In this piece, we cover the best portable wireless speakers under 3000 Rupees in India market. The suggested Bluetooth speakers are from 2500 to 3000 Rupees range. They are products of reliable speaker brands and capable of generating loud and clear punchy sound with powerful Bass. Besides, they have multiple connectivity options as well.

☼ 16W Tribit XSound Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless speaker from Tribit is currently the most recommended portable audio system under 3000 Rupees. It will surpass your expectations, be it sound quality, durability, battery life, or connectivity. That is why top technology websites like Cnet have recommended it. Featuring two 45-mm speaker drivers, this speaker produces loud stereo sound with rich bass. For connectivity, this wireless speaker has the latest Bluetooth version 5.0.

Battery life and battery charging time are essential factors to consider while choosing a portable wireless speaker. This Tribit wireless speaker has a 2600-mAh battery whose charging time is about four to five hours, and playback time is about five to six hours, although the brand claims 24 hours of battery life.

Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers Loud Stereo Sound Rich Bass

Other noteworthy features of this Tribit wireless speaker are being fully waterproof, a built-in microphone for hands-free calling, voice control with Siri & Google now, and a solid build. Not just wirelessly, it connects through a wire as well.

Price ₹2990 → Amazon
Features 2× 45-mm Driver | 2×8W = 16W Audio System | Fully Waterproof | 3.5-mm port | On-Board Controls | Bluetooth 5.0 | 2600W-mAh Battery {Charging-Time: 4-Hours, USB-C Charging, Claimed Playback Time:  Up to 24 Hours} | Warranty: 1-Year


► 16W Mivi Octave Portable Wireless Speaker

There are five best wireless portable speakers currently on sale from 2700 to 3000 Rupees price range. They are Mivi Octave, Artis AR-BT702, Boat Stone 1000, Zaap Hydra Xtreme, and Tantra Thunder. The best choice, however, in them is Mivi Octave. It comes with a stylish cylindrical design and 16-Watt thunderous audio output.

Speakers of a portable wireless speaker generally have either single or dual driver for loud & clear punchy sound. Mivi Octave speaker, however, has a dual driver, and it also has a passive subwoofer. Therefore, the audio, that this wireless speaker generates — has clear extra bass, too. I never heard Bass so loud and clear on a pocket speaker as on this one.

Further, the ability to produce 360-degree HD sound separates this newest wireless speaker from its alternatives. If you are looking for a powerful portable speaker under 3000 Rupees to address meetings, to keep in your travel suitcase, and to carry on a picnic spot, Mivi Octave is a perfect option.

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The Build and design of Mivi Octave are outstanding. It has an IPX5 rating thus it can resist splash and dust. There are onboard control options for play/pause, Stop, Volume up and down. Its connectivity options are Bluetooth and AUX-in. You can also use this wireless portable speaker for hands-free calling.

2600-mAh battery of this Bluetooth speaker is less compared to what its alternatives have.  Its battery lasts longer, however. According to the brand, 2600-mAh battery would last 10 hours or more if the speaker volume is 70% or less.

Thus, considering everything, I would not be wrong in saying Mivi Octave is the best portable wireless speaker under 3000 Rupees. It is a value for money choice.

Price 2999 Rupees
Speaker 16-Watt | 360-Degree HD Sound | Dual Drivers + Passive Sub-woofer
Build Weight: 318 Grams | 2600-mAh battery
Connectivity Bluetooth | AUX-In | MIC | Pair Two Mivi Octave Speaker
Warranty 12 Months


► Portronics Glitz Bluetooth speaker

Consider Portronics as the Micromax of the speaker world. This brand takes ideas from other manufacturers and produces its own budget speakers. This proves when we discuss the Portronics Glitz – Ultra Wireless Speaker, which seems to be inspired by JBL Pulse Speaker.

While the JBL variant will cost you a fortune, but the speaker that we are here discussing comes at a much affordable price tag of 2900 rupees.

LED Lights on the Outer Shell: The very first thing to discuss would be the MSP of this gadget, which is its outer shell. Like the JBL Pulse, there are hundreds of RGB LED lights on the body of this speaker that act as individual pixels. The LED panel also supports multiple themes using which you will be able to personalize the environment. The inbuilt accelerometer changes the orientation of LED patterns according to the position of the speaker itself.

Portronics Glitz Ultra portable wireless Bluetooth speaker POR148

Generates Loud Audio: The users will be stunned by the audio quality of this speaker. Its driver unit gives seven Watts of RMS output that is more than what inbuilt speakers of most budget segment TVs offer. The design of the enclosure amplifies the frequencies and helps in eliminating distortions. Crisp music is produced at all the frequencies. However, what this speaker lacks is a dual channel support, but that is manageable as there is a single driver unit.

Bluetooth and NFC Support: Inbuilt NFC support will certainly impress many customers to this amazing speaker. One can easily pair his smartphone using this technology. The Bluetooth connectivity offers a range of 10 meters, which will be enough for normal usage. One the left side, you can also find a microSD card slot and an aux-in port.

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Cylindrical Portable Design: The speaker has been carved out in triangular and is highly portable. Moreover, it is much easier to use this device, as there are seven buttons on the top, some of which include play/pause button, volume rockers, mode button, and track control buttons.

Calling Functionality: One of the main highlights of this device is that users can receive mobile phone call. But there is a catch. To use call functionality, you will have to connect a smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, the onboard microphone is not sensitive enough to transfer high-quality audio.

Power Efficient: The LED panel is present only on the front side of the speaker. Although this might disappoint certain customers but it certainly helps in saving battery. Its battery, once fully charged, gives about 3-4 hours of power backup. Turning off the LED panel will further increase the battery life by a great factor.


  • Elegant design and sturdy build
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Produces loud, clear and immersive audio
  • Beautiful LED panel with 5 themes
  • Inbuilt accelerometer
  • NFC support
  • Bluetooth range of 30 feet
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Good battery life
  • Users can receive calls wirelessly

Verdict: At this price point, you cannot get a better wireless speaker. The Portronics Bluetooth speaker is certainly one of the best alternatives to the JBL Pulse speaker. The thing that makes this Wireless speaker stand out is its price.

Price 3000 Rupees
Dimensions 185 x 71 x 80 mm
Weight 432 grams
Audio Channel 1
Connectivity Aux-in, Bluetooth, and NFC
Inbuilt Battery Yes
Warranty 1 Year


► Portronics Pure Sound Pro Bluetooth Speaker

Generally, we do not get quality from portable sound bars in the budget segment. Popular brands try to fetch the maximum profits by increasing the price of their products. However, a relatively less popular brand Portronics is trying to set an example by offering premium features at budget prices.

The Portronics wireless Speaker, which is on sale for an attractive price of 2875 rupees, is a great product. It comes with many great features that other brands will not even dare to offer in this price segment.

Two Channel Audio: The sound bar packs in two powerful drivers capable of generating high-quality audio. Stereo effect gives an immersive experience to the listeners. Both the drivers are designed to offer a total RMS output of 10 Watts. This speaker produces loud audio for a medium size room.

Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT II POR118 Bluetooth Speaker

In my opinion, it is a perfect device for watching movies and listening to music. Two passive radiators not only help in producing clear audio, but also widen the frequency response range. As a result, users get to hear deep bass levels.

Excellent Build and Sleek Design: You will not have to spare a lot of space for this device. It measures just 58.5 mm in height and 64 mm in depth. Users can hang it on a wall or just under the TV for a better audio listening experience. The product weighs in at 850 grams, which means it will be a little hard to carry this sound bar from one place to another. Track controls are located at the top and give nice feedback upon pressing.

Connectivity Features: I do not know why, but brands that focus budget segment always offer more connectivity features than the premium brands at the same price. Setup is clean and does not require a bunch of wires. This speaker comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology that covers a range of about 30 meters. There is also a micro-USB and a full-size USB port on the back. Aux-in port allows for universal connectivity across all platforms. The manufacturer also ships a remote in the box. You can use the remote to operate the sound system.

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MicroSD card support and inbuilt FM radio allow the users to listen to music even without an external music-producing device.

Long Battery Life: The driver units offer a much low impedance of 4-ohms each, which helps a lot in extending the battery life. Its high capacity 2000 mAh battery gives about 7 hours of power backup on a single charge. However, the problem is that the battery gets charged through a traditional DC power-in jack, which will disappoint those customers who like to charge devices with universal USB cables.


  • Looks amazing and that does not occupy a lot of space
  • 2 active driver units and 2 passive radiators
  • Deep bass levels
  • 7 hours of battery life
  • Micro SD card support
  • Inbuilt FM radio
  • Comes with a remote
  • Works wirelessly using Bluetooth technology

Verdict: The Portronics Bluetooth speaker is a great solution for those people wants a clean and simple setup for their TVs. The sound bar will enhance your music listening and movie watching experience.

Price 2800 Rupees
Dimensions 45.6 x 6.4 x 5.8 cm
Weight 850 grams
Audio Channel 2
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB and micro-SD Card Slot
Inbuilt Battery Yes
Warranty 1 Year


► 3W JBL Go 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Apart from housing some powerful bass drivers within its sturdy casing, the JBL portable Bluetooth speaker also happens to have a water-resistant body. This portable mini speaker is best for everyday use. It has a sturdy plastic and silicone casing. Its compact body, as well as lightweight build, means that you can carry it almost anywhere. It weighs about 186 grams on average, withal.

JBL Go 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with MIC

The Go 2’s bass output is not exactly the finest although we wouldn’t term it as sub-optimal. Actually, the manufacturer improved the bass performance on this gadget compared to the JBL Go 1. Whereas the best portable speakers for smartphones should have a strong bass output, the JBL GO 2 further enhances its performance with noise-canceling capabilities. This means that all the phone calls you receive through this speakerphone are crystal clear and free from interruptions.

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The JBL Go 2 Portable Bluetooth speaker runs on a 730-mAh battery. On average its battery takes approximately two and a half hours to charge fully. Once fully charged, the battery can sustain the device for about 5 hours of nonstop Bluetooth music streaming.  Connectivity-wise, this JBL portable speaker only supports Bluetooth connections and Aux In audio input.

Cons: –

  • Does not support USB connections
  • Lacks FM radio
  • Easily scratchable
Price 2500 Rupees
Features Wireless Music Streaming | Rechargeable battery | Waterproof Body | Hands-free Calling | Close to 5 Hours of Music Play Battery backup | Auto Power Off | IPX7 Rating for Water Resistant
Sound 3W
Connectivity AUX | BT
Build 180 Grams Weight | 2.5 Hours Charging Time for 100% Battery
Warranty 12 Months
Sales Box JBL GO 2 | USB Cable for Charging | Documents


► 10W Philips BT4200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a full range speaker comes with two big driver units. A total RMS output of 10-Watts ensures that the produced audio is powerful enough for a good music listening experience. The speaker generates deep bass levels.

When I tested it by playing a bass focused audio clip, the platform on which I had placed the speaker also started to vibrate. Moreover, at higher volumes, the mid and high range frequencies distort, which is something that I did not expect from a product manufactured by Philips.

Philips BT4200B Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The speaker has Bluetooth connectivity as the primary method to connect with a smartphone and other well-matched devices. Alternatively, you can also use the 3.5-mm audio jack for wired connections. The inbuilt microphone does allow the users to receive calls, but the audio it records distorts badly.

Pro Features: –

  • Generates a stereo audio
  • Produces deep bass levels
  • Attractive looks
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Features a 3.5mm audio jack

Cons: –

  • Audio distorts at high volumes
  • Mediocre battery backup

Conclusion: The BT4200 Bluetooth speaker is a nice package from Philips. This portable Bluetooth speaker generates loud sound with clear Bass. However, its mediocre battery life and low-quality microphone disappoint. Still, it is one of my favorite Bluetooth speakers under 2500 Rupees because of its brand and audio quality.

Price 2200 Rupees
Features Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device | MIC for Hands-Free Calling | Works with Apple Devices | USB Charging
Sound 10-Watt
Connectivity Bluetooth | 3.5-mm Audio-In
Battery 3 Hours Charging Time | Li-Po Battery | 8 Hours Music Play Time
Build Dimensions: 25.8 x 10.8 x 8.2 cm | Weight: 180 Grams
Warranty 12 Months
Sales Box Speaker | USB cable for PC charging | Documents