Do you find washing your clothes not less than a dreadful nightmare? Then all you need to do is invest in a heavy-duty and dependable washing machine. Are you tangled while picking the ideal washing machine that may suit your requirements? Then you need to make sure to relate the trademarks and companies of all washing machines. This has to be done based on their functionality, equipment, flair, price, and sturdiness. Hitherto, a mind-bending collection of washing machines obtainable these days can make the selection procedure very stimulating. You should not verve shopping for any without doing some simple homework.

First, analyze the requirements and then select the right product that is the best way of buying a perfect home appliance. Fully automatic washing machines are a much better option than semi-automatic washing machines because of more wash programs and convenient features. However, this does not mean you should blindly buy a fully automatic washing machine. In some cases, a semi-automatic washing machine would be a much better option than the one with automatic operation. Thus, assess your requirements first and then decide.

One significant advantage of semi-automatic washing machines is – they do not require specialized installation. As soon as the ordered model is delivered, you can start using it. You must be aware that automatic washing machines require unique installation. Sometimes that could be a big headache since the company cannot offer free installation on time.

☼ 8.5-Kg Samsung WT85B4200GG Washing Machine {SA TL}

Do you want a high load capacity washing machine that costs less than 15000 rupees? Samsung's WT85B4200GG semi-automatic top-load washing machine is one of the best options. With this model, Samsung provides a warranty of up to five years. At the time of writing, the product is rated 4.3 on Amazon. That confirms it is an excellent product. Our video review of this Samsung Semi-Automatic Top-Load Washing Machine will provide you with more information.

It is possible to wash 8 king-size bedsheets in one go due to the Samsung washing machine's 8.5 kg load capacity. With such a large load capacity washing machine, you won't have to wash your clothes in batches each day.

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Under 15000 rupees, there are washing machines that spin at a speed of 1400 or more RPM. However, the Hexa Storm Pulsator wash system of this Samsung washing machine provides excellent results with its 1300 RPM speed. That is why clothes look sparkling clean after washing and drying.

In the Samsung WT85B4200GG washing machine mode, the first step to washing is to soak, then wash, and at the end air dry. Yes, this 8.5 kg top-load washing machine comes with an air dryer system.

I am very impressed with the build quality of the Samsung top-load washing machine. It will likely last more than 5 years. Plus, a 5-star power rating means it will not consume too much power. In addition, its control panel is easy to use, so anyone can operate it just by twisting the knobs.

Price ₹13,990 → Amazon
Features 8.5-Kg | 1300 RPM | Wash Programs: 4 | Spin Shower | Spin Dryer + Air Dryer | Auto Restart | Rat Protection | Warranty: Up to 5 Years


☼ 7.0-Kg Onida T70CMLG Washing Machine {FA, TL}

The Onida washing machine is for students, bachelors, and small families with two to four members. It washes & air dries up to 7 kilos of clothes in one cycle. With the 12 programs, it can wash all types of clothes from jeans to silk sarees. Since it is a 5-star rated machine, at 10 rupees per unit, this Onida washing machine consumes less than 1 Rupee power for washing 7-kg clothes in one wash cycle.

High water wastage is a drawback of top-load washing machines. The Onida T70CMLG washing machine is no exception. This machine will use close to 130 liters of water per wash cycle for washing 7 kilos of clothes. Furthermore, it has ten water levels and an automatic water level selector.

The build quality of the Onida T70CMLG washing machine is excellent. However, looks-wise it is so-so. Its control panel has a digital display with push buttons. Fewer buttons on the control panel make it easier to operate the machine.

  Tower Speaker: ₹5000 - ₹10000

Those who bought the Onida fully automatic top-load washing machine have recommended it to their friends, relatives, and others. More than a 4.5-star rating on Amazon confirms the popularity of this Onida washing machine. Therefore, consider it without any hesitation if it meets your requirements.

Price ₹14990 → Amazon
Features 7-Kg | 700 RPM | 12 Wash Programs | Washing + Air Drying | Stainless-Steel Tub | Metal Body | 5-Star Rating | Warranty: 2-Year


► 8.5-Kg LG P9560R3FA Washing Machine

LG is one of the best washing machine brands in the Indian market. The LG top-loading washing machine, whereas, is the best-rated washing machine under 14000 Rupees presently. With an 8.5 kg laundry capacity, this is a good washing machine for large families. It has a rust-proof body, and its base has a rat guard to protect it from rat attacks.

There are only two wheels underneath, so moving this LG washing machine from one place to another is hectic. A washing machine must be steady for machine safety while washing. Therefore, only two wheels at the base of this LG washing model is a pro feature.

This LG semi-automatic washing machine comes with three wash programs, namely Normal, Strong, and Gentle. The Roller Jet Pulsator, which LG brand’s signature design for washing clothes gently and thoroughly, in the rotating drum creates multi-directional frictions to the clothes that force out even hard stains from them. Moreover, a spin shower during rinse ensures the washed clothes are detergent-free. Built-in collar scrubber is for removing the hard paint from the collar and cuff. The lift collector feature ensures that your LG 8.5-kg washing machine is clean from the inside, withal.

  Washing Machine: ₹15000 - ₹20000

Thus, the LG P9560R3FA is a perfect washing machine for every Indian home. It is the best LG washing machine under 15000 Rupees. It has a 20-minute soak option to help loosen tough dirt stains in the clothes. After a 20-minute soak, the wash cycle starts followed by Wind Jet Dry, which removes moisture from the washed clothes up to 70 to 80%.

Price ₹14000 → Amazon
Features Soak → Wash → Dry | Warranty: {2-Years on Whole Unit | 10-Years for Motor} | Power Consumption: 2100W
Wash Spin Speed: 700 RPM | Wash Programs: {Gentle, Normal, Heavy} | 20-Minutes Active Soak | 15-Minutes Wash | 5-Minutes Spin | Water Level Selector | Spin Shower | Lint Filter | Collar Scrubber
Build Rust-Proof Fiber Body & Pipe | NO Digital Display | NO Buzzer | Only 2 Castor Wheels


► 6.2-Kg Samsung WA62M4100HY Washing Machine

The Samsung washing machine is one of the best-selling fully-automatic washing machines under 15000 Rupees in the Indian market. This machine can do heavy, regular, and delicate wash. It comes with an iconic diamond drum for washing clothes gently and thoroughly. It also has a vital pre-wash soak feature. You can also wash blankets in this Samsung automatic washing machine. Because of the built-in Fuzzy logic system, it automatically senses the laundry load, thereby deciding the water level and flow for the perfect wash. The air dryer system makes washed clothes almost dry, withal.

The automatic washing machine is faster, durable, and energy efficient. Its tube and drum are made of stainless steel whereas other body parts are made of high-quality thermoplastic polymer or Polypropylene, Polypropene, or PP.

The motor of this washing machine is highly efficient, too. It can rotate the drum 700 times in 60 seconds by consuming only 380-watt electricity. Thus, use it daily for hours without worrying about the electricity bill.

  स्टीम आयरन: ₹1000 - ₹1500

Samsung is not asking big money for this automatic washing machine. The washing machine comes with only the essential functions. So, the chances of its sudden failure are lesser. Thus, considering everything, it would not be wrong to say that it is one of the best washing machines under 14000 Rupees.

Price 12500 Rupees
Features Silent Operation | 700 RPM | Air Turbo for Drying | Auto Restart in case of power cut | Magic Filter | Power Consumption: 380W | Standby Zero Power
Wash Pre-Wash Soak | 6 Wash Cycles {Normal, Quick Wash, Soak+Normal, Blanket, Delicate, Eco Tub Clean} | 5 Water Levels | Water Fall
Build Steel Diamond Drum | Tempered Glass Window | Plastic Body | Digital LED Control Panel | Detergent Box


► 8-kg Samsung Washing Machine with Air Turbo Dryer

The Samsung washing machine is one of the best semi-automatic washing machines on sale with a high wash capacity. This machine can do heavy, regular, and delicate wash. It does not require any installation. After delivery, all you have to do is put its plug into the electric socket and start using it.

Samsung Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine in 13500 Rupees

The washing machine is faster, durable, and energy efficient. For a family of 8 to 12 members, this can be a viable machine because of its high capacity and ability to give a good wash in a few minutes. In its building, steel is not used in any major part. The tube is made using fiber. Other body parts are in high-quality thermoplastic polymer Polypropylene, Polypropene, or PP.

The motor of this washing machine is highly efficient. It can rotate the drum 1350 times in 60 seconds by consuming only 340-watt electricity. Thus, use it daily for hours without worrying about the electricity bill.

The total weight of the machine is 31 kg. The relatively lightweight and sturdy body of this Samsung washing machine is also shockproof thereby totally secure in use.

No disagreement that Samsung is not asking big money for a high-capacity washing machine still it should have been a little more gracious in giving extra convenience features. Lacking digital display and wheel support although do not have much impact on the user’s experience with it but counted here.

Washing Features: The Samsung semi-automatic washing offers three wash programs and that cover almost all your washing needs. I own an automatic washing machine but barely used any features besides “normal,” “pre-wash soak,” and “Heavy” which this machine has. For an effective and quick wash, Samsung has boosted it with a double storm pulsator, which has been significantly rated by experts for better results in less time.

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The missing feature Spin & Rinse may upset you if you have used an automatic washing machine before. For first-time users, the 8-kg capacity makes up for that, as more than one wash is a feasible alternative. Its 1350-RPM ability with two to three wash sessions is more than enough for taking out dirt from any clothes.


  • Silver Nano Technology kills germs and bacteria in clothes
  • The three most used wash programs
  • Energy efficient
  • Caster wheel
  • Twin Tube
  • Double Storm Pulsator
  • Air Turbo Drying System

Conclusion: Which is the best semi-automatic washing machine in India below 14000 Rupees? The Samsung washing with an 8-kg capacity is one of the best washing machines. Its double storm pulsator washing method with 1350 RPM gives a magical wash in just a few minutes.

Price 12500 Rupees {Model ID: WT80M4000HR}
Wash Options:  {Delicate, Normal, Heavy} | Max Spin Speed 1350 RPM | Pre-Wash Soak | Lint Filter | Magic Filter | Silver Nano | Number of Cycles: 3
Dry Air Turbo
Body Power Consumption: 340-Watt | Twin Tube | Rust-proof PP Body  | Caster Wheel |  Tub Material Polypropylene |
Warranty 2-Years on complete machine |  2-Years on spin motor |  5-Years on wash motor | Technician Visit


► 9.5-kg Whirlpool Washing Machine with 3D Wash

The best semi-automatic washing machine for large families from the house of Whirlpool comes with many advanced features thus making washing a fun process entirely. Because of many 3D functions and features, operationally this machine is much more advanced than a regular semi-automatic washing machine. Four water levels, five wash programs, and the powerful Max dryer are some of its key features and functions.

Whirlpool Semi Automatic Washing Machine in 14000 Rupees

The build and design of this washing machine are outstanding. I have never seen a semi-automatic washing machine with such a premium design and vibrant color. I can bet, if this Whirlpool washing machine competes with an advanced fully automatic washing machine, you will purchase it because of its mind-blowing color and the overall grand design. If you are looking for the best semi-automatic washing machine in the Indian market in the 14000 Rupees range to gift someone, here is the best option.

  Portable Wireless Speaker: ₹1500 - ₹2000

Wheels at the base make it easier to change its location as per requirement. The outer body, which is made with high-quality PP plastic, is also anti-rust proof. The color coating on this machine will remain intact for many years. Just wipe it occasionally it will become new again.

Pro Features:-

  • 3D Scrub Technology
  • 3D Lint Filter
  • Removes 10 Tough Stains
  • Faster Max Dryer
  • Large Wheels
  • Memory Retention (Wash Timer)
  • Separate Wash & Spin Water Inlet Slider
  • Rat Mesh
Price 13990 Rupees {Model ID: ACE XL 9.5}
Prime Mover 3D TURBO Impeller
Capacity Wash Capacity: 9.5-kg | Spin Capacity: 7.5-Kg | 1400 RPM Spin Motor
Wash Programs: 5 | Stain Removal Programs: 10 | Wash System Technology: 3D Scrub | Hard Water Wash | 3D Scrub Pads | 3D Lint Filter | Spin Shower | Soak (Time): 25-Min
Dryer Max Dry
Water Levels Extra High | High | Medium | Low
Body Control System: Electro-Mechanical | Large Wheels | Sorting Tray | Flip up Spin Lid | No. of Knobs: 4 | Separate Wash & Spin Water Inlet Slider | Dark Tinted Transparent Abs Wash Lid
Feature End of Cycle Buzzer | Memory Retention (Wash Timer) | Over Flow Protection (For Wash & Rinse) |
Warranty 2 Years on Product | 5 Years on Motor Warranty | Technician Visit


► 7.5-Kg Whirlpool Ace Turbodry 7.5 Washing Machine

In the price range of 11000 and 12000 Rupees, the best-selling washing machines come from LG, Whirlpool, and Haier brands.

The Haier washing machine is in huge demand since it is a fully automatic washing machine at a lower price. I wouldn’t recommend it, however, for two good reasons. The model is now 5 years old and no longer listed on the company website. So, you may face problems in availing 10-day replacement warranty and a later 2-year warranty commitment from the brand. Its 5.8-kg laundry capacity limits it as a suitable washing machine for bachelors and small families only.

Whirlpool brand has two excellent washing machines in the price range. The first is Whirlpool Ace Turbodry with 7.5 kg laundry capacity and another is Whirlpool Ace Supersoak with 8 kg laundry capacity. Between them, the superior washing machine is the Ace Turbodry. Those who have been using it for more than 3 months confirm that it is a reliable washing machine. Moreover, it has more features and functions than the Ace Supersoak washing machine.

Next, between the LG 7-kg semi-automatic washing machine and the Whirlpool 7.5-kg model, the latter is better than the former because of the wash performance and the number of features.

Price 11500 Rupees
Features Dry Cloth in 15-Minutes | Turbo-Dry Technology | High-Efficient Motor | Smart Operation | | Super Soak | Work Surface | Auto Re-Start | Castors
Motor 1450 RPM Max Spin Speed 150W Spin Motor | 340W Wash Motor
Wash Impeller Wash System | 3 Wash Programs | 15-Minutes Wash Timer | 25-Minutes Soak Time | Dynamic Soak | 10-Minutes Spin Time | Spin Shower | Lint Filter | Wash Complete Buzzer
Build Smart Handle | Multi-Utility Tray | Big Wheels Dimensions (WHD): 88.6×50.7×95.6cm | Hi-Fiber Body
Warranty 2-Years on Whole Unit | 5-Years on Motor | Free Installation