IRONING is the ultimate part of garment care. It is one of the most significant domestic tasks to learn. Unless there is a categorically upright iron to smoothen away the wrinkles and crinkles that washing machines impose on your outfits, your apparel will appear substandard, shabby, and worn out. Do you find this small task a very time-consuming procedure? If yes, then you are in the right place to solve your essential attire-related problems efficiently. How? All you need to do is invest in an impressive iron!

Shopping for a brand-new iron can surely be exasperating! There are literally hundreds of thoughts and ideas about irons, and it is difficult to find unsurpassed reviews. Now, here we will discuss where to look for a great deal on an iron that really works! So, without being biased, we present a list of laundry-styled dry & steam irons. I encourage you to check out this review! Hopefully, this is a red flag for you!

This article covers the most popular iron boxes from top brands Philips, Black + Decker, Usha, Panasonic, Havells, and others priced between 2000 and 3000 rupees. We recommend those iron boxes for their excellent build quality, nonstick soleplate, multiple temperature settings, and smart operation. Are you looking for a suitable iron box to iron your expensive suit? In this collection of the best iron boxes under 3000 rupees, you will find it.

☼ 2000W Havells Crony Steam Iron

Until recently Philips was one of the leading brands for press machines on the Indian market. Nowadays, Havells has become a favourite brand for those who value durability and product quality.

Havells Crony Steam Iron is an excellent choice if your budget for purchasing an iron box is around 2000 rupees. Because of its superior build quality and high power capacity, new buyers favour it. Those who bought it recommended it to others.

You can use the Havells steam iron as a dry and vertical iron as well. It is a multipurpose appliance and an all-in-one solution for ironing clothes.

Steam irons must have a high-power capacity. High power capacity helps a steam iron heat up the water in the tank quickly. Havells Crony steam iron boasts a 2000W power capacity.

There are also front sprays, powerful steam bursts, an anti-scale tank, and an anti-drip design on the Havells steam iron. This steam iron has a 260 ml tank capacity.

Being Havells' product itself guarantees mind-blowing product quality. Those who bought it also certify it!

  Cloth Irons under ₹5000

In conclusion, Havell's Crony Steam Iron is an excellent product for those looking for a reliable and durable press machine. With its high-power capacity, anti-drip design, and anti-scale tank, it is an excellent choice for both dry and vertical ironing. Its superior build quality and affordability make it a favourite brand among new buyers.

Price ₹2290 → Amazon
Features Dry Iron | Steam Iron | Vertical Iron | 2000W Power | Spray | Steam Burst | Ceramic Coated Soleplate | Water Tank: 260 ml | Anti-Scale | Anti-Drip | Temperature Control | Over-Heat Protection | Self-Clean Function | Weight: 1.4-Kg | Brand Warranty: 2 Years


☼ 2200W Black Decker BXIR2202IN Steam Iron

With a power capacity of 2200W, this Black Decker steam iron is perfect for super-fast ironing. It is extremely effective at removing wrinkles from clothes since it generates such a high amount of power. With its fast and easy heating system, it provides dense steam every minute for fast and easy ironing.

The Black Decker BXIR2202IN Steam Iron features a superior design and build. Featuring a ceramic nonstick coating on its heavy soleplate. Teflon and American Heritage are not as valuable as a ceramic coating. It is a standard feature of all reputable hair care gadgets that the heating plate is ceramic-coated.

  Washing Machine: ₹15000 - ₹20000

Despite its 2200W power capacity, the Black Decker 2202IN steam iron is safe to use on delicate clothing. Its soleplate with ceramic coating won't stick to clothing. The iron works well on delicate fabrics, such as silk and synthetics, and is one of the best on the Indian market.

It is important to handle steam irons carefully. Water leakage from the steam holes is a common problem with steam irons. To ensure there is no leakage, the anti-drip function comes into play. There is a feature like this on this Black Decker steam iron. So, it is easier and safer to use than standard steam irons of other brands.

Price ₹2190 | Amazon
Features 2200W | Continuous-Steam | Steam-Burst | Spray-Function | Self-Clean | Anti-Calc to Prevent Scale Build-up | 2-Years Warranty
Ironing Anti-Drip to Prevent Water Leakage | Steam-Control | Dry-Iron Mode → No Steam | Transparent Water-Tank: 380-Liter | Continuous-Steam → 35-gram/minute | Steam-Shot → 90-gram/minute | Wider & Bigger Soleplate | Even Heat Distribution |
Build Non-Stick heavy Soleplate with Ceramic Non-stick Coating | Swivel Power Cord → 1.8-Meter | Weight: 1.4-Kg | Dimensions (HWD): 16.3×31.7×13 CM | Indicator Light


☼ 2200W Philips GC2145 Steam Iron

Philips GC2145 is one of the most powerful and quick heat press machines on the market today. It provides you with all the features you need to make your garment wrinkle-free in no time. In just two minutes, you will be able to iron your clothing with the help of the iron's powerful 2200W soleplate heating system. For this reason, its market price is as high as it is at present.

2200 Watt PHILIPS GC2145 Steam Iron

With its quick heat-up time, 110-gram steam boost, and up to 30 g/min steam, this Philips steam iron is effective at tackling stubborn creases. Its scratch-resistant ceramic soleplate ensures even heat distribution and smooth glides over all fabrics to quickly remove wrinkles. Featuring vertical ironing, you can easily iron hanging garments, such as curtains and suits.

  वॉशिंग मशीन: ₹15000 - ₹20000

Thus, the Philips GC2145 Steam Iron is the most suitable choice for all your ironing needs. This Philips press machine will make your clothes look their best every time! All your clothing will be perfectly wrinkled and polished thanks to this top-of-the-line appliance, which features steam and spray functions to ensure precise, clean creases and a sharp, polished finish.

Price ₹2900 → Amazon
Features Power Capacity: 2200W | Spray | Steam Burst | Water Tank Capacity: 270 ML | Width: 13.23 CM + Length: 31 CM | Warranty: 2-Year


► 1000W Deson Heavyweight Laundry Iron

Do you need a dry iron that feels comfortable and well-balanced? Then investing in Deson heavy-weight dry Iron would be a decent idea! This iron will let you slither it slickly over your attires without any concern! With an assessment to offer your outfits a professional and crisp look, you also get to emphasize its easy-to-use controls.

It has a chrome-coated iron alloy soleplate that tends to make the de-wrinkling of your dress stress-free.  This kind of heavyweight iron may require a lot of care to handle.  But then again, if you can be sufficiently watchful and careful while using this dry iron and handle it with attention, it will not ever cause any damage to your garments.

  Washing Machines under ₹50000

Though it is a bit outdated and antiquated iron, if you need to iron a fabric like Jeans, this dry iron is the best choice you can have. However, while using it over delicate clothes like silk saree, use two or three sheets of newspaper to protect the sari from burning. You can also use a wet cotton towel.

Further, this Deson laundry iron box takes time to get the required temperature for ironing. Therefore, it may not be the best choice for everyday use. It is ideal for ironing on weekends.

Price ₹2200 | Amazon
Ideal for Home use | Tailor Shop | Ironing Center | Hotel
Features Heavyweight dry iron box | Get Solid Crease | Heat Retention | Easy to use | Best for Ironing Heavy Cloth
Power 1000-Watt | Protection from over-Heating | Auto Power Cut
Body 3.2-Kg weight | Shock-Proof body | Cast iron soleplate with Chrome-coating | Temperature control knob | 2-meter long power cable
Warranty 10-Days Replacement | 12-month service warranty


► 2200W Black & Decker 2201IN Steam Iron

The Black & Decker iron box with a 2200W heating system is an excellent steam iron to make a hard, lasting crease on clothes. Because of the ceramic coating on its soleplate it a safe to slide over even costly, heat-sensitive attire. Its design makes it super comfortable for everyday use. Sliding it just once over a part of the cloth will make that part totally wrinkle-free. Thus, it is one of the best steam iron boxes under 3000 Rupees.

2200W Black Decker Cordless Steam 2201IN

This 2200W steam iron box comes with all the features and design elements that a steam iron must have. It has self-clean, power steam spray, steam shot, anti-drip, and anti-calc. It is also a fully functioning vertical steam iron. Therefore, it is an all-in-one ironing solution with all the must-have steam iron features.

  Washing Machines under ₹7000

The water tank capacity of this Black & Decker steam iron is 350 ml. Even pricey steam iron boxes of top press machine brands have a much smaller water tank than this. A larger water tank means nonstop ironing.

Black & Decker 2201IN is a cordless iron box. Still, the length of its cord is too short, only 1 meter. Another thing that I disliked about this 2200W press machine is its weight. A heavyweight iron box creates a more lasting hard crease than a lightweight iron box.

Price ₹2700 | Amazon
Features Cordless | Self-Clean | Automatic Shut-Off | Use also use a Vertical Iron Box | Anti-Calc | 2-Years Warranty
Ironing 2200W Heating System | Spray | Steam Burst | Anti-Drip
Build Ceramic Coated Soleplate | 1-Meter Power Cord | Temperature Indicator | Power Indicator Light | 350-ML Water Tank | Gross Weight: 1-Kg


► 2300W Philips GC2048 Steam Iron

The Philips steam iron box is the best option if your budget for a new iron box is in the range of 2000 to 3000 Rupees. It is also a vertical iron. Therefore, having this iron box in your home means you need not buy any other ironing system. It alone is capable of doing all types of ironing.

Besides being an all-in-one ironing solution, a robust heating system, powerful steam burst, and ceramic soleplate are some of the features that make it truly a worthy option at its current price. This iron system is perfect for ironing even delicate clothes.

The build and design of this Philips steam iron box are outstanding. It looks futuristic. Also, it is a fast iron box. Because of its 2300-Watt heating system, this iron box achieves the required temperature for ironing in just a few seconds. Moreover, it comes with a large water tank. Thus, it is perfect for non-stop ironing and ironing all types of clothes.

  इलेक्ट्रिक राइस कुकर: ₹2000 - ₹3000

Here is a heavy-duty iron box for those who have a free hand in using a steam iron box and also have an ironing board. I would also recommend the Philips GC2048 iron box for the ironing shop. Ironing with this Philips steam iron box is fun. Its design and built-in features are assurance for zero damage to the cloth underneath even if the user makes silly mistakes.

Price ₹2700 | Amazon
Ideal for Home Use | Ironing shop | Horizontal Ironing | Vertical Ironing
Features Safety Auto OFF | Self Clean | 35g/minute continuous steam output |120 Gram Steam Boost | Spray | 2300-Watt Power Capacity
Build Non-stick Ceramic Soleplate | 270-ml Water Tank | Drip Stop | Triple precision tip for reaching tricky areas on a cloth

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