Our outdoor and office music is now handled more easily with Bluetooth speakers. Apart from their sheer simplicity and mobility, portable Bluetooth speakers are equipped with other handy utilities such as call reception and FM radio. You might be asking yourself why you need one of these devices, especially if you already have a powerful Bluetooth-supported home theater system in your house. You may not be able to take your home theater system everywhere you visit.

Here is where portable Bluetooth speakers become helpful. With one of these gadgets, you might be able to carry loud music with you wherever you travel. However, you must aim to get an excellent portable Bluetooth speaker, one that won’t die on you or spoil easily.

Which is the most powerful portable wireless speaker for under 7000 rupees? In this piece, we cover the most popular portable Bluetooth speakers from the 6000 to 7000 rupees range. The suggested wireless speakers are from Harman Kardon, Philips, Sony, and other top speaker brands. Currently, they are the leading Bluetooth speakers under 7000 rupees in the Indian market.

☼ 3W Muzen Mini Button Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This portable wireless speaker from Muzen is quite portable but generates super loud and clear sound. It has 3W Audio for great sound. It is also known for its vintage classic design. Furthermore, the TEXTURED METAL SHELL makes this speaker stand out from others on the market with its sleek and sturdy exterior.

Muzen Mini Button Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

On the connectivity side, this portable wireless speaker features Bluetooth version 4.2. The most popular Bluetooth version is 5.0, however. For power, this speaker comes with a 400-mAh battery, which provides up to 8 hours of playtime, allowing users to enjoy their music without frequent charging.

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Overall, this portable Bluetooth speaker is appropriate for outdoor activities, such as camping trips or picnics, as it is compact and easy to carry around. With its excellent sound quality, elegant design, and long battery life, the Muzen Mini Button Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a worthy investment for any music enthusiast.

Price ₹5900 → Amazon
Features 3W Audio | Vintage Classic Design | TEXTURED METAL SHELL | Bluetooth 4.2 | 400-mAh Battery | 8 Hours Music Playtime |  70-dB SNR | Weight: 360 grams | Dimensions: 2.48×1.85×1.18 Inch


☼ 30W boAt Aavante 15 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The marked price of the boat wireless stereo speaker is 7990 Rupees. Currently, it is on sale for 6000 Rupees. On the official website of the boat brand, it was available for just 3990 Rupees during a flash sale. This gives a fair idea about what could be the lowest price for this portable Bluetooth speaker. Now you can decide easily whether to wait or buy this mind-blowing pocket speaker now.

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The boAt Aavante 15 portable stereo speaker features two full-range 3-inch drivers. And it is a boat brand speaker. So, its audio quality is unquestionable. Trust it for loud and clear sound with deep rounded bass. Moreover, there is no other portable wireless speaker below 7000 Rupees that can generate 30W loud & clear sound. Therefore, this boat portable Bluetooth speaker must be your final pick if your budget for a portable stereo speaker with rich sound is in the range of 5000 to 7000 Rupees.

Price ₹6000 | Amazon
Features Stereo Speaker | Pair & Play Two boAt Aavante 15 | Warranty: 1-Year
Sound 30W | 2×3-Inch Full-Range Driver | Impedance: 4-ohm | Sensitivity: 91-dB | FR Range: 50Hz to 20KHz
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 | 3.5-mm Audio Port | USB 2.0
Build IPX5 Rating | Battery: {4000-mAh | Charging-Time: 4-Hours | Music-Playback Backup: 14-Hours} | On-Board Control Buttons


☼ Harman Kardon Esquire Mini Portable Wireless Speaker

The Harman Kardon portable wireless speaker has a superb build, and it generates crystal-clear sound. This speaker lives up to the brand's reputation. It will blow your mind on the very first look. The brand has done a great job by providing best-in-class built, design, control, and connectivity selections. This speaker is so compact and lightweight that you would always love to carry it around. Chamfered edges reflect light and offer a premium appeal to the eyes.

Harman Kardon Esquire Mini Portable Wireless Speaker

A metallic frame provides sturdiness to this portable wireless speaker. The speaker grill comes engraved with a Harmon Kardon logo, which in itself is engraved with patterns. The bottom of the speaker features a rubberized sleeve that saves it from getting scratched. The soft leather finish of the back panels gives an idea of the artisanship that the manufacturer has used while making this speaker. All the control buttons are on the top of the speaker making possible single-hand use, withal.

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Outstanding Sound Quality: Under the front panel is located a pair of two powerful driver units. A total RMS output of 8 watts seems loud enough to shake up a medium-sized room with pure music. This speaker is great for throwing small parties and celebrating small occasions.

The audio of this speaker does not distort even if you increase the volume to the maximum. It is a beast when it comes to Mids and highs, as well.

The Harmon Kardon Wireless speaker is an advanced sound system suitable for all classes of users. Its premium design and unparalleled sound quality can blow anyone’s mind. I would highly recommend this portable Bluetooth speaker for 7000 Rupees.

Price ₹6990 → Amazon
Features All-in-one speaker | Ultra-thin body | High-fidelity Speaker | 12-Months Warranty
Sound 2×4W | Harman Kardon sound with dual Driver | High-performance Drivers and Extended bass response | Stereo Sound
Connectivity Bluetooth | Wireless Music streaming
Battery 2000-mAh | Rechargeable | Music-Play Backup: 8-Hours | Charging-Time: up to 5-Hours
Build Dual Microphone with Eco & Noise Cancellation Technology | Weight: 238-Grams
Sales Box Speaker | Micro-USB Cable | Leather Strap | Documents


☼ 16W JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker

The Flip series of speakers from JBL are a favorite of the masses and experts alike. So far, JBL has launched six models in the Flip speaker series. Here we have the Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker. This 16W speaker can play music for up to 12 hours on a single charge. Its build quality is excellent, and its sound quality is outstanding. Those who bought this speaker have rated it very highly. Therefore, we have decided to review it. In light of current market trends, it represents an exceptionally good value, especially since it's from JBL.

JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker comes with two speaker drivers, one of which is a Bass radiator. Its frequency response range starts from 70Hz and goes up to 20kHz. Single to noise ratio is very impressive at 80dB. The impedance is even more impressive at just 6 ohms. These statistics confirm that this portable wireless speaker is warm and powerful.

The build quality of this JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker is solid, and its design is attractive. For wireless connectivity, it has Bluetooth 4.2, and 3.5 audio-in & USB ports are available for wired connection. Further, its built-in microphone captures vocals without any external interference.

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Thus, the JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker is a good choice for people who want to enjoy music without the hassle of managing wires and in HD quality. The rating of 4.5 out of 5 suggests that this Bluetooth speaker is worth its price.

Price ₹5990 → Amazon
Features Max Sound: 16W | Speaker Drivers: 2 | FR Range: 70Hz to 20kHz | Bluetooth 4.2 | 3.5-mm Audio-in | 3000-mAh Battery | Claimed {Charging-Time: 3.5-Hours | Playback Time: 12 Hours} | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 16W JBL Flip 3 Portable Wireless Speaker

JBL’s Flip series speakers have always attracted customers. This series is known to offer excellent audio quality at an affordable price. Last year, JBL launched the Flip3 Bluetooth Speaker, which is the third member of this series. Shortly, this device has become famous around the world.

JBL Flip3 Portable Wireless Speaker

The manufacturer took a long time to launch this famous speaker in India, but when that happened, hundreds of customers started searching for it online. My team wanted to do an in-depth test on this product, so we decided not to publish the review in a hurry.

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However, it has been almost two months since we purchased it and now, I am finally drafting this review. The discussion here is based on the experience my team has had after using the Flip 3 Bluetooth Speaker. Moreover, I will also try to clear out what special this portable speaker has to offer at a luxury price of 5000 rupees.

Professionally Crafted Body: The JBL Flip3 looks like a smaller version of the JBL Xtreme Speaker that I reviewed a few days ago. The Flip 3 comes in an outer shell that is resistant to splashes and rainfall. The manufacturer has tried to give it an appealing look. Its outer shell is sleek and feels very premium in hand.

I am very impressed with the compactness of this JBL Bluetooth speaker. You can easily fit it in a small backpack or even try to force it into your jeans packet. It is solid built, and durable enough to run for many years without cracks or breaks.

Loud and Clear Sound: The lead role of the show here is played by the two 40-mm driver units that the manufacturer has positioned on either side of the device. Both the transducers vibrate along with the beats and generate a wide range of frequencies.

When it comes to bass production, this portable wireless speaker might not give an experience similar to that of JBL Xtreme. But the drivers are good enough to throw any other portable speaker available in this price segment out of the competition.

Unfortunately, the Flip 3 Bluetooth speaker fails to provide any kind of soundstage, which will disappoint music lovers. However, for budget users, it is still an excellent option to go for.

Connectivity Features: The regular readers of this website know well I always criticize JBL for not offering modern connectivity options on speakers. The Flip 3 speaker is no different story, as it lacks NFC connectivity. I am sure Android users will not appreciate it for poor connectivity options.

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The JBL Connect feature attempts to make up for the lack of connectivity options in some way. Its Bluetooth range is quite good, and you will not get any kind of disconnection problem.

Impressive Power Backup: The massive 3,000-mAh battery on board is capable of delivering 10 hours of battery backup on a single charge. And, in less than 3.5 hours, the battery gets fully charged.

Should you buy this JBL portable Bluetooth speaker? If we can ignore the cons, which do not have much impact on its performance, JBL Flip3 is an excellent portable speaker with a 5000 Rupees budget to have on your desk. You will hardly find any other speaker that gives a balanced audio output at all frequencies.

Price 5600 Rupees
Features Wireless Music Streaming | JBL Connect | Auto Power Off
Sound 16W | JBL Bass Radiator
Connectivity 3.5-mm Audio-in Port | Bluetooth
Battery 3000-mAh Li-ion Battery | 3.5 Hours Charging Time | 10 Hours Music Play Backup
Build Splash-proof
Warranty 12 Months


☼ 12W Philips BT6000 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

In the past decade, Philips has been striving to produce high-performing audio gadgets. One of the best products in this line of portable speakers is the Philips BT6000. Its compact build and attractive finishing put it above a great deal of other Bluetooth speakers on the market. Here are some of its excellent features.

Similar to other conventional portable Bluetooth speakers, it has a cylindrical shape that allows for a 360-degree sound firing capability. The portable speaker measures 18.8 by 7 by 7.1 centimeters, with very little space to spare. It weighs about 485 grams. Meaning that you can hardly feel its weight when carrying it in your Laptop bag or pouch.

Philips BT6000 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I like the cylindrical splash-proof design that makes this portable speaker an ideal option for outdoor use. Philips’ decision to put a loop on the top of the speaker is a bonus since you can freely hang the speaker on two fingers, by the loop for easy mobility. On the side frame, there is a quick pairing button which you can use for fast Bluetooth pairing with smart devices. Other controls such as volume toggles and power buttons are located at the top facing, underneath the loop, withal.

Connectivity and Sound Quality: This portable speaker uses Bluetooth to connect with gadgets for media input. The Bluetooth range for this gadget is about ten meters maximum. The fact that it has NFC support means you can connect Android devices in an instant. The NFC logo on the frame, by the pairing button, confirms the presence of this configuration. Moreover, on the bottom side of the cylindrical casing, you will find a small lid that can be snapped open to reveal some other ports. After opening it, you will see an AUX input port and a USB charging port.

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The total sound output of this wireless speaker is 12 watts. That is adequate for such a small speaker. Essentially, the right thing to buying such wireless speakers from renowned companies like Philips is – they have a reputation to maintain and won’t bail out from the tiniest of flaws. For instance, whereas many speakers the same size as the BT6000, have issues to do with sound distortion while at their maximum volumes, this speaker remains intact even when the volume is about to blast the thing off. The audio range is more than 20 meters on average, and the 360-degree firing design further widens the span, withal.

Battery Backup: This Philips Bluetooth soundbar uses a standard Lithium-Ion battery. That can run for a dazing 8 hours. This is an upgrade from its predecessor the BT3500 which would only run for 5 hours. Moreover, the speaker is charged with a 5V/2A rating USB adapter, and only takes a few hours (maybe 3-4) to charge it to full capacity.

Besides, the Philips portable wireless speaker supports Hands-free calls through the loudspeakers and has an inbuilt microphone too. This means that you can pick a call when you are doing the dishes, without necessarily having to shout to your phone’s mouthpiece.

Should you buy this Philips portable speaker? The Philips portable wireless speaker is priced at 5300 Rupees on average. I would recommend it to anyone who likes the design. Even so, the fact that it has no bass at low volumes kind of disappointed me. With the same amount of money, I am sure you can get something better out there.

Price 6000 Rupees
Features  2.1-Channel Speaker | Wireless Music Streaming
Sound  12W Audio | 8-ohm Impedance | 360 Degree Sound | Digital sound processor | Twin Speaker Drivers | Neodymium magnet system
Connectivity  Bluetooth | One-Touch NFC | Audio-In
Battery  4400-mAh | 8 Hours Battery Backup
Build  Splash-proof Body | 490 Grams Weight
Warranty 12 months


☼ 10W Trendwoo BEAT IT Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This Trendwoo portable speaker uses the latest CSR enhancement to its Bluetooth chip. This new modification ensures that this speaker is both power efficient and fast in connection. The connectivity range of this portable speaker is about 33 feet, and within this range, there is no distortion to the connection whatsoever. This version is also compatible with a wide range of gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The AZDP V1.2 and AVRCP V 1.4 profile support in this device, is part of what increases compatibility.

Trendwoo Beat It Bluetooth Speaker

Powerful Audio Output: In as much as Portable Bluetooth speakers are tiny, they should be considerably loud and clear. This is because they are used in incredibly diverse environments and therefore should have just enough potential to perform each task needed. For example, in conference rooms, a portable Bluetooth speaker can come in handy in complementing the weak sound from a projector.

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The Trendwoo BEAT IT houses a speaker unit with two 45-millimeter drivers. Each of these drivers can produce 5W in audio output at a frequency range of 140Hz to 20KHz. With such a rating, this product can be reasonably audible even in a big conference room measuring 1000 sq. ft.

Premium Lightweight Build: Unlike most portable Bluetooth speakers in its class, this device is not built from Plastic. Plastic can be very disappointing at times, mainly due to its frailty. Portable Bluetooth speakers are used in very challenging environments like outdoors and Basketball pitches. Therefore, you cannot afford to gamble on the material they are made of. You want a portable speaker that won’t freak you out if it gets hit by the ball while playing beach soccer or volleyball with your friends.

The TRENDWOO BEAT IT is made of a Zinc Alloy. The metal shell on this portable wireless speaker is entirely handmade to ensure some bit of rigidity. This means that it will withstand environmental conditions pretty well. Its design is also attractive and out of the box.

Bluetooth Speaker with Hands-Free Calling: This portable speaker comes with an inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery. After a full charge, it can give you up to 10 hours of playtime. It only takes about 4 hours to charge this wireless speaker to full capacity, and it uses a micro USB cable. This speaker requires just a standard 5V and 1A voltage for charging. The battery is a 4000-mAh battery.

Hand’s free calls: Trendwoo BEAT IT speaker supports hand’s hands-free calls. Through its integrated two-way microphone, you can pick up calls and communicate freely with the receiver on the other end, without any distortion. This makes it an ideal option for conference calls.

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Should you buy this TRENDWOO portable speaker? The portable Bluetooth speaker comes with a one-year warranty, and it is on sale for around 6000 Rupees. Judging from its sturdy build and powerful drivers, this portable is reasonably priced and a good option. If you’re looking for just a simple Bluetooth speaker, then this is the right product for you. It will not only blend with different environments like offices and in-house characteristics but also come in handy for outdoor use. My recommendation? Buy it!

Price 6000 Rupees
Features Faster Bluetooth | Built-In MIC | X-Bass for Superior Sound
Sound 2×5W | 4-ohm Impedance
Connectivity Bluetooth | Audio-In
Battery 4000-mAh | Li-Po battery | Battery Backup 6.5 Hours | Charging Time: 3 hours
Build Metal Body
Warranty  6 months


☼ House of Marley Liberate Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Bob Marley, born in 1945, has been regarded as one of the most influential singers of all time. Marley’s career touched new heights during the 1970s. Unfortunately, in the year 1981, he had been diagnosed with a severe disease and died later. Fans and music lovers remember singer Marley for his vision of peace and unity.

This small introduction to Bob Marley’s life was necessary here. His legacy survives in the form of the brand, House of Marley. This company focuses on electronic music products including speakers, headphones, and other audio systems. One of the best-selling products of this reputed speaker brand is the Liberate, a portable wireless Speaker. It features a marvelous design and immersive audio quality.

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Elegant Design that Impresses Everyone: The House of Marley brand is known for its unique design language. The portable speaker proves well by its brilliant build quality. A metallic plate on the speaker mesh helps in guiding the audio waves. A special REWIND material, which is durable and feels soft in touch, covers the speaker to safeguard the original color for many years to come. One extraordinary feature of this fabric is that it is made of recycled materials means contributing to environmental protection.

House of Marley Liberate Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Adding to the design of this portable wireless speaker is the brand name engraved on its real bamboo back panel. You can find another logo of the brand on the front that also acts as an indicator light. The speaker measures 8.6 inches in width and is much easier to carry in a backpack.

Connectivity Features: Being a wireless audio system, it comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity but lacks NFC. A USB port is on the left side while the 3.5-mm aux-in port is on the right side. Both these connectivity ports come covered with a rubber flap for safety. The RCA ports panel is for connecting this speaker to a wide range of devices including set-top boxes. An inbuilt microphone enables it to receive calls, withal.

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This premium portable speaker houses, not one or two, but instead four driver units inside. They generate stunning audio without consuming much power. I love the audio performance of this portable speaker. It accurately produces Mid and high frequencies. The listeners could easily differentiate the placement of various musical instruments playing in the background.

Further, this portable speaker stuns with its treble performance. It struggles, however, in generating low-level frequencies. Therefore, I wouldn’t say it is the best speaker for Bass under 6000 Rupees.

Battery Life is Mediocre: A portable speaker this pricey must have a long battery life. Alternatives available in the same price segment are offering a minimum of 10 hours of battery life. This House of Marley speaker, however, gives only 7-8 hours of power backup after being fully charged.

Pros: –

  • Four 1-inch driver units
  • Low impedance level
  • Produces full-range audio
  • Good at generating crisp and clear high frequencies
  • Vocals are phenomenal
  • Made for rugged usage
  • Real Bamboo Back panel
  • Equipped with RCA In ports
  • Bluetooth and aux-in connectivity
  • Can receive calls

Should you buy this House of Marley speaker? The brand “House of Marley” did the best it could for the build quality and audio quality of the speaker. This portable Bluetooth speaker produces loud and clear sound, but the Bass in the audio isn’t the best. House of Marley Liberate, therefore, could be an authentic speaker to listen to traditional Indian music.

Price 6000 Rupees
Features Legendary Marley Sound | Portable & Rechargeable | Inbuilt Microphone for Hands-free Calling
Sound 4 Speaker Drivers
Connectivity AUX | Bluetooth
Build Body made of Natural Recycled Materials | 680 Grams Weight | Natural bamboo wood rear panel