable for a wide range of audio formats with a frequency range of 20Hz – 20kHz. Choose this Philips speakers if you like to listen to audio with deep bass because it comes with a 70W subwoofer, which features an 8-inch driver, providing powerful bass for an immersive listening experience.

On the connectivity side the Philips multimedia speaker system is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and supports audio streaming from compatible devices. It has other options for wired connectivity as well.

Philips MMS2220B 120W Bluetooth Convertible Multimedia Soundbar Speaker

The Philips MMS2220B is best known for its convertible design. A Soundbar can be formed by combining both satellite channels of this Philips 2.1 multimedia speaker system. The soundbar is compatible with most TVs, and its slim profile adds a modern touch to any living room.

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With its powerful audio output and versatile features, the Philips MMS2220B Bluetooth Convertible Multimedia Soundbar is an ideal choice for those looking for an all-in-one audio solution.

Price ₹12000 → Amazon
Features Max Audio: 120W | 2.1-Channel Configuration (25W + 25W + 70W) | Satellite Channels → Soundbar | Driver Size: 3-Inch for Satellites + 8-Inch for Subwoofer | Impedance: 4 ohm (Satellites), 8 ohm (Subwoofer) | FR Range: 20Hz to 20kHz


► 135W F&D F6000X Bluetooth Home Speaker

F&D is one of my favorite brands for multimedia speakers. This Indian brand always impressed me with its incredibly sounding and well-made speaker systems. Recently, it introduced a 5.1-Channel home audio system under 12000 Rupees. The F6000X speaker system has become one of the best-selling multimedia speakers under 15000 Rupees in a short period because of F&D trust and its excellent build & sound quality.

The F&D F6000X multimedia speaker system has the 5.1-Channel configuration. That means it a set of 6 speakers, 5 front speakers, and one subwoofer. The total audio output from the front speakers is 75W, whereas 60W from the subwoofer. Apparently, the woofer audio is almost matching the audio from front speakers. What does this tell you? The audio of this F&D multimedia speaker set is loaded with bass.

FD F6000X 135W Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker

Not only I but also those who bought this 5.1-Channel speaker system with 60W subwoofer and listening to its audio religiously rate it as the best speaker in the price segment. I am 100% sure, you will be thoroughly impressed with the crystal-clear sound of this F&D home audio speaker system.

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All the required connectivity options are present on this F&D multimedia speaker. However, twist in the tale is the app control feature. Scan the QR code to download the app to use your smartphone as a remote for this F&D multimedia speaker system.

YouTube video

Price ₹10490 → Amazon
Features Remote | App-Control | FM-Radio with 100 Channels Storage | AC-Adaptor Power
Sound Thumping Bass | Surround-Sound Effect | Front Speakers: {5×15W = 75W | FR Range: 60Hz to 20KHz} | Subwoofer: {60W Audio Output | FR Range: 25Hz to 85Hz}
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 with 15-Meter Range | USB 2.0 | AUX | Optical Audio Port
Build Anti-Finger print magnet Matte Finish Body | LED Multi-color Dancing Light


► 60W NinosGiochi Wooden Home Speaker {WoodBox18}

You may not have heard about German speaker brand NinosGiochi. So am I. However, the WoodBox18 speaker model of this brand is an excellent home audio speaker under 15000 Rupees.

Priced at 14990 Rupees, this single unit 2.1-Channel multimedia speaker comes in a wooden cabinet, and it can produce 60W loud and clear sound with deep bass. Thanks to the wooden cabinet its audio feels natural. That is why it could be a perfect speaker to listen to Indian music, especially classical and folk songs besides cinema songs and pop music.

NinosGiochi WoodBox18 Wooden Bluetooth Speaker System

The WoodBox18 home audio speaker is a 2.1-Channel multimedia speakers system. It has an independent woofer box with two subwoofers. So, it has a total of four speakers wherein two are subwoofer for hard Bass. That translates into fully pronounced bass in the audio. You can control its audio balance though with the built-in Music EQ feature.

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Not just audio quality even build quality of this Made in Germany speaker is mind-blowing. As it weighs 5-kg and has a wooden body, so the right way to enjoy its natural sound would be to keep it at an ideal place, possibly in your bedroom. Built-in digital clock with alarm is another good reason why it is a perfect speaker for bedroom.

YouTube video

Price ₹14990 → Amazon
Features Wired & Wireless Speaker | Made in Germany | FM Radio | Digital Clock with Alarm | Wireless Music Streaming | 12-Months Repair/Replacement Warranty
Sound 4 Speakers | 40W + 2×10W = 60W | Music EQ with 4 Sound Modes {Rock, Pop, Classic, Custom} | 6 Horn Units
Build Full Wooden Cabinet | Touch-Buttons | Weight: 5-Kg
Connectivity Bluetooth | AUX | Optical | Coaxial
Sales Box Speaker | Remote-Control | FM-Antenna Cable | Power-Cable | Power-Adopter | AUX-Cable | Coaxial-Cable | AAA-battery | Documents