Keeping a healthy body is not something you want to joke about. At the very least it could be the bridge between life and death. Every year, India loses a good deal of people due to cholesterol-related and cardiovascular diseases. A recent report revealed that the rate of deaths emanating from cardiovascular diseases in India has risen by about 34% in the past two decades or so.

At the heart of this upsurge are tobacco abuse and high cholesterol content in the body. As silly as it seems, cardiovascular diseases can be kept at bay through regular exercise on home treadmill machines and other lightweight gym equipment.

In particular, I recommend indoor treadmills over physical running in most urban parts of India due to air conditions. Cities like Delhi are overly air-polluted and running physically in such areas could get you sick. As a matter of fact, air pollution is among the top 5 killers in India. Close to 1.5 million people die every year in India due to air pollution-related diseases.

If you compare running outside vs. treadmill use indoors, you can see that exercising right from the comfort of your home is way better than running outside. Especially in heavily polluted areas like Delhi, you really don’t want to get all that smog in your lungs. In this piece, we look at some of the best budget treadmills for home use.

Which is the best treadmill under 20000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling treadmills from 15000 to 20000 Rupees range. The suggested treadmills are a top favorite of buyers because of excellent build quality, lots of control features, entertainment facility, and built-in safety.

 ☼ 1.75HP PowerMax TDM-98 Fitness Treadmill

PowerMax is one of the leading brands in India market for high quality and long-lasting treadmills for home use. The TDM-98 treadmill model of this Indian brand is very popular, a top-rated treadmill under 20000 Rupees on the market currently. Its top speed is 10 km/h and supported max user-weight is 100-kg. Since it is powered by a silent DC motor, it can be used anytime, early morning, or late in the evening, without disturbing other family members.

The PowerMax treadmill comes with a safety key. So, it will stop instantly in case the user fell while running or jogging.

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The foldable design of this PowerMax treadmill is also a big reason why it is a top favorite. It is easy to use, fold, and transport. Also, it has built an entertainment system for playing songs to make the session enjoyable. A built-in heart-rate sensor keeps track of the user’s heart, withal.

Price ₹17990 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Max User Weight: 100-Kg | 1.75HP Motor | Max Speed: 10 km/h | Foldable & Portable | Up to Lifetime warranty


☼ 1.75-HP Fitkit FTK065 Treadmill

Fitkit is one of the most reputable treadmill brands in India garnering a substantial market share of gym equipment in the country. Mostly, the company’s best sellers for indoor exercise equipment are medium-sized treadmills like the Fitkit FTK065. By medium, I mean treadmills rated between 60 and 90 kilograms.

Of course, if you want a bigger motorized treadmill, the company has other solutions for you. Nevertheless, a 90-kg treadmill works just fine for most people. Among the reasons we chose the FTK065 over other products in this price range are its sturdiness and space-saving design. We’ve discussed everything in detail below.

Ergonomic and Sturdy design: If you are looking for a long-lasting treadmill for home use, this device comes in handy as it is braced with a robotically welded all-steel frame for extra durability. The bars and the whole structure of this treadmill are ergonomically designed for added comfort. Actually, this is one of the few minimalist treadmills that give you a similar experience as jogging outside. The engineers of this gadget aimed for precision in the frame, so that the user can get the same feel as running outside.

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Cushion padded running mat: Still, on comfort, this device has a padded running mat so as to reduce strain on your feet and knees when exercising. One of the major treadmill effects on legs is that it can put a lot of strain on your knees and feet. The shock absorbing mat installed on this device helps to reduce this strain on your knees by dumping all the vibrations and absorbing the running impact. The mat has threads which provide a non-slip design to make the device safer.

Smart operation: In addition, Fitkit engineers integrated this machine with the company’s smart treadmill app. Through the app, you can monitor your daily workout schedule and also get challenged by other Fitkit users. The app tracks your entire workout sessions and works across most Android and iOS devices. Upon request, it can upload those stats in a worldwide data repository where other Fitkit users can see it.

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Other Features: This device has a considerably low noise output. We can also not fail to mention that it has all the basic workout monitoring systems. These include a pulse monitor, heart rate monitor and an LCD display to top it all.

Price 19000 Rupees
Features Heart rate monitor app | Manual adding oil system | G-fit App for Progress monitoring | Ideal for a first-time user | Treadmill for walking | Treadmill for running | Twister & Foldable | Portable and Wheels at the bottom
Control Panel LCD Display with {Time | Speed | Calories Burned | Heart Rate | App Connect | Multiple Modes | Preset Programs}
Motor Power: 1.75HP | Peak motor power: 2HP
Run mat 1050×360 mm running surface | Shock absorbing multi-layered running mat | Minimum user weight: 20 Kg | Max user weight: 90kg | Speed: 8 to 14 KM per hour | Max user weight running: 65 kg
Installation Free Installation | Fitkit Customer Care: 6260741911/ 6260741910 | Use Voltage Stabilizer in case of uneven power supply
Warranty 12 months on the whole unit | additional 24 months on the motor

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