Premium earphones are the lasting solution for listening to music on mobile phones. Upgrading to a pair of high-end earphones could save you money in the long run. Perhaps this might sound crazy, but products from companies like 1More, FiiO, and Sennheiser are worth the risk. Their earphones have a reputation for outliving competitor products several times over.

The race to producing the best premium earphones in the market has attracted more than just the top earphone brands today. Take, for instance, companies like Ant Audio and 1More. These brands might not stand well against the likes of old-time players like Sony and Shure for other types of electronics. However, when it comes to earphones only, they are among the top players. Now over the last decade, most people have opted to go for premium earphones instead of their cheaper counterparts.

This earphone review article covers the most exceptional earphones from the price range of 5000 to 10000 Rupees. The suggested premium earphones are currently the top favorite of buyers because of their extraordinary sound and elegant lasting construction.

☼ 1MORE Triple Driver Earphone with Mic

1More is an award-winning earphones manufacturer that has over time established itself as an industry leader. The company manufactures both in-ear and over-the-ear headphones. Remarkably, the company was the first earphone brand to produce THX Certified headphones.

1MORE Triple Driver Earphone with Mic below 8000 rs

Perhaps the company’s success comes from the fact that this Chinese brand has a considerable investment from renowned mobile brand Xiaomi Corporation. 1More already dominates the Asian market and has since expanded its interests to the United States. Here is why the 1More triple driver headsets are the best earphones for bass and sound quality in India.

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Powerful Bass Output: A triple driver setup powers the pair of in-ear headphones for loud and clear sound and enhanced bass quality. The three drivers in each of the earphones are placed strategically and have different frequency ranges. Essentially, this arrangement is meant for simulating a spacious or concert-like sound output.

This three drivers consist of a dynamic bass driver and two armature drivers for extra clarity. Furthermore, the company hired Luca Bignardi to fine-tune the earphones. Luca happens to be one of the best sound engineers in the world.

Ergonomic Design: You are probably familiar with the kind of discomfort that in-ear earphones can sometimes subject their users to. Apparently, the cheaper you go, the bumpier the ride gets. When 1more designed these stylish earphones, the aim was to provide the user with a cozy experience.

For this reason, the manufacturer crafted a cutting-edge design for this pair of earphones. First, the designers had to think of a way to accommodate all three drivers without making the earphones heavy or bulky.

Also, they had to look for a way to offset the earphones’ weight without solely depending on the ear’s external auditory canal. Conventional earphones rely only on your ear canal in order to support their weight. This kind of design may get exceedingly uncomfortable, especially if you use the earphones for a long time.

1MORE Earphone Triple Driver Setup

To counter this challenge, 1more crafted an ingenious structure for their good quality earphones. To begin with, the engineers built the earphone’s shell with an oblique angle. This angling helps the earphones rest on the ear’s antitragus thus relieving the ear canal. This way the user can use the earphones for long, without stressing the auditory canal. Additionally, the manufacturer includes 9 sets of ear tips to suit different ear sizes and environments.

Superb Control System: What makes the 1More triple driver earphones among the top earphones in India — is their user-friendly nature. The manufacturer included an impressive inline control system embedded with a microphone chip within it. This intelligent control system is compatible with all smart devices including iOS and Android devices. The earphones also have a shirt clip, which you can use to attach their cable on your attire securely.

Price ₹7777 | Amazon
Speaker Triple-Driver | Impedance: 35Ω | Sensitivity: 100-dB/mW | Frequency-Range: 20Hz-40KHz | Rated-Power: 5mW | 2 Armature coils: Mid & High Frequencies | Single Dynamic Coil for Low Range Frequencies
Build Weight: 18 Grams | Cable-Length: 1.25-meter | Wire Material Enameled Copper Wire | Lightweight Aluminum Alloy earpieces
Features Three Drivers | Expertly Tuned | Comfortable Ergonomic Design | Intelligent Control Technology
Sales Box Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones | 6 sets of silicone ear tips | 3 sets of foam ear tips | Magnetic clasping traveling case | Attractive storage case | Quality dual prong airline adapter | Matching shirt clip


☼ Creative Aurvana In-Ear Plus earphones

Creative Labs Corporation is slowly gaining a reputation in producing premium headphones for its esteemed customers. Their Aurvana series is surely a people magnet. First there was the Aurvana ANC headphones, then the Aurvana In-Ear Plus and now their recent announcement of the Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus. Nobody really knows what Creative will be releasing next. In this review, I will touch on their most phenomenal release, the In-Ear Plus. The Aurvana In-Ear Plus earphones are a serious affair. Scaling up to a price of 9900 Rupees, these are not the kind of earphones you find at the pawn shop.

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These pair of earphones have a balanced low and mid-range sound, but the highs are a little bit exaggerated. I, however, hate the fact this product experiences sound distortion at high volumes. For such an expensive product, this should not be the case. I think, Creative has corrected this flaw in their successive In-Ear3 plus. All in all this product has some likable characteristics, which I am going to discus in this piece.

Seeing this earphones for the very first time can make you go nuts. Their striking shiny plastic cover with an Aurvana logo looks quite stunning. Moreover, this product is no shaped like the usual earphones we know. At first, I even wondered which part should be facing upwards or downwards. However, I learned later that the weird design is meant to ensure a more secure grip. Moreover, the unique design allows for a woofer and a tweeter to be fitted concurrently. The earphones are covered in a glossy metallic color, which has the Aurvana logo engraved on top of it.

The cable is made of rubbery plastic although it has been changed in the In-Ear3 version to a plaited fabric covering. The rubber covering does not tangle up easily thus adding on to the durability of the earphones. While packing the In-Ear Plus headphones, Creative thought about all the users of this pair of headphones. That explains why they included three sets of ear tips to suit all sizes of ears. The product also comes with a standard airline adapter, which you can use with your 3.5-mm jack. Creative also included a pouch for these headphones.

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HD Sound output: All tones, (high, mid and low tones) are done moderately. The bass is not as hefty as you would have imagined but I like the mid-range tones on this piece. However, the sound output will very much depend on the nature of your phone or device. For example, for an iPhone 3 I noted that if you want an optimum bass, you must max the volume on the earphone’s toggle while selecting the lowest volume on the iPhone.

For other weaker devices like MP3 players and iPods, you can get the best bass when using a superior earphone amplifier. It is also advisable that you only use the ear tips that fit perfectly on you to allow for an effective sound isolation. Although the tweeter-woofer combination in these set of earphones is pretty much a new phenomenon, it works just fine. The effect of each of the two drivers can be heard with utter clarity.

Call Reception Quality: These earphones can also receive calls easily. The noise isolating design on the earbuds means that you can hear everything perfectly. There is also an in-line Microphone on the audio cord, inside the control tool. You can adjust the volumes on either your gadget or on the earphones. The cord measures about 1.2 meters. Therefore it’s long enough to allow you take a call, even if your phone is tucked tightly, at your pants’ back pocket.

Creative Aurvana In-Ear Plus earphones Review and Specifications

Pricing and verdict: You can buy this awesome earphone in the price range of 6000 to 8000 Rupees. Like it and finding its features and function appropriate, Insist on waiting for a good deal to order it online. The In-Ear3 version is a bit expensive. Being just some standard earphones, I wouldn’t complain much about these earphones. However, I have an issue with the sound distortion at high volumes. Nevertheless, it’s not even safe to use your earphones at high volumes, and therefore, this should deter you from buying them. If you can spend that kind of money on a pair of earphones, then you have my go-ahead to buy these particular earphones.

Price ₹7000 | Amazon
Driver  type Balance Armature
Noise-Isolation Yes
Weight 13-grams on average
Cord type Oxygen-Free
Cord length 1.2 meters (4.2 ft)
Cord material Rubbery plastic or braided
Connector type 3.5-mm jack
Inline control Yes-volume toggles
Call reception Yes, with an inline microphone


► FiiO FH1 Dual-Driver Earphone with Mic

Having a first look at the FiiO FH1 Dual Driver earphones, you would think that they are designed for CIA secret service agents. As a matter of fact, my first reaction after seeing this pair of heavy-duty earphones for the first time was, “How the heck do you set these up?” But as it turned out later, these are among the best-engineered headsets you can ever find on the market today. Even though FiiO put multiple connection joints on this product, their performance is worth every penny and struggle.  Here is what we found appealing in these in-ear headphones.

FiiO FH1 Dual Driver Hybrid Earphone with Mic

Deep Bass and balanced sound performance: The FH1 Hybrid IEMs have a unique, out of the box design that goes beyond aesthetics. Maybe most people would assume that the engineers built this product in this design in order to stand out from the crowd. However, this is not the case with the FH1. The reason behind the design is to allow for optimum bass performance from the 10-mm titanium diaphragm dynamic driver. In addition, this design gives more room to fit the Knowles 33518 balanced sound Driver in each of the earpieces. Together, these two drivers perform better than most supra-aural mobile phone earphones.

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Perfect for Studio Production: FiiO engineers made these headsets fitting for studio use as In-ear monitors. You have probably seen musicians wear a special set of earphones to playback music as they perform. Well, these are called In-Ear monitors (IEMs), and their work is to help musicians monitor their vocals in live performances. When choosing the best IEM headphones for stage and studio performances, you must consider a number of factors.

The first key factor is noise cancellation. Live performances usually are full of peripheral noise. The snug-fit silicone ear tips on these earphones isolate these kinds of noise effectively. You also need to consider resonance and audio clarity. These earphones produce a clear and natural sound output, perfect for Studio use.

Comfortable and Striking Design: If you are looking for the best earphones for price then the FiiO FH1 headsets come in as a very viable option. Their secret-service-like over the ear design is very comfortable and stylish in a sense. In addition, these earphones flaunt a Nano-coated glossy veneer. This veneer is not only scratch resistant but is also polished on a UV-treated earpiece casing for added durability.

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For the few hours that I was able to use these earphones, I can’t say I experienced any major letdowns with them. My only advice is that if you buy them, try to handle the earpieces with a lot of care. They may snap off from their joint and possibly fall into places you don’t want them to.

Price ₹5800 | Amazon
Sound Sensitivity: 106 dB/mW | Impedance: 26-ohm | Max Power Input : 100mW
Build 3.5-mm Gold Plated L-Shape Plug | 1.2-meter | 21-Grams Weight
Sales Box FiiO FH1 Dual Driver Hybrid | 6 pairs of silicone ear tips | waterproof carrying case
Features Hybrid Dynamic-Balanced Armature Design | Titanium dynamic driver for potent bass | Brass for effortless natural sound | Hi-res Audio Certification | Freely switch between balanced and single-ended with standard MMCX connectors | Nano-coating for better wearing experience | 13 Types of Test for Each pair of earphones

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