Which is the best neckband under 1000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling neckband from 500 to 1000 Rupees range. The suggested neckbands are from top speaker brands in the India market. They are a favorite of buyers because of their durability, comfort, and quality.

☼ 12-mm Portronics Harmonics Z2 Neckband

Recently I bought the Portronics Bluetooth earphones. Although its current market price starts from 750 Rupees and goes up to 1200 Rupees, I paid only 650 Rupees for it under an offer. At a less price, it is an excellent product. Its build quality, battery life, charging speed, sound quality, and microphone quality are all impressive. Since its charging port type is USB-C, which is the charging port of my smartphone, I do not have to carry a separate charger to charge it.

The sound quality of the Portronics Harmonics Z2 neckband is excellent. Both speakers of this Bluetooth earphone have a 12-mm dynamic driver that produces a clear, crisp sound with good bass & treble.

Further, the build quality of this Portronics Bluetooth earphone is impressive, too. It has a 250-mAh battery that lasts for, as the brand claims, up to 30 hours of continuous use, wherein music playback will be up to 18 hours and talk time will be up to 12 hours. The battery gets fully charged in 1 hour and supports fast charging as well.

  Tower Speaker: ₹5000 - ₹10000

Thus, considering the discussed points above, the Portronics Harmonics Z2 Bluetooth earphone is an excellent choice at any price below 1000 Rupees. I recommend it wholeheartedly because there is no neckband with such great features and sound quality below 1000 Rupees. It is a genuine cheap & best Bluetooth earphone.

Price ₹700 → Amazon
Features Bluetooth 5.2 | Speaker Driver: 12-mm | Battery: 250-mAh | Type-C Charging Port | Fast Charging: Full Charge in 1-Hour | Battery Life: Up to 30 Hours {18-hours music playback + 12 hours talk time} | Built-in MIC with noise cancellation | Warranty: 1-Year

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