One thing with women is that they all want to fiddle with their hair all the time. Today she wants some curls, the next day she is into waves. Even before the waves settle up on her face, she has already replaced them with some crimped flicks. Remarkably, there’s only one hair gadget that can help alter your hair these many times, a Hair styler.

Hair styling is one of those things that can give you headaches in the morning. However, buying a good hair styler kit online could make your morning preparations easier, not to mention, save you time.

Which is the best hair styler under 3000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling hair stylers from 2000 to 3000 Rupees range. The recommended hair stylers are currently a top favorite of buyers because of their excellent build quality and outstanding performance.

☼ Philips BHS378 Hair Straightener

The Philips hair styler comes with all the essential features and functions for styling all types of hair. Whether your hair is straight or curly Philips BH378 straightener can style. Call it a fast styler because of its Long and wider plates with ceramic coating and is ready for use in less than 30 seconds. Further, the six power levels of this styler allow for choosing the right heat setting so styling does not harm hair.

The build and design of the Philips BHS378 hair straightener are excellent. Its plate size is 100×28 mm. The 1.8-meter long power cord of this hair styler helps in using it conveniently. And keeping it safe after use is easier thanks to the plate lock and storage hook features.

  Hair Dryer: ₹1000 - ₹1500

Are you being a frequent traveler? Philips BHS378 hair styler is a perfect fit for your makeup box. It comes with big size plates. It is ready for use in 30 seconds. And It supports worldwide voltage. Thus, it meets the requirement of traveling women in all ways.

Price ₹2800 | Amazon
Features Iconic Care | Ceramic Plates | Plate Size: 100×28 | Temp Levels: 6 | Ready in 30 Seconds | World Wide Voltage Support | Warranty: 2-Year | Power Cord: 1.8-Meter | Plate Lock | Storage Hook


► Philips BHS397 Hair Straightener

People who live in high-humidity regions are more likely to suffer from frizziness. Although there are a lot of ways to tackle this problem, the most effective of all is the use of flat irons.

The Philips BHS397 Hair Straightener is an excellent flat hair iron to straighten, style, and hair care. It comes with titanium plates with ceramic coating, which ensures the even distribution of heat on your hair. The negative ions emitted by these plates lock moisture inside the hair for a long-lasting effect. This device can be used by anyone regardless of hair type. After using this flat iron, you can apply a hair spray if you want your hair to shine.

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The plates of this hair straightener can reach a high temperature of 210°C, which makes it possible for you to get salon-like treatment at home. If you are a master in using flat irons, then you will be able to get the best result from this hair care gadget. This hair iron is capable of giving any kind of touch to your hair, including curls, flaps, and even crimps.

Is it safe? This flat iron can indeed cause damage to your hair if not used as suggested. Therefore, apply some heat protection on your hair before using this machine to prevent any damage to your hair. It also features a 360-degree swivel cord that prevents this device from getting tangled.

Price ₹2490 | Amazon
Features 2 Temp Levels (190°C & 210°C) | Cord-Length: 1.6-Meter | Iconic Care | Titanium Plate with Ceramic Coating | Plates 29mm×90mm | Warranty: 2-Years


► 2200W Philips HP8232 Ionic Hair Dryer

The Philips hairdryer is perfect for ladies with curly hair. Though it may not be the best option for ladies with straight hair. Why! Philips HP8232 dryer is an ionic hairdryer. Such hair dryers produce negatively charged ions to break down positively charged water molecules in hair. This way hair drying happens much faster in comparison to drying by non-ionic hairdryers. This method does not work well though when applied to straight hair.

This Philips hairdryer model has the ThermoProtect Temperature, a signature technology of the Philips brand for fast and safe hair drying. Therefore, it is perfect for those ladies with curly hair, who will use a hairdryer for the first time. Because of the smart temperature control, even a wrong use of the hairdryer won’t damage hair.

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And, the third big reason why Philips HP8232 ionic hair dryer must be your favorite is its power capacity. Its 2200W power capacity is huge, more so when it is an ionic hairdryer.

Price ₹2950 | Amazon
Features 2200W DC Motor | Ionic Drying | ThermoProtect Temp | Power Levels: 3 | Temp Levels: 3 | Cool Shot | Warranty 2-Year


► Philips BHH880 Hair Straightening Brush

Is there any alternative to the plate hair straightener? Yes, hair straightening brush! Between these two the most effective is the plate straightener. The set style by a hair straightener plate will last for more than one day, two to three days perhaps. Hair styled by a hair straightening brush, on the other hand, will remain styled for a few hours only. That is why a hair straightening brush is called an instant styler. It is easier to use and safer than the plate hair styler.

  Hair Straighteners under ₹2000

The Philips BHH880 hairbrush is currently the best hair straightener brush in the Indian market below 3000 Rupees. It has two temperature levels: 200°C and 170°C. The size of its brush is 11.6×6.0 cm, on which there are 247 bristles, wherein 111 become warm when the hairbrush is connected to a power socket. The heated bristles have a ceramic coating to prevent any damage to hair because of heat.

Price ₹2650 | Amazon
Features 2 Temp Levels (200°C, 170°C) | Keratin-Infused Ceramic Coating on Hot Bristles | Ready for Use in 50 Secs | Auto-Off in 60 Secs | Warranty: 2-Year


► Philips BHS673 Hair Straightener

The Philips hair straightener is one of the most advanced hair straighteners in the market. Therefore, considering its current market price, it is one of the best hair straighteners under 3000 Rupees.

Unlike regular hair straighteners, the maximum temperature of the Philips BH673 hair straightener is 230°C. Support to high temperature means faster hair straightening. Moreover, support to high temperatures also means that this Philips hair straightener is not for beginners. It must be used by an experienced hand only.

Philips BHS673 Hair Straightener

The Philips high-power hair straightener comes in a sleek design and is really easy to carry along. Its handle is much more comfortable, and the controls are also located at a friendlier location. It is a lightweight gadget, so you will not get tired even on more prolonged usage.

Using this flat iron for just a few minutes can give naturally straight and frizz-free hair. Those girls who are good at using hair straighteners can even give flaps and crimps to their hair. The plates are much broader, so they easily cover a large segment of hair at once.

  हेयर स्टाइलर: ₹1000 - ₹2000

This Philips hair straightener can also be used on thin hair. To tame frizzy hair, it uses ionic conditioning that also keeps the hair moisturized.

Philips BHS673 is an excellent hair straightener. Its features and functions such as ionic conditioning, high temperature, 11 temperature settings, and 105-mm long plates make it a value-for-money multipurpose hair styler.

Price ₹2800 | Amazon
Features 11 Temp Settings | Max-Temp: 230°C | Auto Shut-OFF | SplitStop Technology for Split ends prevention | Silky Smooth Plates give less Heat Exposure to Hair | UniTemp sensor for beautifully styled hair with less heat | Keratin infusion for better care and more shine | Ionic Conditioning | Cool tip to easily create loose curls and waves | 2-Years Warranty
Plates Ceramic Coated | 25×105-mm Plates | Heats up in 30-Seconds
Build 1.6-meter Swivel Power Cord | Hanging Loop


► Havells HC4045 5-in-1 Hair-Styling Kit

The Havells hair styler can straighten and style your hair. It is currently one of the best-selling hair stylers in the 2000 Rupee range. This Havells hair styler kit with styling attachments to work on different types of hair is fit for all kinds of hair.  I would strongly recommend this gadget to any hair-fashioning enthusiast.

Havells HC4045 5-in-1 Multi Styling Kit

A hair styler must have a versatile design to achieve some one-off hairstyles. The HC4045 Havells hair styler has an all-around ceramic coating on the plates to make constructive mobility. The ceramic plates glide over the hair with ease and have a reduced static effect as compared to plastic plates.

  इलेक्ट्रिक राइस कुकर: ₹2000 - ₹3000

This hair styling gadget also comes with some attachable tools which include a 19-mm curling, a conical curler, a spiral brush, and a 2-in-1 alterable crimper. It also has a metal finish to increase sturdiness, and the handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.

Just like in all Havells hair styling gadgets, this styler is designed to give instant heat up, in order to save time. This particular hair styler has an optimum styling temperature of 190 degrees Celsius. Anything above 190 degrees could smoke your head, while a lower temperature than this won’t deliver a long-lasting hairstyle result. The ceramic coating on the styling plates helps to prevent any damage to your hair while working with this styler.

Price ₹2100 | Amazon
Features 2-Years Warranty | Home Service Warranty
Attachment Straightener | Crimper | 19-mm Curler | Conical Curler | Brush Comb
Power Highest Temp: 190°C | Worldwide Voltage Compatibility
Build Cool Insulated Tip | Ceramic Coated for Optimal Heating Performance | ON/OFF Button | PTC Heater for Uniform Heating | 1.8-M Power-Cord


► Panasonic KA81 Hair Styler Kit

The Panasonic Hair Styler Kit happens to be one of the most well-liked hair kits currently on the market. Why is it such a favorite hair styling gadget especially among the younger generation? Fair pricing plus, superb performance is among the contributing factors to the success of this hair styler. From our experience, the devices in this hair styler kit were all functional and reasonably silent, withal.

Panasonic EH-KA81W Hair Styler Kit

The current price of this Panasonic Hair Styler kit is 2700 Rupees. However, its performance is indistinguishable from that of a premium hair styling kit, usually priced at over 5000 Rupees.

The Hair Styler kit comes with a set of 8 Siliconized brushes which are made in such a way that they are anti-static. In the set of brushes sold together with this kit, the manufacturer included a roller brush for long hair, a slim brush, and a blow brush to use when blow-drying your hair.

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Further, this Panasonic hair styler kit happens to be very convenient, especially for travelers. Its designers made a carrier bag, which you can use to carry all the hair-styling accessories sold together with the product. Moreover, all the brushes come with a 360° swirl cord which means that they allow for easy maneuverability.

Unlike all its predecessors like the Panasonic EH-KA22 and EH-KA42, the EH-KA81 comes with 3 heat-setting. Hence, it can style different types of hair. We can also not fail to mention that the brushes in this kit support both hot and cold hair styling.

Price ₹2700 | Amazon
Attachments New Tension Blow Brush for straight style | Roller Brush | Slim Roller Brush | Air Iron | Volume Lifter | Nozzle | 2 Hair Clips
Features Universal Voltage | Swivel Cord | Ceramic Coating on Heating Plate
Warranty 24 Months


► Gorgio HB6600 Hair Straightener Brush

The Gorgio Hair Straightening Brush is a ground-breaking hair styler that uncurls and flattens your hair while combing it to accomplish seamless fallouts within minutes. You can achieve this while sitting in the coziness and comfort of your own house. All you need to do is just split your hair into subdivisions and drive the brush on your withered tresses. Then and there what you will get is hair that is beauty salon straight. You will be startled at the appearance you can accomplish very effortlessly with this Gorgio Hair Straightening brush!

Gorgio Hair Straightener Brush HB6600

This hair-straightening brush has a large paddle head that permits you to cover an additional volume of hair in a single stroke. What’s more? You can control the temperature depending on your hair type with the assistance of the LED display and controls.

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Consequently, whatever your hair type; you can straightforwardly increase or lower the temperature of your hair straightening brush to preeminently triumph pronounced hair styling grades. Likewise, now you can expect these long-lasting and far superior upshots at a price tag of 2990 INR. Compatibly, the hair styler comes with a one-year warranty offering you nil but then again, the unsurpassed effect you can have from a straightener.

Price ₹2990 | Amazon
Features LED Notification Display | Straighten your hair in less than 4 minutes | Universal Voltage
Heat Range: 300 – 750 °C | Gets 750 °C temp in just 30 Seconds | 2 Temp Settings
Body Ceramic Floating Plates | 2-meter Long swivel cord | built-in heater | Teflon Coating
Warranty 10 Days Replacement Warranty | 12 Months Service Warranty (Limited)


► Havells HC4051 25-mm Hair Curler

The Havells hair curler has very good ratings in different online shopping websites. It looks sleek and smart. The 25-mm barrel of this curler is made of ceramic and also has a cool tip at its end. This ensures the safety of hair as well as the user when styling.

The resting stand is provided near the hair clamp release to rest it on a flat surface before and after use. This stylish looking iron comes with the smart digital display and touch screen to control the settings.

Havells 25-mm Barrel Hair Curler HC4051

You can switch on the curler by pressing and holding the power button on the touch screen. Then it displays the temperature in the digital display provided above the touch screen. The curling iron enables you to choose a temperature from a range of 80°c to 210°C in 14 temperature settings.

  Hair Straightener Brush under ₹2000

The barrel heats up very fast. This is really helpful when you do not have enough time to wait for the curler to heat up. The value in the display blinks until it reaches the selected temperature. It will stay still unless you press the + or – buttons to increase or decrease the temperatures respectively. You can start curling once the number in the display stops flashing.

Curling iron should not be used in a shower or on wet hair. Therefore, after washing, you have to dry your hair entirely by dividing it into sections. Use a hair dryer for it.

Verdict: The Havells HC4051 hair curler works efficiently in curling and giving you the perfect party-ready hairstyle in less time with less effort. Overall, it is worth the money.

Price ₹2200 | Amazon
Ideal for All types of hair: – Short-to-long/thin-to-coarse | Perfect & Professional Curls | Thick Voluminous Bouncy Curls
Features Temp Range: 80°C to 210° | 14 Temp Settings | Auto Power-OFF in 60 Minutes | Ready to use in 60-Seconds | 2-Years Warranty
Build 25-mm Barrel | Ceramic Coating | In-Built Clamp | Cool Tip | Smart Digital Display | Temp Increase-Decrease Buttons | Hanging-Loop | 360° Swivel-Cord


► Philips BHH777 Hair Straightener Tulip

With this Philips Hair Curler Tulip, shaping your hair is no more a time exhausting workout. It can serve you to be a very worthwhile styling gizmo and can create wonders for your locks by giving them a neat and lustrous look. Did you know that you can twist or curl your tresses with it? All you have to do is to cape a segment of your mane round the plates of the iron and then twitch it softly through. This way, you will succeed in getting that segment of your tresses leaping spiritedly about your crown in stunning whorls and twirls.

Philips Hair Styler Tulip BHH777

Furthermore, the Philips Natural Curler’s clipping and curling plates spontaneously clip and grip the strands while styling them; subsequently, you can twist in a distinct drive and that too with fairly one hand. On the other hand, with its Dual Voltage System, you can carry this hair curler with no trouble at all, even while roaming overseas.

  Microwave Oven: ₹17500 - ₹20000

The Ceramic Coating of the Philips Natural Curler gives suitable cherishing to your tresses, and its heat-safe design shields your locks from sweltering due to over-warming. Currently, you can create impulsive hairdos by attaining this multipurpose styling aid at a meek cost of 2800 INR.

If you haven’t used a hair straightener before, you can start this Philips styler. Its design makes it the safest hair straightener in the market. It has no temperature setting, and it heats up fast for instant hair straightening.

Price ₹2800 | Amazon
Features Heat-Safe Design | One-Touch Clip & Curl | Light & Compact | Protection against accidental burn | Unique Tulip Design
Temp 200°C | Ready for use in 30 Seconds | PTC Heater
Build Protective Ceramic Coating | 1.8-Meter Cord | 20×70 Ceramic Coated Plates
Warranty 2-year


► Philips HP8632 Hair Styler Brush

Longing for the good health of your hair? Then, Philips KeraShine HP8632 Heated Styling Brush is the product for you! Those who have used it say that it is one of the best hair stylers under 3000 Rupees in India market.

With this, you can attain that extra shiny, wavy hair that looks absolutely fabulous! Get ready to give yourself a renovating makeover almost daily with a great number of diverse hairdos using this vibrant black and golden KeraShine hair styling brush by Philips. The styling brush comes with a protecting ceramic coating that has keratin infusion. This will avert withering up of your hair as you style them to attain that grace.

Philips Hair Styler Brush HP8632

Additionally, it comprises of the sheath able bristles that make a laid-back and harmless usage of this product. It is equipped with two, unlike styling temperature settings. You can disparately fix the temperature of this hair brush in accordance with your hair type.  And more, the ion conditioning care contributes to providing you frizz-free hair. The Philips hair curler entails a twirl cord that enhances the expedient practice of this exceedingly unconventional and competent curler.

  Epilators: ₹5000 - ₹10000

Having said that, let's now look at its value! You can clear your dilemma as with a price tag of 2500 INR; you can economically amplify the effect it originates. Congruently, 2-year manufacturer warranty can do a lot more for you!

Price ₹2795 | Amazon
Features Retractable bristles for Safe release | Ionic care for Shiny, Frizz-free Hair | Protective Ceramic coating with Keratin Infusion
Heat 2 Temperature Options
Build 45-mm Barrel | PTC Heater Type | Universal Voltage | Swivel Cord
Warranty 24-Months Warranty


► Remington S3500 Hair Straightener

Remington is a big name in the hair care appliance market. Its S3500 hair straightener is one of the best hair straighteners in 3000 Rupees range.

The flat hair iron from the house of Remington supports fast-heating, its design is user-friendly, and its build is compact. So, it won’t occupy a considerable space in your personal care appliance box. This Remington S3500 is a recommended hair straightener for beginners also as it is effortless to use.

Remington Hair Straightener S3500

How does it perform? This Remington Hair Straightener becomes ready to use in just 15 seconds. Its highest temperature is 230°C, and there are 30 settings for temperature adjustment. As per your hair requirement, you can control the temperature of plates. Thus, Remington S3500 hair straightener could be accurately optimized for perfect straightening as per the nature of the user’s hair.

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The 110-mm long heating plate has a ceramic coating, which is the best non-stick material currently available. Because of long heating plates, it won’t take much time to straighten even if you have long, thick, bulky hair. These plates are much broad, and you will be able to straighten a large section of hair in one go. Moreover, the plates are slim, that means you will get almost salon-like treatment at home.

Always part your hair into sections with the help of clips before using a hair straightener. It is also crucial that you read the manual that comes with this device thoroughly.

Price ₹3000 | Amazon
Features Ready to use in 15-Seconds | Heat Proof Pouch in Sales Box | Auto Shut Off | 3-Years Warranty
Power Highest Time: 230°C | 30 Temp Settings | Worldwide Voltage Support
Build Ceramic Plates | 110-mm Long Plate | 1.8-meter Power Cord | Hing Lock | ON/OFF Button


►Philips HP8316 Hair Straightener

Philips never wanted to mimic the crude hair straighteners in the market. Instead, they opted for something that is outside the box. To begin with, the Philips HP8316 straightener is light in weight for easy maneuverability. It further utilizes ceramic plates for the straightening edges. These plates glide smoothly through the hair leaving a sparkling, attractive look on the hair. The sleek, slim design also allows for a firm, comfortable grip on the device. So, you won’t be struggling with the holding and positioning angles while using this specific hair straightener.

Philips HP8316 Hair Straightener

The main idea behind using an electric hair straightener over a traditional comb – is to save time. Apart from the streamlined ceramic plates, which disentangle the hair within no time, the Philips HP8316 heats up very fast. In less than 60 seconds, the device is already heated up and running.

In other earlier hair straightener models, you had to attach voltage regulating mechanisms before using the device. However, the Philips HP8316 straightener supports the universally recommended voltage level. This means that you won’t waste time setting up a voltage regulator before use. It’s just a plug-in and use situation.

  Hair Dryer: ₹4000 - ₹5000

A right hair straightener must allow for adaptable manipulations in the entire period of use. The Ceramic plates are fixed on a flexible hinge that allows for flexible adjustments. You can, therefore, adjust the plates seamlessly while working on different types of hairs.

The power cord is roughly 1.8-meters in length. This is more than enough when working on your own hair, or while helping another person comb their own hair. The flexible hinge is also imperative during storage, as it allows for secure locking and storing in a drawer. You can even hang the straightener on a wall from the hinge.

The maximum temperature on the ceramic plates is 210°C. Obviously, any higher temperature than this – could roast your head. In addition, the Philips HP8316 straightener has the SilkPro Care feature for less heat exposure. Therefore, it is a recommended straightener for beginners as well.

Price ₹2200 | Amazon
Features SilkPro Care | Ionic Care | Plate Lock | Storage Hook | Max Temp: 210°C | Heat-up Time: 60-Seconds | LED Indicator | No Temp Control | 2-Years Warranty | Worldwide Voltage Support
Build Keratin Ceramic Coating on Heating Plates | Swivel 1.8-meter Cord | Wide Plates: 47×75 mm


► 2000W Wahl Super Dry Hair Dryer {5439-024}

Wahl Clipper Corporation is an American brand and a trusted name for grooming gadgets. It is a professional hair dryer brand in the global market. The 2000W hair dryer of this brand is one of the best-selling hair dryers under 3000 Rupees in India market. This hair dryer gives cool and warm drying. Its current market price is 2200 Rupees.

Wahl 2000-Watt Hair Dryer 5439-024

The 2000W hair dryer with three heat levels and two air flow speed levels can give salon-quality hair drying at home. It also has a turbo drying feature. Post hair styling, use the cool shot feature to set and lock- in the styles. Just press the Cool shot button to unlocks a blast of cold air on your hair.

  Hair Straightener Brush under ₹5000

This heavy-duty hair dryer also comes with ionic technology for ionic conditioning. In the ionic conditioning, generated negatively charged ions eliminate static, condition the hair, and smooth the hair cuticles to intensify shine and glossiness. They also make hair smooth by locking-in moisture.

Thus, the Wahl hair dryer with 2000W heater is an excellent hairdryer with cool air shot feature. Its features and ability make it a recommended hair dryer for beginners, experts, and professionals. With 7 different heat and air flow speed variants, in fact, it is the best hair dryer for professionals under 3000 Rupees.

Price ₹2200 | Amazon
Features Hot Air Shot | Cold Air Shot | Ionic Technology | Quick Drying | 3 Heat Levels | 2 Air Flow Speeds | 7 Heat-Air Flow Variations: {High-Heat High-Speed | High-Heat Low-Speed | Low-Heat High-Speed | Low-Heat Low-Speed | Cool-High-Speed | Cool-Low Speed | Cool-Shot}
Build 2000W Heater | World Wide Voltage Support | Professional AC Collector Motor | Removeable Air Inlet Grill for Easy Cleaning |
Sales Box Hair-Dryer | 2×Nozzle | 1×Diffuser | Documents


► Philips HP8318 Hair Straightener

The only difference between Philips HP8316 and Philips HP8318 hair straightener is that the latter has temperature control. Therefore, considering the market reputation of both the hair straighteners, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are two of the best hair straighteners under 3000 Rupees.

Philips HP 8318 hair straightener will give you a saloon-like hair treatment at home. Its heating plates are wide, long, and coated with keratin ceramic. They heat up fast, too. Within 60 seconds, the straightener becomes ready to use. Moreover, there are two heat levels on this hair straightener: 190°C and 210°C.

Philips HP8318 Hair Straightener with Temperature Control

Besides, it is also an iconic hair straightener. Ionic conditioning makes your hair frizz-free and shiny. For the best results, you should divide your hairs into sections and then go with the bottom to top approach.

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Further, this Philips hair care gadget in a purple finish looks stunning. It comes with a 1.8-meter long swivel cord that provides ease in movement during Its use. The unique lock mechanism makes both plates stick together.

Thus, Philips HP8318 is the best hair straightener to buy in 2500 Rupees in India market. With a temperature control option and extra wide ceramic coated heating plates, it is a value for money hair care gadget in the market.

Price ₹2500 | Amazon
Features SilkPro Care | Ionic Care | Plate Lock | Storage Hook | Max Temp: 210°C | Heat-up Time: 60-Seconds | LED Indicator | Temp Control: {OFF | 190°C | 210°C} | 2-Years Warranty | Worldwide Voltage Support
Build Keratin Ceramic Coating on Heating Plates | Swivel 1.8-meter Cord | Wide Plates: 47×75 mm


► Philips HP8659 Air Styler

Blow-drying is an integral part of daily hair styling. Holding a hair dryer in one hand and a hairbrush in another is a difficult task for everyone. To make this tough task easy, Philips came up with a unique product last year.

The Philips Kerashine HP8659 Air Styler is a hybrid device that works both as a hair dryer and a hairbrush. It is a handy tool that can save your time and effort during a rush hour.

This air styler has two units – one unit generates hot air and another bristle unit that stylizes your hair. A metallic black finish makes this product look much premium. It is not heavy, so you find it quite easy to operate. The comfortable grip of the handle further enhances the experience of the user.

Philips HP8659 Air Styler Straightener Hairbrush

This hair care gadget can be used for both blow drying and straightening your hair. Although you will not get a salon-like experience, it does reduce the frizziness and makes your hair look more natural. It is the right choice for those girls who do not like the artificial look that a flat iron give.

There are two heat modes on this air styler. Low heat mode can be used if you are worried about the damage that this gadget can do to your hair. The high heat mode is for those users who have already used a hair straightener and know how to take good care of their hair.

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The bad thing, however, is that even in high heat mode, its temperature remains much low. This means you have to spend more time to straighten your hair. Also, its performance is mediocre than a flat iron.

Before using this Philips air styler, be sure to towel dry your hair, or else you will not get the desired result. Extra features like Keratin Infusion and Ionic conditioning will give a shiny touch to your hair.

Is it safe? This air styler is one of the most reliable hair styling tools currently available in the market. It comes with a Thermo Protect feature that prevents your hair from getting over-heated. The ceramic plates that it features are considered much safer than a metallic alternative.

Price ₹2300 | Amazon
Features 650W Air Styler | ThermoProtect Temperature | 2-Years Worldwide Warranty | Protective Ceramic Coating with Keratin Infusion | Ready to use in 30 Seconds
Hair Care 2 Heat Levels | 2 Speed Setting for Air | ion conditioning for shiny, frizz-free hair
Build Plate Size: 18 (W) x 65 (L) mm | 1.8-meter Power Cord | Temp Range: 100 to 200°C | Storage Hook
  Hair Stylers under ₹4000

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