If you are looking for a car subwoofer speaker, this article could be useful for you. Here we have discussed the features of a JBL subwoofer speaker, which because of many great features is one of the best-recommended car subwoofers in India. Moreover, from the article title, you know the price of the JBL car subwoofer is under 7500 Rupees.

Car speakers are an integral part of our day-to-day lives. In as much as car manufacturers are trying to install some of the best-performing car audio systems in new cars, you still find that they aren’t as powerful as what you would buy from an auto-shop. The JBL GTX Subwoofer is one of the best speaker installation kits in the market. It competes directly with the likes of Sony’s X-plod series and Kenwood subwoofers.

Although you have the option to buy the JBL GTX 1200T without a cabinet, it’s advisable to get one with a pre-installed cabinet since this gadget will only fit best in the trunk. A cabinet not only helps in protecting the subwoofer unit from being damaged by other stuff in the trunk but also makes it easy for detachment, for example when cleaning the car. The bass also sounds contained, when a subwoofer is fitted to a cabinet.

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This product is endowed with a 12-inch speaker unit which can output up to a maximum of 1200 Watts. The subwoofer works best with a JBL 4-channel Amplifier. Unlike other products from Sony, the best enclosure box for this product is a cylindrical one. This is simply because it has a wide base tube and thus wouldn’t produce as much bass if it was housed inside a square-shaped cabinet.

Its frequency response is between 23Hz and 450Hz and therefore you have to be very careful with high volumes. With such an output, you can easily deafen a child if this subwoofer is switched to maximum volumes.

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Compact Build: This product is ideal for all vehicle types since it has a compact design. It measures 36.2 by 36.1 by 20.2 centimeters and thus won’t take up a big space in your trunk. This device weighs 4.6 kilograms meaning that it’s not as hefty. However, to ensure that the subwoofer unit doesn’t get damaged by other loads in the trunk or crush in the trunk’s walls when the car hits a pothole, users are advised to find a way of fastening it on one end of the trunk.

→ JBL GTX 1200T Subwoofer Price in India

This product is priced at 5000 Rupees, but in some outlets, the price could go up to 7000 Rupees. The only glitch I found in this product is the fact that it lacks a tweeter unit. Other similar subwoofers from Sony, Kenwood, and Blaupunkt have tweeters to complement the heavy bass outputs. All the same, you can always fit any external tweeter system of your choice.

This product is ideal for outdoor parties. Conclusively, I think it’s great, you can’t compare it to most car subwoofers in its price range. The cabinets too are really attractive and they’ll look inviting in your car’s trunk.

JBL GTX 1200T Car Audio System

Price 5000 Rupees
Model JBL GTX 1200T
Device type Car Subwoofer
Weight 4.6 Kg
Dimensions 36.2 x 36.1 x 20.2 cms
Output 1200W
Frequency response 23Hz-450Hz