How to select a good washing machine? Washing machine selection is tricky, especially for first-time buyers. A local electronics showroom in your area is not the right place to buy your first washing machine. The showroom sales representative will try to influence your decision by narrating hundreds of hard to understand features. Their ultimate aim is to sell you a washing machine, for which the showroom makes a better margin.

After doing research and interview sessions with many homemakers, we have cut down the long list of washing machines to few. In this piece, we cover the best heavy-duty washing machines under 50000 Rupees. The suggested washing machines are currently a top favorite of buyers from 40000 to 50000 Rupees price range.

Which brand is best for large washing machines? LG, IFB, Bosch, and Samsung are the four best brands for high capacity washing machines. My personal favorite is Bosch. I prefer buying less smart but high-build quality washing machine which can wash clothes gently and thoroughly.

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More intelligent features and add-on functions mean changes of malfunction in the washing machine are more. Getting a washing machine serviced is almost a full day job. Call the company, wait for the technician, wait for service to complete, if the issue still persists, then follow up with the company and technician again. That is why for my personal use I prefer high-build quality washing machine over super smart washing machines.

☼ 11-Kg LG FHP1411Z9P Washing Machine {1400}

LG ब्रांड का FHP1411Z9P वॉशिंग मशीन एक शीर्ष उपकरण है जो असाधारण प्रदर्शन प्रदान करता है। 11 किलोग्राम की क्षमता वाली यह वॉशिंग मशीन बड़े घरों के लिए बिल्कुल उपयुक्त है। प्रभावशाली 1400 आरपीएम तेज और कुशल धुलाई सुनिश्चित करता है, जबकि इन्वर्टर तकनीक ऊर्जा दक्षता सुनिश्चित करती है।

5 स्टार रेटिंग के साथ, LG FHP1411Z9P न केवल शक्तिशाली है बल्कि पर्यावरण के अनुकूल भी है। कपड़े खूब धोता है यह वाशिंग मशीन, लेकिन इसके द्वारा पानी और बिजली खपत होगी कम।

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इसमें 14 वॉश प्रोग्राम हैं, जो विभिन्न कपड़ों और भारों के लिए अनुकूलित सफाई विकल्पों की अनुमति देते हैं। डायरेक्ट ड्राइव मोटर के परिणामस्वरूप शांत और सुचारू संचालन होता है, जबकि एकीकृत हीटर पूरी तरह से सफाई के लिए गर्म पानी सुनिश्चित करता है। फ़ज़ी लॉजिक तकनीक स्वचालित रूप से लोड के आधार पर सेटिंग्स को समायोजित करती है, जिससे कपड़े धोने का दिन अधिक सुविधाजनक और कुशल हो जाता है।

एलजी ब्रांड अपने इस वाशिंग मशीन मॉडल के लिए देती है 10 साल तक की वारंटी। 2 साल की वारंटी पुरे यूनिट के लिए और 10 साल तक की वारंटी मोटर के लिए।

कुल मिलाकर, LG FHP1411Z9P वॉशिंग मशीन उच्च गुणवत्ता और उन्नत उपकरण की तलाश करने वालों के लिए एक बेहतरीन निवेश है।

Price ₹48990 ► Amazon
Features Max Load: 11 Kgs | Soak → Wash → Spin Dry | Spin Speed: 1400 | Heater: Steam Wash | Inverter Motor | Power Rating: 5 Star | Wi-Fi → App Control | AI DD Wash Technology | Wash Programs: 14 | Water Usages: 8.7L/Kg | Made in Bharat | Amazon Return: 10 Days


☼ 10-Kg IFB Executive Plus MXC 1014 Washing Machine {1400}

आईएफबी ब्रांड का का एग्जीक्यूटिव प्लस एमएक्ससी 1014 वॉशिंग मशीन कई प्रभावशाली विशेषताओं वाला एक शीर्ष उपकरण है। 10 किलोग्राम की प्रचुर क्षमता और 1400 आरपीएम की प्रभावशाली स्पिन गति के साथ, यह मशीन सुनिश्चित करती है कि आपकी लॉन्ड्री कुशलतापूर्वक और प्रभावी ढंग से की जाए।

इन्वर्टर तकनीक ऊर्जा बचत और शांत संचालन की गारंटी देती है, जबकि वाई-फाई कनेक्टिविटी आपको मशीन को दूर से मॉनिटर और नियंत्रित करने की अनुमति देती है। 5-स्टार ऊर्जा रेटिंग के साथ, यह न केवल पर्यावरण-अनुकूल है बल्कि लागत प्रभावी भी है।

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यह आईएफबी वाशिंग मशीन कपड़ा धोने के कार्यक्रमों की एक विस्तृत श्रृंखला प्रदान करती है, जिसमें चुनने के लिए 20 विकल्प हैं। इसका जल उपयोग मात्र 8 लीटर/किलोग्राम पर अत्यधिक कुशल है, जो आपके पर्यावरणीय प्रभाव को और कम करता है।

इसके अतिरिक्त, आईएफबी एग्जीक्यूटिव प्लस एमएक्ससी 1014 मॉडल पर देती है 2 साल की वारंटी पुरे यूनिट के लिए और 10 साल की उल्लेखनीय वारंटी मोटर के लिए। इतनी लम्बी वारंटी यह भी सुनिश्चित करता है कि इस एप्लायंस की लंबी उम्र लम्बी होगी।

Price ₹44990 ► Amazon
Features Max Load: 10 Kgs | Soak → Wash → Spin Dry | Spin Speed: 1400 | Inverter Motor | AI → Auto Optimized Wash | Wash Programs: 20 | Power Rating: 5-Star | Amazon Return: 10 Days


☼ 12-Kg LG THD12STB Washing Machine {700}

Whether you're running a laundry shop or own a large family, this LG washing machine is perfect for you. It is a fully automatic washing machine in a top loading design. Because of its 12-kg capacity, it can easily wash large-heavy blankets and duvets. High-quality metal is used in all its critical parts. Besides being 5-star rated, it comes with an inverter motor, hence consuming less power. For steam washing, it has a powerful heater. Further, its control panel has easy-to-use push buttons and a digital display, so easy to operate.

Washing machines with a front-loading design usually require less water for washing clothes thoroughly. On the other hand, washing machines with a top loading design require more water for the same purpose. That is why front load fully automatic washing machines are more popular and also costly.

The LG THD12STB washing machine isn't cheap either. In comparison to a 12-kg front load fully automatic washing machine, however, it is cheaper. The price difference will be about 20000 Rupees. The current price of this LG washing machine is 42000 Rupees. You'll need to spend around Rs. 65,000 for a front-loading washing machine with the same capacity. That is one of the reasons why we recommend it.

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This LG washing machine is around two years old. Since its introduction on the market, it has been bought by thousands of households. Many came forward to rate it and review it on various websites. Our research did fetch any negative feedback about it. That is well in line with what we expect from an LG washing machine. Hence go for it without a second thought.

Price ₹42000 → Amazon
Features Load-Capacity: 12-Kg | Spin-Speed: 700 RPM | Inverter DD Motor | Built-in Heater | Warranty: 2-Year


☼ 9-Kg LG FHT1409SWS/L Washing Machine {1400}

Which washing machine is better in India for large families? I would suggest the LG FHT1409SWS Fully-Automatic Washing Machine with 9-kg laundry capacity. This LG front load washing machine is a fully smart washing machine and it comes with an intelligent wash system that sets automatically water level, washing time, and other wash options by sensing laundry load, soil level, water temperature set by the user.

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The model number FHT1409SWL is a color variant of the LG FHT1409SWS fully-automatic front load washing machine model. Both variants have the same features and functions. However, they are separated by their body color. So, select the one whose body color looks more appealing to you and is affordable.

Price FHT1409SWS @ ₹45000 | Amazon
FHT1409SWL @ ₹41000 | Amazon
Features Max Spin-Speed: 1400 | Intelligent Wash-System | Built-in Heater: {Steam-Wash, Hot-Water Wash} | Warranty: {2-Year for Whole-Unit, 10-Years for Inverter-Motor}
Smartness LG Smart ThinQ | Wi-Fi | Self-Diagnosis | Download & Use the Latest Wash-Programs
Convenience Delay-Start | Auto-Restart | Turbo-Wash | Fuzzy-Logic | Remaining Time-Delay | Remaining-Time in Wash-Cycle Completion | ADD-Laundry | Set Spin-Speed: {1400,1200,1000,800,400,NIL} | Set Water-Temperature: {Normal,20°C,30°C,40°C,60°C,95°C}
Programs Cotton | Cotton+ | Mix-Clothes | Duvet | Easy-Care | Allergy-Care | Baby-Steam-Care | Sports-Wear | Gentle-Care | Delicate | Stain-Care | Silent-Wash | Speed 14 | Download (20+) Wash-Programs
Optimization Crease-Care | Intensive-Wash | Pre-Wash | Tub-Clean | Child-Lock | Medic-Rinse | Rinse+ | Rinse+Spin | Spin-only
Build Direct-Drive (No-Belt) | Instant Heater | 2100W Brush-less DC Inverter Motor | Touch-Control Panel with Jog Dial | Metal Body | Stainless Drum | Detergent Dispenser Drawer | Dimensions (WHD): 60×56×85 CM | Weight: 65-Kg | Water-Pressure: 1-bar to 10-bar


☼ 8.5-Kg IFB Executive Plus VX ID Washing Machine {1400}

What is the best washing machine for a large family? Currently, the best high laundry capacity washing machine under 50000 Rupees is the Executive Plus VX ID from the house of IFB. With 8.5-Kg laundry capacity, it is a perfect washing machine for large families.

The IFB washing machine features 14 wash programs and to wash clothes thoroughly uses the 9 Swirl Wave technology, which is similar to the 6D motion drive of LG washing machines. The built-in Ball Valve Technology reduces water wastage during the wash cycle. The Unbalance correction feature ensures even distribution of clothes. You can pause this IFB washing machine during a wash cycle to add left out laundries, withal.

Further, the IFB brand offers 4-Years complete warranty for the whole unit. This warranty term is hundred times better than the only 2-years warranty by other brands for their washing machines.

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The IFB washing machine is outstanding, superior. I loved its features, functions, and performance. This washing machine comes with all the essential elements to make cloth washing super convenient and comfortable. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that IFB Executive Plus VX ID washing machine is one of the best washing machine machines under 50000 Rupees for large families.

Price ₹38000 | Amazon
Features Spin-Dry Only | 15 Wash Programs | Max Spin Speed: 1400 RPM | 3D Wash System | Express Wash | Pet Hair removal | Repeat-Wash | Child-Lock | 4-Years Complete Warranty
Smartness Unbalance Correction | High-Low Voltage Protection | Foam Control System | Auto-Restart | Self-Diagnosis | Smart Weight Sensor
Wash Options Prewash | Soak | Extra-Rinse | Hot-Rinse/Medic-Rinse | Delay Start | Anti-Crease | Spin-Speed | Temperature Setting | Time-Saver | Soilage | Favorite Wash | Eco Wash
Wash Programs Air Bubble Wash | Baby Wear | Cotton | Woolen | Express-15-Min | Express-60-Min | Quick Wash | Spin Dry/Drain | Tub Clean | Delicate | Hygiene/Anti-allergen | Mixed Soiled/Mixed Fabrics | Synthetic/Daily | Cotton ECO Plus | Sports Wear | Bulky/Bedding/Curtains/Duvet | Uniform
Build Dimension (WDH): 598×623×858 mm | Door-Diameter: 320mm | Required Water-Pressure: 0.3-Bar to 10-Bar | BLDC-Motor | 7-Segment LED-Notification  | Touch-Control Panel | Crescent Moon Drum | Power-Consumption: 2100W


☼ 8-Kg LG F4J6TGP0W Washer and Dryer {1400}

It will take at least a week to 10 days to understand how to use this LG heavy-duty washing machine and dryer properly. Knowing this washing machine will not be a pleasing experience. However, your friends will cherish your decision when you demonstrate its working before them after you have mastered it. This LG inverter washing machine with dryer is an excellent choice for medium to large size families.

LG Inverter Washing Machine 8Kg Washer 5Kg Dryer

Here are the five best reasons why this LG washer dryer should be your next big purchase.

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  1. LG’s 6 motion direct drive wash. The washing technology has a proven record since it is the main feature of all LG washing machines sold globally.
  2. The fully-functional dryer that makes washed cloths almost 90% moisture free in a few minutes.
  3. The LG washer dryer is a fully smart washing machine with waterproof touch control and smartphone connectivity support. Your smartphone can control its operation and optimize its settings. While you are watching your favorite TV show, you can also wash clothes and dry them in this LG smart washing machine without leaving your sofa.
  4. LG’s energy-efficient Inverter direct drive motor = less vibration and less noise
  5. High-quality Stainless-steel body with Rat-Mesh

The LG washer dryer is currently the best washing machine under 50000 Rupees. There is no alternative to this fully-automatic washing machine in the market. Those who have been using it say it is best.

Price ₹49000 | Amazon
8-Kg Washer | 5-Kg Dryer | Spin Speed: 1400-RPM | Warranty: {2-Years on Whole Unit | 10-Years on Motor} | 6D Wash | Steam-Wash | Temp-Range (Cold to 95°C} | Turbo-Wash | Smart ThinQ NFC | Child-Lock
Smartness Smart-Diagnosis | Auto-Restart | Delay-Timer | Remaining-Time Display
Wash Prewash | Crease-Care | Tub-Clean | Rinse-Plus | Cotton | Cotton Large | Mix Fabrics | Easy-Care | Duvet | Allergy-Care | Steam-Refresh | Gentle Care | Stain-Care | Baby-Steam Care | Sports-Wear | Quick 30
Download Cycle: {Baby-Wear, Kids-Wear, Swimming-Wear, Rainy-Season, Gym Clothes, Jeans, Blanket, Sweat-Stain, Deodorization, Single-Garment, Color-Care, Quiet-Wash, Rinse+Spin}
Dryer Cupboard Dry | Iron-Dry | Lower-Temp Dry | Normal Eco-Dry
Body Stainless-Steel Tub | Digital-Display | Waterproof Touch-Control Panel | Door Opening Angle: 180° | Jog-Dial Program Selection | Door-Diameter: 300-mm
Sales Box Washing Machine | Intel Outlet Pipe | Anti-Rat Mesh | Documents

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