Are you looking for a cost-effective option to keep your home cool, particularly in the blazing Indian midsummer? Yes? Well, then without a doubt, a desert air cooler would turn out to be the most reasonably priced and effective way for you to beat the summer heat. Together with all of the energy savings and eco-friendly benefits, the desert air cooler can essentially drop your room’s temperature by as much as 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit.

More than that, it’s not just the persistent supply of clean, filtered, pure, and fresh air that you delight in, there’s a lot more to it.

Health Benefits: Unlike air conditioning units that recirculate old air, air coolers offer a continuous stream of clean and fresh air. You can also keep the doors and windows open while operating air coolers. Modern air coolers use anti-bacterial tanks and dust filters to further ensure clean and safe air.

Environmentally Friendly: Also, unlike ACs which use harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), air coolers use water for cooling which makes them an Eco-friendly option

Saves Money on Your Electricity Bills: Do air coolers use a lot of electricity? No! If you want to save some good bucks on your home cooling costs, then an air cooler is the best choice for you. Both the initial cost of buying an air cooler and the operational cost are far lesser in comparison to that of an air conditioner.

Which is the best air cooler 15000 Rupees? This air cooler review article covers the best-selling air coolers from 10000 to 15000 Rupees in the Indian market. The recommended air coolers are ideal for big-size rooms and are currently top-rated options on the market. Moreover, they are the products of top air cooler brands in the Indian market.

☼ 65L Orient Tornado Desert Air Cooler

ओरिएंट ब्रांड का टॉरनेडो डेजर्ट एयर कूलर एक शक्तिशाली शीतलन समाधान है। इसे गर्म और शुष्क वातावरण में ठंडी हवा का झोंका प्रदान करने के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है।

350 वर्ग फुट तक के कवरेज क्षेत्र और 3650 सीएफएम के प्रभावशाली वायु प्रवाह के साथ, यह ओरिएंट कूलर चिलचिलाती रेगिस्तानी गर्मियों के दौरान बड़े स्थानों को आरामदायक रखने के लिए एकदम सही है। इसका 60 फीट तक का एयर थ्रो यह सुनिश्चित करता है कि ठंडी हवा कमरे के हर कोने तक पहुंचे, जिससे गर्मी से राहत मिले।

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ओरिएंट टॉरनेडो एयर कूलर का एयर डिलीवरी है चार दिशावों में जाता है। वर्टिकल ऑटो लूवर्स हवा को समान रूप से वितरित करने में मदद करते हैं, जबकि 3 साइड हनीकॉम्ब पैड आने वाली हवा को कुशलतापूर्वक ठंडा करता है। इस प्रकार यह डेजर्ट एयर कूलर उन लोगों के लिए एक विश्वसनीय और ऊर्जा-कुशल विकल्प है जो शुष्क जलवायु में गर्मी से राहत पाना चाहते हैं।

Price ₹11999 ► Amazon
Features Cooler-Type: Desert | Coverage Area: 350 sq-ft | Peak Power-Burning: 190W | Inverter Power Compatible | Air Delivery: 3650 CFM | Air Throw: up to 60-ft | Amazon Return: 10 Days


☼ 20L HIFRESH LY700 Air Cooler

With the HIFRESH Air Cooler, you can enjoy a cool, refreshing breeze in any room. Its rated power consumption is 180W. The anti-bacterial honeycomb pads, which cover it from three sides, ensure clean filtered air, free of harmful bacteria or viruses. This HIFRESH cooler will maintain excellent cooling for 250 sq-ft.

It is very impressive to see how well the HIFRESH air cooler is built and designed. It comes with castor wheels for easy moving from one room to another. Its water tank capacity is 20 liters. The 20-liter tank capacity allows uninterrupted cooling. Its control panel hosts buttons for speed and mode change.

HIFRESH Air Cooler for Home

This cooler has 3 speeds and 2 modes to suit your cooling needs. The inclusion of an ice pack further enhances the cooling effect, making it ideal for hot and humid weather. Operating at 350 CFM, the HIFRESH Air Cooler removes hot air from a big room in less than 5 minutes. With a low noise level of only 55 dB, it provides peaceful and comfortable living without disturbance.

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Overall, the HIFRESH Air Cooler is an excellent investment for anyone looking for an effective, energy-efficient, and affordable cooling solution. It is easy to use and maintain. With its multiple features and impressive performance, the HIFRESH Air Cooler is an excellent choice for anyone who is searching for a reliable cooling solution. So, if you are looking for an air cooler, the HIFRESH Air Cooler is worth considering. It is fantastic value for the price and will provide you with the cooling you need.

Price ₹11900 → Amazon
Features For 250 Sq-ft room | Air Delivery: 350 CFM | Three Sides Honeycomb Pads | Power Consumption: 180W | Castor Wheels | Water Tank: 20-Liter | Speed Levels: 3 | Modes: 2 | Ice Box | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 95L Bajaj DMH95 Desert Air Cooler

The Bajaj air cooler is currently one of the best desert coolers under 15000 Rupees in the Indian market. It is fast and powerful, and its built quality with the trust of the Bajaj brand gives an impression that it will last more than 5 years if used properly. Therefore, go with it without a second thought. Those who have bought it, have rated it highly for less noisy cooling, overall performance, and build quality.

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What are the key features of the Bajaj DMH95 Air Cooler? The water tank capacity of the Bajaj desert air cooler is 95 liters. In air coolers, a larger water tank is always better. Because you will not have to fill the tank more frequently. Next, the air throw of the blower fan in the air cooler is up to 100 ft. That means it is an ideal cooler for a large room or hall. With 4-way air deflection and three side honeycomb pads, this Bajaj desert air cooler will provide uniform cooling in the room.

Price ₹11990 | Amazon
Features 95-Liter Water Tank | 100-ft Air Throw | 3 Sides Honeycomb Pad | For Up to 850 sq-ft room | Fit for Inverter | Warranty: 1-year


☼ 100L Crompton Optimus Desert Air Cooler

The Crompton air cooler is a natural cooling solution for homes, offices, shops, and business centers. Its honeycomb pads are thicker, and to keep away dust and insects, they are covered in a mosquito net. Further, its air throw is longer and wider. So, its cooling performance is very impressive. The build quality of this desert air cooler is superior. Because of its many convenient features, maintaining it will not be worrisome as well.

Crompton Optimus desert air cooler is available with 100-liter and 65-liter water tanks. The 65-liter variant is also available with remote control. It is a pricy option, currently priced at 3000 Rupees more than the current price of the variant with a 100-liter water tank.

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Should I buy this Crompton air cooler with a 100-liter tank? Yes! Why not? There is no desert air cooler on the market currently with a 100-liter water tank below 13000 Rupees. An air cooler with a larger water tank will provide continuous comfortable cooling for many more hours. Since this air cooler has auto-fill and auto-drain features, filling its water tank and draining water from the same is not at all a problem.

Price ₹12990 | Amazon
Features Made in India | Ideal for up to 650 sq-ft room | Rust-Free Body | Wider & Longer Air Delivery | with Humidity-Control | Easy to Fill & Drain
Cooling Air-Delivery: 5500 CMH | Cooling-Medium: 3-Sides Honeycomb-Pad with Mosquito Net | Air-Throw:  Up to 55-feet | 4-Direction Air-Deflection | Oscillating-Louvers | Air-Speed Control: 3 Levels
Motor Power-Consumption: 200W | Inverter-Compatible | Over-Load Protection
Water Capacity: 100-Liter | Auto-Fill | Auto-Drain | Large Ice-Chamber | Water-Level Indicator
Build Body: Engineering-Grade Plastic | 13% Larger Fan-Blades | Caster-Wheels with lock | Fully-Closable Horizontal Louvers | Chrome-Finished Control-Knobs: 3 | Cooler-Height: 73.5-CM


☼ 90L Usha Dynamo Desert Air Cooler

This Usha cooler is mind-blowing and absolutely fantastic. We are not saying this. Those who bought the Usha Dynamo Air Cooler and currently using it to cool their room say so. Our examination of this Usha desert air cooler approves all positive opinions about it. Superior build & design, high cooling, long air throw, easier operation, and low operational noise are some of its key characteristics. These are the features you want in your new air cooler. Isn’t it?

The Usha Dynamo air cooler has a large 90L water tank. So, you won’t have to fill its water tank at midnight. Fill it fully and forget. This Usha air cooler can fill its water tank on its own if you connect it to a water source as it has a water auto-fill feature, withal.

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Let us help you if you are not able to decide between Usha Maxx Air Desert Air Cooler and Usha Dynamo Desert Air Cooler. The latter is a much better option than the former. Usha Maxx Air Table Fan, Usha Maxx Air Pedestal Fan, and Usha Maxx Air Air-Cooler, all these are flop models.

Price ₹11990 | Amazon
Features Ideal for Room-Size Up to 100 Cubic-meter (3500 sq ft) | Warranty: 1-Year
Cooling Cooling-Media: Honeycomb | 4-Ways Air Deflection | Speed-Level: 3 {Low, Mid, High} | Air-Throw: 7.5-meter | Air Delivery: 3600 CMH | Turn-On Pump to Start Cooling | Louvers: {Vertical: Automatic | Horizontal: Manual}
Motor Power-Consumption: 190W | Thermal Over-Load Protection | Works on Inverter
Water Capacity: 90L | Water-Level Indicator | Inlet for Water-Filling through Mug | Intel for Water-Filling through Pipe | Water-Drain Plug | Water Auto-Fill with Auto-Stop
Build 3-Side Honeycomb Pad | Control-Knob: {Swing, Speed, Pump} | Castor-Wheels | Horizontal-Louvers with Lever | Power Cord-Winder | Cooler-Height: 1210-mm


☼ 80L Symphony Winter 80XL i+ Desert Air Cooler

Symphony is the oldest air cooler brand and is currently one of the best air cooler brands in the Indian market. Recently it introduced its heavy-duty air cooler model Symphony Winter 80XL to the market. This model has two variants: Winter 80 XL + and Winter 80 XL i+. Of them, the best model is Winter 80 XL i+ because it has more features, such as Remote Control and Empty Water Tank Alert.

The Symphony Winter 80XL i+ is a desert air cooler. So, it is a perfect air cooler to cool every corner of a big size room. Its water tank capacity is 80 liters. That means you do not have to fill its water tank every after few hours. 80-liter water will last for 8 to 10 hours of continuous cooling. But this Symphony air cooler does not have the water auto-fill feature.

The remote of the Symphony Winter Desert Air Cooler is very useful. Its remote controller has control options for COOL, FAN, SWING, TIMER, and of course POWER-ON/OFF.

Symphony is the only air cooler brand in the Indian market that sells air coolers with an air purifier. So, the Symphony air coolers, which have the Symphony’s i-Pure technology, not just cool the room but also make the air fresh by removing bacteria, viruses, dust, harmful gas, and allergens.

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The Gadgets Shiksha team selected the Symphony air purifier model after carefully comparing all the available options on the market in the price range of 10000 to 15000 Rupees.  Symphony Winter 80XL i+ Desert Air Cooler is a better air cooler than all other air coolers currently available in the price range. It is the best air cooler under 15000 Rupees presently.

Price ₹14000 | Amazon
Features Coverage Area: 130 Cubic Meter | with Air Purifier | Remote-Control with Timer | Inverter-Compatibility | Ideal for: Indoor & Outdoor | Warranty: 1-Year
i-Pure Smell Filter → Allergy Filter → Bacteria Filter → Honeycomb Pad with PM2.5 Wash Filter
Cooling Cooling Media: Honeycomb | 4-Direction Cooling | Fan-Speed: 3 | +Air Fan for Wider & Longer Air-Throw | Automatic Louvers
Water Capacity: 80-Liter | Cool Flow Dispenser {Dispense Water in an Even Manner} | Water-Level Indicator | Empty-Tank Alert | Overflow-Outlet | Auto-Fill: NO
Power Consumption: 190W | SMPS-Technology for Voltage-Fluctuation Protection
Build Ice Inlet Chamber | Powerful Pump | Castor Wheels: 5 | Dimensions (LBH): 63×44.5×127 CM


☼ 65L Orient Ultimo Desert Air Cooler

Now that the burning and blazing summers are here, Orient Electric presents its new collection of air coolers that come complete with state-of-the-art features and technology. If you are on the hunt for a high-performance desert cooler, you might want to consider the all-new Orient Ultimo air cooler. Here’s the whole enchilada you need to know about this cooling master.

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Outstanding Cooling Capacity: Thanks to an impressive air delivery rating of 3650 cubic meters, the Orient Electric ULTIMO would competently cool every nook and corner of your room. It throws cool air up to 60 ft. which itself speaks of its power. The cooler comes complete with fan blades with AeroFan technology (highly angled aerodynamic profiled blades) that ensure the longest air delivery while making very little noise.

Orient Ultimo Desert Air Cooler

Honeycomb Cooling Pads: This is another area where Orient has paid due attention to ensure that the overall cooling experience is second to none. Orient Ultimo air cooler uses Honeycomb cooling pads with the DenseNest feature which results in 45% more water which further leads to 25% better cooling. Also, it has an advanced 60-hole water distribution system that allows effective soaking of cooling pads in a short time to provide quick cooling.

Anti-Mosquito breeding: Mosquito breeding inside the open water tanks of air coolers has always been an area of concern. Thankfully, this cooler uses a solution that when mixed with water prevents the breeding of mosquitoes and thus prevents the risk of disease transmission.

Antibacterial Tank: Orient Ultimo desert air cooler uses an antibacterial compound that is mixed with the tank resin thus protecting any bacteria formation on the water. Moreover, it also helps prevent staining and discoloration which usually generates a bad odor. With its antibacterial tank, this cooler offers a neat solution to counter airborne fungi and bacteria, making you and your family safe from diseases.

Auto Fill: This is one feature that makes all the sense to me, as I have experienced how tiresome it is to change the water of the air coolers. Orient Ultimo has an auto-fill function so that you do not have to worry about refilling the tank in the middle of the night or at a time when you are not in the mood to do it.

Other Key Features: In addition to the aforementioned features, this powerful cooler also features 3-speed control, motorized vertical louver movement, and castor wheels. It also comes with an ice chamber so that you can put some ice into it to elevate the cooling. To top it all, it has an elegant design to complement your room decor.

  स्मार्टफोन: ₹10000 - ₹15000

So now, you need not have any doubts about choosing an impeccable desert air cooler for big spaces. Orient Electric’s ULTIMO cooler is a beast, to say the least, with all its advanced features. Bring home the powerful Orient Ultimo 65-liter air cooler and experience the difference.

Price ₹9900 | Amazon
Features Cooling Area: 3650 sq ft | Remote-Controller with Timer | Inverter-Compatibility | Ideal for: Indoor & Outdoor | Power Consumption: 190W | Warranty: 1-Year
Cooling Cooling Media: DenseNest Honeycomb | 3-Direction Cooling | Fan: {Wing: 16-Inch | Speed-Levels: 3} | AeroFan for Wider & Longer Air-Throw | Air Throw: up to 60-feet | Fully-Collapsible Automatic Louvers {Vertical: Motorized | Horizontal: Manual}
Water Capacity: 65-Liter | Water-Level Indicator | Auto-Fill | Prevents Mosquito Breeding | Anti-Bacterial Tank & Filter
Build Ice-Chamber | Fragrance-Chamber | Powerful Pump | Castor Wheels: 5 | Dimensions (LBH): 65×42.6×121 CM | Weight: 17-kg


☼ 70L Symphony Siesta 70 XL Desert Air Cooler

Although I am not a big fan of the Symphony brand, the fact is it is the oldest air cooler brand in India and even today the most trusted brand for air coolers. This brand has a maximum number of air cooler models on the market. Apparently, the company wants to cater to all types of cooler demand.

Having too many models usually does not help buyers. Instead, they create confusion. Here we step in and help buyers like you select the right air cooler according to the apparent need.

The Siesta 70 XL model is one of the best-rated and best-selling air coolers of the Symphony brand. It is a perfect air cooler for room sizes up to 370 sq ft. This air cooler is perfect for cooling inside as well as outside the room. Apparently, it can be used anywhere for high cooling. For ice-level cooling in hot humid summer, It has an ice chamber as well.

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Thus, Symphony Siesta 70 XL is one of the best air coolers under 15000 Rupees. This air cooler model has so far been positively rated by its buyers and users for cooling performance and build quality. Hence, we suggest it to you.

Price ₹11990 | Amazon
Features Ideal for Room Size up to 370 sq ft. | i-Pure Technology {Dust-Filter → Smell Filter → Allergy Filter → Bacteria Filter → PM2.5 Filter} | Inverter-Compatibility | Perfect for Cooling → Inside & Outside House
Cooling Cooling-Media: Honeycomb | 3 Side Honeycomb Cooling Pad | Fan: 16-Inch | Speed-Levels: 3 | Swing: {Vertical: Automatic | Horizontal: Manual} | Cross-Flow Dispenser | Ice-Level Cooling
Water Tank-Capacity: 70-Liter | Water-Level Indicator | Water-Release Plug | Over-Flow Outlet
Build Body: Engineering-Grade Hard Plastic | Cooler-Height: 111.5-CM | Fan-Blade: Hard-Plastic | Specially-Designed Grill for Better Air-Throw | Ice-Chamber | Castor Wheels | Power-Consumption: 150W


☼ 55L Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler with Remote

There are three variants of this best-selling Havells desert air cooler on the market. The first variant has a 55-liter water tank capacity. Its sister variant comes with a remote controller. And, the third is the variant with a water tank of 70 kg. All these three variants have similar features and functions. The difference is only in their tank capacity and shape size. Therefore, you should select the one that best fits your budget. Apparently, the 55-liter variant with a remote controller is the favorite of buyers since it is remote control operated air cooler.

This Havells air cooler has three side honeycomb pads for better cooling, faster cooling, uniform cooling, and fresh air cooling. These Honeycomb pads are specially designed to have anti-bacterial, anti-deformation, anti-erosion, and hydrophilic characteristics. So, they absorb dust particles and harmful bacteria in the air and thereby make the air fresh & healthy.

Price ₹10990 | Amazon
Features Ideal for up to 116 cubic-meter room  | Perfect for: {Outdoor-Use | Indoor-Use | Showroom} | Fully-Functional Remote {ON/OFF, Speed, Swing, Timer, Cool} | Fully-Closing Louvers {prevents dust and insects from entering inside the air cooler} | Warranty: 1-Year
Cooling Air Delivery: 3500 CMH | Air Deflection: 4-Ways | Auto Louver Movement | Speed Levels: 3 | 3-Side Honeycomb Pad | Ice-Cooling
Motor Power-Consumption: 220W | Thermal Overload Protection
Water Tank-Capacity: 55-Liter (will last 5 to 8 hours depending on ambient temp} | Water Auto-Fill System | Water Level Indicator | Water-Draining Outlet
Build Cooler-Height: 111.5 CM | 16-Inch Fan-Blade: Metal | Cooler-Body-Material: Polypropylene | Ice-Chamber | Cord Winder at the rear | Castor Wheels with Break for Stability

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