Which is the best iron box to buy? This question is one of the most asked questions on this website. Before I answer the question, let me first update you on the names of the top iron brands in India. The iron box is a basic home appliance. Thus, the brand reputation decides the quality, therefore, the endurance of a product here.

Based on the data we collected over the years, Philips is undoubtedly the best iron box brand in India. Bajaj comfortably sits at the number two position. However, there is no definite number three. Other best iron box brands are Usha, Havells, Kenstar, Billion, Orpat, Orient, Singer, Maharaja, and Hytec.

Which is the best iron box under 2000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling iron box from the 1500 to 2000 Rupees price range. The suggested press machines are from the well-known iron brands Philips, Morphy Richards, Bajaj, Havells, and others.

► 1250W Bajaj MX25 Steam Iron

The MX25 iron box is the most recent Bajaj steam iron box in the market. Besides being a Bajaj product, a 2-Year warranty, a 1250-Watt heating system, and above all a stylish, premium design are the features that make it a suitable steam iron box for home use under 2000 Rupees. In addition, it is one of the few steam iron boxes, which can also press clothes as a dry iron box.  It is also a vertical iron to de-wrinkle woolen cloths and heavy attires.

Bajaj Majesty MX25 1250W Steam Iron

The Bajaj brand gave this iron box a breathtaking design. Outsiders won’t believe that you paid only 1700 Rupees for it. The body of Majesty MX25 iron is made using durable plastic, covered in cute, punchy color. It has a long 2.2-meter power cord, withal.

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The Bajaj MX25 steam iron box is a promising appliance at its current price. It is a 3-in-1 iron as well as an instant iron box. Therefore it definitely worth it.

According to Manufacturer's note, users need to wait until the iron box has reached the maximum temperature. Actually, this is the right way one can use it effectively for getting hard creases on fabrics using the steam ironing function. If pre-steps are not taken as described in the user manual, there are chances of water leakage thereby damage to fabrics.

Price ₹1900 | Amazon
Features 1250W | Steam Burst Facility | Water-Spray Facility | Lid for Water Inlet | Self-Clean Feature | Variable Steam-Control | Dry Iron Facility | Over-Heat Protection | 24-Months Warranty
Build Non-Stick Coated soleplate | Neon Indicator | Comfortable hand-grip | Adjustable Thermostatic Control | 2.2-meter power cord | 330-ml water tank | 1.1-Kg weight


► 2200W Syska SSI-7003 Steam Iron

Presently, 2200W is the highest power capacity you could get for a laundry iron below 2000 Rupees. Syska, the famous LED brand, and a trusted home appliance brands in the Indian market have a steam laundry iron with a 2200W power capacity. Because of its high power capacity, a steam iron is in high demand.

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The Syska 2200W steam iron has a premium design and robust construction, and its performance is outstanding. It is a flat iron as well as a vertical steam iron. The base plate of this steam iron box comes with ceramic non-stick coating. The ceramic non-stick coating is often trusted to protect heat-sensitive things. Expensive hair care gadgets have a ceramic coating on their heating plates. Therefore, this Syska iron box is a safe choice for ironing costly attire.

Syska Turbo SSI-7003 2200W Steam Iron

Check all the features and functions of this Syska Steam in the specs table below. 2200W power capacity, Syska trust, heavy soleplate with ceramic coating, and the built-in convenience features are the four big reasons why this steam press machine from the house of one of the most trusted electronics brands in the Indian market should be your choice. It heats up fast and clears wrinkles and makes a hard crease in just one go. Syska SSI-7003 steam is one of the best iron boxes under 2000 Rupees. Go for it!

Price ₹1990 | Amazon
Features 2-Years Warranty | 2200W | Over-Heat Safety | Temperature Control | Indicator Light | Spray | Steam Burst | Self Cleaning | Automatic Shut-Off | 360° Swivel Cord


► 2000W Bajaj MX35N Steam Iron

Recently Bajaj introduced its latest steam iron box model MX35N to the market for the price of 1490 Rupees. This steam iron box comes in a black-gray color combination, and in which it looks very impressive. Its build quality is fantastic as well.

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The power capacity of the Bajaj MX35N Steam Iron is 2000W. it warms up fast and becomes ready for ironing in less than a minute. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is an instant iron.

You could also use this Bajaj steam iron as a dry iron and as a vertical iron to iron hung clothes. It is a totally safe iron box for ironing all types of clothes despite having a 2000W power capacity. It won’t damage your delicate clothes like a silk saree because it has a non-stick soleplate.

Those who have bought the Bajaj MX35N steam iron and currently using it, have rated it 5 stars for its build, design, and ironing performance. Moreover, Bajaj is a reliable and trusted brand. Thus, this Bajaj steam iron is an excellent choice if you are looking for a best-selling steam iron under 1500 Rupees. Go for it!

Price ₹1490 | Amazon
Features 2000W | Use as: {Steam Iron | Dry Iron | Vertical Iron for Ironing Hanged Clothes} | Over-Heat Protection | 2-Year Warranty
Build Spray | Steam-Burst | Steam Control | Temperature Control | Water Tank: 210-ml | 360° Swivel Power Cord | Non-stick Soleplate (LW): 300×128 mm | Body: ABS Plastic


► 1000-Watt Rico AI-11 Heavyweight Dry Iron

The Rico Plancha Dry Iron is the latest heavyweight iron box on the market. Its power capacity is 1000 watts, and it weighs 1.5-Kg. This iron box can make a permanent solid crease on your shirt or Kurti by sliding it only once. This iron would save you time that you invest almost every day in ironing clothes.

How to use it? Let the 1000-Watt iron box get thoroughly warm until the auto power cut. Now slide it once on the collar. The collar part is done. Next slide it once on one side of one of the arms of your shirt. Then another side of the same arm. One arm of your shirt is ironed. Repeat the same on another arm of your shirt. In three to four slides you cover the back area of the shirt. Only two slides of this heavyweight dry iron should be enough for the front side of the shirt, one for each side. Thus, sliding the iron for 12 times on a shirt makes it ready for full-day use. In 2 to 3 minutes your shirt is fully ironed. Trouser or jeans requires even lesser time. I ironed my T-shirt and jeans in less than 2 minutes using this 1000-Watt heavyweight dry iron.

Rico Appliances Pvt Ltd, the manufacturer of the heavy-weight dry iron box, has a 53-Year old history. Therefore, you can trust the quality of the product. Moreover, the Rico brand offers a 3-year warranty. This company operates service centers in all the states. Visit the official website and check whether your district has Rico appliances service center or not.

The newest launch, 1000-Watt capacity, and 3-Years warranty are the key factors why I say Rico Plancha heavy-weight dry iron box below 1200 Rupees is the best option.

Price ₹1190 | Amazon
Features Weight: 1.5-Kg | Power: 1000-Watt | Extra Gold Layer Coating on Sole-plate | ISI-Mark | Temp-Control | Warranty: 3-Year


► 1000-Watt Russell Hobbs Heavyweight Iron

Let us now talk about one of the most rated heavy-weight dry irons in the premium segment which is, by the way, a best seller as well. I will discuss the features and Pros & Cons of this powerful dry iron but first, a few words about the brand, Russell Hobbs.

Russell Hobbs is a British brand with a notable presence in Europe and Asia markets. The brand has been selling from cheapest to costliest home appliances to its consumer base. Above 70%, verified ratings for its electronics products, up for sale in the Indian online retail stores, are either three or four or five-star ratings. This proves buyers are happy with the product they have bought and the service they have obtained from the brand Russell Hobbs or its associates. All this means is that you could trust the brand and its wide range of products.

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Reliable Build and Secure Features: The feature that justifies its price of Rs 2000 – is the non-stick coated aluminum alloy sole plate. Just because of this, the durability factor has increased by many folds. In addition, because of the solid build, the Russell Hobbs dry iron box swiftly clears stubborn creases from clothes and gives them the real shape and a shining straight appearance as well.

So what are the pros and cons of this heavy dry iron? BIS has certified the quality of this Russell Hobbs dry iron with an ISI mark. Further, a 1000-Watt capacity is appropriate for a dry iron like this one. Moreover, just because of a uniform heating of the soleplate, this could create solid long-lasting creases on clothes.

Since the soleplate has a non-stick coating, there are negligible chances that it would burn or harm cloth while ironing. Bringing this to your attention is important because not all heavy-weight dry iron has a soleplate with a non-stick coating.

A temperature control setting is there. Users could set the right temperature according to the fabric's nature. To protect from over-heat; under safety programs, this iron box has a thermal fuse function. Moreover, Russell Hobbs offers two years of warranty as well for Indian customers.

All in all the heavy-weight dry iron box RDI550H from the British brand Russell Hobbs – looks a promising product. Its price, 2000 Rupees, too, is according to the quality, durability, and warranty you get with it. Even If I consider buyers' ratings on popular online shopping websites, a true opinion about this, then also, the Russell Hobbs iron box is a must-buy.

Price ₹1980 | Amazon
Features Weight: 2.6-Kg | 1000-Watt | Overheat Protection | Temperature Control | Warranty: 2-Year | BIS Approved | ISI-Mark


► 1000W Bajaj DHX-9 Heavyweight Dry Iron

The Bajaj press machine is one of the best-selling irons under 1000 Rupees in the Indian market. But why it is so popular? At the price of 900 Rupees, it certainly offers much more – even more than the Philips iron box listed above.

The first factor that prominently appears as a pro is the look of this dry iron. Being a heavyweight could have made it look like an ugly appliance. On the contrary, it looks very stylish thanks to the use of a golden symphony on its body as well as on the soleplate. It has a deluxe golden soleplate with a durable non-stick coating.

To make it a usable iron box on fabrics type nylon, silk, cotton, and other soft clothes, it comes with the feature to adjust temperature level. Thus, according to the fabric's nature – set low, medium, or high temperatures.

The thermostatic pilot lamp is also in this Bajaj iron, showing the power supply status: ON or OFF. In fact, an indicator is always a great help to check whether the power supply to it is through or not.

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Other details: Never buy electronic appliances without adequate safety features – first for users and second for the appliance itself. Security features on electronic devices are not a big thing; however, what matters is how they are being incorporated.

Talking about the security features of this dry iron box, the thermal fuse safety protects it from short-circuit in the case of overheating. The fuse cuts off the power supply when the iron box has reached to the temperature level – set by the user.

The Bajaj iron has a very appropriate capacity, of 1000 Watts. So it is an ideal choice if you are looking for a heavy-weight iron for home use. Moreover, a 2-year warranty from the brand is a sound certification that this product has quality, and so durable, too. Needless to say, it would remain in use for many years without being exposed to an early malfunction.

If the Philips heavy-weight iron is not in your budget then consider this Bajaj product. It comes with all the necessary safety and convenience features. In fact, the Bajaj DHX9 heavyweight is a value-for-money product at its current price.

Price ₹1000 | Amazon
Features Power: 1000W | Weight: 1.5-Kg | Over-Heat Protection | Non-Stick Soleplate | Temp Settings | Temp Levels | Weight: 1.5-Kg | Warranty: 2-Year | Cord: 1.5-Meter


☼ 1200W Usha GO1200WG Heavyweight Iron

The Usha heavyweight dry iron is one of the best-selling press machines under 1500 Rupees in the Indian market. But why? Its power capacity is 1200W. Its gross weight is 1.8-Kg. And using it for ironing is super easy and safe thanks to its awesome design, built-in safety measures, and a long 1.8-meter power cord. ISI-Mark confirms its high build quality.

Price ₹1100 | Amazon
Features Power → 1200W | Weight: 1.8-Kg | Power Indicator | Power-Cord: 1.8-Meter | Warranty: 2-Year


► 1440W Philips GC1905 Steam Iron

Philips is undoubtedly the best brand in the Indian market for dry press machines and steam irons. Currently, Philips GC1905 holds the number one position in the segment of steam irons at Amazon. Hence, there cannot any argument on whether it is the best-selling steam iron for clothes in the Indian market or not. Thus, by default, it becomes the best steam iron under 1500 Rupees, as its current market price is 1390 Rupees.

This Philips steam iron is a beast when it comes to performance. It heats up fast. It consumes 1440 watts of electricity and gets heated up within a few seconds. The black linished soleplate offers frictionless movement over all kinds of fabrics. Moreover, it never leaves any mark of steam or sprays on clothes.

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User-Friendly Design: The first thing to mention here would be the comfortable grip of the handle. It mimics the design of the human hand and never lets you feel tired during the operation. Its water tank is transparent and also features a leak-proof cap on the mouth. The alleviated back helps in winding the cord after use.

Further, the Philips GC1905 steam iron box comes with a thick non-stick soleplate, made of high-quality aluminum. In spite of its 1440W power capacity, it is a 100% safe steam iron to press delicate fabrics like silk and synthetic since its super-hot soleplate, due to the Black American Heritage Coating, won’t stick to clothes.

Controls: Using this iron box is really easy. The temperature control wheel is labeled with suitable temperatures of all major types of fabrics. There is a push-button adjacent to the handle that enables the water spray. A user guide also comes along the box, withal.

Price 1390 Rupees
Features 1440W | Continuous-Steam | Steam-Burst | Spray-Function | Self-Clean | ISI-Mark Guarantee for High-Build Quality | 2-Years Warranty
Ironing Steam-Ironing | Dry-Ironing | Water-Tank: 180-ml | Continuous-Steam: 13-grams per minute
Build Non-Stick Aluminum-SolePlate | Button-Grooves for Easy-Ironing along with buttons and seams | Precision-Tip for Easy-Ironing along with pockets and fold lines | Power Cord → 1.8-Meter


► 1550W Panasonic NI-P250T Steam Iron

Lately, steam iron boxes have gained a lot of popularity, especially among the middle class. Earlier on, the electric steam iron market in India was exclusively limited to commercial setups. You would hardly find a steam iron in a typical small Indian home. However, thanks to companies like Panasonic, small households can now own a medium-sized steam iron. In this review, we brush up on one of the best entry-level steam iron boxes in India, the Panasonic NI-P250T Steam Iron. Here are some of the features that impressed us in this iron box.

A reliable SolePlate: Regardless of being a cheap iron box, Panasonic developed a sturdy sole plate for this product. We liked the fact that this heavy-duty iron box circulates the steam evenly throughout the fabric hence faster ironing. You will also discover that the soleplate has a curved tip, which comes in handy when ironing heavily creased clothes. This curved edge helps the iron box glide smoothly over creases.

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Good steaming system: The NI-P250T is probably the only Panasonic steam iron with micro-mist spray in this price range. This iron box has a variable steam regulator that allows the user to tune the steam output accordingly. Moreover, the manufacturer included an easy-to-use misting system within this device. To activate the spray mist, all you need to do is press the push button and direct the spray toward your fabric.

Ergonomic and durable design: Remarkably, we noted that this lightweight iron has a soft and comfortable grip. This means that you will not stress your hands even after using it for long hours. Also, the power cord is a 360 degrees swivel cord, which doesn’t tangle easily. Additionally, the manufacturer added an Anti-calc feature within this device to avert scaling and calcium crystallization in the steaming mechanism. That way, your iron box can last for many years.

Price 1499 Rupees
Ideal for Steam Ironing | Dry Ironing
Capacity Power: 1550-Watt | Water Tank: 200-ml
Build Weight: 1-Kg | SolePlate: Titanium | Calc-Cut: YES | Spray: YES
Features High Voltage Quick Start | | Non-stick curved SolePlate | Large Water Window | 360° rotating cable | 12-Months Warranty
Sales Box Panasonic NI-P250T Steam Iron | Documents
Variant Panasonic NI-P300T with 1780-Watt Heating Capacity | @ 1600 Rupees


► 1000W Philips GC-181 Heavy-Weight Dry Iron

The Philips heavyweight iron is a perfect blend of elegance, performance, and affordability. It has a robust build and an elegant design. Its performance is mind-blowing, too. No doubt, Philips GC-181 is one of the best heavyweight dry irons in the Indian market. It is, in fact, the most recommended iron to make a hard crease on your clothes.

1.6 kg weight: The weight of an iron box is a significant factor. Iron-man on the street corner could give solid iron on fabrics because he uses a heavyweight iron. A general belief is that heat alone is sufficient to clear stubborn creases from clothes. That is not true, though.

I have two Philips iron boxes. One is a lightweight iron box, Philips Diva, is a dry iron box. Another is this heavyweight dry iron box. I have tested pressing clothes using both. The result clearly showed that the heavyweight Philips iron box gives hard and long-lasting straightness to clothes.

Some may argue that why not hard press the iron box while ironing a cloth? For desired results, applying weight on the iron, while ironing is not enough. Anyhow, you need a weighty iron box, which compliments the user’s propulsion also.

A noted disadvantage of a heavyweight iron box is that it takes a much longer time in getting warm. Not ideal for instant ironing, it could take twice more time in getting warm enough than a lightweight regular iron box. Therefore, such a weighty iron box is suitable to use once in a week. On the weekend, in your free time, sit with this iron box, let it be fully warmed, and complete all the unfinished iron works.

  आयरन बॉक्स: ₹500 - ₹1000

Faster Heating: When Philips demands 1500 rupees for an iron box, then it must give at least 1100W heating capacity. In fact, it is much needed since the iron box comes with a heavy iron heating plate that takes much longer time reaching to the right temperature.

1000W temperature works well though that is not giving a fast and impressive result. This is again proportional. Since one iron box works for four to six years easily, you should buy one, which does not become a liability within a year or two. I do not want you in a situation as cannot keep it since delivery is poor or cannot dump it since it works.

What should be the capacity of an iron box? In my opinion, 1100W is ideal, 1250W is good, and 1350 Watt is excellent. 1500W temperature limit is too much, certainly not user & fabrics-friendly as well as prone to unnecessary waste of energy when the user adjusts the cloth.

I am sure you are clear now about your requirement. Thus, what do you think, Philips GC 181 dry iron with 1000W faster-heating capacity is an ideal choice, or do you need a much more powerful iron box?

Looking at the product from all angles those are the following – weight, build & design, and 1000W power, I am up for this elegant product at the current price. Go for it.

Non-stick Coating: The debate on coating material/process/technology has been confusing customers. A battle is on between Teflon and American Heritage coating. Teflon is better as it being more non-sticky than Black American Heritage coating, which is famous for letting iron box to slide smoothly over fabrics.

The Philips GC181 features soleplate with black American heritage coating. Here, I am not going to be too tough on coating things since the end user experience with this Philips champ is impressive and its delivery is good.

Temp Control: This is not a pro feature anymore. Nowadays all Philips iron box from basic to premium features temperature control knob, use it to manipulate temperature, which suits the fabrics.

The iron box has the five stage temperature settings for different types of fabrics. That starts with Nylon, followed by silk, wool, cotton and ends with Linen, which is in effect the maximum. Because of its limitation to just 1000W heating capacity, it gives impressive ironing when set at the maximum.

Premium Design: Philips GC-181 is one most stylish iron box available. It is brilliant in terms of inside and outside beauty. The mix of gray and chrome finish makes it look attractive. Handle is made using tough quality plastic, chromed plates covering internal circuit, and finally dark gray heating plate, these together shapes up an eye-catching product.

The handle owns some glossy finish that shines and renders a feel of three-layered arrangement: handle, body, and solid heating plate with black American heritage coating. Overall the Philips iron box looks really awesome.

Price 1500 Rupees
Power 1000-Watt
Soleplate Black American Heritage
Weight 1.6 kg
Warranty 2 Years
Cord length 1.8 meter
Swivel Cord 360 degree cord freedom
Temp Control Yes
Indicator Light Yes
Auto off Yes


► 1000W Bajaj Majesty One Dry Iron

A better alternative of Philips GC 181 is the Majesty One from Desi brand Bajaj. It sports not so cool design but is very convenient in use. 1000W heating capacity is the same as the Philips iron box though it is priced 200 rupees less that is 1300 rupees.

Both Iron box more or less owns similar specifications on paper. However, difference in their delivery is apparent. Philips GC-181 gets done more stable crease, but that will stay a full day, whereas the Majesty One, due to lesser weight, which is just 0.8 kg, fails to deliver hard crease.

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1000W Heating capacity: Majesty One’s 1000-watt capacity is proportional to its price of 1300 rupees. So, the question is can it be a better choice. The answer is no. As I said in the last paragraph, its gross weight is just 0.8-Kg, so even with 1000-Watt faster-heating capacity, it fails to create impact as good as Philips GC-181 with 1000W temperature and 1.6-Kg weight can.

2.3-meter long cord : The long cord is one obvious reason why I picked up this Bajaj product. The 2.3-meter cord, which is 25% more in length, is swivel-able in 360 degree for users comfort. Although this is not a big thing as an easy solution of a short-length cord can be using with a power extension box. However, trust me the logic looks good only on paper, not in reality. I have an extension box, still I think, for convenience my Philips Iron box cord should be little more longer.

Golden American Heritage coating: Philips iron box has the same coating but in black. However, the main debate is of soleplate material and weight. Heavy iron plate, light thin plate, or aluminum plate are three options available for the manufacturers to choose from. For the Majesty One, Bajaj has smartly used a light thin plate that gets heated fast but releases the heat in the same speed, though.

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Two Ways LED indicator: This does help but not as much as Bajaj exaggerating it as an adaptation of the International design. Yes, it is better than Philips’s placement of LED indicator under handle at the sharp curb. With an indicate at both sides, you can monitor the device from a distance. You will never lose sight from it as its glowing LED will draw your attention somehow. This results in a better use of the device, energy saving, and changes of having accident less as well.

Conclusion: The Majesty One is certainly one of the best choices for bachelor or office going who wants a fast heating iron box. However, it fails in creating last longer crease on fabrics. In the sales box, Bajaj also gives a silicone mat.

Price 1300 Rupees
Power 1000 W
Soleplate Black American Heritage
Weight 0.8 kg
Warranty 2 Years
Cord length 2.3 meter
Swivel Cord 360 degree cord freedom
Temp Control Yes
Indicator Light Two Sided
Auto off Yes


► 750W Deson Heavyweight Dry Iron

Heavyweight dry irons make a better and lasting crease on clothes. That is a well-known and well-proven fact. Apparently, most of the iron boxes on the market are lightweight. And, heavyweight iron boxes are costly, too.

Deson, a brand of homegrown home appliances manufacture from Ludhiana Punjab, is famous for heavyweight iron boxes, recently introduced a very affordable iron box whose gross weight is about 2-kg and the current price is only 1190 Rupees. It is an excellent choice for those who enjoy ironing and appreciate hard crease on clothes.

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The Deson heavyweight iron box comes with a 750W heater system and a wider & long cast iron base plate, which has a shining mirror finish. The attached 2-meter power cord has a cotton cover and a 3-PIN plug at the other end. Also, this heavy dry iron has temperature control as per fabric quality and power indicator.

Price ₹1190 | Amazon
Features Weight: 2-Kg | Made in India | 750W | Cast-Iron Base Plate | 2-meter Power Cord | ISI-Mark


► 1600W Inalsa Aral Steam Iron

One of the newest steam irons below 1200 Rupees comes from the reliable name for home electronics, Inalsa. The looks and design of this high capacity iron are futuristic,and it has smart automatic functions as well. ISI-mark for its perfect build quality assures that this iron would remain operational for many years. Moreover, Inalsa brand offers 24-months warranty.

What attracted me to this 1600-Watt multi mode iron is easy to use controls at convenient locations. Even without reading the user manual, you can use this steam iron. Its design is user-friendly. I would strongly suggest reading the user manual, however. Especially if you are first time user of a steam iron, then it is mandatory.

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The Inalsa Aral iron can do dry, spray, and steam ironing. While most of the steam iron below 1200 Rupees have Teflon coated soleplate, the soleplate of Inalsa Aral iron has ceramic-coated soleplate. Teflon coating is poisonous whereas Ceramic coating is considered safe. Moreover, ceramic is environment-friendly, too. Hair straightener comes with the ceramic-coated heating plate as ceramic does not damage hair. Thus, it makes sense to buy an iron box with ceramic-coated soleplate for ironing your favorite dress.

Smart Feature: Iron box that can store water for steam and spray requires cleaning. Either you waste your time in doing that,or your new iron box should have a self-cleaning feature. Inalsa Aral iron comes with a self-cleaning function. It is a dedicated button to initiate the process.

  • Continuous steam for quick crease removal
  • Use Steam burst for the most stubborn creases


Price ₹1195 | Amazon
Function Steam | Spray | Dry iron
Capacity Power: 1600-Watt | Water Tank: 280-ml | Power Indicator | 3-Pin 1.75-Meter Long Cord
Body Ceramic Coated Sole Plate | ISI Approved | Weight: 870-grams
Features Anti-Drip to prevent leakage while not in use | Anti-Calc Functions | Powerful Steam Burst | Vertical Ironing | Self Cleaning | 360°Swivel Cord Movement | Thermal Fuse for Total Safety | Over Heat Protection
Control Steam Level | Temperature Level


► 1250W Havells Sparkle Steam Iron

A solid steam burst help you iron out the creases! This iron, as the name suggests, produces steam and this lets you ease out wrinkles quicker and iron a lot better than those without steam. Consequently, serving the right purpose and delivering effective professional ironing results on all types of fabrics. So, instead of using a customary iron that uses a hot metal plate to both damp and dry garments, straightening out creases, you can use this steam iron that uses hot steam to create the same effect with much less effort.

A spray to enhance the outcomes: Havells Sparkle 1250-Watt Steam Iron possess a mist function. Encapsulating the spray, it allows you to sprinkle a fine most over the clothes to easy out wrinkles even faster. Subsequently, now just a few passes over the area should be enough to make the wrinkles and creases completely disappear. Isn’t this a great addition to a normal steam iron?

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Non-Stick Soleplate: Yes! It comes with a nonstick sole plate. So, all that you need to do now, once you've plugged the iron in and turned it on with the water in, is glide off the iron over your clothes without any need of worrying about it sticking to your fabric and eventually destroying your clothes.

Smart temperature control mechanism: This is another form of clever technology used by this device. Besides, this iron owns an indicator light to signify when the iron is ready to be used. This saves a lot of people from burns got from touching the iron to determine if the temperature is right. Furthermore, an over heat-safety protection circuit is an additional first-class feature to guarantee your well-being.

Great water tank capacity: This steam generators iron equipment possess a water tank owning a capacity of 230 ml, this causes less disruption and is enough to iron a large load.

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Trust of a brand: Havells continue to be the most sophisticated and unbeaten company to attain and encourage their client base. Their stage in progress, manufacture and modernization stands by itself and underscores the verity that they have the ability to affect the basic consumer need with leading sales.

Now, time for the judgment! You can attain this product at an Indian price of 1,349 INR. The company serves you with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years. To steam iron your clothes with a professional steam iron like this, you don't need to do much at all. Start by filling the iron tank with water and make certain that it does not go above the suggested fill line.

And with the release of brief but intense burst of steam you are all set to attain crisp fabrics by penetrating it deep into your garments. Remove the most stubborn creases by gliding it off over your clothes! I would definitely say that this product is ideal in all respects and serves value for your precious money. Save enormous amounts of time and energy when you're trying to get wrinkles out of your work clothes or just casual attire!

Price ₹1149 | Amazon
Features Warranty: 2 year | Power: 1250W | Non-Stick SolePlate

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