What is better front loading or top loading?  Is a front-loading washing machine better than a top-loading washing machine? The table below shows the front-loading and top-loading washing machine comparison on a total of eight parameters.

Criteria Front-Load Top-Load
Ease of use  +1
Washing  +1
Water Efficiency  +4 (70% Less Water)
Wash-Speed  +1
Spin-Cycle  +1
Installation  +1
Value for Money  +1  +1
Smell & Mold  +1
Total  8  4

Which is the best washing machine under 20000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling washing machines from the 15000 to 20000 Rupees range. The recommended washing machines are currently a top favorite of buyers because of their superior build and outstanding washing performance.

☼ 11.5-kg Samsung WT11A4260GD Washing Machine

Washing machines made by Samsung are reliable and long-lasting. Are you looking for a large-capacity washing machine? Check out the recently launched Samsung semi-automatic top-load washing machine with an 11.5-kg capacity. This washing machine model is suitable for large families. Even two thick blankets can be washed in it at the same time.

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In the Samsung WT11A4260GD washing machine, clothes are first soaked, then thoroughly washed, and then completely dried. When your clothes have been washed and ironed, they shine like new. This Samsung semi-automatic washing machine has four wash programs to cater to all fabrics: Delicate, Gentle, Normal, and Heavy.

The washing machine also has an auto-restart feature to resume washing after electricity is restored. It additionally has a rat protection feature.

Watch our review video to learn more about the Samsung large-capacity washing machine. Those who bought it recommended it to others. It is a top-rated option on the market.

Price ₹18,800 ► Amazon
Features Wash Capacity: 11.5 Kg | Wash Programs: 4 | Soak → Wash → Air Dry | Warranty: Up to 5 years


☼ 8.5-Kg White Westinghouse HDF8500 Washing Machine

The brand White Westinghouse is an American one, owned by Electrolux at present. Currently, this brand offers the cheapest fully automatic front-load washing machine with a capacity of 8.5 kg. With a credit card discount, you could purchase the washing machine for only 18000 rupees.

The HDF8500 washing machine from Westinghouse has a capacity of 8.5 kg and a spin speed of 1000 revolutions per minute. Large households will benefit from its high capacity. A powerful heater is included with this washing machine to provide hot water for washing. This ensures that all types of laundry are thoroughly cleaned because the water remains at an optimal temperature.

A total of 16 wash cycles are available on the HDF8500 model, including a delicate cycle for sensitive fabrics. With a stainless-steel drum with a diamond-cut design, this machine offers enhanced washing performance.

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Should there be a power outage, this washing machine will begin with the same settings and complete the cycle as soon as the power has been restored. In addition, the Delay-Start and Reload features provide greater flexibility and control over the washing process.

Aside from its affordable price, the HDF8500 is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if you are interested in acquiring a long-lasting, reliable washing machine, the White Westinghouse HDF8500 model would be the ideal choice for you. A low-cost washing machine like this is an excellent option for anyone looking for a washing machine that won't break the bank.

Price ₹19990 → Amazon
Features 8.5-Kg | 1000 RPM | Heater for Hot Water Wash | Wash Programs: 16 | Reload | Delay Start | Water Fall | Water Level Selector | Warranty: Up to 7 Years


☼ 9-Kg Godrej WSEDGE PRO 90 Washing Machine

Are Godrej washing machines good? Yes, say those who own a Godrej washing machine.

The Godrej WSEDGE PRO 90 model is a high-capacity washing machine and it comes with a 5-star power system. Thus, it washes more but consumes less power. Active Soak, 100% Rust-Proof body, Spin Shower, up to 5-year warranty, and built-in moving wheels are the USPs of this washing machine. These features separate it from other available options in the same price range. Having a 9-kg laundry capacity makes it perfect for washing all types of clothes. Yes, you could wash in a think double bed blanket. This Godrej washing machine comes with three wash programs: Gentle, Regular, and Strong.

  Washing Machines under ₹35000

Is it worth it? Should you buy it? We answer these questions in our video presentation that covers all the essential facts and features of this Godrej 9-kg semi-automatic top-load washing machine.

Price ₹15900 | Amazon
Features Load-Capacity: 9-Kg | Wash-Programs: {Gentle, Regular, Strong} | Timer: {Wash Time: 15-Minute, Soak-Time: 25-Minute, Spin-Time: Up to 5-Minute} | Warranty: Up to 5-Years


☼ 11-Kg LG P1155SKAZ Washing Machine

The LG washing machine is currently the top favorite among all the available high laundry capacity washing machines in the Indian market under 20000 Rupees. That is because of its features and LG's trust in the market. Its max spin speed is 1300 RPM. It has three wash programs with a water selector option. This LG top-load washing machine can easily wash and dry thick blankets. Moreover, because of its high laundry capacity, I would recommend it as a perfect washing machine for large families.

Wind Jet Dry, Auto Restart, Lint Collector, Collar Scrubber, 5-Star Power System, and Wash Complete Buzzer are special features of the LG P1155SKAZ washing machine model. You won’t find them together on any other top-load semi-automatic washing machine.

  ड्राई आयरन: ₹100 - ₹500

Is the LG semi-automatic washing machine worth it at its current market price? Should you buy it? How good it is? We answer these questions in our video presentation that covers all the essential facts, features, and functions of the LG P1155SKAZ 11kg Washing Machine.

Price ₹17490 | Amazon
Features 11-Kg | 1300 RPM | 3 Wash Programs | Wind Jet Dry | 2-Years Warranty


☼ 6.5-Kg Whirlpool Stainwash Pro Washing Machine

The Whirlpool washing machine comes with many handy technologies. Thus, washing clothes on this automatic washing machine is fun. Being a fully automatic machine means it can wash as well as dry clothes with minimum human intervention.

The outer body of this Whirlpool latest washing machine is made with a metal having a rustproof coating on it. Its tub is made with steel confirming long-lasting durability as well. In terms of built quality, the machine appears to be pretty solid, if it is handled with care, it might not need service for many years.

This Whirlpool machine is based on the Agipeller washing method wherein clothes are forced to move through the water at a greater speed to remove dirt from it.

Some washing machines fail to fill the drum when water pressure is low. Especially those living on top floors and close to the water tank face such problems regularly. In such cases, a washing machine should have some effective technology for filling its drum even on low water pressure.

Whirlpool Stainwash Pro washing machine comes with the ZPF technology for getting the drum filled at a 50% faster speed even when water pressure is lower than 0.17 bar. This technology remains effective even when the tap is just seven feet down from the main water tank.

  वॉशिंग मशीन: ₹15000 - ₹20000

Currently, there are no top-rated fully automatic front-load washing machines below 20000 Rupees from reliable brands. In that case, you have to select a top load washing machine if your budget for a fully automatic washing machine is in the range of 17000 to 20000 Rupees.

In today’s time, hot water washing is a must. Currently, only Whirlpool sells top-loading washing machines with heaters. Whirlpool has two fully automatic top-load washing machines with built-in heaters: Bloomwash Pro and Stainwash Pro. Both are favorites of buyers because of their superior build and outstanding washing with hot water.

Price ₹18490 | Amazon
Features Soak → Wash → Rinse → Dry | Spin-Speed: 740
Smart Auto-Restart | Computerized Operation for Thorough Washing | Auto Tub-Clean | Child-Lock | 6th-Sense Technology | HOTMATIC TECHNOLOGY
Washing Hot Catalytic Soak | Removes 25 Types of Up to 48-Hours Old Hard Stains | Removes up to 99% Germs & Bacteria | Hard-Water Wash | Hot-Water Wash | Dynamix-Technology: Less detergent residue post-Washing | Magic Lint-Filter | Express Wash: {Up to 40% Faster Washing}
Programs Daily | Heavy | Delicates | Whites | Stainwash | Eco-Wash | Woolens | Bedsheet | Rinse+Dry | Dry-Only | Wash-Only | Anti-Bacterial
Power 770W | BEE-Rating: 5-Star | Consumption → 0.0137 unit for one-cycle
Water Levels: Auto + 10 Levels | Water-Consumption: 20-Liter for 1-kg laundry | ZPF Technology {Fills drum even when water pressure is 0.17-bar}
Build In-Built Heater | Metal Body with Rust-Free Coating | Stainless-Steel Tub | Soft-Close Lid | Comes with Rat-mesh
Warranty 2-Year for Whole Unit | 10-Year for Motor and Prime-Mover


☼ 7-kg Koryo KMW1272FL Washing Machine

Koryo is a Big Bazaar brand. Recently it introduced a fully-automatic front-loading washing machine with a 7-kg laundry capacity. You could own it by paying only 18990 Rupees. Currently, it is one of the best washing machines under 20000 Rupees.

The fully automatic top-loading washing machine comes with 16 wash programs to give special wash treatment to all types of everyday-use clothes. The built-in motor is so powerful that it can rotate the steel crescent moon drum up to 1000 times in 60 seconds. That makes this Koryo washing machine capable of washing clothes thoroughly and gently.

What I like most about this Koryo washing machine is its simplicity. It is a basic fully automatic front-loading washing machine with essential features only. Fewer functions mean super easy to use. Since it benefits from not having hundreds of unwanted characteristics that usually never get used, the chances of its sudden failure are lesser.

  Washing Machines under ₹50000

Consider this washing machine if everything is in an ideal state at your place. Going through the details of this Koryo washing machine suggests that it hasn’t been designed to deal with special conditions. For instance, low water pressure and voltage outrage.

Price ₹18990 | Amazon
Features Inbuilt Heater | Silent Operation | Make your won wash program | Warranty: {2-Years for Whole Unit | 10-Years for Motor} | 72-Hours Repair & Replacement Warranty with T&C
Wash Spin Speed: 1000 RPM | 16 Wash Programs: {Baby Care, Sport, Synthetic, Mixed, Delicate, Wool, Drain Only, Spin Only, Rinse+Spin, Underwear, 15-Min Quick Wash, Cotton-40°C, Cotton-60°C, Cotton Intensive, My Cycle} | Delay Wash
Build Steel Crescent Moon Drum | LED Notification Display | Control Panel: {On/Off, Delay, Speed, Temp, Start/Pause}


☼ 8-kg Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra Washing Machine

Whirlpool is my favorite and one of the best washing machine brands in the Indian market. The Stainwash Ultra is a favorite washing machine model of this American brand. Recently Whirlpool introduced its 8-kg variant to the market. With a large laundry capacity and fully automatic operation, the Stainwash Ultra 8-Kg wash machine is an excellent washing machine for under 20000 Rupees for large families.

The fully automatic washing machine comes with a built-in heater, 6th sense technology, and 3D scrub wash operation. It also is a great washing machine for hard water as it comes with a hard water wash feature. You don’t need to do much to wash clothes in this Whirlpool washing machine. Yes, it is a super user-friendly washing machine!

The build quality of this Whirlpool washing machine is excellent, too. The outer body and steel drum are rust-proof and can work well and last long even in very humid and salty climate conditions. This automatic washing machine is also available in smaller laundry capacity.

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Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra washing machine makes clothes washing total fun. You choose the program and the rest of the settings it will do automatically. Interestingly it has all the essential wash features that must be in an ideal washing machine for a large family. Washing in the Stainwash Ultra washing machine will remove 25 types of hard stains from clothes, the Whirlpool brand claims.

Price ₹19990 | Amazon
Features Fully-Automatic | In-Built Heater | Zero-Pressure Fill Technology | 6th Sense Technology | Warranty: {2-Years for Whole Unit | 10-Years for Motor}
Wash Spin-Speed: 740-RPM | 3D Scrub | Removes 25 types of Hard Stain
Control Power | Program | Start/Pause | Functions: {Soak → Wash → Rinse → Spin} | Delay Wash | Express Wash | Child Lock | Water Level: {Auto, Low, Medium, High, Very-High} | Hard-Water Wash | Ultra-Clean: { Warm, Hot, Germs-Free}
Programs Daily | Heavy | Delicate | Whites | Stainwash | Anti-Bacterial Wash | Woolens | Bed-sheet | Sari | Rinse+Spin | Spin-Only | Wash-Only
Build Time Remaining Notification | Steel Drum | Rust-Proof Built


☼ 6.5-Kg LG T7581NDDLG Inverter Washing Machine

Are you wondering which is the best fully automatic washing machine on the market? Yes? Well, bring the LG Fully-Automatic Inverter Washing Machine home and feel the difference. It is a washer as well as a dryer. LG has loaded this washing machine with quite a lot of smart features. So it requires less human effort to wash clothes gently, thoroughly, and quickly.

Because of LG’s smart inverter technology, the fully automatic washing machine is operationally silent, vibrates less, and also it consumes less power. Also, the chances of its mechanical failure are lesser, and it will last more years than a non-inverter washing machine.

Auto Pre-Wash is an exciting nifty feature of this LG washing machine. It is a one-touch operation to clean tough stains from clothes. The result is better than expected. It also has an auto Restart feature because of which it can resume the wash cycle from the same stage where it was stopped before the power failure. Moreover, its unique washing system ensures washed clothes are 99.9% detergent-free even if you mistakenly add more detergent.

  Washing Machines under ₹75000

All in all, the LG T7581NDDLG inverter washing Machine with 6.5-kg laundry capacity is an excellent washing machine for small to medium-sized families. It is an automatic, reliable, fast, and smart washing machine from one of the best-rated washing machine brands in the Indian market.

Price ₹18500 | Amazon
Features Smart Inverter Technology | Air-Dry | Smart 3-Step Wash | Turbo-Soak | Water Levels: 10 | Memory-Backup | Delay-Start: 3 to 18 Hrs. | Child-Lock | Auto Balance-System | Auto-Prewash | Warranty: Up to 10 Years
Function Fuzzy-Logic Control | 3-Step Wash | Smart-Diagnosis | Beeper | Auto-Restart
Programs Normal | Pre-Wash+ Normal | Gentle (Wool/Saree) | Quick-Wash | Strong (Jeans) | Tub Clean/Aqua reserve | Favorite
Body Turbo-drum | Pulsator: Punch+3 | Digital-Display | Stainless-Steel Inner Tube | Transparent Top-Window


☼ 6.5-Kg Onida WO65TSPLDD1 Washing Machine

The Onida fully automatic washing machine comes with a rust-proof fiber body. It has a decent design. Controls are easy to operate and are accompanied by a digital display. Moreover, its 6.5 kg capacity means it is perfect for a family of 5 to 6 members.

The fully automatic machine uses the upward-downward movement of water to remove the stains from clothes. With its 13 wash programs, you can wash all types of clothes. Its Air-Dry technology successfully removes moisture from fabrics. There is also a filter inside this machine that helps in removing lint from water, withal.

Further, this Onida washing machine comes with a Fuzzy Logic feature that automatically sets the water level and needed cycle according to the weight of clothes. It is a useful feature for those who do not want to do everything manually.

  Inverter + Battery under ₹20000

You can also do spinning and rinsing together on this washing machine. Furthermore, the machine comes with a water level selector function, which allows the user to select any of the 10 available levels.

Price ₹17000 | Amazon
Ideal for Small Family (2 to 5 Members)
Features 780 RPM Spin Speed | Built-in Air Dryer | Child Lock | Time Display | Tube Clean | Delay Start | Water Saving Program | Memory Backup | Cycle Status Indicator | End of Cycle Buzzer | Error Alarm | Auto Unbalancing Detection
Wash 10 Regular + 3 Special Wash Programs | 10 Water Levels | Fuzzy | Magic Filter | Water Fall | Soak | Rinse | Quick Wash | Max Water Liter: 54-Liter
Build Digital Display | Transparent Lid | Adjustable Legs | Detergent Drawer | Closed Rat-Proof Base | Dimensions (WHD): 547 X 563 X 918 mm
Warranty 24-Months | Free-Installation


☼ 7-kg Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE Washing Machine

Those who have been using the Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE washing machine say that it is an outstanding washing machine. This machine comes with a powerful motor and a very effective dryer system that makes washed clothes almost 80 to 90% moisture-free in a few minutes. It is super easy to use. In fact, after one small demo, even our Dadi Ma can use it the way this smart wash machine should be used for washing and drying. Moreover, this Whirlpool automatic washing machine has wash programs for commonly used dresses and clothes in Indian homes. Operationally it is not too noisy, withal.

However, the Whirlpool service failed to impress customers with a faulty unit of this washing machine model. In most cases, Whirlpool service forgot about being not up to the mark, it was worse. I have been reviewing Whirlpool products for many years. For the first time, I am seeing these many unsatisfied Whirlpool customers. Whirlpool is known for providing on-time service. So, it seems there is seriously something wrong with the management now heading the Whirlpool customer team.

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As far as the washing machine is concerned, I was thoroughly impressed with its performance. It is one of the best washing machines with a dryer for under 16000 Rupees. Go for it!

Price ₹15500 | Amazon
Features Power Scrub Technology → 3 Directional Superior Agitation | Spa Wash System | ZPF Technology → Fills water faster even at low water pressure | Express Wash → 50% Faster Washing | DYNAMIX TECHNOLOGY → Makes clothes almost 100% detergent-free even in low water pressure | Warranty: {2-Year on Whole Product | 10-Years on Motor} | Child Lock
Smartness 6th Sense Technology | Smart Sensors | Smart Lint Filter | Smart Detergent Recommendation | Auto Restart
Wash Soak → Wash → Rinse → Dry | Max Spin Speed: 740 RPM | 12 Wash Programs: {Daily, Heavy, Delicate, Whites, Hard Water Wash, Woolens, Bed-sheet, Sari, Rinse+Spin, Spin-only, Wash-only, Aqua Store} | 3D Scrub Pads | Hard Water Wash | Auto Tub Clean | Delay Start | Time Remaining | 5 Water Levels
Build Digital Display | Agipeller with Spa Steel Drum | 360W Motor | Transparent Lid


☼ 10.2-Kg Godrej Washing Machine {WS EDGE NX 1020 CPBR}

The semi-automatic washing machine with a 10.2 kg laundry capacity is an excellent washing machine under 16000 for large families. Besides the trust of the Godrej brand, the exciting wash features, spin functions, and build quality make it a favorite of buyers. It is a perfect washing machine for washing blankets and other heavy fabrics.

The Godrej WS EDGE NX 1020 CPBR washing machine can wash clothes thoroughly and quickly because of its high spin speed. In this washing machine, first, the washable garments have to be soaked in a detergent mix of water to soften dirt on them. After that washing process starts. And the end of the washing cycle, spin dry sucks out excess water from the clothes.

The washing performance of this Godrej washing machine is very impressive. So is its build quality. I am the first time seeing a semi-automatic washing machine with a glass top window.

  स्मार्टफोन: ₹15000 - ₹20000

You shouldn’t consider this Godrej heavy-duty washing machine if your house does not have an open balcony. Not being equipped with an air dryer system makes it less perfect for those who want a washing machine with an air dryer function.

Price ₹15500 | Amazon
Features Wash Complete Buzzer | Lint Filter | Spin-Dry Only | Warranty: {2-Years for Whole Product | 5-Years for Motor}
Wash Wash Programs: {Gentle, Heavy} | Qudra Force Pulsator Wash System | Spin Speed: 1450 RPM | Active Soak | Water Level Selector | Prewash | Quick-Wash | Water Consumption in One-Wash Cycle: 85-Liter | Spin Shower
Build 500W Wash Motor | 200W Spin Motor | Transparent Glass Top Lid |  Dimensions (WHD): 87.63×99.06×49.53 CM | 100% Rust-Free Body | Castor Wheels

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