Which is the finest Bluetooth wireless speaker under 1500 rupees? In this post, you will find information about top wireless speakers from top speaker brands within the price range of 1000 to 1500 Rupees. Wireless speakers are recommended by users for better build quality, lasting battery backup, and high sound quality.

☼ 16W Portronics Decibel 23 Portable Wireless Soundbar

The Portronics brand is a favorite among Indian consumers when it comes to small speakers. You should consider the Portronics Decibel 23 portable soundbar if you are buying a portable wireless speaker within a 1500-rupee budget.

This Portronics portable soundbar generates up to 16W of stereo sound. Its speaker configuration is 2.0. The soundbar has a special mode for bass for those who want to hear heavy bass in the audio.

16W Portronics Decibel 23 Portable Wireless Soundbar

On the connectivity side, the Portronics Deibel 23 portable soundbar features wired and wireless connectivity. It comes with the latest Bluetooth version for wireless connectivity and USB and audio-in ports for wired connectivity.

The built-in RGB light of this Portronics Bluetooth soundbar changes its frequency as the beats of the music play. You could, therefore, use this speaker at a small party.

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Learn more about this awesome portable wireless soundbar in our video presentation. There we cover all its details and suggest you three best alternatives.

Price ₹1399 → Amazon
Features 16W | Speakers: 2.0 | Bass Mode | Dancing RGB Light | Bluetooth 5.3 | USB-A 2.0 | Type-C Charging Port | Audio-in Port | Warranty: 1 Year


☼ 10W boAt Aavante Bar 500 Portable Soundbar

At present, the cheapest soundbar is the F&D E200. For 1000 rupees, you could buy it. It, however, works only on a wired connection.

Which is the cheapest wireless soundbar? The answer is the boat Aavante Bar 500. This portable soundbar has a wireless connection to stream music wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled device.

10W boAt Aavante Bar 500 Portable Soundbar

The sound quality of the F&D E200 is excellent. However, because it connects through wire only, I cannot play songs from my phone on it. When buying it, the limitation of wired connection did not come to my mind. With the prevalence of smartphones, all new systems should have a wireless connection.

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The BoAt Aavante Bar 500 soundbar exceeds expectations in every aspect. Its build quality is solid. It has wired and wireless connectivity options. And it supports fast charging through the USB-C port. The battery charges in three hours and provides up to 4 hours of music playback.

What is the sound quality of this boat soundbar? Top class! It generates a clear sound with a rich bass. I guarantee that the audio quality will impress you. How much? That depends on which speaker you were listening to previously.

Price ₹1490 → Amazon
Features Bluetooth V5.0 | Weight: 600-grams | 1200-mAh Battery {Charging-Time: 3-Hours | Playback-Time: 4.5-Hours} | FR Range: 80Hz-20kHz | Charging-Interface: USB-C | Warranty: 1-Year


► 3W Anker SoundCore Nano Mobile Speaker

The Anker Bluetooth speaker is indeed a mini wonder. It is small in size, but it roars like a lion. I had not expected it to be this much loud. Also, its looks and design are excellent. From a distance, it looks like an Apple device because of the Aluminum Alloy finish on its body.

This Anker mobile speaker comes with a small but powerful sound driver. So, it generates a clear and superior tone. It could be an excellent replacement If you are not happy with the audio quality of your smartphone speaker.

Anker SoundCore Nano Bluetooth Mobile Speaker

For connectivity, this Bluetooth mobile speaker has only the Bluetooth option. A lithium-polymer battery powers its operation. As per the brand, a fully charged battery would provide up to 4-hours of music playtime.

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker could be an excellent choice for hands-free calling as it comes with a noise-cancellation microphone. Therefore, when you communicate through this mini mobile speaker, the call attendant on another side will hear neat & clear sounds without background noise.

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Apple device design, superior build, powerful sound, noise cancellation microphone, and good battery backup are the 5 best reasons why Anker SoundCore Nano is one of the best mobile speakers under 1500 Rupees. It is worth it at its current market price. Go for it!

Price 1300 Rupees
Features 3W Sound | Built-in Microphone | Hands-free Calling | Noise cancellation MIC | Warranty: 24-months | Battery Backup: 4 Hours
Body Sleek Aluminum-Alloy Shell | Weight: 81.6-grams
Connectivity Bluetooth | 33-feet Range


► 2.5W LG PH2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This LG mobile speaker will impress you with its outstanding sound clarity and quality. In a no-light situation, you could use it as a perfect light source as well. An LED ring on the top of this fantastic pocket speaker adds to the beauty of the device as well as illuminates the place. The price tag of just 1500 rupees makes it affordable to a large number of Indian customers, withal.

LG PH2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

360 Degree Sound: Presently, there is no mobile speaker under 1500 Rupees to produce 360-degree sound. Thanks to 360° sound technology, while watching movies on a connected smartphone, you can hear theater-like Boom-Boom music from this speaker. With 2.5W audio output capacity, it is a suitable mini speaker for both small and large size rooms.

Multi-Pair Share Bluetooth Connectivity: Two audio-producing systems with Bluetooth enabled can make parallel connections with this LG mini speaker. Are you Looking for a perfect mobile speaker, which you could share with your loved one? Why not LG PH2?

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LG trust, 360° sound technology, multi-pair share feature, and a compact design are the 4 best reasons why LG PH2 must be on your list of the most favorite portable Bluetooth speakers under 1500 Rupees. Go for it!

Price 1500 Rupees
Feature 360° Sound | Parallel Pairing with two Smartphones | 12-Months Warranty
Audio 2.5-Watt | 360 Degree Sound
Connectivity Bluetooth | Multi-Pair Share (Connect with two devices simultaneously)
Body IPX4 Rating | LED Lighting | Hand Strap | Battery Indicator| Weight: 182 Grams
Power 700-mAh Li-Po Battery | 2.5-Hours Charging Time | Up to 6-Hours Music Play Time


► 2W Philips BT50B Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Philips portable wireless speaker is worth it at its current market price. Presently, boAt Stone 230 is a better alternative to this Philips speaker. Both the branded speakers are available in the same price range. So, let us compare them to find out the best portable wireless speaker in the 1000 Rupees range.

boAt Stone 230 portable wireless speaker can generate sound with more profound Bass than Philips BT50 speaker could. In terms of build and design, however, the Philips speaker is far better than the boat speaker.

Philips BT50 Portable Wireless Speaker

Philips BT50 portable wireless speaker comes with an anti-clipping function for distortion-free loud and clear sound output. Its primary connectivity option is Bluetooth. So, it supports wireless music streaming as well. Pair your smartphone with it to play all your favorite songs from your smartphone.

Philips hides the battery capacity of the BT50 portable Bluetooth speaker. But it suggests that once fully charged, the battery will provide close to 6 hours of music playback time at a 50% volume level.

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If your top priority is loud and clear sound with deep bass, then boAt Stone 230 is a better speaker than Philips BT50. However, if you want a speaker with the build quality to sustain in ruf-tuf use, Philips BT50 is a better option.

Price 1100 Rupees | Amazon
Features Also compatible with Apple Devices | Wireless Music Streaming
Sound Max Audio Output: 2W | Sound System: Mono | Speaker Driver: 1.5-Inch
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 | 3.5-mm Audio-In | USB Charging Port
Build Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer | Battery Backup: Up to 6 Hours (Keep Volume at 50%) | Weight: 90 Grams | USB Cable for Charging Provided


► 2.8W HP S6500 Wireless Mini Speaker

HP is famous for laptops and printers. However, this US brand makes the best quality portable wireless speakers also. Currently one of the best wireless speakers under 1500 Rupees is HP S6500. This HP Bluetooth speaker has a unique design, loud & clear audio, and a 10-hour battery life. It makes a secure connection with the audio producing system, withal.

By its shape, the HP looks like a giant. In reality, it has a small build, and you can even carry it in your pocket. The weight of the HP S6500 speaker is only 270 grams. For connectivity, this wireless speaker has only one channel which is Bluetooth. It can easily grab Bluetooth signals from your smartphone if it is in the 30-foot range.

HP S6500 Bluetooth Speaker

All the newest Bluetooth speakers under 1500 Rupees come with a minimum 10-watt audio system. However, the HP S6500 is still a favorite choice of buyers although it has only 2.8-watt peak audio output. The reason is its design that releases sound waves, not from one side instead of the top of the speaker. Instead of moving sound in one direction, on the HP S6500 Bluetooth speaker, sound moves in all directions. Despite not having a 360-degree HD sound feature, this wireless speaker lets you experience it. Isn’t it remarkable?

Price 1480 Rupees
Sound 2.8-Watt Peak Audio Output
Connectivity Bluetooth | 30-Foot range
Battery 10-Hours Backup
Warranty 12-Months


► 5W MIFA A1 Portable Wireless Speaker

MIFA is a US startup and a global brand for portable speakers. MIFA A1 is one of the best-rated mobile speakers under 2000 Rupees in the Indian market presently. This portable wireless speaker impresses with its superior build and incredible sound quality.

As you see in the image above, the mobile speaker looks incredible in a block shape with rounded edges. It is available in these colors: Mint, Green, Red, and Black.

MIFA A1 is a perfect all-weather wireless speaker. IP6X and IP5X certifications for being water-resistant suggest that it is a fit portable speaker for outdoor use.

True Wireless Stereo Technology on MIFA A1 comprises multiple technologies together for better sound. This speaker can produce 360-degree loud and clear sound with deep bass. Moreover, it can pair with two smartphones or audio-producing systems simultaneously.

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Unarguably MIFA A1 is an excellent portable speaker in the 1500 Rupees range. To calm and recharge yourself during hectic work hours, here is a perfect portable speaker for you. However, before you decide to buy it, check the available portable Bluetooth speakers from the house of Indian speaker brand boAt.

Price ₹1500 | Amazon
Audio 5-Watt | 1.5-Inch Full Range Loudspeaker + Passive radiators | 360-Degree HD Sound
Connectivity Bluetooth | AUX-in | MicroSD Card Reader (Support up to 32GB) | Parallel Connection with two Bluetooth Enabled Audio Devices
MIC Hands-free calling | Built-in Microphone
Body IP6X-Rating (Water-Proof) | IP5X-Rating (Dust-Proof) | Weight: 175-Grams | Dimensions: 85x46x86 mm
Battery 1200-mAh | 3.5-hours Charging Time | 10-hours Music Playback in medium volume
Features True Wireless Stereo technology | Wireless Bluetooth music playback | Built-in Mic for hands-free calls

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