Which company is best for refrigerators? Godrej, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, and Haier are the five most preferred fridge brands in the Indian market. Of them, my personal favorite is Samsung and Godrej.

Which is the top mini cooler under 10000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling refrigerators under 10000 Rupees. Actually, for a regular home-use refrigerator with a storage capacity of a minimum 150-liter, your budget must be above 10000 Rupees. Below 10000 Rupees, you will only get a mini refrigerator or a small fridge with a capacity below 100-Liter. The suggested mini portable refrigerators are ideal for students, bachelors, and small families.

☼ 165L Haier 171RS Refrigerator

As far as refrigerators go in the Indian market under 10000 Rupees, the Haier fridge is undisputedly the best. Despite 165 liter capacity, it is cheap because its power rating is just 1-star. That does not mean you will have to spend a lot of money to power it up. Its annual power consumption, as estimated by the brand, is only 215 units. Furthermore, the Haier brand offers up to ten years' warranty if you have any issues.

This Haier refrigerator comes with a normal compressor. You can't expect an inverter compressor on a 10000 rupee fridge. The normal compressor on this Haier refrigerator, however, is powerful, effective, and reliable.

It has a gross capacity of 165 liters, but the fridge section has a capacity of 150 liters, which will provide ample storage space for your perishables. The remaining 15 liters are in the freezer section.

Using the express freezing mechanism, you can quickly freeze food and drinks. This feature comes in handy when you need to chill beverages quickly, saving you time and ensuring you serve cold drinks to your guests. Other nifty features are the interior LED light and Door Lock.

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I liked the Haier 171RS refrigerator a lot. It is a true value-for-money product. Get yours today and enjoy a dependable refrigeration unit that handles all your cooling needs. Check out our video review in Hindi to get a full overview of the features of the Haier 171RS refrigerator. Watch now to see why this is an excellent choice for your refrigeration needs and why it's worth every penny.

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Price ₹9990 → Amazon
Features 165L {150L+15L} | Normal Compressor | 1-Star | Annual Power Consumption: 215 Units | Instant Freezing | Steel Body with Rust-Free Paint | Warranty: Up to 10 Years


☼ 30L Godrej TEC Qube 30L HS Q103 Mini Fridge {SD}

In a way, the Godrej mini fridge is a revolutionary product. Its maintenance expenses are almost zero, and power consumption is only 20W in active mode. Don't buy a refrigerator, go for it if you stay alone.

Unlike the regular refrigerator, the Godrej Qube Mini Fridge has no compressor and hence uses no refrigerant. Therefore, there is no ice formation, and routine defrosting does not require. A chip that employs a unique technology called “Advanced Solid State” (ASST) manages its cooling system. This chip-based cooling system is reliable and long-lasting. When the ambient temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius, the inside temperature of the Godrej Qube Mini Fridge will be around 8 degrees Celsius. The inside temperature remains in the range of 8 to 15 degrees Celsius.

5-CM thick PUF insulation maintains the inside temperature for up to three hours in the event of power failure. Not all refrigerator models of even 15 to 20 thousand rupees budget have this cooling retention feature.

The build of the Godrej Qube Mini Fridge is solid, whereas the design is so-so. The outer body is made of stainless steel, whereas the inner part is made of aluminum. There are two sections, and each has a LED light.

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Zero maintenance, negligible power consumption, cooling retention of up to 3 hours, portable design, and silent operation make the Godrej Qube Mini Fridge a revolutionary product at its current market price. Also, it is a Made in India mini cooler. Hence consider it without a doubt.

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Price ₹7200 → Amazon
Features 30L Capacity |  Sections: 2 | LED Light in Both Sections | Power Consumption: 20W | Made in India | Warranty: 1-Year


► 180L Avoir ARDG1902WB Refrigerator {SD}

Any budget below 10000 Rupees is too less for a conventional regular-size refrigerator. However, the new home appliance brand in the Indian market Avoir makes it possible. This Indian home appliance brand recently introduced its 180-Liter single-door fridge under 10000 Rupees. The refrigerator model is available with a 2-star, and 3-star rated power system. They come with a built-in stabilizer, too. So, you will not have to buy a voltage stabilizer if you have this Avoir refrigerator.

You have only one option to consider If your budget for a regular-size fridge is below 10000 Rupees. That is this 180-Liter Avoir fridge. If you want to see some options to choose the right refrigerator model, increase your budget to at least 12000 Rupees.

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Those who have bought the Avoir refrigerator and using it presently — rate it with more than 4 stars. What they suggest is that the fridge generates proper cooling, its operational noise is minimal, and the interior is spacious with compartments for essential daily use items.

Avoir brand offers a 1-year warranty for the whole unit and extra 4 years of warranty for the compressor. Thus, everything is right about this Avoir 180L refrigerator. It is the best refrigerator for 10000 Rupees for small families in the Indian market presently.

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Price ₹9500 → Amazon
Cooling Deforesting Type: Direct Cool
Interior Moist Balance Crisper | Toughened Glass | Big Bottle Section | Egg Tray | 2 Ice-Tray
Power Stabilizer-Free | 3-Star Power System
Build Anti-Bacterial Gasket | Reciprocatory Compressor | Height: 112-CM | Depth: 70-CM | Weight: 59-CM


► 93L Whirlpool Mini Refrigerator {115 W-ATOM PRM 2S STEEL}

Which is the best fridge for bachelors under 10000 Rupees? The Whirlpool single-door refrigerator with 93-liter storage capacity is a perfect fridge for students and bachelors in the 10000 Rupees range. The current market price of this Whirlpool mini refrigerator is 9990 Rupees. Its power system is rated with a 2-star BEE Rating.

Less storage capacity means less price. However, the manufacturer still has to fit a cooling system and a power system to make a fully functional refrigeration machine. So, don’t have high expectations from this Whirlpool mini-fridge. Its cooling system is not as powerful as the cooling system of regular-size refrigerators. It is only perfect for chilling liquid, such as Lassi and water, and preserving things that must be kept at a thoroughly cooled place. This Whirlpool mini-refrigerator takes lots of time to form ice.

Whirlpool Mini Fridge 93-Liter 2-Star

Thus, I wouldn’t recommend Whirlpool 93-liter 2-Star refrigerator for family use. Add 2000 Rupees more to the price of this mini-fridge and get a fully-functional full-size branded refrigerator with a 190-Liter capacity.

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Still, considering every factor, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Whirlpool 115 W-ATOM PRM 2S STEEL is the best fridge under 10000 Rupees. This cannot be ignored that it is a product of a 100-Years old global home appliances brand.

Price 9990 Rupees
Features Reciprocatory Compressor | 2019 Model | 1-Year Warranty for Whole Unit
Cooling Multi-Airflow System | 7 Cooling Modes | In-Built Ice-maker
Power 2-Star Power System | Stabilizer-Free {160V to 300V}
Interior 3 Door Racks | Adjustable Shelves | Store up to 53 Cola Can → or Store up to 30 1-Liter Water Bottles → or 178 Tetra Packs


► 45L Big Bazaar Koryo Mini Fridge {SD}

There are six good quality mini refrigerator models on sale in the 5000 to 10000 Rupee price range. They are branded small single-door refrigerators. Among them the cheapest, yet best fridge is the Koryo single-door refrigerator. Its gross capacity is 45 liters. You need to spend only 7000 Rupees to order it online.

Koryo is a company from Taiwan and is now a part of Big Bazaar. Koryo home and kitchen appliances come with a durable build, and essential features, and yet their price is much lesser compared to alternatives in the market.

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The remaining five small single-door refrigerators from Haier, LG, Mitashi {2 models}, and Godrej are priced near 9000 Rupees. It makes no sense to buy a 60-liter mini refrigerator for 9000 Rupees when refrigerators with 190-Liter capacity and above from Godrej, Whirlpool, and Haier brands are on sale in the 11000 Rupees range.

Further, the price of the Mitashi 46L 2-Star refrigerator is 8200 Rupees. LG 45L 1-Star mini refrigerator price is 8990 Rupees. However, the current market price of this Koryo by Big Bazaar 45L 3-Star refrigerator is only 6990 Rupees. Therefore, it is the best small single-door refrigerator under 10000 Rupees.

Don’t buy this Koryo small refrigerator with high expectations. It is just a basic bachelor refrigerator. Its build quality is impressive. Big Bazaar brand provides a 1-year on-site warranty on the whole unit and 5-Years warranty for its compressor.

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Price 7000 Rupees
Features 45-Liter Capacity | 3-Star Rated Power System | Toughened Glass Shelves | Eco- Friendly R600a refrigerant | Door Lock | Requires Manual Deforesting | Works Without Stabilizer {135V – 290V} | NO Interior Light | Freezer for Ice | Drip Tray
Warranty On-Site Warranty | 1-Year on Whole Unit | 10-Years on Compressor


► 52L Haier Mini Refrigerator {SD}

This food cooler gadget is small compared to regular standard-sized refrigerators. It serves almost all the functions that regular refrigerators do except that it has less space to store food in it.

If you do not have a large amount of free space to place a refrigerator in your tight apartment, you can choose this type of fridge, which can be a space saver. Further, if you are a bachelor or sharing your room with friends, you can always have this mini fridge to chill out with your favorite drinks. It can become a mini bar at your home when you are partying. You can even have this at your office as this can easily fit under your desk.

52L Haier Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Simple-looking fridge: The fridge looks very simple with its robust body design. It has nothing fancy in it. However, it can become a stylish mini bar on your kitchen countertop. To open the fridge conveniently with a smooth feel, it has a recessed handle on the top of the door. This makes it more comfortable with a better appearance.

It has the option to switch off the fridge when you are not using it. It also has a temperature control knob inside of it to select the appropriate temperature for your needs. Furthermore, you need not worry about the spoiling of food when you have extended hours of a power cut at your place. This is because this fridge can retain the cooling for longer hours as it has 25 percent thicker insulation.

The door lining of the fridge has a removable gasket. It ensures the cleanliness of the fridge and the food items without germs production in it.

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Freezer in the mini-fridge: Some of the mini-fridges come with a freezer, and some do not. However, generally, they do not have a freezer facility in them, as they are very small. In that case, you cannot expect to store food for a week-long without the freezer in them. This Haier refrigerator has a top freezer, which enables you to store not only drinks but also food to keep it frozen.

No interior light: Unfortunately, this fridge does not have a light in it. Probably, it is not a tough job to find what you need in this small fridge without a light. But it would be more appreciated if it had one.

Freedom from stabilizer: A stabilizer is no longer required for this fridge to protect the compressor from power fluctuations. It has a mechanism to imitate a stabilizer. This means that you need not take your money wallet out for the stabilizer.

Verdict: With its single door and small size, this fridge with a freezer is an excellent option for bachelors, college students staying in dormitory rooms, office workers, and those who stay in small apartments. I recommend this Haier mini fridge for those who cannot go for highly-priced refrigerators with large space requirements.

Price ₹8400 → Amazon
Features 52-Liter Capacity | 3-Star Power System | Deforesting Type: Direct Cool | Door Lock | Removable Gasket | Interior Light: NO | Flush Lock | Less Noisy Operation | 1-Year Product Warranty | 5-Years Compressor Warranty
Build Reciprocatory Compressor | Built-In Stabilizer | Metal Body | Wired Shelf | Door Finish: PCM | Gasket Type: Rubber & Magnet | Ice Cube Tray

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