Which is the best radio under 2500 Rupees? Many best-performing portable radios are on sale in the price range of 1000 to 2500 Rupees from top brands Philips, Sony, Avantree, and others. Here we cover the best options from them.

Are you looking for a portable FM radio, which can catch the noise-free SW and MW signal and produce Loud & clear sound? Here you read about the radio models that come with a powerful speaker for loud and clear sound and a tall antenna for uninterrupted signal reception.

We regularly receive queries to suggest a portable radio for an elderly senior. The recommended portable radios are ideal for elderly seniors as well.


Are you looking for a Saregama Carvaan alternative or any device similar to it? Check out ACOOSTA SUNO HITS Bluetooth speaker and FM radio, which comes with preloaded 1000 songs of over 250 iconic Indian artists.

Acoosta is an Indian start-up brand for speakers, headphones, earphones, microphones, and other similar devices to generate or capture digital sound. All the market-available products of this brand have so far received either 4-star or 5-star ratings for their excellent build, design, and performance.

The current market price of the Saregama Carvaan Mini is 1800 Rupees and it comes with preloaded 351 songs. Whereas the current market price of ACOOSTA SUNO HITS is 2000 Rupees, and it comes with 1000 preloaded songs. On other parameters, both the digital radio speaker is more and less similar to each other.

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ACOOSTA SUNO HITS looks like a better option. But that is not the case. There is one major difference between Saregama Carvaan Mini and ACOOSTA SUNO HITS. If you prefer to listen to every green old Hindi song often, then Saregama Carvaan Mini is the right option. ACOOSTA SUNO HITS, on the other hand, has songs from the 90s to the latest.

Before you decide to buy either Saregama Carvaan Mini or ACOOSTA SUNO HITS, check about Saregama Carvaan Go, a portable Bluetooth speaker with 3000 preloaded evergreen Hindi songs. Its current market price is only 2490 Rupees.

Price ₹2000 ► Amazon
Features Powered by Sony Music | Preloaded 1000 Songs {from the 90s to the latest} | FM Radio | Hands-Free Calling | 6 Months Warranty
Speaker Singe Speaker | 10W | Impedance: 4-ohm | FR-Range: 80Hz to 20KHz | Sensitivity: 80-dB
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 (Wireless Music Streaming) | USB 2.0 (Plug & Play} | Aux-in | Aux-Out
Build 1200-mAh Battery (Charging-Time: 3-Hours | Music-Playback: Up to 5-Hours} | Built-in Antenna | Onboard Controls


☼ Saregama Carvaan Mini Portable Radio

Currently, the best portable wireless speaker with a 2000 Rupees budget is the mini version of Saregama Carvaan. This Bluetooth speaker comes with 351 incredible songs from the golden age of Hindi film music. The songs are not randomly but prudently selected. Trust me you appreciate the song collection.

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This mini Saregama Carvaan speaker is also an FM/SW/MW radio and a fully functional speaker. It supports music streaming and has a 3.5-mm Audio-In port to use as a speaker with a smartphone, laptop, or any audio-producing system. It also has an Audio-Out port to listen to its 351 songs without being disturbed by ambient noise around.

The build and design of this Saregama Carvaan Bluetooth speaker are excellent. All the control options are on its top. The left side of the speaker hosts buttons for mode selection: 351 Songs Mode, Radio Mode, and Bluetooth Mode. And, the right side has a 3.5-mm Audio-Out port to connect with a headphone or another speaker system through a wire. It weighs 256 grams only.

Saregama Carvaan mini Bluetooth speaker produces an incredibly balanced sound. It is not just my opinion, but the view of thousands of people who bought it and now listening to it religiously.

Are you looking for a perfect gift for an older person? Get Saregama Carvaan, the mini Bluetooth speaker. This mini speaker is an all-in-one entertainment solution. It has its song collection. It can play songs collection on your smartphone. Also, it is an FM-SW-MW radio. Thus, it is the best Bluetooth speaker under 2000 Rupees.

Price 1700 Rupees
Features 351 Incredible Songs | Speaker-Mode | FM/SW/MW Radio
Connectivity Audio-In | Audio-Out | Bluetooth | USB
Speaker Loud and Clear Sound
Battery 5W Rechargeable Lithium Battery | Backup for Up to 6 Hours


☼ Philips Champion RL384 AM FM Radio

Currently, in the 1000 Rupees range the best portable radio is Philips RL384. This Philips radio model is very old. If I am not wrong, it has completed close to 20 years on the market. While I was studying in 10 standards, I used to have this Philips Radio model. I was in 10th standard in the year 2003, and this is 2019. What is surprising though, it is one of the best-selling portable radios in the Indian market even today.

This Philips radio will impress you with its build quality, sound quality, and signal reception. Philips is already a reputed name for speakers. This radio model is not listed on the Philips website anymore. So, I cannot provide the actual technical specs of the built-in speaker. However, after having listened to this radio for close to 3 years, almost every day, I say with full surety that the Philips Champion RL384 radio produces loud and clear sound with balanced bass. Go for it. It is worth it at the current market price.

Price ₹1100 | Amazon
Features Frequency Band: {SW, MW, FM} | Superior Build | Balanced Loud & Clear Sound | Tall Antenna for Better Signal Reception
 Speaker Automatic Level Control for Distortion-Free Sound
Power 3 × R-20-Size Battery | Power Adaptor {Buy 4.5V Radio Adaptor @ 150 Rupees}


☼ Avantree Radio Player

If by any chance you happen to be looking for the best portable radio under 2500 rs, then it is almost certain that you will come across the Avantree Portable FM Radio. This rechargeable FM radio is among the best options you can consider when looking for a simple, minimalistic, yet powerful portable radio.

This particular category of FM radio does not offer that much choice compared to bigger FM stereo systems. Of course, you can expect such a trend in the market especially now that portable FM radios have since been phased out by smartphones.

All the same, an excellent rechargeable FM radio like the Avantree Portable Radio would perform way better than your typical mobile phone. So what makes the Avantree such a desirable and handy radio? I happen to have had hands-on experience with this gadget, and arguably, I could say that it is the best radio on the market today. Let’s have a peek under the hood.

3-in-1 input channels inclusive of a Bluetooth option: The Avantree gives you as the user three options to make good use of it. If you are just into FM radio, then this device can play your favorite station without a glitch. The manufacturer has also installed a Micro SD port. You can, thus, mount your SD card on this radio and play your preferred music from your memory card.

As if this is not enough, the manufacturer also included a powerful Bluetooth radio on this gadget to ensure that you can play music from your phone via Bluetooth on this radio. The Bluetooth feature on this device would come in handy for any person who does not want to damage his phone’s loudspeaker by playing loud music.

Channel Saving and Enhanced Auto-search: This is not a very common feature on small radios like the Avantree portable radio. Nonetheless, with auto search enabled on the device, you can be able to search and save all available channels in your location.

6 Sound modes for the best sound output: This radio is equipped with 6 sound tuning options, which include rock, pop, classic, soft, natural, and jazz tones. These tones are tailored to suit the listener’s needs and can be activated when playing music from Micro SD or Bluetooth.

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Slim, lightweight, and elegant design with LED display: Design-wise, this radio with a rechargeable battery is super-lightweight. It weighs only 158 grams without its battery. The smooth bezels together with the LED display back-light give this portable FM radio a modern look. The dash includes 6 buttons and one rotary switch. The charging port, which is located on one of the 2 slim ends, is a standard Micro USB port. If you wish, you can also listen through your headphones on this device since it includes a 3.5-mm audio jack port.

Price ₹2500  | Amazon
Build Rotary Switch | LED Display | Digital Buttons | Weight: 158 Grams
Connectivity 3.5-mm Headphone-Out | Bluetooth 2.1
Speaker 3W | Sound-Modes: {Natural, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic, Soft music} | Freq: {90Hz -18KHz}
Features Use as Bluetooth Speaker | MicroSD Card Reader ( Max: 32GB) | FM Radio | Auto & Manual Channel Search | Battery Charging: 2-Hours
In Sales Box Radio & Battery | Micro-USB charging cable | 3.5-mm Audio-Cable | User-Manual


☼ Ultra Prolink Retro FM Radio

This portable FM radio has a classic design. Its antenna is very powerful. Hence, it would never trouble you by frequently losing signals.

You can store thousands of your favorite songs on this portable radio. It does not have a memory though but supports a microSD card. To transfer songs, add a high-capacity microSD card to its slot and then plug it into a computer system. You will be able to move songs to its added memory.

The digital LCD panel at the front shows all the necessary information such as track number and time, FM band tuned, battery status, and the track playing. To manipulate settings and tune either a playlist or an FM channel, this portable radio comes with a bunch of buttons.

A very popular BL-5C battery with 800-mAh capacity powers this FM Radio. The battery once fully charged could provide three to four hours of backup.

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All in all, the Ultra Prolink Retro FM radio is a fabulous choice for listening to music and radio programs. I recommend this handheld FM radio cum music system. It is one of the best-selling portable radios under 1500 Rupees.

Price ₹1200 | Amazon
Features PC Plug & Play | FM Tuner with Auto Scanner & Store | MicroSD Card Reader
Speaker 3W Speaker | 4-ohm Impedance
Build BL-5C 800-mAh Battery | External Antenna | MicroSD Card Slot | Headphone Jack | Weight 222-Grams | Dimensions: 19.6 x 7.9 x 3.6 cm


☼ Portronics POR-141 FM Radio

This portable portable portable radio promises to entertain using its bunch of features. It is a fully functional FM radio tuner as well as a music player. Its tall antenna helps in catching clear signals.

The Portronics radio only supports FM bands. It cannot play SW and MW radio channels. However, not having AM channel support is not a big concern considering the boom of private FM channels in every city and also local FM transmission of Vivid Bharati and other AIR channels.

Besides being a fully functional radio, Portronics POR-141 is also a music player. It doesn’t have inbuilt memory but supports a microSD card. You could add to it a microSD card in size up to 32GB. To load songs on the microSD card, plug the radio into a computer system.

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There are two ways to power this portable radio: battery and AC adaptor. The 800-mAh BL-5C battery of this portable portable radio is rechargeable and replaceable. Once the battery is fully charged, it will provide 3 to 5 hours of backup time.

Price ₹1000 | Amazon
Features 2.5W Speaker | 800-mAh Battery FM Tuner | Music Player | Best Radio for Senior Citizen | 12-Months Warranty | Save Radio Channels | Up to 32GB MicroSD Card Support
Connectivity 3.5-mm Audio Jack | Micro-USB Port | MicroSD Card Slot
Build Weight: 116-Grams | Built-in Antenna | Button to Switch between Radio to Music Player Mode
Sales Box Radio | Micro-USB Cable | BL-5C Li-ion Battery | Radio Strap | Documents

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