Do you wish to make your hair straight? Fortunately, nowadays, there are numerous ways to make your hair healthier and straighter such as picking for hair flattening treatments and spending on hair straighteners. There a copious hair straighteners on the marketplace today, but only a small figure of them provide worthy outcomes. If you frequently style your mane and do not have the time to visit hairdressers officially, then spending on a decent professional hair straightener is suggested. So now, no more issues can restrict you from the attainment of your dream hair!

A multitude of hair straighteners in almost every single form and dimension can be irresistible. All the same, before procuring one, it is recommended to explore and relate features that fit your prerequisites. Therefore, to make this imperative verdict stress-free for you, we have tapered down the array of innumerable straighteners to the four preferred options. Let us look at what makes them well-deserved to stand on the list!

In this piece, you read about the best tools for hair styling from the price range of 3000 to 4000 Rupees. Here we cover hair straighteners, hair curlers, hair styler kits, in fact, any gadget available in the market in the price range for hair beautification.

► IKonic Pro Hair Straightener

IKonic is one of the fast-moving brands for high-quality hair care appliances in India market. In 3000 to 4000 Rupees segment, the PRO Hair Straightener of this brand is currently the best-selling hair styler. Those who have been using it for more than a month say it is safe, easier to use, and fast hair straightener. Therefore, I would not be wrong in saying this IKonic Hair Straightener under 4000 Rupees is best for hair straightening and curling.

IKonic Pro Hair Straightener

Indian women are multitasking and have to deal with hundreds of tasks on a day-to-day basic. They have less time for beauty care. Therefore, a perfect beauty care appliance for them has to be fast and effective, too. IKonic Pro Hair Straightener fulfills those requirements.

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This Hair straightener becomes ready to use in less than one minute. You could use it even if you colored your hair. Moreover, in case, due to hectic work schedule, if you forget to switch OFF your IKonic Pro Hair Straightener, no problem, it will be auto off in 60-minute. This a rare feature and very useful. I often forget to switch off my hair straightener.

Yes, this IKonic Hair Straightener is costly, but it has the features & functions to justify its price. When it comes to beauty care always invest in high-quality products.

Price ₹3400 | Amazon
Ideal for Hair Straightening | Hair Curling
Features Fast Heating | Curb design for easy control | Advanced floating ceramic plates | LED Notification | Safe to use on Chemically treated Hairs | Auto Shut off in 60-Minutes
Temp Adjustable | 150 – 230 Degree | Gains Ready to use Heat in 60-Seconds
Heat Professional PTC | Dual Ceramic Heaters | Fast Heating & Rapid Heat Recovery
Build Beveled Edges for: – {Straightening | styling | Volumizing} | Extra-Long 9-feet cord


► IKonic TC Titanium Micro Crimper and Hair Styler

IKonic is one of my favorite brands for innovative, premium quality hair care gadgets. The titanium crimper of this brand is an excellent hair care tool. I really liked its performance.

The micro crimper is smaller than a regular crimper. Also, it is costlier than crimpers of other brands in the market. But it does a pretty good job in every use. It creates micro crimps. Also adds shine and volume to the user’s hair. It is a professional hair crimper.

IKonic Titanium Micro Crimper Hair Styler

What I like best about this titanium crimper is that its ability to style hair with gentle, far-infrared heat that emits from 9×2.5 CM titanium heating plates with nano titanium technology. It doesn’t make hair look damaged. That is a huge advantage.

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The maximum temperature of this Ikonic micro crimper is 230°C. It also comes with a temperature control option. So, you can give sea wave style to your hair by a temperature of your choosing. Thanks to a professional PTC heater, this titanium crimper heats fast and becomes ready for use in less than 1-minute.

Micro crimps, adds shine and volume to hair, does damage hair, and fast heating is four key traits why the Ikonic Titanium micro crimper is one of the best hair stylers under 4000 Rupees. Go for it!

Price ₹3500 | Amazon
Features Gentle, far-infrared heat | Fast Heating | Creates Micro Crimps | Universal Voltage Support | Automatic Shut-OFF | Suitable for All Types of Hair | Over-Heat Protection
Specs 9×2.5 CM Titanium Coated Heating Plate | Max Temp: 230°C | 6 Temperature Levels | Ready to use in 60 Seconds
Build Professional silver titanium plate | Professional PTC Heater | Digital Display | Salon Length Swivel Cord


► 2400-Watts Babyliss 6616E Hair Dryer

Women are exceedingly particular when it comes to hair dryers. Well, am not quite sure what they usually check in these gadgets, but like most people I find them all to be pretty similar. Nonetheless, there are several notable differences in terms of quality of service, precision, and durability if you pay close attention when using them. Just like hair clippers, finding a good hairdryer could mean getting a decent admirable look. Of course, nobody wants to leave for work – looking like a horse on a rampage although, with some hair-dryers, this is somewhat what you would expect. Babyliss is a brand that has come to be loved in this line of electronics and its latest release, the Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W 6616E Hair Dryer is a one-off gadget.

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Build and Design: Just like all hair dryers in the Le Pro series, The Babyliss 2400W 6616E has an ergonomic design that is comfortable for use even for long hours. It’s a lightweight hairdryer. In addition, it has a set of two ultra-fins nozzles that are efficient in guiding the airflow to a specific region of the hair without damaging it. Unlike most competitions in the market, the Babyliss 6616E is exceptionally sturdy and would not twist even when blowing long tangled-up hair. The designers also thought of how they would make this gadget easy to clean and maintain and so they modified the rear grille to facilitate easy cleaning.

Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W 6616E Hair Dryer in India

The Babyliss 6616E uses a new technology known as Ionic Ceramic Technology. This technology helps the gadget to dry your hair fast enough and leave you with a shiny glare on the hair. In addition, there is a reduced static effect on your hair as a result of this technology, meaning your hair remains smooth and sparkling.

2400W Power: The Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W 6616E Hair Dryer uses a very strong motor for a hair blower. It’s a Powerful and long-life (1000h) AC motor. It has a 2400W power rating with two temperature settings which allows for cold air positioning. This powerful motor allows the dryer to blow hot air at speeds amounting to a maximum of 130km/h. It’s among the few Italian blower models that can reach up to such speeds.

Essential Modifications: In addition, the Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W Hair Dryer has a long power cord for easy maneuvering which is about 2.7 meters in length. There is also a provision for other secondary attachments such as the concentrator. The Nozzles can also be interchanged depending on the hairstyle you want to achieve. Babyliss also included a cool shot provision in this model for holding the hair in position when making a hairstyle. Moreover, the Babyliss 6616E Hair Dryer comes with a Hang-up Loop for easy storage either on your bathroom wall or next to your dressing table.

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The Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W 6616E Hair Dryer is priced at 7300 Rupees in most retail outlets, which sounds fair to me. I mean, you are getting an original Italian hairdryer at just 1000 Rupees more from the Chinese’ cheap models. This dryer comes with a 5 Year warranty, so no worries.

Final Verdict: If you can raise 7300 Rupees for a dryer, then this is the best option for you. I would strongly recommend this dryer for people who run hair parlors and barbershops since it won’t break down easily.

Price ₹3500 | Amazon
Features 2400W Motor (1000 Hours Use Life} | Cold-Air | Ionic Ceramic Technology | With {Concentrator, Nozzle} | Cord-Length: 2.7-Meter | Hang-Up Loop | Removeable Grill | Heat-Settings: 2 | Speed-Settings: 2 | Warranty: 2-Year

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