Boombox is basically a speaker system with a music player and radio function. A Boombox is a more practical entertainment, and information system for everyday use than a LED TV is. With your Boombox on, you can continue with your regular works. On the other hand, to watch a TV, you have to stop all your necessary activities. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a boombox.

Which boombox is best? In this piece, we cover the best-selling boomboxes in India market from 500 to 10000 Rupees price range. The suggested boombox under 10000 Rupees are from top Sound & speaker brands in India and currently a favorite choice of buyers.

► Zync Zumbox Boombox with 32W Audio {K20}

As it is clear from the name, Zync is a China brand. But its Boombox, which this Chinese brand markets as Zumbox, is an excellent entertainment system. With lasting 4400 lithium-ion rechargeable battery onboard, Zync Zumbox is non-stop movable entertainment solution.

Zync Zumbox comes with 5 connectivity options: Bluetooth, USB, SD Card Reader, FM Tuner, and 3.5-mm Audio-In. Therefore, it can easily connect with any audio producing system. You can pair it with your smartphone to listen to your favorite songs through its powerful speakers.

Zync Zumbox Boombox with 32-Watt Audio

This Boombox features 2.0-Channel speaker system. The speaker system can produce maximum 32W audio at the highest volume. The sound quality is impressive. Whether you listen to it at low or high volume, the audio maintains quality and clarity. So is dominating bass in the sound.

The build and design of Zync Zumbox Boombox are excellent. Being powered by a lasting battery and direct current means it is a perfect entertainment system to carry at a picnic spot. As you can see in the image above, moving it from one place to another is very convenient. Its gross weight is only 2-Kg. Moreover, built-in MIC gives the facility to make hands-free calls and broadcast conversation to everyone around.

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Thus, Zync Zumbox is a speaker system as well as an entertainment system. Priced at 2690 Rupees in the market currently, it is one of the best Boombox under 3000 Rupees.

Price 2690 Rupees
Features Wireless Music Streaming | 4400-mAh Li-ion Battery (Up to 4.5-Hours of Music Playback) | FM-Radio | Digital-LED Display | Charging-Indicator | Weight: 2-Kg | 12-Months Warranty | Dimensions (LHW): 400×195×157 mm
Sound 32W Max Audio | Clear-Sound and Booming-Bass | Passive-Radiator | Bass & EQ Control
Connectivity USB | SD-Card Reader | Bluetooth 4.2 (10-meter Range) | Aux-In | MIC-In


► Blaupunkt Party Speaker with Wireless Karaoke Mic {BT400 Volcano 40}

The Blaupunkt portable speaker is a party speaker, a boombox, as well as a multifunction home entertainment system. With Karaoke feature and a wireless Karaoke microphone in its sales box, it is one of the best party speakers under 10000 Rupees. Not just that, it also is one of the fastest-selling home entertainment systems in India market at present. All its features, functions, and other built-in traits make it the first preferred choice of those who are looking for a multifunction speaker system for home use.

Blaupunkt BT400 Volcano 40 Portable Party Bluetooth Speaker

Here are the 5 best reasons why Blaupunkt BT400 Volcano 40 should be your next big purchase if you are looking for an all-in-one portable entertainment system.

  1. 40W Loud and clear audio output with dominating bass
  2. Karaoke feature with wireless Karaoke Mic
  3. Lasting 8000-mAh battery
  4. All essential connectivity points
  5. Water resistant Superior build

The printed MRP of this Blaupunkt party speaker is 10999 Rupees. However, its current market price is only 5690 Rupees. There is no portable Bluetooth speaker with that many features other than this Blaupunkt Bluetooth party speaker, even under 10000 Rupees. Therefore, at its current market price, it is a must buy.

Price 5690 Rupees
Features Powerful Sound with Rich Bass | FM Radio | Wireless Music Streaming | Water Resistant Build (IPX5 Rating) | Karaoke Feature | Wireless Karaoke MIC | Multiple Connectivity points | Portable Design | 12-Months Warranty
Sound 2×20W | Powerful Bass | Speaker Impedance: 4-ohm Driver | Speaker Driver: 2×4-Inch | Sensitivity: 82 dB
Connectivity USB | AUX-in | Bluetooth (10-meter Range) | Pendrive Reader | SD Card Reader Slot
Battery 8000-mAh | Charging Time: 4-Hours | 15-Hours battery life (at 50% Volume)
Sales Box Bluetooth Speaker | USB Charging Cable | AUX Cable | Wireless Microphone | Documents


► Zoook Rocker Boombox+ with 32-Watt Speakers

The Zoook Rocker boombox is the top choice in the market if you are looking for a boom box under 5000 Rupees. Designed in France, but made in China, it is an affordable, cheap boombox. But it will impress you with its ability to produce loud & clear sound with deep BASS. It has all the required connectivity points and convenience features. It can tune your city FM channel as well. Moreover, you can connect your smartphone with it for making hands-free calls and wireless music streaming.

Zoook Rocker Boombox 32W Bluetooth Speaker with FM

This Zoook boombox comes with 2.0-Channel speaker system. At its highest volume, the max audio output is 32W. Its audio quality and clarity — is unquestionable. Still, if you care more about sound quality and less about features and also ready to increase your budget, I would suggest you consider either Sony or Blaupunkt boombox.

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Considering the price, features, and connectivity options, still, Zoook Rocker Boombox Plus is the best Boombox under 5000 Rupees. Priced less than 3000 Rupees, it is a value for money portable music player for home use. This fantastic portable audio player with USB port and Bluetooth is a total PAISA VASOOL.

Price 2900 Rupees
Feature FM Radio | Hands-free Calling | Bass & Treble Control | LED Notification Display | Designed in France | Made in China | ABS Plastic Body | Weight: 2.46-Kg | 12-Months Warranty
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 | AUX-In | USB | Pendrive Reader | SD Card Reader | Mic-In
Speakers 32-Watt Audio | 4 Speaker Drivers | 2X15W Speaker Drivers + 2X1W Tweeters + 2 Bass Radiators | FR Range: 90 – 16K Hz
Power DC 5V | Battery: 5000-mAh | Charging time: MAX 5H(5V/1.5A) | Music Play Time: up to 9-Hours


► Sony Boombox with Bluetooth and NFC {ZS-RS60BT}

Sony is a favorite brand for multifunction audio systems. Sony RS60BT is one of the best-selling boomboxes in India market. After reading details of this multifunction sound system, you would surely want to have it in your home, in your bedroom. So, let us go through its key features and functions.

Recording Feature: This feature is for copying an audio file, or entire CD to a thumb drive in MP3 format at 2X speed.

Sony RS60BT Boombox with FM Radio

Radio options: This Sony Boombox is also a fully-functional AM FM radio. Its built-in powerful antenna helps it to cache short and medium wave signals to deliver clear radio audio without distortion. This works well even if you are staying on the ground floor. Moreover, you can save up to 20 FM and 10 SW/MW stations using the preset feature.

Speakers: Sony RS60BT Boombox comes with two stereo speakers. Its total audio output is 4W, 2W from each of the speakers. Both the speakers can generate loud & clear audio with good bass. The sound quality remains crisp and clear whether you set the volume to the minimum or to the maximum. Moreover, using the 3.5-mm Audio-in port, this Boombox can also be a fully-functional speaker system.

Control and Play: The auto-scan feature of this Sony Boombox does magic. Using it, this Boombox loads index file of an MP3 playlist, stored on a CD or a thumb drive. Then, it plays all the listed songs in order. Forward, backward, play, pause, and repeat all such actions can be performed by pressing the buttons.

Build Quality: Made using premium quality plastic, this Made in India product seems firm and durable. Its build quality is such that it can surely absorb sudden kick by a naughty kid that generally happens in Indian homes.

  Portable Wireless Speakers: ₹5000 - ₹7000

Battery and Electricity Powered: Use either battery or electricity to energize this Sony Boombox. To power it in battery mode, 6 1.5V alkaline batteries required. A set of 6 batteries will last for 26-hours of Radio tuning, 13-hours of Bluetooth audio streaming, and 9-hours of CD playback.

Price 7800 Rupees
Features Auto Scanning for Audio Files | Save Radio Stations | 1-Year Warranty | Made In India Product
Functions Sound System | FM Radio | SW-MW Radio | USB Reader | Wireless Music Streaming | Copy Files from Storage to another
Sound 2×2W Audio | Stereo Speakers | Bass Booster Button | Speakers with Metal Grill
Connectivity NFC | Bluetooth | 3.5-mm Audio-in | USB 2.0 | Headphone-Out
Build LED Notification Display | Control Buttons | Built-in Antenna | Power: 15W Adaptor/6 1.5V Alkaline Batteries | Weight: 2-Kg Approx.
Sales Box Boombox | Power Cable | Protection Sheet | Documents

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