The Gadgets Shiksha is the only website that regularly publishes review articles on the best toys for kids from all age groups. Our content on RC Toy Cars is my favorite. Search online for the best RC toys in India; you will find this website’s link at the top position. In recent months, we also published review articles on top toys that boost kids’ memory and IQ levels. With this article, the GS team takes a step further and presents before you the best birthday gift toy under 5000 Rupees for kids in the age group 1 to 12 years old.

In this piece, we have selected remote-controlled toys, learning toys, and educational toys. Here you would find toys at every price point. I would like to add here though no way we are claiming that — only these are the best toys under 5000 Rupees.

Designing and developing toys is a creative work. Every new toy in the market comes with an added twist. Therefore, it is hard to distinguish which one is best and which one is not. Therefore, we had set some criteria to pick the best birthday gift toy.

We measured favorite toys in the market for their function and features. Moreover, how long the toy would keep the kid engaged? Further, we also ensured that we select toys that are safe for kids.

As the title of the review article explains, the selected toys are the perfect choice to present as a birthday gift. We are suggesting here 7 types of unique toys. With this article, we are just trying to help you to buy a fitting birthday gift toy in your budget.

► Lego Toy Multi Color – Make Grocery Shop Post Office News Stand

The Lego toy set could be conducive to boosting architectural creativity in your kid. We all have the best memories of our childhood when we used to create a sand home and arrange the marriage of dolls. Kids often have a keen interest in replicating the things around them. The Lego toy set would help them to do the same and remain engaged for a long duration.

The human brain has limitless possibilities. The more you sharpen it better it will help you race ahead in life. Force your mind to think more. And, that requires consistent practice. A toy that requires a child to think creatively to play with it could better help.

Lego Toy Grocery Shop post office newsstand

If your child lacks interest in studying, no problem. Gift him toys that would boost his creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and IQ level.

The Lego set as a perfect birthday gift toy is ideal for kids of the age group 5 to 8. It is a pack of 466 Pieces. Using the Legos, your kid can design a grocery shop, post office, and newsstand. It would help in the memory growth of your child. In fact, that is the reason why I selected this Lego set as the best birthday gift toy.

What is good with the Legos is that it depends on how he/she is going to do it. Thus, it forces the child to think, think creatively, and quickly. That is the most crucial part of a Child’s memory growth. Another good reason is – it takes a reasonable amount of time to finish the whole construction.

Parents or guardians could make even better use of the 3-in-1 Legos set. You can design competition on who creates a better design in less time.

Price 5000 Rupees
Lego Pieces 466, Multi-Color
Ideal for Post Office, News Stand, Grocery Shop
Positive Impact Architecture creativity, Creative Thinking, Speed
Age Group 5 to 8


► Melissa & Doug See & Spell Wooden Educational Toy

Opt for the education toy as a birthday gift toy if the child's age is between 3 to 6 years old. It is a perfect toy to help teach kids the basic three to four-letter English words. There are 72 wooden plates: place the right letter to complete the word. The toy does help to learn 26 alphabets and most useful 72 words quickly. You can further use it as a puzzle, combining two boards, or else leaving one or two letters on a block empty and guiding, your kid to select the right letter.

The toy is available in two variants. The personalized variant has 72 blocks and the standard variant has 50 blocks. Also, you can customize the personalized variant with the kid’s name to whom it belongs.

Melissa Doug Personalized See Spell Wooden Educational Toy

I would suggest buying the standard variant. 50-letter fit blocks are sufficient to encourage your child to learn basic vocabulary and alphabets. Use this toy for preschool teaching.

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This toy is useful for all kids to start pre-school learning. When it is of no use, pack it nicely and keep it safe for your next child. Alternatively, you can give it to someone in the family or donate it to the needy. The ideal birthday gift toy is made using wood meaning it is safe to use. There is no sharp object attached either. Therefore, it is a good valuable educational birthday toy for 3 to 5-year-old kids.

Buy Personalized 4600 Rupees 72 Blocks
Buy Standard 1700 Rupees 50 Blocks
Material Wooden
Age Group 3 to 5 Year
Positive Impact Learn favorite 3,4 letter English words, English Alphabets


► Walking & Roaring RC Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur

A dinosaur is a less favorite creature for a toy. Therefore, the RC dinosaur is unique and a perfect choice to present as a birthday gift toy. Be sure that your gift would be distinct from all other regular gifts.

The RC dinosaur looks grand. It has a proper height and width. In height, it is 29.5CM, and its width is 52CM. It is not a small toy, therefore.

The toy dinosaur looks like a perfect replica of the walking roaring dinosaur in dinosaur movies. I must say, the designer of the toy has been very efficacious in recreating a creature from a virtual form to a real physical form.

A rechargeable battery powers this RC Dinosaur to walk and roar — like – the ruler of the planet Earth once upon a time – could have. Therefore, there is no extra maintenance cost associated with it.

Walking Roaring RC Dinosaur The Best Birthday Gift Toy

Remote control also comes along with the toy to operate it. Using the RC, you can make the toy Dinosaur walk, move its head, and roar.

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I must say the toy looks a bit scary, and hence it is fascinating. For its shape and size, I give it a full mark. It roars loudly, and its head movement is pretty close to what we see in movies.

Further, the RC Dinosaur is an ideal toy to play in a group. Ask your kids to hide behind the Sofa and some places in the house. Now using the remote control, give directions to the toy, and make it roar when you find it. I loved this toy. It is a fabulous birthday gift toy for 3 to 12-year-old kids.

Price 3000 Rupees
Features Remote Controller with Infrared
Feature Roar, Head Movement, Walk
Size 29.5 CM Height, 52CM Width
Power Rechargeable battery


► Code a Pillar to Develop Critical Thinking

The Code-a-Pillar toy could be handy to develop critical thinking in kids. I loved the concept of this ideal birthday gift toy. There are eight units: one unit for sound, three units for a straight direction, two units for a right turn, and two units for a left turn. The arrangement of these colorful pieces decides how the pillar would swarm. You set the start and end and let your child decide how to arrange the eight pieces so that they reach the target.

In today’s time, you cannot pass competitive exams without a proper command over reasoning paper. Reasoning tests your creative thinking. Therefore, why not start sharpening a child’s creative thinking right from childhood? Problem-solving in less time is a skill. It requires practice. You need to force your brain to think and think until you get the right solution.

The Code-a-Pillar is less a toy and more a puzzle for kids. It comes with limitless possibilities. You can set up a competition among your kids to measure who makes the right arrangement in less time.

A Perfect Birthday Toy Fisher Price Think and Learn Code a Pillar

It being an active toy is a huge advantage. Hard to explain in words the priceless smile on children’s faces when the caterpillar reaches the set target.

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The toy price is appropriate. It is made out of suitable materials. Therefore, it is durable. It creates sound, and it has movement, too. Further, the Code-a-Pillar toy is unique since running it, requires quick thinking to make the right arrangement. It is a time-consuming toy, therefore.

I would rate it as a fantastic toy to boost creativity and problem-solving skills in your child. It is a perfect birthday gift toy for 4 to 11-year-old kids.

Price 2311 Rupees
Ideal for Develop Critical Thinking in Kids
Age Group 4 to 11 Years


► Learning House Baby Birthday Gift Toy

In online stores, the Learning House toy is one of the best-rated toys to present on a kid’s birthday. Many brands are selling the concept toy. Therefore, I am not going to refer a specific brand to it. Whichever brand offers a better Leaning House toy, you can buy it.

I wrote this piece looking at the features of the Webby Leaning House. When I started writing this piece, the online price was 2000 Rupees. It keeps changing, however. Therefore, wait for a good deal. You could get it at as low as 1500 Rupees.

I would not be wrong in calling it a combo toy. Essentially, it is a combination of multiple toys but nicely fitted together. There is counting beads to learn basic math, a door Opening game, a shape fitting & shape guessing game, a music organ, and many more.

To prepare your child for pre-school, the Learning House toy is perfect. Therefore, it is a perfect birthday gift toy. It would ready your child with elementary knowledge. It would also help parents to teach their kids basic math calculations, for instance, 2+3=5.

Learning House Baby Birthday Gift Toy

You may have to spend not less than 10000 Rupees to purchase all the toys of this Learning House separately. However, this Learning House costs just 2000 Rupees. Although I was expecting it to have a slender build, it is durable.

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However, one thing is for sure it would not last even six months. That is expected. When you kid can do so much with it, very likely, over the time while playing with it he would dismantle it into multiple pieces. However, by that time the learning hour would have delivered value to your money by educating your child. Use the toy teaching 3 to 4 years old kids counting, addition, subtraction, and problem-solving techniques creatively.

Thus, the Learning House Toy is one excellent Birthday gift toy for one to four-year-old kids. It is also the best educational toy around 2000 Rupees.

Price 2000 Rupees
Features Lots of games in one Learning Hour
Ideal for Counting, Problem-Solving Skills, Critical Thinking
Age Group 1 to 4-Year-Old Kids


► Casio SA-46 32 Mini Musical Keyboard

Using my pocket money, I had bought my Casio Keyboard to practice favorite songs. Now my nephew is leaning music on it.

The Casio Mini Keyboard has been a popular choice for a valuable birthday gift. It is a worthy music-instrument. Not only kids but your family members can also play favorite tunes on it. Therefore, it has been a recommended birthday gift toy.

Casio Mini Musical Keyboard Perfect Birthday Gift

Teach music to your kids for their better growth. Recently I was in conversation with my close friend. When I enquired about his son, my friend said he has gone to a music class. I was surprised because my friend’s son cannot sing well. The reason outlined by my friend behind his son’s music practice was quite fascinating. He suggested, no problem if my son cannot sing well, by doing music practice, at least his pronunciation would improve. Besides, he would develop confidence in himself. That is enough. At the age of five if he can sing in front of hundreds of people, then He would never shy away from speaking in public.

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It was a new perspective on how best one can raise their child. Not only should you allow your child to explore the various opportunities available, but also use the inbuilt features of our culture to boost confidence, creative thinking, and IQ level.

The Casio Keyboard requires adaptor power. Use it as a perfect Harmonium alternative to practice Sa, Re, Ga, Ma and play songs, and Raga. Not just as the best birthday gift toy but also as a must-have music-instrument for home, I recommend this Casio Keyboard.

Price 1900 Rupees
Keys 32
Tones 100
Power 6 2A Batteries
Drum Pads 5
Ideal for Pronunciation, Music Learning
Age Minimum 2 Years


► RC Monster Truck with Remote Control

If you are looking for the best Birthday gift toy for 5 to 12 years boy, I would suggest considering an RC monster truck. Although hundreds of monster truck toys are on sale, the best in them is Higadget waterproof RC Rock Crawler, priced only 1500 Rupees.

A common problem with most of the toys is buyers rated them over-priced. However, that is not the case with the Higadget RC monster truck. It is, in fact, one of the rarest toys on the market appropriately priced.

There are many pro factors attached to this birthday toy. It is waterproof and rechargeable. Moreover, it can run through mud rocks and wet areas. Out of the 7 toys suggested here, only this Higadget RC monster truck has a waterproof build, hence a fitting toy to use outside the home. In fact, it is a perfect toy to carry on a picnic. You kid would love to control it and make it run through harsh terrain.

higadget Waterproof Toy Remote Controlled Rock Crawler RC Monster Truck

Further, you need not pay much for its maintenance. A special charger is given in the sales box to fuel up its rechargeable batteries. You need to buy dry cells for its remote controller, however.

I am sure you must be thinking how much the mileage of this RC waterproof monster truck is. Fully charged batteries would render some 30 minutes of play time. Some may see it a concern, but I consider it a pro factor.

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The RC toy is so good that it would be tough to stop a kid from playing with it. Therefore, having it only 30 minutes of battery life has a practical meaning. You do not have to pray to god that when the battery run outs of fuel so that your child goes back to his studies.

Thus, in 1500 Rupees, the RC Monster Truck is a fabulous choice as a birthday gift toy for 5 to 12 years old kids.

Price 1500 Rupees
Age Group 5 to 12 Years
Feature Waterproof, Remote Controlled, Rechargeable battery, Charger, Best Toy to Play Outdoor, Can run through Mud, Watery Area, and Rocks
Battery Life 30 to 40 Minutes