The helicopter is one of your kid’s much-loved kinds of radio control toys. Radio control (RC) helicopters have a lot of designs that are matchless. These toys entice people from a number of ages and gender to play. RC helicopters for your children vary from cool to transitional styles that have a light weight for stress-free management and hovering in the air. In the intervening time, grown-ups tend to play out-of-doors sports with progressive maneuverability and design. The models are more intricate, substantial and typically more classy. They don't require such inconsequentialities like a landing strip for them to fly. All they require is a huge open space and they will simply take off or land.

Here’s an astonishing newsflash about this pastime. Due to the competition that is prevailing flanked by the companies that produce these helicopters, their costs are now more realistic than in the past. You can obtain various models of the helicopters in the marketplace at the moment. Here, we are going to share with you the details of two best remote controlled helicopters that are obtainable in India to purchase. You wouldn't believe these RC Helicopters are available at an unbelievable value.

The Flyers Bay Radio Controlled Helicopter – Power Version 2.0

This product from the Flyer’s Bay has a high-tech design. In addition to being a progressive flying toy, this is extremely powerful. You can get your kid amused with this influential radio controlled helicopter. The product exhibits following features:

  • Shatter resistant Body
  • Advanced Motors Technology
  • Excellent Remote Performance
  • Aerodynamics Design

Talking about its design, it is the simplest and thus far most innovative toy you’ll find. The frame is from head to foot the top quality. This assists in hovering better in the air and thus, it stays there for extended durations. The helicopter’s aerodynamics is intended to effortlessly offer 10-12 minutes of flight. When equated to 6-7 minutes flight of other air crafts, it is way too good. The extra grand control and technically cutting-edge features make it a perfect toy to play inside.

The Flyers Bay Radio Controlled Helicopter Review and Specifications

This is a flawless chopper to play in the house, even if your kid would love to play with it out-of-doors as well. The frame is smash resistant, thus and so, preventing it from destruction. It is a 100% dependable product from the brand of Flyer’s Bay. This comes with 2 Channel IR Remote in addition to a trimmer. With a trimmer, your kid can trim the helicopter and absorb how to glide this influential chopper awfully steadily.  In conjunction with, you get a user manual, a USB Charger, and a remote controller.


  • 3D control remote
  • Unconventional flying toy
  • Power saving mode
  • Futuristic design

Cons: This product is slightly delicate.

Verdict: This product is one of the hottest toys you can buy – right now! This is a dominant radio controlled helicopter toy from Flyer's Bay. This can enhance the amusement experience of your kid and keep him diverted. With the brilliant 2 Channel Flying capability, this product is one of the best for presenting your kids. In addition, the grown-ups who are getting started with the pastime of flying toys can by the same token admire this. Buy: 1000 Rupees

The Flyers Bay Army Helicopter

This product from the house of Flyers Bay is an air force helicopter from the 703 series. This product is one out of the Flyers Bay’s four toys of the army series. This owns a brand new and exclusive design of innovative helicopters. It is armed with throw launch competence that allows you to toss the helicopter in the air and begin to hover around. The helicopter holds a number of features that take account of the following:

  • 5 channel control
  • Gyro stability
  • Trim function
  • Long range control

You can purchase this definitive masterwork by Flyers Bay for your kid. Present it to your precious ones and notice that smile on their face. Along with, your kid will assuredly need to absorb the art of regulating the aircraft. However, the minute your kid masters it, he will relish the aircraft as if he himself is the pilot.

The Flyers Bay Army Helicopter Review and Specifcations

The lifelike battery drives the 3. 5 channel helicopter toy. The product is rather stable with an integral unconventional gyro feature. Moreover, the molded plastic body has a super cool design that offers it a space-age helicopter appearance. The grand control and cutting-edge technical facets turn it out to be an impeccable in-the-door as well as al fresco toy.


  • Impressive Design
  • Gyro Feature
  • Trim function

Cons: Not for kids below 5 years

Verdict: The product is a perfect model for all kids who are aged 5 and beyond. This product from the brand of Flyer's Bay is furnished with a cutting-edge integral gyroscope feature. This adds to the flying stability. Along with, you cannot just turn the aircraft right, left, forward and backward. This product can likewise rise, run down, and hang in between the air. Buy: 1500 Rupees. Read also Top 10 Remote Controlled Racing Toy Cars Below 2000 Rupees.