Can a cutter machine cut only one type of material? NO! A cutter machine can cut many types of material, providing a suitable cutting blade. The cutter machine has three main components: Body, Blade, and Motor. You can't change the body and motor, but you can change the blade. With a tile cutter blade, a cutter machine becomes a tile cutter machine. Similarly, with a wood cutting blade, a cutter machine becomes a wood cutter machine. Therefore, while selecting a cutter machine, you should focus more on machine design and motor capacity. This is because the blade can be changed accordingly.

Which is the most suitable marble cutter under 5000 rupees? This review article covers the best-selling marble cutter machines in the 1000 to 5000 rupees range. These electric marble cutters are currently a top favorite of buyers because of their excellent performance and durability. The price of the tool is also a factor influencing buyers.

☼ 1700W Camron Pro CM5-MB Marble Cutter

कैमरून ब्रांड का यह मार्बल कटर एक शक्तिशाली पॉवर टूल है, जिसे विभिन्न प्रकार की सामग्रियों को सटीकता के साथ काटने के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है। अपनी 1700W मोटर के साथ, यह संगमरमर, टाइल, ग्रेनाइट, पत्थर और यहां तक कि धातु की छड़ों को भी आसानी से काटने में सक्षम है। इस मार्बल कटर मशीन में लगते है 125 मिमी का ब्लेड है।  यह पॉवर टूल सूखे और गीले दोनों काटने के अनुप्रयोगों से निपट सकता है, जो इसे विभिन्न कार्य आवश्यकताओं के लिए बहुमुखी बनाता है।

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कैमरून प्रो ब्रांड का यह कटर मशीन सीधे और कोणीय कट की अनुमति देता है। फलस्वरूप यह विभिन्न परियोजना आवश्यकताओं एक उम्दा विकल्प है।

चाहे आप पेशेवर ठेकेदार हों या DIY उत्साही, कैमरून प्रो CM5 मार्बल कटर एक विश्वसनीय और कुशल उपकरण है जो आपको काम को प्रभावी ढंग से पूरा करने में मदद करेगा। ब्रांड के तरफ से इसे मिलती है 6 महीने की सर्विस वारंटी।

Price ₹3200 ► Amazon
Features Cut Marble, Tiles, Granites, Stone | 1700W Motor | 5-Inch Blade | Dry & Wet Cutting | Straight Cutting | Angle Cutting | Made in Bharat | Amazon Return: 7 Days


☼ 1600W POWERTUFF Marble Cutting Machine

पॉवरटफ ब्रांड का CM5N मार्बल कटर मॉडल सटीक कटिंग के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है। यह एक शक्तिशाली हैंड पॉवर टूल है। अपनी 1600W मोटर और 12000 RPM स्पीड के साथ, यह मशीन संगमरमर की सबसे कठिन सतहों को भी आसानी से काट सकती है।

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125 मिमी ब्लेड से सुसज्जित, यह सूखे और गीले दोनों प्रकार के कटिंग अनुप्रयोगों के लिए बिल्कुल उपयुक्त है। कटर बहुमुखी है, जो सीधे कट के साथ-साथ कोणीय कट भी आसानी से देता है। भारत में निर्मित, यह मशीन लंबे समय तक चलने और हेवी-ड्यूटी कटिंग कार्यों की मांगों का सामना करने के लिए बनाई गई है।

चाहे आप पेशेवर ठेकेदार हों या DIY उत्साही, पॉवरटफ CM5N मार्बल कटर एक विश्वसनीय और कुशल उपकरण है जो काम जल्दी और सटीक तरीके से पूरा करेगा।

Price ₹2600 ► Amazon
Features Copper Motor: 1600W | RPM: 12000 | Waterproof + Dustproof | Blade: 125-mm | Dry & Wet Cutting | Straight Cutting | Angle Cut: Up to 45°| Made in Bharat | Amazon Return: 7 Days


☼ 1680W Eastman 125NE Marble Cutter

Eastman is a brand I am relatively unfamiliar with, but its products are of high quality. Power tools purchased from Eastman were recommended to others by those who purchased them. As a result, I was confident about contemplating the Eastman 125NE marble cutter machine. Currently, it is available for 3300 rupees on the market. Among stone cutter machines at this price, it is the only one with such a powerful motor. Products made by Eastman are manufactured in India and have a lifetime warranty.

The Eastman 125NE marble cutter machine's motor is very powerful and reaches 12000 RPM. Low vibration and stable performance are ensured by a copper coil in the motor.

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The Eastman marble cutter machine can also bevel cut (45° max). In a straight cut, it can cut up to 37 mm deep. This machine requires a 125 mm blade. The blade bore size must be 20 mm.

With the help of the Eastman 125NE marble cutter machine, you could cut marbles, tiles, granites, stone, metal rods, wood, and also do wireline slotting. Thanks to its high-power motor, you could use this cutter machine for all types of cutting work with high precision.

In conclusion, the Eastman 125NE marble cutter machine is a powerful and reliable tool for a variety of cutting applications. With its high-powered motor, low vibration, and lifetime warranty, it is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable cutting tool.

Price ₹3300 → Amazon
Features Cut: {Marble, Tiles, Granites, Stone, Metal Rod, Wood, Bricks, Wire Line Slotting} | Straight and Bevel Cut (45°Max) | Max Cutting Depth 37 mm | Blade Size: 125 mm (20 mm) | Warranty: Lifetime


☼ 1050W TOMAHAWK TCM8A Marble Cutter

With a 1050W motor and a maximum speed of 11000 RPM, the TOMAHAWK TCM8A marble cutter is a powerful and versatile tool. It requires a 110 MM blade and it can cut a marble block up to 34 mm deep. Those who bought it have confirmed that this TOMAHAWK marble cutter is allowing precise and accurate cuts.

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At a weight of only 2.7 kg, this tool is effortless to carry and maneuver. Its broad base plate enhances stability, guaranteeing precise and uniform cuts. Besides, it comes with a water feed feature enabling its use for both dry and wet cutting tasks, making it ideal for diverse cutting operations.

The TOMAHAWK TCM8A is a dependable and effective tool for trimming dense substances such as granite or marble. It grants you the convenience of modifying the blade depth and provides an ergonomic handle for ease of use. Safety is also guaranteed with its included blade guard.

Whether you need to cut marble, granite, or other dense materials, the TOMAHAWK TCM8A is a reliable and efficient option that will get the job done. Considering the market trend, it is currently available at the right price.

Price ₹2300 → Amazon
Features 1050W {11000 RPM} | Blade Size: 110-mm | Marble Max Cutting Depth: 34 mm | Water Feed | Weight: 2.7-Kg | Amazon Return: 10 Days


☼ 1450W Bosch GDC 141 Tile Marble Cutter

The Bosch GDC 141 circular saw is a versatile power tool that efficiently cuts materials like tile, marble, metal, and granite with ease and precision. This compact 3 kg cutter features a powerful 1450W motor, achieving a 12000 RPM top speed. Its 125 mm blade ensures clean and precise cuts, excelling even on thicker materials with a maximum cutting depth of 40 mm. Boasting a robust design and reliable performance, it is an ideal choice for professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike. From cutting ceramic tiles for your kitchen to working on a marble backsplash for your bathroom, the Bosch GDC 141 Electric Tile Marble Cutter is an exceptional addition to any toolkit.

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In conclusion, the Bosch GDC 141 Electric Tile Marble Cutter is a powerful and dependable tool for tackling various projects with ease. Its versatility in tiling, marbling, and cutting makes it an ideal choice for anyone seeking an efficient tile and marble cutter. With its user-friendly design and reliable performance, the Bosch GDC 141 ensures the swift completion of tasks. Don't hesitate to purchase this exceptional tool today!

Price ₹3700 → Amazon
Features 1450W Copper Motor {12000 RPM} | Cut: {Marble, Tiles, Granite, Metal Rod, Wood} | Max Cutting Depth: 40-mm | Warranty: 2 Years


☼ 1250W Bosch GDC-121 Marble Tile Cutter

No doubt about it that the best marble cutter machine under 5000 Rupees is the Bosch GDC-121 model. This Bosch cutter machine is powerful and has the best cutting performance. It has a reliable copper motor, and being a Bosch product guarantees its durability. With a suitable blade, like any other cutter machine, thus, it can cut even marble, wood, granite, metal sheet, rod, and other solid materials.

The Bosch GDC-121 machine is a dry marble cutter. Its design is such that it protects the motor from dust & water and keeps it cool while in use so that this stone cutter could work continuously for many hours. Because of this very reason, this Bosch cutter machine will last more than any other marble cutter machine before the first breakage.

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Let us talk about the blade for the Bosch GDC-121 marble cutter machine. In addition to having a diameter of 125 mm or less, the blade should have a thickness of 2.2 mm or less.

Price ₹3000 → Amazon
Use as Marble Cutter | Granite Cutter | Rod Cutter | Steel Cutter | Wood Cutter | Plywood Cutter | Metal Cutter | Tiles Cutter
Blade 4-Inch/5-Inch | Max Blade-Diameter: 125-mm | Max Cutting Depth: 40-mm | Max Blade Thickness: 2.2-mm | Min Blade Thickness: 1.6-mm | Mounting Bore: 20-mm
Motor 1250W | Max-Speed: 12000 RPM | Variable Speeds with Speed-Lock | Dust insulation and air flow cooling system | 1.5-meter Long Power-Cord


☼ 1050W iBell MC10 Cutter Machine

Which is the best marble cutter machine under 2000 Rupees? The answer is the marble cutter machine model MC10-30 from the iBell. As a cutter machine, it can cut wood, rods, rocks, plywood, and steel, depending on the blade applied. The 4-Inch and 5-Inch blades will fit on it.

A 1050W copper motor powers the iBell cutter machine. The metal base of this marble cutter is slip resistant, hence is very convenient to use. The built-in speed controller regulates the speed of the blade.

Getting a service warranty fulfilled by the manufacturer will be cumbersome. For repair or replacement, the customer must ship their unit to the manufacturer. It is not a convenient method to get a warranty fulfilled.

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You should buy the iBell MC10-30 marble cutter machine if you are okay with how the iBell warranty works. It is worth its current price.

Price ₹2000 → Amazon
Use as Marble Cutter | Rod Cutter | Steel Cutter | Wood Cutter | Plywood Cutter | Metal Cutter | Tiles Cutter
Blade 4-Inch or 5-Inch | Max Blade-Diameter: 110 mm | Max Cutting Depth: 30 mm
Motor 1050W | Single Phase | 16Amp Power Socket Required | Max-Speed: 13800 RPM | Variable Speeds (7 to 8 Levels}
Warranty 6-Months + 6 Months for Product-Registration Online | iBell Customer-Care: 08589809292 or 1800-301-01-698 (Toll free) | Free Pickup & Delivery Arranged by the brand
Build Slip-Proof Metal Base | Speed Lock Button
Sales Box Machine | Marble Cutting Blade | Documents


☼ 1320W Stanley STSP125 Marble Cutter

Bosch, DeWalt, Black-Decker, and Stanley are some of the best brands in the Indian market for tools and machinery. Under 5000 Rupees, the Stanley brand has a marble cutter machine with a 1320W motor. The motor has a 100% copper coil and is very efficient. The max speed of the motor is 13500 RPM. On the blade side, the Stanley STSP125 marble cutter machine requires a 5-inch or 125-mm blade whose bore size must be 20 mm.

This Stanley marble cutter machine cuts marbles and tiles. Metal, wood, and concrete can also be cut with a suitable blade. Consequently, it is fair to say that this 1320W machine is an all-in-one cutter. Having it in your hand will make you a true professional with multiple skills.

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In our video presentation on the Stanley STSP125 marble cutter, we have explained its essential features and functions in detail. Are you interested in buying this Stanley marble cutter machine? Check out the rest of the video.

Price ₹2990 → Amazon
Features 1320W Copper Motor [13500 RPM] | Mounting Bore: 20-mm | Max Blade Diameter: 125-MM | Max Cutting-Depth: 41-mm | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 1100W Aegon 4-Inch Cutter Machine

Aegon is a brand from India that makes power tools and machinery for building construction. This Indian brand produces products made in India, not in China. Therefore, this brand is special, and so are its products since other brands only sell China-made products.

There are currently only two marble cutter machine models available from this brand. The first has a 1100W motor, and the second has a 1050W motor. These marble cutters require a 4-inch blade.

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The Aegon stone cutter machine with a suitable blade can cut marble, tiles, granite, building stones, wood, bricks, ceramic, and others. You will have to buy the required blade separately, as it is not included in the sales box. The cost of the blade will be around 300 Rupees.

Price ₹1890 → Amazon
Features Made in India  | Motor → 1100W/1050W | Cut: {Marble, Tile, Ceramic, Stone, Granite, Wood…} | Blade-Size: 4-Inch | Adjustable Base-Plate | Speed-Lock | Warranty: 6-Months