Do washing machines clean clothes? A washing machine can thoroughly wash clothes, but the quality of the wash wouldn’t be as good as a hand wash. Using hands for cloth washing is still best. In today’s hectic lifestyle after a 9 to 7 job, however, it is impossible to do a laborious task like cloth washing. That is why a washing machine is a practical requirement in today’s time.

Can the washing machine run on an inverter? You can run a low-capacity washing machine with a 5-star energy rating on a power supply by a domestic inverter. Still, you should never try this. For some reason, you need to run a washing machine on an inverter, then buy a mini washing machine. Test run it in the presence of an experienced electrician and see whether it works well or not.

Which washing machine to choose? The five most critical factors in selecting a suitable washing machine are size, wash technology, air dryer, machine smartness, and warranty terms.

1) The size of your new washing machine depends on the number of members in your family.

2) Wash technology is another critical factor. It would be best if you spent some time searching on the Internet, testing and observing yourself washing machines of different companies as they come with a unique wash technology.

3) If there is no open balcony in your flat, then the air dryer should be in your new washing machine.

4) Machine smartness makes washing clothes more comfortable. There are washing machines in the market, that can measure dirt in the clothes, and accordingly, set water level, wash program, wash time, and other related things. In case of a power cut, a smart washing machine can resume its operations from the same wash stage from where it was before the power cut, withal.

5) Warranty terms are one of the most critical factors for electric systems using water in their process. Water and electricity are not good friends. Therefore, while selecting a washing machine model, do consider the brand's reputation for providing quality customer service. At the Gadgets Shiksha, in the selection of the best washing machines, we give high priority to the brands’ reputation in customer service.

☼ 12-Kg Samsung WW12T504DAB Washing Machine

Discover the Samsung WW12T504DAB Washing Machine, the right choice for your family’s laundry needs. This washing machine comes with a 12-kg laundry capacity, making it ideal for large families in India. You will need to spend 65000 rupees to bring it home.

With Wi-Fi and artificial intelligence, the innovative washing machine is a great addition to your home. If you have a smart home network, you could connect it to it. A smartphone application is available for controlling it.

  Cloth Irons under ₹10000

There are 22 wash programs included in this Samsung washing machine, so you will find a wash program that suits your needs. “My Cycle” allows you to customize a wash program to meet your needs.

With Samsung WW12T504DAB Washing Machine, clothes receive a thorough wash using Samsung's signature Bubble Wash technology. As a result of the machine's 1400 RPM speed, your clothes will shine for a long time after washing, as it can dry them up to 75% faster than a conventional washer.

Even though this Samsung washing machine is a premium washer, some essential features are missing. It is the Samsung WW12T504DAB Washing Machine's lack of a reload feature, an air dryer, and an automatic detergent dispenser that makes it unsatisfactory among its competitors.

Say goodbye to tedious laundry days! With the Samsung WW12T504DAB’s extra-large capacity, inverter motor, heater, and bubble soak functions, you can get more done in less time, with less energy and more efficiency. Get it now and experience the convenience you’ve been missing!

Price ₹65000 → Amazon
Features 12-Kg | 1400 RPM | Bubble Wash Technology | Inverter Motor | 5-Star Power Rating | Wi-Fi | AI Controls | 22 Wash Programs | Warranty: Up to 20 years


☼ 8-Kg Samsung WD80T604DBX Washer Dryer

Are Samsung washers and dryers good? It can’t be said about all the available Samsung washer-dryer models, but the model WD80T604DBX is currently one of the best-rated washer-dryers among all available options on the market.

  Washing Machine: ₹10000 - ₹15000

This Samsung washer-dryer can wash up to 8 kg of clothes in one go and dry up to 6 kg of clothes in one go. Its max spin speed is 1400 RPM. And, it comes with a digital inverter motor. That is why it is less noisy, it vibrates less, it consumes less power, it will require less maintenance, and it will have a long life.

The build quality of the Samsung WD80T604DBX Washer and Dryer is mind-blowing. It comes with a diamond stainless-steel drum. Its outer body is made of stainless steel, too. And, operating it wouldn’t be a cucumber since its control panel is AI-powered and has an LED notification display to show the currently running process.

Price ₹54990 | Amazon
Features 8-Kg Washing | 6-kg Air Dryer | Wi-Fi | Smart Things | AI Control | Wash Programs: 22 | Max Spin Speed: 1400 RPM | Digital Inverter Motor | Warranty Up to 10 Years.

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